Round 8 – 18 December 2021

Points table

(Round 7)

A1 – 2nd (34 points)

A2 – 1st (33 points)

B1 – 4th (23 points) & 4th on quotient

B2 Blue – =1st (28 points) & 2nd on quotient

B2 Red – 7th (13 points) – down from B1

C2 Blue – =3rd (23 points) & 3rd on quotient

C2 Red – = 3rd (23 points) & 7th on quotient

C3 Red– 4th (22 points)

C3 Blue – =5th (18 points) and 7th on quotient – up from C4

D1 Blue – =3rd (23 points) & 5th on quotient

D1 Red – 1st (28 points)

D2 – 3rd (32 points)


Match Reports

A1 Grade

WPHC (Wurthy) 221 defeated ARL 7/120

Welcome to Parklands International Sports Centre, an esteemed venue which felt about 100m away from the sun today. Boy was it warm. So warm we didn’t even need to warm up. Krang astutely noted that he didn’t warm up because his muscles would already be hot. Gunny perplexed: “I don’t think that’s how it works…”

Usually I have a variety of notes to reference for these award winning reports. Unfortunately my publicist Billy Gaunt did not provide me with his usual summary of all the thrills and spills of the days place. So you are getting my best recollection on what was a Loccisano of a day of cricket

Gandis suggested we bowl first because there was a chance for a thunderstorm later in the afternoon. He was safely ignored. Wu won the toss and batted.

Preedy felt sick after downing a full breakfast burger just an hour prior to the match. He was in a full on food coma. It showed. He left one on middle and umpire Ian “Mick” Lewis fired him for a duck.

Wu on the other hand got off to a very quick start. He told us prior to the game that he would get 200 today. A couple of big 6s showed his intent, however he didn’t last much longer, gone for 22.

The old men didn’t have their usual impact today. Leading run scorer Jamakin “osteo” Makin failed for the first time this season, dismissed for a duck. WPHOTCCCCC were 3/30.

When the experience failed, the inexperience shined through. Shined bright like a diamond. MSD Gunn and BCG Gaunt batted smartly, working the 1s and 2s on a day that it was smart to run as much as possible. A strong partnership ended when Gunn picked out mid-on for 27. Gaunt battled on in the heat.

He was joined by Sav, who had been bragging on the sidelines about how he has faced B Lee and S Akhtar. This bowling was just slightly below that. And it showed. It was like Ricky Ponting going back and playing Tasmanian club cricket 5th grade, and batting 6… glorious shot making and just classy shots. A joy to watch.

Billy got out at some point. I don’t remember how he got out, I only remember him having about a 30 min cold shower after. Plot twist, he had heatstroke. He was in a world of pain. Typical PROUD Pom

Meanwhile back to Sav, he was joined at the crease by newly promoted no 7, Krang. A glorious cover drive, a checked hook shot and some other nice memories all came unstuck, when John Denver Rego twisted a doosra that bamboozled the big fast bowler. He was gone for 6.

Lichaaa came to the crease and hit a quick fire 15 before missing a straight one on middle. We were falling like flies, but getting runs at a handy rate, thanks mainly to Sav, who finished his knock of 68 being caught behind. A great knock made better by the fact it was played in the Sahara desert.

Tiz, Gandis and L Mac closed off the innings with 11 between them. We didn’t bat the 40 overs, but still put on 220. A nice effort

Time to bowl and Wu was immediately flustered when the umpires called two minutes to play, and Lichaaa was still in his shorts and thongs. He denied it but I knew it really got to him.

The cartel were on early. Tiz and Krang bowled very tight line and lengths. Krang very unlucky not to get an early breakthrough when Jos Billy Buttler dropped a sharp chance diving to his right. Bruce “Sk8tr Boi” Wood was not impressed. He is Billy’s biggest fan. “Baxter Holt like”. “Who’s Baxter Holt” I replied. Great square leg chat.

Lichaaa and L Maco came on after desperate for a breakthrough but it didn’t come early. Lichaaa had it on a string, 3 overs, 3 maidens to start the spell – the final over with 5 slips and 2 gullies. But it was L Maco that was able to get the first wicket, reward for some great turn and flight. 1/23 at first drinks break.

Gandis came on and bowled three balls down leg side, then a half volley which shared the stumps. He picked up another one shortly after with a top of off ball that seamed beautifully. Jamakin commented it was probably the best ball he has ever balled, but alas it was overshadowed by some alleged HOT rendezvous this week by Lichaaa. I will not be making an official statement. Ross, please don’t ask. We will take this one offline.

Sorry I got distracted – ARL were only about 4 down for 90 at the second and final drinks break. You would think this is where they would look to accelerate and get a move on towards the total. Well you, you dim witted fools, would be wrong. This is the point where the anchor was dropped.

Let me tell you how much the anchor was dropped. Michael Gunn bowled the second last over. Yes. Death bowling by Michael Gunn. He went for 1 or 2 runs only and rushed back to the Club to tell Andrew Morris how good he went. Sav also bowed at the death and was Scott Styris/Ian Harvey/Steve Waugh like. Didn’t give an inch.

Those on Billy Gaunt watch were not disappointed. He relinquished the gloves with 10 overs to go because of heat stroke. He looked half dead walking to the car. Not this type of weather usually in Leeds. I think he’s ok. No Ross, we won’t be making an official statement.

A great win, undefeated going into Christmas. From my cartel to yours, all the very best for the festive season


WPHC (Andrew) 9/120 defeated Hornsby 119

We turned up to the Glade and Andrew ‘hasn’t lost a toss all year’ Morris lost the toss and we were bowling first in 35-degree heat. We’d been told to bring our catching mitts this week, but again we couldn’t catch a cold and dropped 5 more catches.

The family pairing of Jack and Tom ‘better looking’ Hando opened the bowling. Jack taking 2/13 and both unlucky to not have a few more wickets due to some poor fielding. Hornsby’s opening pair made it to drinks unscathed. However, it was Avi who broke through, taking his first A2 wicket this year after a 5fa of drops off his bowling last weekend.

Keats and Tanay ‘best 5th bowler in the comp (self-proclaimed)’ Hira took the 1/31 and 4/25 wickets respectively to rip through the middle order for not many runs, before we let Hornsby off the hook with Campbell ‘haven’t dropped on in 3 years’ Wallace dropping a catch and their 8th and 9th batsmen going on to put on a fifty run stand.

The tail was wrapped up with 3 overs to spare and we had been set 120 runs to chase. A sub-par total. Hopefully it would be an early finish and back to the community centre.

Time to bat. Andrew and Steve ‘I have the highest score this season’ Rochow started well thanks to an over of full tosses from Hornsby’s skipper. 0/20 of 4, great start. Steve then spooned one to mid-off, Andrew skied one and Nikhil given out on a dubious run out call and we were in trouble at 3/32.

Campbell and Chris attempted to steady before Campbell got bowled by a ball so slow he had time to miss it then turn around and see hit his stumps. Whilst Chris attempted to ‘roll his wrists on a sweep shot’, but really just had a slog and was caught on the boundary.

Michael ‘younger and better’ Blinman score a much needed 18 to get us within reaching distance. Before Rowan ‘red figures’ Keating put on 35 runs for the 9th and 10th wicket with Tanay and Jack to steer us home and win by one wicket with 3 overs to spare. Never in doubt.

An ugly and probably undeserved win but that’s 3 close, important wins now and we’ll take it. We are currently sitting two games clear on top of the ladder heading into the Christmas break.


WPHC Blue (Rick) 85 lost to Vs Berowra 146

On a warm summers day at Les Shore the ground looked a picture and shade was very much sought after. Flair took the toss and lost and Berowra had no hesitation in batting. Berowra had rung the changes during the week and put out a new line-up. Ivan and Spidey opened the attack with instant success with Ivan claiming a pole second ball. Spidey came to party not too long later and Berowra were 2 fa. At the first drinks break Berowra were 2/31. After drinks Prats and Andy Meikle claimed a wicket each before Berowra put a nice partnership together. Bobby K got the breakthrough then wickets fell pretty regularly and Berowra were all out in the last over for 146.

Best of our bowling Spidey 3/13, Ivan 2/15, Andy Meikle 2/31, Bobby K 2/40 and Prats 1/11.

Frankly our batting just never got going.

Perhaps we were a bit cooked after our fielding innings. We crept along but never really dented the scoreboard being all out for 85. The only players to make double figures Spidey 15, Allan Raff Dog Raffel 11 and Mayo Larkham 10. A fairly dismal effort with the bat.

But we wish all our club mates a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and look forward to a good start in January 2022.


WPHC (Shomik) Blue 96 lost to Sydney Lions

Match report to come

WPHC Red (Phill) 110 lost to Mt Colah 125

Despite the heat, the game seemed to be in the hands of the West Pennant Hills team.

The bowling attack started strong as 2 wickets fell in the first 10 overs to Daniel, the 3rd and the 4th falling to Alec by the 13th over. The bowling attack kept the score at a low, at the first drinks break, the score was 4for 49.

Our team came out positive and keen for a win, all contributing with the ball. Daniel took 3 wickets, Sam took 2, Harry took a single and Alec 4 wickets. Some key Highlights were the hard fought fielding by all players, especially Warren, Alec and Sam.

Other key highlights were Dinesh’s bowling advice, how it is determined by Rhythm, Confidence and Mentality. Mount Colah was all bowled out for 125 runs off 30 overs.

As has been the story the whole season, we did not capitalize on our batting efforts. We all had good starts yet no real high scores. Harry was the highest, scoring a classy 32 runs. We lost 5 wickets by the 23rd over, yet had a great collapse from the 30th over when trying to chase down the score. It came quite close at the end, 14 runs was needed off the last 3 overs, yet we were all bowled out short of the total, due to impatient shot selection.

The main takeaway from the match would be the excellent bowling attack, the best that it has been all season.

The bowling was consistent and controlled, building pressure throughout. There is still a lot of room for improvement in our batting side, improving the speed we score and the consistency, However I know we can be proud of the effort we put in, fighting to the very end despite the heat.


WPHC B2 Blue (Buzz) 120 lost to Berowra 137

Buzz was destined to be late to the ground as his Juniors match was at Cheltenham and Seniors match at the polar opposite end of the Association at Warrina Street Berowra.

Detailing to the Vice Skipper – Vink Senior- that he should win the toss and bat, of course the opposite happened.

To redeem himself, Paul opened the bowling and he and Josh did their usual tasks of bowling tight, challenging opening overs and collecting the breakthroughs that had Berowra 4/33 at one stage. We never let the opposition get away from us and great spells of bowling from Xander and Jack kept us in the hunt.

We rolled them for a good target, all out 137.

Great bowling from Paul 4/19, Jack 2/9 Josh 2/33 with Xander and Buzz picking up one each.

During our bowling innings, Tarun had suffered an injury, splitting the webbing on his hand whilst attempting a catch and he had to attend the local Medical Centre and add a few stitches to his injured hand. That, plus knowing that we had two players who had to leave early for work meant the batting order was disrupted somewhat.

None the less, the two Vinks set out to establish an opening platform for us. They weathered the opening bowlers well, but when they fell, it was up to Dylan and Riley to add as many as they could before heading off to work. Dylan added 24. A couple of quick wickets later and despite a good knock from Hari, we were done and dusted at 8/74.

But we truly bat down to number eleven in this side, and when Tarun decided he’d be ok to bat with his split webbing, he and Josh gave us all the chance to believe we could still win this.

A great partnership that kept us on track was finally ended, but not before Tarun added 23, and Josh a super valuable 14*.

Whilst it goes down as a loss in the scorebook, this C2 Comp is ridiculously close, and on another day this is a game we would win.

Merry Christmas to all the WPHC players and loved ones. We are so lucky to be able to be out playing cricket right now, the results seem irrelevant against the opportunity to go out and play the game we love.

WPHC Red (Indranil) 124 lost to Kenthurst 7/126

Match report to follow.


WPHC Red (Cameron) 77 lost to Castle Hill 4/84

A very hot day at Dural Park with us winning the toss, electing to bat, and having the opposition fielding during the heat of the day. It appears that Castle Hill have kept under the radar in the first half of the season and now stacked their team of some higher standard players, which makes them a formidable opponent.

The oppositions opening bowlers we very good and had us at 3/30 after 11 overs. Our batting was not good enough today to put a decent score on to defend but a nice innings from Varun Aoroa (19) and a final wicket partnership of 16 between Steve Quanborough and Vipin Vilimari saw us finish on 77 at the end of 29 over.

Castle Hill started their innings with aggression and we only managed to take 4 of their wickets with 1 wicket to Amarit Singh and 3 wickets to John Rose.

Not the way we wanted to finish the 2021 year but I’m sure this loss will make the lads hungrier for winning performances after the Christmas break.

Merry Christmas to all WPH teams and players and their families.

WPHC Blue (Rob) 7/183 defeated Beecroft 9/157

So the SCC deemed us too good for C4 and moved us up to C3 and then stripped 20 points off us. NOT NICE but oh well!

First game in C3 and we were up against Beecroft….the ladder leaders. We won the toss and chose to bat. After our 35 overs we ended up on 183 runs…..good but not great at Campbell Park. Notable batting were Daniel V (52 no), Alastair F (50), Aden H (24) and Zia (21).

Beecroft then batted and were contained to 9/157 from their 35 over. Notable bowling were Rommel P (3/17), Reyhan A (3/25) and Alastair F (2/34).

So a good win first up in C3.

And a final quote from Zia A that sums things up, “the weather was very hot, but we were hotter!”


WPHC Red (Diggers) 6/213 defeated ARL 4/86

We packed lunch and headed out to Northholm Grammar for today’s match against ARL. In stifling conditions we hoped for luck with the toss and Papa Diggs won his third toss in a row and promptly decided to bat.

Lachie continued his good form with the bat and he and Pratah put on 57 for the first wicket before Pratah was out for 21.

Ramil then came in and put on 91 with Lachie for the 2nd wicket before Ramil was out for 49 after pummelling the young ARL attack.

Lachie looked on track to get his maiden century but was unfortunately run out on 84.

So we ended up with 6/213 and were pretty confident of defending that, in spite of the heat. ARL never looked they were attempting to chase down the target and they finished with 4/83 after their 35.

Today provided a great opportunity to test our bowling depth with 4 of our usual bowlers missing.

Ben “Buzz jr” Burrows filled in and bowled with serious heat, no pun intended, and finished with 1/11 off 6. Mukund (1/8 off 4), Disco (1/7 off 7) and Ross (1/9 off 5) were the wicket takers but Lachie, Zach and Grant also bowled really well.

Another good win and keeps us on the top of the table but with Lachie probably deserving a chance up the grades, who knows what the New Year brings. #P8forlachieplease

D1 Blue (Ross S) 8/118 defeated Hornsby

A hot day at Arcadia Park…..The skipper was hoping to win his first toss since round 1 and was really hoping the Hornsby captain would call incorrectly. Thank goodness that happened. We had no hesitation in batting first.

Whilst the new pitch was brilliant, the field although recently mown was several cm thick making scoring anything other than a well-placed single or a huge hit over the top, next to impossible.

Chetan and Muthindra started really solidly, putting on 23 for the first wicket, before M decided that it was too hot to bat and was run out for 12. At 1-31 after 10 overs things were looking ok, however with a very slow out field and some good bowling runs were hard to come by….at the drinks break we had crawled to 4-38, with wickets falling more due to frustration. Chetan compiling a solid 14.

After the drinks break, Gihan and Vikas decided that attack and the aerial route was the way to go, big 6’s to both, putting on 48 runs off just 7 overs…but with the score at 86 both fell trying to push ahead further. Gihan (23) and Vikas (20) making invaluable contributions. Further contributions from Mahesh 10 and Jags 10no including a huge 6 off the last ball, saw us to 8/118 at the close of innings. A small score but Something to bowl to. Really pleasing we batted out our 35 overs.

Ram took the new ball with immediate success. Second ball snicked to Happy at first slip, dismissing the Hornsby batsman who had made a couple of 70s against us in two prior games.

Great spells from Ram, Gihan Happy and Vikas created several chances that we could not grasp…but enthusiastic ground fielding kept us in the game. Hornsby 1-45 after 15…..just before the drinks break, Vikas (1-13) got an important breakthrough……at Drinks Hornsby 2-52.

Over the last two games we had lost the plot after drinks, but this week we were determined to do better……our bowling, catching and fielding was brilliant.

Muthindra with a clean bowled 3rd ball after drinks. Jags then bowled a great 7 over spell from one end taking 3-16. Ram (2-8) chiming in with a second wicket, and Happy with 3 (3-12) cleaned up Hornsby for just 81 off 31 overs. The last 5 wickets falling for just 10 runs. No dropped catches after drinks and really enthusiastic fielding by all……3 catches to Ross and 1 each to Jags and Gihan.

The win puts us back into the top 4, and hopefully sets us up for the run home.


WPHC (Nirav) 102 lost to St Ives 7/103

Sorry couldn’t write the report as away with family and don’t have score book.