Round 5 – 27 November 2021

Points table

A1 – =1st (19 points) & 2nd on quotient

A2 – =1st (19 points) & 2nd on quotient

B1 Blue – 5th (11 points)

B1 Red – 6th (6 points)

B2 – 4th (16 points)

C2 Blue – =3rd (16 points)

C2 Red – = 3rd (16 points) & 5th on quotient

C3 – =3rd (16 points)

C4 – 1st (26 points)

D1 Blue – =1st (21 points) & 3rd on quotient

D1 Red – =4th (16 points)

D2 – 1st (26 points)

Match Reports

A1 Grade

WPHC (Wurthy) drew with Berowra

A case of La Nina – wet week, no play, the end. A shame as this was a shootout against the equal 1st placed Berowra and would have been a good test of our credentials.

Next week: Vs St Ives (8th)


WPHC (Andrew) drew with Normanhurst-Warrawee

Another washout with our boys in 1st place against 6th placed Normanhurst-Warrawee.

Next week: Vs Berowra (3rd)


WPHC Red (Phill) drew with Sydney Lions

No play at a soggy Greenway Park with our 6th placed teams playing 1st placed Lions.

Next week: Vs WPHC Blue (5th)

WPHC Blue (Rick) drew with St Ives

Another washout with Rick’s 5th placed Blue Team playing 2nd placed St Ives

Next week: Vs WPHC Red (5th)


WPHC (Shomik) Vs Berowra

No play at Campbell Park. Shomik’s =3rd placed Team were scheduled to play Berowra, also equal 3rd in the Competition.

Next week: Vs Kissing Point (=1st)


WPHC Red (Indranil) Vs Hornsby

Montview was washed today with Indranil’s Red’;s sitting on =3rd (7thy on quotient) up against =3rd placed Hornsby who are 4th on quotient.

Next week: Vs Castle Hill (=1st)

WPHC Blue (Buzz) Vs Castle Hill

The wet weather also washed on Buzz’s Blue side who are also =3rd on the points table and quotient against Castle Hill sitting on top of the table.

Next week: Vs Kenthurst Upper Hills (=3rd & 6th on quotient)


WPHC (Cameron) Vs Sydney Lions

Another washout in what was going to be a fascinating shootout between our =3rd (4th on quotient) placed boys against =3rd (5th on quotient) Lions.

Next week: Vs Beecroft (1st)


WPHC (Rob) Vs Glenorie

A washout prevented Rob’s 1st placed team playing 8th placed Glenorie.

Next week: Vs Berowra (2nd)


WPHC Red (Diggers) Vs Beecroft

Even with a ground change it was too wet play. Diggers =4th (4th on quotient) was up against =1st placed Beecroft who are just 5 points ahead of the Reds.

Next week: Vs Kissing Point =4th (5th on quotient)

D1 Blue (Ross S) Vs Castle Hill

No play with Ross’s =1st (3rd on quotient) up against =1st (2nd on quotient) placed Castle Hill.

Next week: Vs Beecroft (=1st & 3rd on quotient)


WPHC (Nirav) 80 defeated Berowra 8/68

With La Niña in all her glory creating a pretty uncomfortable scenario over the past few days, we almost gave up hope of having a game today till Nirav texted on Friday evening saying the ground wasn’t looking too bad. However when we all woke up this morning, it really wasn’t looking promising and the team WhatsApp group started getting filled with discussions around hot breakfast etc and anything but cricket.

With the faintest of possibilities of rain receding around midday, we decided to take a leap of faith and arrive at a plush Arcadia oval… puddles, pitch in a playable condition however with a very wet field.

Captain Arun lost the toss and Berowra took up the opportunity to put us in to bat. We knew it was going to be a low scoring game but apart from Arun’s 47 and a few small partnerships here and there, the batting card wasn’t something to boast of today. Anyway we managed to get all out for 80 in 30 overs but we knew we had a good chance to defend with our bowling.

Arun through his brilliant Captaincy decided to rotate the bowlers with short and sharp spells which pushed Berowra on the back-foot immediately with their opener going back pretty soon.

The next couple of batters put on a decent show with a 33 run partnership till Ravi – Gunner – Gunna picked up both of them in a span of a couple of overs. Agni was brought in to dry up the runs from the other end which saw the start of Berowra’s rally back to the pavilion (seemed like they were more keen to open the beers).

Mridul and Chintan – our ‘Famous by now’ opening pair carried on their form with some unplayable deliveries. All up 3 wickets to Ravi, 2 each to Mridul & Agni and 1 to Chintan and Berowra finished at 8-68 off their 35 overs. A special shoutout to Praneel Singh (C3) for helping us with fielding with what was an issue with some very wet pair of shoes.

All up a good but a close win to wrap up the 5th round and we hope to carry the momentum on to the next few rounds before a much deserved break over Christmas.

Next week: Vs Kissing Point Blue (8th)