West Pennant Hills Sports Club


WPHC has used the practice nets at 103 New Line Road for over 50 years. While Campbell Park is our ‘spiritual’ home the nets have a similar standing as part of our history. The original nets faced the existing house at the entry to the Sports Club. Unfortunately the house became a target with well struck cricket balls landing on the roof or going through the fibro walls.

In 1978 we built the next generation nets before they were demolished on Wednesday 28th August 2013. They were built facing the tennis courts / Sports Club. The hardy volunteers who built these were Ross Anderson, Bert Small, Chris Pittaway and Peter Smith.The Sports Club acknowledged that they are one of the most used facilities in the Club.

The final moment of the old nets was when Peter Westerberg bowled the last ball to Simon Friend. A photo is on the website.

On 2nd September 2013 the new nets were officially opened although John Coulthard bowled the first unofficial ball and commented on the good bounce and carry. They were kindly built by the Sports Club, are state of the art and best in the area. The next generation is now underway.