Round 12 – 29 January 2022

Points table

(Round 12)

A1 – 2nd (51 points)

A2 – 1st (59 points)

B1 – 4th (38 points)

B2 Blue – =3rd (43 points) & 4th on quotient

B2 Red – 8th (23 points)

C2 Blue – =3rd (43 points) & 3rd on quotient

C2 Red – 8th (33 points)

C3 Red– =2nd (43 points) & 4th on quotient

C3 Blue – =2nd (43 points) and 2nd on quotient

D1 Red – 2nd (48 points)

D1 Blue – 4th (43 points)

D2 – 2nd (54 points)

Match Reports


A1 Grade

WPHC (Wurthy) 9/154 lost to Berowra 6/157

Welcome to our readers in Australia and right around the world, feast your eyes on this much anticipated clash between the two A Grade ladder leaders, WPHCCCCCC and Berowra.

Both teams arrived at the ground shocked at the possibility we might actually play this week. With 0mm of rain falling during the week, there was still some doubt over whether the turf grounds would be dry, however with the penotrometer at 4.06 and the track rated a Good3, umpires Geoff “Des” Hasler and Damien “Wally” Lewis gave us the all clear

WPHCCCC had a couple of team changes from the side that last took the field 6 weeks ago. Tiz Mistry came back into the side after a busy holiday period with his business. BCG was dropped and asked to check into a rehab facility after a duck last week in B Grade. Gunny is in hospital nursing scratch marks from Roger McBrien. Ashane De Silva also came back into the side. The leadership squadron apparently think he’s worth another 10,000 bums on seats here at Berowra, they regard him as a bit of a loose cannon.

To the cricket we go, this glorious madness. We were focused today, more so than our regular 0% focus. Wu won the toss and elected to bat. He then elected to get throw downs for the first time ever, raising eyebrows amongst the side. Assman donned the Ash Barty red shoes. Gandis left his kit at home and had to go back to retrieve it. Preeds cracked open a can of beer. Let’s play

With the sweet mid-strength nectar still on his lips, Preeds strode to the crease with Wu. Lichaaa, Gas and Assman all scurried away like rats when a scored was required. Krang happily took the post. Note: Krang was not happy. He called me multiple nasty names when I returned and asked him what we were on after 0.2 overs.

We started poorly. Wu was fired LBW and then no 3 Effie went shorty after in the same fashion. Not long later, the drunk Preeds was caught in the gully. Then Jamaican was gone. Then Assman was out too. In the blink of an eye, we were 5/20 and in desperate trouble.

It was at this point that blame shifted firmly to Gunny and BCG. Two batsman who deserted their side for some bible trip away or something. As Berowra astutely noted as Lichaaa walked to the crease, we were into the bowlers.

Lichaaa joined Sav to try and rebuild Pompeii after the eruption of Mt Vesuvius. The big batting collapse they had just witnesses didn’t seem to phase the pair though. They put away the bad balls, rotated the strike and kept the scoreboard ticking over. Seemingly impossible just an hour prior, we were 5/70 at drinks.

The rebuild ended straight after drinks when Lichaaa holed out for 23. L Mac joined Sav and the pair continued on the merry way, Sav bringing up 50 and L Mac to the mid 20s. Collectively, the mid/lower order had pulled us out of a hole. Both were dismissed however received strong applause on their departure from the 3 person strong crowd.

Tiz came to the wicket for some late pinch hitting. Preeds noted that he was due for some bombs. He was also due to hit some big 6s. Gandis and Krang helped us reach a total of 154. Defendable but probably just below par

We went to the field and were able to get one early, the heavily injured Krang getting one to nip away for an easy caught behind. That’s where the highlights ended for us in the first session, Berowra simply too good with the bat. 1/73 at drinks.

Wu knew he needed wickets, he needed someone to break this partnership to give us a chance. He threw the ball to himself – and it worked! A couple of wickets to the Berowra top order and it gave us half a sniff. Unfortunately the run rate continued to tick over and we weren’t able to keep them under 4 an over. Berowra going onto win with a couple over to spare.

See you next week when we take on our next opponent, Bye


WPHC (Andrew) 7/190 defeated Glenorie 135

A hot Saturday afternoon out in the bush started well, with Inspired Leader Morris winning the toss and choosing to bat, much to the team’s approval.

After a slow start, Inspired Leader Morris and Nikhil (needs new cricket gear) Ninan put on a handy 47 run 2nd wicket partnership before Andrew, who scored a handy 28, spooned one back to the bowler and waited around to see if anyone would buy into his suggestion it might have been a bump ball. This suggestion was met with laughter from the opposition and Andrew walked off, replaced by Campbell (participation award) Wallace.

We got to drinks at a handy 2/65 off 17 overs, a good foundation to build on. However, a mini collapse in which Campbell gave the fielders catching practice, Chris (“unlucky”) Blinman got “fired” by umpire Jack (worst Hando) Hando. Some claim this is because Jack is a bowler who wanted Glenorie to award him LBW’s when he was bowling, but other more reliable sources suggest that Chris was just plumb in front.

Nikhil then got out in the customary Ninan way – run out – after a very good knock of 29. At 5/76 off 20 overs we were looking shaky when Tom (best Hando) Hando and Rohit (also needs new cricket gear) Ninan came together. I don’t know what Glenorie have done to upset Tom this year, but for the second time he took it personally and tore their bowling attack apart, hitting 2×4’s and 7×6’s (at Les Shore) in an amazing innings of 86.

Despite Glenorie having 5-6 players on the fence – and at one stage having a long on, long off and deep straight hit, he cleared their heads with ease – even losing a ball in a neighbouring paddock. The innings was extra special as it demoted Campbell down another spot down in leading runs scored, highest score this season and batting average which depressed Campbell a great deal. Rohit, for his part played a fantastic supporting role, getting a single or more almost every time he was on strike so he could watch the masterclass at the other end, which gave him time to adjust his pad which turned 90 degrees every time he ran.

Amusingly Glenorie took cues from the English Women’s team, trying to have Rohit out obstructing the field before Rohit hit one to straight back to the bowler, called yes, and “Inzamam ul Haq’d” it, falling over and lying sprawled across the pitch out of his crease…..thankfully the ball miss the stumps and Rohit survived. But this did not deter Rohit. He made a well composed 25 and played a vital role in a 104 run partnership that took us from a below par total of 130-140 to a final score of 7/190. Kudos.

Before we went out to bowl, Inspired Leader Morris gave us a pep talk to have Glenorie 45 at drinks. Unfortunately, the Glenorie (tap over logo) opener didn’t listen to Andrew’s inspired words, pasting KT and then Keats all over the park for 45 runs in just 4 overs.

Mercifully Jack, bowling at the other end, bowled a great opening spell to keep his end to just 17 off his 5 overs (but still not making him close to best Hando). But Glenorie were off to a flyer, just losing 1 wicket to Jack and sitting pretty at 1/62 after 9 overs. Then Inspired Leader Morris brought on Matt (Scotty Boland) Philip, who if Mark Howard had been present, would have been demanding a statue of Matt be put up in the G again, albeit this G being Glenorie….Matt took 3 for 1 off his first 8 balls, 3 crucial wickets (including the opener who’d scored 52 of the 62 to that point) and singlehandedly turned the game in our favour.

After that, things went a bit more normally with Tom (old man) Hando taking 2 wickets in his 5 overs before claiming he should not be taken off as he was worried he’d be too tired or sore or something to come back later …….whatever it was, Inspired Leader Morris laughed it off, bringing KT on, who took a wicket for himself instead. Down the other end, Keats was back and after an Inspired Leader Morris field change, he broke through with a wicket that only proved how inspired our dear leader really is. Inspired Leader Morris’ next initiative was to bring Nikhil (I can bowl spin or pace) Ninan on, but upon hearing this, and needing to preserve the sanctity of the fast bowlers union, Keats cleaned up the tail in consecutive balls to deny Nikhil his moment in the sun.

Glenorie all out 135 in 26 overs, with all the bowler taking wickets – Jack 1, KT 1, Tom 2, Keats 3 and Matt 3. A fine performance that keeps up two and a half games clear at the top of the ladder. 9 Straight wins now and we haven’t lost a game since Round 1 – I f*%^ing love this team!


WPHC (Rick) 9/152 defeated Sydney Lions 8/144

Our fearless leader Rick ‘Flair-Tina’ Turner decided to mix things up for this match and win the toss. There was a moment of shock and confusion before Rick realised he actually had to decide what he wanted to do……. “We’ll have a bat thanks!”

Flair and Volc opened the batting and were looking to set a solid foundation. Unfortunately Flair did his calf taking off for the first run of the match and was forced to retire a couple of overs later.

Brent ‘Mayo’ Larkham was joined at the crease by Michael ‘Mobo’ Robertson who was still trying to work out which end of the bat he was supposed to hold… The pair saw off some tidy bowling before Mobo holed out.

At 2/53 at the drinks break, we knew we were behind where we needed to be. Mayo looked to accelerate the run rate playing some classy, well timed cricket shots. Mayo eventually lucked out for a solid 58.

The opposition were starting to get frustrated, appealing for anything that didn’t go to the boundary. When asked by the umpires what they were appealing for, they couldn’t give an answer.

Our tail continued to keep the run rate ticking along, topped off by Flair returning to the crease 9 down to face the last ball. Everyone was wondering how he was going to push through for a run. Easy…… just stand there and dispatch the ball to the fence! With a fielding change every ball and appeal every second ball our innings eventually came to a close at 9/152.

The Opposition came out swinging for the fences, with even the good balls managing to make their way to the boundary. With 30 runs already on the board in the 4th over, Dean ‘Spidey’ Carlin got the breakthrough. Spidey followed it up in his next over taking a wicket maiden, dismissing both openers. We managed to wrestle back control. Birdcage bowled a great spell taking 2/22 from his 7 overs. Naps chipped in with 2/24, including a sharp stumping by Mobo with the gloves.

The bowers were really well supported by the fielders throughout the whole innings. Something we have let slip in recent weeks. 2 overs to go and 15 runs required. Avi ‘Pedro’ Lath and Spidey got the job done! The pair finished with 2/20 and 2/35 respectively.

A solid performance that keeps us in the hunt for finals.


WPHC Blue (Shomik) 55 lost to Berowra 8/143

Report to follow.

WPHC Red (Phill) 114 lost to Castle Hill 8/143

Report to follow


WPHC B2 Blue (Buzz) 9/140 lost to Mt Colah 3/144

Just quietly… I’m pretty over the whole COVID situation right now. However, every Saturday that I set off to cricket, I count myself privileged to be lucky enough to get to play the game I love with a great bunch of blokes from our team and a high proportion of the opposing team as well. We are lucky.

It does make it tough to maintain the positivity when you front up at Foxglove North (quite possibly the shittiest ground in the Association) for the 2nd time in the Season to play a competitive Mt Colah for the 2nd time this season whilst watching Alf James opening the bowling in D2 Grade on the better field of Foxglove South (still a crap ground but better than what we had!).

I digress. We won the toss and did well to post what we felt was a competitive score of 140. Far better than our previous effort of 98 last time we played here.

Connor again played well to top score with 35, well supported by 25 from Xander and a good knock from Sam who went out with a licence to thrill and punished the bowlers for a few quick runs. Then Tarun continued his sparkling form with a thumping 32 not out and we were thinking we’d done well.

Unfortunately, we just didn’t bowl to our potential today, the opposition were always keeping ahead of the required rate and we couldn’t create the chances we needed to take more wickets and stay in the game.

Best bowling was from Riley, Josh and Dylan who picked up wickets, but alas, they passed our score only 3 wickets down in the 30th over.

We’re still in the mix for finals cricket, but today was one we’ll hope to forget soon and move ahead next weekend.

WPHC Red (Indranil) 9/98 lost to Hornsby Green 3/102

With some narrow losses and win in last few rounds, the team was quite optimistic to put a good show in batting. We arrived at Montview Oval (west) and it looked like batting first would be a sensible choice, if only we win the toss; but lost the toss and surprisingly was asked to bat; no dramas at all and we gleefully accepted it.

The gleeful moment was perhaps lived for a very short time as we lost quite a few wickets in the first session of play. The captains opted having 2 drinks break per session and after 12 overs score was 2/38 and in next 12, 6/84. Captain Indranil got run out just at 2nd drinks break and after riding some luck scoring 36.

We finished the innings 9/98 with some contribution from Manav 11, N Duck 11 and Eric 12.

Our bowling started quite positively with Amit and Manav keeping a tight spell and at first drinks break Hornsby was 0/28 in 12 overs. It took us a long time to get the first break through which was done by Inam Ahmed 1/10 around the 20 over mark. Eric bowled his heart out with injury finishing 2/27.

The opposition chased down the total at the end of 28 overs. The team needs to regroup to get the batting rhythm back and we are back at Campbell Park next round.


WPHC Blue (Rob) 57 defeated St Ives 57

Match report to follow.

WPHC Red (Cameron) 8/115 lost to Sydney Lions 7/116

The toss was won by WPH Red and we elected to bat on a very hot afternoon. Our batting started off well with Varun Arora and Amarit Singh before he lost his wicket with a leg side catch to the w/k.

Our captain, Cameron came in and got going quickly with a handy 20 before he was caught behind with a faint edge. Virdant Virmani (14) and Jay Dhilipkumar (14) contributed well before our pinch hitter, Brent Van Wyk came in and added a nice score of 27 not out. The opposition bowling was very tidy line and length and kept our scoring to a low 115 at innings end which is not a high score on Campbell Park.

We started our defence of our total really well with Praneel Singh getting 3 early wickets, a couple of nice run outs and a couple of wickets to Steve Quanborough, had the opposition at 7/58 in the 20th over. The next two batsmen to the crease batted patiently against our two highest wicket takers – John Rose and Vipin Virmani but we could not get a break through and they didn’t really give any chances. These two batmen put on a 59 run partnership to bring home the win for the Sydney Lions.

Our team needs to keep our composure when things aren’t going our way as we need to keep our focus right through a game whether that is with the bat or ball in order to secure wins. Whilst winning isn’t everything, it makes for a much more pleasurable Saturday and hopefully this loss will be our last.


D1 Blue (Ross S) 9/141 defeated by Castle Hill 8/142

Big game for us with a position swap and fall from 3rd to 5th possible if we lost…

Muthindra assuming captains duties won the toss and had no hesitation batting on a beautiful looking Northholm Grammar strip….

Tight bowling from Castle Hill made it really tough to score and we lost our first wicket with only a handful of runs on the board. Muthindra and Waman then played steadily, before we lost our next wicket at 31. The story of our innings was that we just could not put any decent partnerships together, with a procession of wickets. A final wicket stand of 10 between Bala – 16 no and Mahesh 7 no took us to 9/141 at close….Contributions from Waman 23, Gihan 19, Happy 19 & Sachin 19.

With our bowlers in good form, we were confident we could win with that score. Our bowlers started off really well, with Ram bowling his 7 overs straight (1-19)…at the 18 over mark, Castle Hill were 1/58, batting steadily…Bala bowling a great spell took 3 quick wickets, reducing Castle Hill to 5-80 of 24 overs…and still needing 62 runs off 11 overs. Another 2 wickets to Bala, Castle Hill 7-96….with 46 required 7 overs…

Unfortunately the pressure got to us and we could not finish Castle Hill off. Some lusty hitting from the Castle Hill no 6, a couple of dropped catches and 18 sundries did not help. Although we took an 8th wicket Castle Hill passing our score with 7 balls to spare….

A great bowling performance from Bala taking 5-28 of 7 overs. Wickets to Ram 1-19, Vikas 1-26, and Sach 1. Also 3 catches to Bala, Sandeep, and Vikas.

WPHC Red (Diggers) 148 defeated Kenthurst Upper Hills 77

Needing a win to maintain second spot on the ladder, we headed to Greenway Park to play Kenthurst.

The toss fell our way and Papa Diggs had no hesitation in having a bat first.

We started poorly, losing Pratah and Fieds early before Lachie (43) and Zac (49) put on 78 for the third wicket to see us at 3/106 after 20 overs.

Pretty much downhill from there with the only semi-highlight being Papa Diggs (21) making double figures for the first time this season. We lost 7/28 from there to finish on 148 with 3 overs to go.

Whilst we thought we had enough runs to win, our fragility at the back end of the innings was pretty disappointing.

Kenthurst started well, putting on 29 for the first wicket before Connor (2/19 off 7) got the breakthrough. From there we were well in control with Disco (3/13 off 7) putting on a clinic of line and length bowling. Roscoe loved it, even commenting that it was one of the best spells of D Grade bowling that he had seen.

From there, we took regular wickets, with Lachie (2/9 off 4.3), Marcus (1/13 off 4) and Siby (1/10 off 2), contributing.

In the end, we bowled Kenthurst out for 76, a pretty comprehensive win but with the knowledge that we probably should have made another 20/30 with the bat but that our bowling attack is good enough to be the best in the comp come March.


WPHC (Nirav) 6/158 defeated Berowra 8/112

It was a warm day at Foxglove Oval and the team was in good spirits at the start of play. Winning the toss, the captain made the right call of batting first – to take advantage of good batting conditions, but also importantly, allowing us to bowl under cooler conditions later in the day.

The openers Arun & Ravi continued their good form from the previous game & gave us a quick-fire start, with the run rate being 7 runs/over after the 1st x 5. While Ravi wasn’t able to capitalise today, Arun batted magnificently & went on to make his 3rd 50 of the season in just 60 balls.

With steady support from Chintan (at 1 down), the team was in a strong position at 100/2 at the 20 over mark when Arun got out. The remaining batsmen made some handy contributions, with Agni getting a few boundaries on the day – taking the score to 158/6 at the end of innings.

At the innings break the team was confident we had a defendable score on the board, and with words of encouragement from the captain, the 2nd innings got underway.

While Berowra lost their first wicket early, numbers 1 & 3 batted steadily taking their score to 1/63 at the halfway mark. Amith, Nirav & Sahil bowling some tight line & lengths, it was always going to be an uphill task once we got their key wicket.

From then on they lost wickets regularly & while there was some resistance shown by the lower order, at the end of the 35 over mark, they managed 112/8 – well short of the target set by WPHC.

Overall good performances with the bat & ball, which we’ll look to take into the remaining games of the season.