Anecdotes – 10 March 2019

Perfect Teams

Our D1 Team obviously plays in a Competition that is full of perfect sides. Think about this stat for a moment. Over 14 Rounds and 617 overs we received just 1 LBW all season. We gave 11 during the season!

The boys are looking forward to a black & white being in charge for the Semi Final.

A record looms

Josh Banner (A2) has scored a massive 506 runs at 56.22 so far this season. When you include T20s the total is 558 runs. With a Semi Final and possibly a final to go this season the only players to have scored more A2 runs than Josh since we started playing A2 in 1971 (48 years) are:

  • Matt Venables (1991/92) – 546 runs @ 60.66
  • Alex Connell (2014/15) – 534 runs @ 35.60

Irrespective of what happens in the Semi this has been an amazing performance.

What’s in a name?

Have a read of the A2 Match Report and this will put this story into context. Thanks to Andrew Fiedler for this information on which player has the most number of ‘nick names’. The winners are Luke Herzog (15) and Andy Meikle (13), our star A2 players. Here goes:

Luke Herzog

  1. Luke “Gandis” Herzog
  2. Kaity Herzog
  3. Gandis ‘Marry Me Kaity’ Herzog
  4. Gandis ‘No Ring’ Herzog
  5. Gandis ‘I’ll Propose Soon Guys’ Herzog
  6. Gandis ‘Waterproof Skins’ Herzog
  7. Gandis ‘Blowy’ Herzog
  8. Gandis ‘M-Cooper’ Herzog
  9. Gandis ‘Santa Paws’ Herzog
  10. Luke ‘I took 5 wickets yesterday’ Herzog
  11. Gandis ‘Bank’ Herzog
  12. Gandis ‘Lettuce’ Herzog
  13. Gandis ‘Schooner Salad’ Herzog
  14. Gandis ‘Come On Katie’ Herzog
  15. Gandis ‘Bao’ Herzog

Andy Meikle

  1. Andy ‘Emma’ Meikle
  2. Fernie ‘I’ll Bring The Misses One Day’ Meikle
  3. Fernie ‘2nd Best Meikle’
  4. Fernie ‘Not As Good As My Dad’ Meikle
  5. Fernie ‘Dad Took More Poles Than Me Today’ Meikle
  6. Fernie ‘Thunder From Down Under’ Meikle
  7. Fernie ‘Zinc’ Meikle
  8. Fernie ‘Captain’s Ticket’ Meikle
  9. Fernie ‘Where’s My Blazer’ Meikle
  10. Fernie ‘Bring It In Boys’ Meikle
  11. Fernie ‘Mine Snump’ Meikle
  12. Fernie ‘Mine Boys’ Meikle
  13. Fernie ‘Dog Bloke’ Meikle


Other outstanding achievements

Again, thanks to Andrew Fiedler for doing this research:

  • Which player has the most self-mentioned names in the website?

Answer: Captain Mike Kinchington (D2 Skipper) who got 45 self-mentions with 6 mentions in the Grand Final alone

  • Who are the only 2 players over 40 years old with a batting average over 40?


    • Nathan Fathers (C2 Blue) – 55.0
    • John Rose (C3) – 40.86
  • Which player has conceded the most runs this season?

Answer: Shankar Ravi (368 runs off 120 overs)

  • Which player has taken more wickets than scored runs over 5 of the last 6 seasons?

Answer: Shankar Ravi. In fact since his debut in 2007/08 (12 years) Shankar has scored 147 runs and taken an amazing 200 wickets.

Semi-Final performance

This year we had an impressive 7 Teams in the Semi Finals which is up there with our best ever performances.

Depending on how many Teams make it through to the Grand Final we may be looking at a record in GF appearances – stay tuned for this one.

In 2012/13 we had 6 Teams make it through with all 6 winning the Minor Premiership.

Our best ever Semi Final performance though was in 2016/17 when we had a record 8 of our 10 Teams in the Semi Finals with 4 Grand Finalists and 2 Premiers:

  • A1 (Captained by James Makin) – 2nd & Runner up
  • A2 (Simon Smyth) – 3rd & Semi Finalist
  • B1 (Daniel Fiedler) – 2nd & Premiers
  • B2 (Rick Turner) – 2nd & Runner up
  • C1(Andrew Fiedler) – 1st & Premiers
  • C3 (Tarun Lath) – 1st & Runner-up
  • D1 (Steve Quanborough) – 4th & Semi Finalist
  • D2 (Mike Kinchington) – 4th & Semi Finalist