Brooklyn Park


Association record partnership
Congratulations to our D1 pair Perry Waldron (141) and Andrew Fiedler (126*) put on 280 for the 3rd wicket on Saturday 24th September 2011. How about this for records:

  • This is an Association record beating the previous record of 208 set in 2001/21
  • It broke the WPH Club D1 3rd wicket record 170* set by the WPHC pair of Martin Boon (132*) and James O’Donnell (102*) in 2002/03
  • It is the 4th highest Club partnership sitting behind the 333 (Russel Ingram with 223 and Chris Williamson 76 Vs Mt Colah at Holland Rd in C2 5/1/2010) and 300 (Jim Fuggle Jnr & Len Ward) and 284 (Jim Fuggle and Ray Hewson in A2 way back in 1971/72)
  • It also passed the WPHC all Grade 3rd wicket record partnership of 186 set by John McCarthy (118) and John Gibson (90) Vs Hornsby 1977/78

Some other stories about this partnership
The tide was out
An interesting fact about this partnership is that no 6’s were hit on what is a very small ground. For those who don’t know Brooklyn Park it is on the Hawkesbury River and the mangroves are the only thing that separates the ground from the river. As Andrew commented after his mammoth innings – the tide was out when they were batting.

Not the broom
Perry was obviously stroking the ball pretty well. Spare a thought for young Stuart Fiedler who was umpiring at square leg. Perry belted a ball so hard that Stewart couldn’t get out of the way in time. In the way was a broom with a metal handle. The ball hit the broom handle and snapped it in two.