Round 10 – 15 January 2022

Points table

(Round 10)

A1 – 2nd (48 points)

A2 – 1st (51 points)

 B1 – 4th (31 points)

B2 Blue – =3rd (36 points) & 4th on quotient

B2 Red – 8th (16 points)

C2 Blue – =3rd (36 points) & 3rd on quotient

C2 Red – 7th (31 points)

C3 Red– =2nd (36 points) & 4th on quotient

C3 Blue – =2nd (36 points) and 2nd on quotient

D1 Blue – =1st (35 points) & 1st on quotient

D1 Red – 3rd (36 points)

D2 – 3rd (42 points)

Match Reports

A1 Grade

WPHC (Wurthy) 6/105 defeated Hornsby 104

Hello and Happy New Year to all readers. I (Billy Gaunt) am your WPHCCCCC A1 match report author, ex-spearhead and lady killer, Michael Richards. At 10:34am, we arrived at our shirt sponsor Jim and Harry’s cafe in Mt Colah only to find it closed until February. We proceeded to the Wild Monkey cafe in Berowra.

I ordered a B&E but controversially, was the only one to receive my bbq sauce on the side. Am I supposed to pour it onto the roll or dip the roll into the sauce?? Gandis was given an extra vegan toastie, presumably because they felt sorry for him.

Assman was absent from the side this week. Wu named his 12 players for the match on Wednesday with Ashane listed in the random order at 12. Ass proceeded to see himself as 12th man for the week and booked a weekend away because of this, despite the fact that he was scheduled to open the batting. Maaaaattte.

To the ground and Hornsby’s captain elected to bat on a juicy bowling wicket. Wu would have done the same, but luckily Jamaican is really our captain and talked him out of it. Also, one of the women I’m seeing is very, very attractive.

Covid Marshall Geoff Hasler informed us that we could not celebrate wickets and that only 3 of us could “congregate” in the change room at any time. We proceeded to change outside in front of Jamaican’s 11 year old son. “Is this really what A grade is like?” he remarked (probably).

Before heading out, Wu informed us that we had already won the game and BCG tossed his helmet to the fence, only for it roll down into the dirty water. Seriously, imagine losing to us. The wicket did bits all day and my oh my, one could only imagine if Tis was playing today to bowl on that wicket.

Hornsby survived the first spell unscathed and Wu brought himself on. He broke through first and Preedy lovingly hugged Wu to celebrate, much to the dismay of Covid Marshall Geoff Hasler.

Sav came onto bowl and Effie dropped a high catch, mainly because he didn’t sternum-mark it. LMac on next and he bowled a ball to cover – the umpires had to debate whether it was a dead ball or a no ball. LMac then took a one-handed caught and bowled, that we weren’t allowed to celebrate, much to the pleasure of Covid Marshall Hasler.

Gandis onto bowl next and a high catch to deep mid-wicket saw Krang almost flip over the fence backwards. It went for 6. Gandis then took the wicket of said batsmen and the batsmen reminded Gandis of the 6 he was just hit for. This was taken well by the (n)ever positive Luke Gandis Herzog.

During that time, Krang was deemed to be fielding too close to the bat according for Covid Marshall Hasler. Covid Marshall Hasler stepped out the distance, only to find Krang to be adhering to the rules, much to the dismay of Covid Marshall Hasler.

Soon after, a catch was hit to LMac at gully. He moved swiftly to catch the ball, only to remember that Gandis was the bowler. LMac subsequently dropped the ball to the ground with vigour, remembering Wu’s remarks of “support Gandis like he supports you”.

Next, I was heckled by the Berowra skate park. I didn’t hear exactly what they said, but it was something in regards to the multiple ladies I’m currently seeing and the 5am noise complaints I have been receiving from various hotel receptions. Seriously, one of these women is so attractive.

Hornsby all out 105 in the end. 5fa Gandis l, but he also got hit for 6 and let’s not forget that. 4fa Wu and 1 to LMac. Governance received sunburn, but only on his hands. How his gigantic forehead wasn’t burnt is a mystery to all.

The wicket still did bits and we lost wickets early. Preedy for 3 (0 according to our Instagram), Governance and Jamaican also for 3 and Effie for a patient 13. BCG batted with Sav for a bit, but was out with the score at 5-53. “We’ve lost this” remarked Wu. Sav was still in though and my word, he is the saviour for a reason. “We’ve won this” remarked Wu.

We got ahead of the required run rate as Covid Marshall Hasler was searching for lightning in the sky. Some hitting from Sav and I got us ahead of the required score as the lightning struck. Sav 37* and I a majestic 16*.

Winners again and we remain undefeated. Onto next week where Phil will again inform us that we have won before a ball is bowled. Assman needs to learn a lesson and not take a WhatsApp message from Wu seriously. Ever.

At the shaking of the hands (allowed by Covid Marshall Hasler), Gandis made a blunder and said “‘well bowled’ to the one br**n who didn’t bowl well”. Wu also closed off the day with wise words; “we’ll all be dead one day, let’s just ride the wave”. Words to live by.


WPHC (Andrew) 0/55 defeated St Ives Wahroonga 52

The second week of the new year saw Andrew “Tassie park cricket expert” Morris back from holidays and eager to reclaim the Captaincy after rumours of a Tom “No match report needed” Hando mutiny. Relieved to find out that that this was not the case, Andrew promptly lost the toss and we put into the field. The St Ives team captain justified his decision batting first by stating it was the best way for everyone to go home early and actually enjoy a Saturday afternoon for once (spoiler alert, he was right).

A COVID ravaged St Ives squad meant that they needed to recruit players from the local high school. Serious discussion between the bowlers had Matty “Patty” Phillips genuinely asking Jack “I bowl 130kmph” Hando whether it would be considering bullying if he bowled too fast at Miss Thomas’ year 8 English class.

St Ives, who have struggled to pass over 40 in their last few games had the fast bowling cartel licking their lips at the thought of some miserly wickets. It almost began in disaster. Recovering from a back injury from last week, Steve “Took 4 catches” Rochow almost had his brain permanently damaged as the 4 foot 5 opener struggled to keep his throw downs on the turf. Thankfully, Rochow’s head didn’t get too big after his knock of 80 odd last week meaning he was able to take the gloves for the first over.

By ball 1, it was evident there was a distinct skill difference between the two teams. Nikhil “Short leg specialist” Ninan tried to make the batters stay at the crease as comfortable as possible by striking up friendly conversation, asking the youngsters what their favourite shot was to play and what grade they were at school. The umpire eventually shut that down by telling Nikhil that he couldn’t be teaching the kids how to play a cover drive during the game.

Up the other end it wasn’t so friendly- the bowlers began to terrorise the batters with fiery spells of fast bowling meaning that St Ives were 5/27 at drinks. Remarkably their captain muttered, “good session we’re usually all out by now” which dampened the mood significantly.

After picking up 2 wickets in his first spell Jack “Scott Boland” Hando was gluttonous for more. Already clean bowling 3 batters he found himself on a hat-trick with the number 11 batter facing up. Unfortunately, he managed to keep the good length ball out before being clean bowled the next delivery. Jack ended up with 6/7 which was probably the average age of the team. Just kidding mate- awesome effort. The rest of the wickets were shared around with Tom “ex captain” Hando 1/9, Rowan “I don’t own a smartphone Keating 1/15, Tanay “Can I open the batting” Hira 1/13 and Patty 1/6.

Chasing 53 to win, the oldest record in test cricket would have been broken today as Steve “Charles Bannerman” Rochow scoring 69% of our teams’ total, ending up with 38* of our 55. Andrew decided to save his average by sacrificing Chris “Loud mouth” Blinman to face up to the openers much to the dismay of Tanay. However a glimmer of hope appeared at 0/28 when Nikhil penciled in to bats at 3 decided to take his pads off and tuck into a nice warm plate of fried rice. Tanay promptly put the pads on and prayed for a wicket. Unfortunately it was not to be. We won by 10 wickets with Chris finishing unbeaten on 9* and E.Xtras 8*


WPHC (Rick) 6/129 lost to St Ives 2/134

We were drawn to play at NTRA which is waaaayyyyy out in the boon docks.

To complicate matters some junior soccer carnival was also being played there and everybody had to park about a kilometre away from the ground after dropping their gear off. It was most unsatisfactory. Flair had to park so far away Bobby K Knaps Knapman had to take the toss as Flair was still trudging to the ground from Gosford.

Well Bobby K won the toss and elected to sit and do nothing for the next 2.5 hours as he decided to bat. Flair finally arrived from the trek into the ground. Asking the team who would like to open was met with crickets, tumbleweeds and players generally ducking for cover.

So we opted for experience again and Volc and Flair (the oldest opening combination in B grade and possibly the Association) did the honours. We got off to a decent start and Flair and Volc kept the score ticking over with a minimum of fuss but to a lot of St Ives chirping. We got through to drinks at 0/75 and in reasonable shape to post a decent score. Flair decided that he would try to up the ante after drinks because he was pretty well cooked batting with a substantially younger player and having had to walk to the ground from Gosford after parking his car – but was unsuccessful in his mission and departed soon after drinks for 19.

Volc went shortly after for a good looking 45 and we were 2/82. The scoreboard then didn’t look that good Boo Boo 6, Mayo 5, Pedro 0 and Birdcage 2 started a procession to the wicket and back to the change rooms. Fortunately Loose Bus Change Dhargalkar and Sanchez Datar ground out a partnership to get us to 129. That score was about 30 short on what we need but enough to bowl at. Best Batting Volc 45, Loose Bus Change 22 and Flair 19.

Onto the bowling and we opened with Spidey and Pedro. They bowled well enough. Flair rotated to Birdcage and Sanchez Datar but no wickets were forthcoming. Looking for a breakthrough before drinks Flair turned to Bobby K Knaps Knapman who floated up a pie which was too much for the St Ives captain to refuse and he holed out to Mayo.

At drinks St Ives were 1/73. After drinks we kept rotating the bowling trying to find a wicket or two but just couldn’t get a good clean chance go to-hand. Finally Spidey removed the other opener and St Ives were 2/107. St Ives ground out the remaining runs and won in 29.4 overs with 2 wickets down. Best Bowling Bobby K Knaps Knapman 1/23 and Spidey 1/28.

Today I felt out batting let us down and we didn’t post a high enough total after starting Ok we were 30 or so short of what we needed. Onwards to next week and a game at the home of cricket. Something to look forward to.


WPHC Blue (Shomik) Vs ARL 108

Results and match report not yet received

WPHC Red (Phill) 68 lost to Berowra 2/69

Detailed report not yet available.


WPHC B2 Blue (Buzz) 8/127 defeated St Ives 119

We lost the toss but got our wish to bat first anyway.

Steady batting took us to 3/59 at the halfway point and we matched that in the 2nd half to set a competitive total of 127 after our allotted 35.

Connor played really well to top score with 33, Tarun 22 and Dylan 21 producing good contributions.

We thought that’d be enough and our opening spells from Paul and Jack were probing and tight but things were neck and neck at the break (3/59). The opposition batters played well to gain the upper hand and with 7 overs to go they only needed 25 to win with 7 wickets in hand.

It was here where the game came alive, ignited by 2 great run outs from Jack and Connor we got a sniff of victory. A wicket to Tarun, then 2 more to Buzz in quick succession had us back in the game. Even at this point, steady batting would have easily won the game for St Ives, but pressure led to brain fades and with 2 more amazing direct hit run outs from Jack we secured the victory by 8 runs as the storm clouds gathered.

7/16 in 7 overs! What a fight back. A great day out and nice to win a tight contest.

Many thanks to Henry Kelly who filled in today bowling some tight overs and contributing to our win.

On to the Sheep Station Cup next round – look out Reds!

WPHC Red (Indranil) 6/106 defeated Glenorie 8/121 (rain adjusted total)

A good toss to lose as it eventuated, the Reds started the outing bowling first against Glenorie at Les Shore. Outfield looked slow with the mowed grass still reasonably thick. Tight opening bowling from the very young ones Manav (0/19) and Vishnu (2/21) saw Glenorie get off to a slow start. First change Amit (2/15) was followed by Eric Junkkari (2/35) bringing up his 500th club wicket in the last over of his spell. What a legend! Inam chipped in with a miserly (2/15) and Shanks bowled well without luck. Some late hitting from Glenorie lower order saw them get to a respectable total.

Reds shuffled the batting line-up in search of some form for the regular batsmen.

Amit opened the batting with Cameron Bish (50) who once again showed fine form to score another classy half century. It has been a clear pattern that Reds are winning on the back of Cam’s fantastic form.

Great season Cam – way to go – but our top order needs to find form. After Amit got out cheaply on a drive, Adam (12) came in at first drop looking in promising form but got out leg before just as he was getting comfortable.

With thunder predicted later, Cameron persevered in the heat and humidity and kept the run-rate above required. Few quick wickets fell to some ordinary bowling. It took Nick Duck (25*) to steady the ship with and some good hitting and quick running in the middle. As the thunder rolled in, both captains agreed to call off the game, Glenorie conceding. At stop the Reds were on target with 16 to get off 10.

Next week bring on the second derby of the season!


WPHC Blue (Rob) 113 defeated WPHC Red (Cameron) 63

The boys entered Greenway Park ready for the Sheep Station cup.

The Blues won the toss and decided to bat first. After some cheap early overs, Will started to put on the burners crashing out with a decent 25. Kamran and Aden then steadied the ship getting the boys some handy runs. Jude joined Aden at the crease just before drinks and after a long off-season, made the most of his chances guiding the ball in all parts of the ground on his way to 29.

Zia entered for a short and sweet innings of 17 including a thrilling six right over cow corner. However, once the team got to 104 the collapse started to show, losing 5 wickets (and 3 ducks) for the next 9 runs to end the innings all out for 113.

The departure of some of the key bowlers in the Blue’s squad allowed part-timer Will to grab a few overs with the ball.

To make up for some hilarious dropped chances, Mudi put in a good spell of 1-8 of 7 whilst Roger bamboozled the batsmen and picked up 2 wickets of his own. The BOM couldn’t predict the incoming rain and the game was delayed for a few overs. After the showers, Jude’s one over cameo brought about a wicket and Prav grabbed a run out from mid-wicket to put pressure on the Reds needing 40 runs to win. Zia added another two wickets to his collection of wickets this year to finish the game off and grab yet another emphatic win for the Blues.

From the Red’s perspective, they found themselves 2 for 7 off 4. In the next 14 overs they lost a wicket and put on only 36 runs which really put them behind the eight ball. On resumption they lost the set batsmen and when rain interfered were 5 for 57 then 6 for 57 and needing a run ball and were out for 63. Vedant 13 and Varun 11 were the only 2 bats in double figures with Mr xtras 10 next.


WPHC Red (Diggers) 5/100 defeated Castle Hill 110 (rain adjustment)

We arrived at Holland Reserve to play Castle Hill coming off a loss and with our squad of 15 whittled down to 7 due injuries, holidays and Covid cases and close contacts. Lucky our Club has such great junior strength and we made up our 11 with 3 14 year olds (Ben Burrows, Riley Colbert and Ansh Pratheesh) and a 15 year old (Dilan Baskaranathan).

After a good run of toss wins, we lost one and Castle Hill decided to bat first.

Connor (0/3 off 4), Ben (2/22 off 6), Dilan (0/4 off 6), Mukund(0/3 off 2), Parin (0/6 off 3) all bowled well and Castle Hill struggled to score early and were only 2/23 after 18 overs. This continued on for a while before they decided they should have a bit of a hit to try and set some sort of a target. Our youngsters held their nerve and Riley (0/14 off 4) and Ansh (0/12 off 4) kept it together before Disco (4/23 off 4) and Lachie (1/18 off 3), cashed in.

Throw in a few runouts and it was a pretty good effort in the field to bowl Castle Hill out for 110 in the last over.

Our turn to bat commenced well with Lachie (28) and Conno r(21), getting a go up the order, to take us to 47 before Connor was out in the 15th over. Lachie followed soon after before Ramil (21) and Ansh (12) continued to get closer to the target with some bad weather closing in.

Ansh was out with the score at 3/76, Riley on 4/83 and Ramil 5/97 before Dilan got a few singles with rain and then lightning finished the match after 30 overs. This meant that Castle Hill’s total was revised down to 99 so our 5/100 saw us win by one run.

A really good win, especially being able to get so many juniors involved playing senior cricket.

D1 Blue (Ross S) 0/98 lost to St Ives 9/123 (adjusted run rate)

Playing at Campbell Park, the ground in wonderful condition. Ross won the toss for the second week in a row with the opposition calling incorrectly again, as with last week we sent the opposition in hoping for the ball to do some magic in humid conditions.

Vikas and Sachin started really well, and two wickets to Vikas saw St Ives 2/9 off 6 overs. St Ives best 2 batsmen started to hit out before Gihan made an important breakthrough, then in the next over Vikas took a screamer at point to dismiss the competitions leading run scorer for 18, his lowest score of the season. St Ives 4-53 off 15 overs.

Our bowlers continued to do well taking wickets at intervals, and with the opposition 9/104 with only a few overs left we were hoping to wrap things up. Not to be with another 20 odd runs being added for the 10th wicket. As it turns out that was the difference between winning and losing today. The bowlers toiled will with Vikas 3-22 (7), Sachin 2-22 (7), Gihan 2-34(7), Bala 1-20 (6) and Mahesh 1-18 (7). Catches to Ross (3), Vikas (3) and Sandeep.

As with most games this season our batting let us down again….losing 2 wickets in the first 4 overs, then a continual loss through the innings…..batsmen getting a start then losing their wickets. We just can’t put enough pressure on the opposition bowlers, getting bogged down at times.. With the storm approaching Vikas tried to get the run rate moving with a gallant 32 before being caught on the boundary.

Waman making his first appearance for us then continued pushing runs. Even though we had lost 9 wickets at 9/98 chasing 123 with 7 overs remaining we felt we were still in the game, but unfortunately we stopped play when lightening was seen north of us….no rain though…..given the lightening rule and only being 7 overs remaining, play was called…..with us 8 runs under target. Waman finishing 22 no. Again 7 batsmen of the 9 wickets lost did not score double figures…..with the Derby next week against the Reds, we really need to improve our batting…


WPHC (Nirav) 86 tied with Beecroft 86

Back to Cheltenham and what wonderful memories from last season’s grand final. Among a couple of Covid scares resulting in our frontline bowlers missing out, Nirav spent Friday and early hours of Saturday to scramble together a team.

Ravi’s son Vish and his mate Parth filled in and we were kinda relieved to have those fresh pair running around on what was not a comfortable day to play cricket. We also had our veteran Mike K helping us out.

Parth opened the bowling with Ravi and initially the runs didn’t flow that smoothly for Beecroft and on his last overs Parth picked up a couple. Sahil and Amith came in as change bowling nice tight lengths and at drinks we had Beecroft at 3/49.

Next up we decided to give the fast bowlers some rest so Agni and Nirav came in which seemed to dry up the runs resulting in a few quick dismissals and Beecroft ending their innings at 86. 3 wickets to Agni, 2 each to Parth, Amith and Nirav.

We knew Beecroft had a formidable bowling attack but 87 seemed to be a reasonable target. However, a batting collapse followed with a few batters getting starts but got dismissed cheaply and somehow we ended up needing 15 runs of the last 2 overs. In came Amith and with the help of a few quick singles and couple of boundaries, we needed 1 run off 3 balls to win the game. Mike Kinchington at the other end held the fort strong for the last wicket. The last run probably could have waited but with Mike getting run out we drew level with Beecroft.

A win would have been good but this means we hold our position in the ladder and look forward to winning the next few rounds, hopefully with not many players missing out.