Round 2 – 6 November 2021

A1 Grade

WPHC (Wurthy) 3/74 defeated Kissing Point 73

Hi all i have been getting round the clock updates while I was away, it’s a double edged sword of love and affection. My Wphccc team won and I attended a wedding satdeee and looks like I have locked in my future wife peow peow yes locked in and loaded… the bridesmaid and I have found love.

BCG and Gunny were also away together on a group tour to broke back mountain but that didn’t stop us. Rowan Keating “ you say it best when you say nothing at all” filled the void and slotted into the team like he had been there for 12 years.

Captain WU had no hesitation in sending the opposition in after winning the toss. After Wu got the call right, Jamaican had no hesitation in telling Wu that he had pretty much won the match for us by winning the toss. Wu was happy with that and then pretty much did nothing for the rest of the match except chat to the umpires.

So back to me, I’m Lichaaa the spearhead of the bowling cartel and so proud of my men for doing it all without me… I was out finding love but less on me,

By all reports it started and ended in a flurry of early wickets and a comfortable win in a canter mixed in with some interesting moments such as Whacko Preedy Jackson getting out to a 12 year old.

Tisveer “driver of the month” Mistry was the pick of the bowlers and showed true class and professionalism. One of the opposition players actually congratulated Assman De Silva on how well Tiz bowled with Assman replying “ I didn’t bowl today” …. a bit of an awkward moment but who cares ! We won .. Yayy, and I won too with a beautiful bridesmaid, I’m so happy.

Krang McBrien and Gandis Herzog backed up Tiz magnificently. Gandis dropped a potential caught and bowled but then parried the ball onto the stumps for a runout.

Keats chimed in with 3 overs for not much and Sean our saviour bowled 5 overs also and was tight as a Gandis around registration time.

Effie Josh Banner must have wanted to watch the end of the quaddie at wanambool as was in a bog rush for a quick 19, Sean our Saviour brought us home with Jamaican with a nice 4th wicket partnership.

In other news Lachie Augustus Gloop had an amazing Zit on his neck that could only resemble Krakatoa that last erupted in 2020.

Don’t worry all, I will be back next week and I will be bringing my potential bride to the club. I’m so in love. Can’t wait to show you my new beauty. She has a great smile and she smells great.


WPHC (Andrew) 9/144 defeated Glenorie 143

We arrived at the Glade with the covers on, thanks to our dedicated team of good blokes.

It was the usual soft and bouncy Glade pitch. Andrew ‘T-Rex’ Morris won the toss for the second week in a row and chose to bowl. K ‘gentle meds’ T and Jack ‘Second hottest in the family’ Hando opened the bowling and got us off to the perfect start, with both bowlers picking up a wicket each, Glenorie were 2/0 after 2 overs.

2 typical Glade dismissals with the ball popping up and the batters unable to handle the gentle meds going up the hill at The Glade and the second hottest Hando grabbing a leading edge. 2 overs later Andrew ‘Good bloke’ Morris calling back their number 3 after Bruce gave him out off the elbow.

He went on to make 40 odd. Good one Andrew. We then had heaps of half chances and dropped a couple, with Steve ‘Hands like feet’ Rochow dropping a sitter behind the stumps. Watch the ball next time champ.

The 2 Glenorie batters then trotted along for a partnership of 73 with Tom ‘Hottest Hando in the team’ Hando breaking through and Tanay ‘wannabe Dwayne Bravo’ Hira also chipping in with 3/28 wickets and Tom finishing on 2/26. Matty ‘batting prodigy’ Phillip bowled well but leaks some streaky runs finishing on 1/42 off 6. KT ended up on 3/28 and Jack on a very economical 1/7. Glenorie ended up on a decent 143.

It was now our time to bat.

Surely we could improve after last week. You’d think so, right? It seems like our top order weren’t watching how the pitch was playing, and we were 2/17 after 10 overs. Rochow, Morris and N Ninan out for not many, in the typical Glade fashion. Campbell ‘looks like his Missus’ Wallace batted well for a solid 12 and Chris ‘Jimi Hendrix’ Blinman hit a nice six and finished on 16.

Rohit ‘test match’ Ninan came in and decided to hold up an end when we needed around 8 an over.

Then came Tom ‘hottest Hando’ Hando. Wow. God can he hit a ball. He put us right back in the game smacking the Glenorie team around the park with 3 lovely sixes. What a beautiful man. He finished on 40 from 18ish balls. K ‘Straight drive’ T hit a nice cover drive before hitting a straight drive straight up for 12. Tanay chipped in with 6. Then came Jack and Matty P. We needed 4 off the last over.

The Glenorie fielding was terrible and had 1 guy who could throw the ball like a normal human. This allowed us to basically hit and run, as Matty hit the winning runs, with a comfortable 1 ball to spare. Campbell also took a nice catch. Good job. We also had a crowd on a video call, Rohit streaming the game for Gunny and Billy. Alan was also there.

We play at Montview against Hornsby next week.


WPHC Red (Phill) 6/94 lost to Berowra 5/98

We lost, but we lost well.

Despite setting a low score at Headen Park, we worked hard as a team, playing for each other despite the odds. We opted to bat, the openers setting a slow start to the innings. Chary came in at a fall of a wicket maintaining his form by setting the highest individual score of our team at 31 runs. In reflection, the middle order needed batsmen who lasted to the end of the innings to see an acceleration. Some highlights were Warren and Harry who scored needed runs at the end. Overall, we ended with 6 for 94.

Despite the low score, the West Pennant Hills Reds came out with an aggressive mindset.

A wicket was lost by the second over by the impressive bowling start by Steve, soon followed by a second wicket falling by the 8th over to Steve. The start was economical, as we kept the score to 2/23 off the first ten overs.

However, runs came quickly after that, as they scored another 31 runs in the next 8 overs. The partnership that formed after the second wicket lasted for most of the game, creating a stable platform for the win.

The third wicket was taken by Steve in the 23rd over, soon followed by the victory in the 25th. Special thanks to Phil’s family and Grace for watching the game to the end of the innings despite the inevitable loss.

Overall, our team had a lot of fun enjoying playing cricket in good warm conditions. Our team is supportive despite performances, definitely setting up for a strong side.

Reds may have lost the game but they have not the season.

WPHC Blue (Rick) 8/138 lost to Sydney Lions 9/144

Today we played at Dural beach.

The sand was white the sun was shining and the only thing missing was the coconut reef oil to smother on a spectator with large coconuts. Flair lost the toss and the Lions skipper invited us to have a bat. Volc and Birdie were sent out in flip flops to see what they could provide up front.

Volc was back in the pavilion in over 3 and immediately broke out the banana lounge. Birdie followed next over which left Flair and Brent to salvage something for the top order.

Scoring was slow but the sand was nice between the toes. When Flair nicked off we were 3/39 off 14. Boo Boo madea quick cameo and tried to flog straight one and missed it and swinger was out caught and Brent went the same was as Boo Boo. 6/74. Then followed a nice little rear-guard action between Avi ‘Pedro’ Lath and Prats ‘Sanchez’ Datar.

The Mexicans were running riot. Sanchez ran himself out trying an impossible second run. The remaining over seen off by Sanchez and Knaps. We finished our innings 8/138. Best of the batting Pedro 35*, Brent 29 and Sanchez 18. We felt that was enough given the tide was coming in.

Lions to the crease to be tested by Deano and Hutcho Hutcho man.

The Lions scoring was slow and our bowling pretty good. We kept taking wickets regularly keeping the Lions in check. When Knaps removed their opener and most dangerous looking bat we had them 5/58 off 20 and were in the box seat.

At 6/99 off 29 the Lions needed 39 off 6 overs. An equation we felt we had under control. We took out foot off the throat and got a bit lazy and Lions built a bit of momentum and self-belief.

Down to the last over and the Lions were 9 down and needed 11.

Hutcho Hutcho man bowling to a tail-end hacker. The Hutch bowls, The tailender hacks away and it flies straight to Boo Boo at cow corner. He didn’t even have to move. We started rejoicing the win. But Boo Boo made a boo boo. The ball burst through his hands, hits him in the noggin and goes for 6. Our hearts sank. From 11 off 6 to 5 off 5 in 1 ball. To cut to the chase the Lions won the game on the second last ball of the day. We had lost the unlosable, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Best of the bowling Deano 3/8, Knaps 2/33, Pedro 1/12 and Hutcho Hutcho man 1/43.

We will regroup and come out strong next week.


WPHC (Shomik) 5/103 defeated Castle Hill 100

Looking to improve on a slow start to the season, the day started off well with Shomik winning the toss and electing to field.

The innings started off a bit slow for us with the opening and only decent bat from Castle Hill looking to hit straight from ball 1. The opening bowling pair of Mohsin (1/44) and Anush (1/10) started the innings off both with decent line and length with a couple of chances in the field going to ground.

This was followed by a nice spell from Shomik (2/14) who troubled many of the batters with his deceiving medium pacers. Diggers (1/8) chipped in with his handy leggies and had the batters troubled with the lack of turn.

The star bowler of the day was Mithun (4/18) who troubled the batters all throughout his spell with an excellent display of bowling. Overall and improved effort in the field to dismiss Castle Hill for 100

The batting also saw and improved performance with the opening pair of Cameron (14) and Ben (46) improving from the impressive partnership of 0 runs last week. Ben was in fine touch as he looked to hit runs to all parts of the ground. A classy captains knock from Shomik (19*) helped steer the ship home as we recorded our 1st of hopefully many wins this season.

Overall a great performance all round and hopefully something that the team will be able to build from as the season goes on!!


WPHC Red (Indranil) 117 lost to Berowra 7/154

Trecking out of Sydney to Brooklyn Dairy, Nick gave his pre match assessment that we should bat first.

Indranil lost his 2nd toss in a row and we were bowling. Berowra came out attacking from ball 1, Amit made a quick breakthrough as they looked to build partnerships. Runs and wickets came at a steady rate, shared between Alex (1/15), Amit (3/28), and Inam ‘The Wizard’ with a cheeky 2-for. Good bowling went unrewarded from Shanks, Stu and Adam ‘Hostile’ van Saarloos.

Our turn to bat and Connor made a strong return from his 10-year cricketing hiatus with a run a ball 22.

Adam decided to try and hit his 1st ball for 6, only dislodging his middle stump in the process. Cam ‘Devils’ Lettuce’ Bish looked solid for a well-earned 27. The run rate slowly got away from us, Alex making at cameo at the end with 29.

The Duck made a spirited 15, but we fell 30-odd runs short. Well played Berowra, onto the mighty Campbell next week.

WPHC Blue (Buzz) 98 lost to Mt Colah 9/99

Last week our batting showed its strength, not sure what happened during the week – today it showed some weaknesses.

We were looking to take our positive batting mantra into this match, but found ourselves giving our wickets away by perhaps going a bit too hard too early. It’s early days and we’ll fine tune this I’m sure.

Despite this, Sandeep joined the team for his first match and showed us all how it’s done by holding things together and kept a cool head while wickets fell around him to finish with a disciplined 25*

I’m sure the boys won’t mind that the rest of the innings doesn’t really rate a mention.

Still, 99 runs on the board and a strong bowling attack meant we weren’t out of it yet.

Vink Snr and Josh stepped up and bowled aggressive opening spells and wickets from Paul kept us in the hunt. Given he was going to sit out today and was a late minute replacement for the injured Jack, Paul showed just how valuable he is to our attack with 7 overs, 3 wickets and only 4 scoring shots hit off him to finish his spell with 3/18.

Bishy chipped in with a tight spell picking up a couple of vital wickets, while at the other end Connor was instrumental in getting us right back in the game with a fantastic spell collecting 3 wickets.

At 8/56, the opposition skipper realised he needed to do all the work and set about producing a few lusty blows to advance the score by another 30. With only a few runs to spare, Buzz managed to remove him with the first ball of his spell and open up the game once more. One wicket to win, or a handful of runs for them.

With several close calls and near misses, luck went Mt Colah’s way and they managed to eek out the last few runs to pass us 9 down.

Loads of positives as we again bowled well as a team unit, and still have front line bowlers yet to roll their arms over for the season. Some great catching and fielding, and despite being on the wrong side of the ledger, an enjoyable game of cricket that we’re all thankful that we can get out and play.

Results from other matches mean this shouldn’t hurt us too badly on the points table, and with the talent we have in this side we’ll be hard to beat once we’ve ironed out the kinks.


WPHC (Cameron) 5/168 defeated Kissing Point 9/164

This match was a well discipline and well executed performance from start to finish, after winning the toss and electing to bowl.

Our opening bowlers this week were Praneel Singh and Amarit Singh who both went wicket-less but both bowled very tidy and kept good pressure on the opposition’s best batsmen. Whilst we are still in discovery mode and our focus in the first 3 games is to give every player an opportunity to bat and bowl until we work out where everyone will fit in the side and what their strengths are.

We gambled by electing to use John Rose later in the innings as a bowler and he performed very well with the ball finishing with figures 4/22 off 7 overs with all 4 wickets achieved by knocking the stumps over.

But perhaps the highlight today was the bowling from Vipin Vermani who took his first wicket and finished with 2/25 – well done Vipin!

Kissing Point finished with a handy score of 164 after 35 overs but we were confident that we could chase that total down at Campbell Park. Openers Vinod Kumar and Cameron Croucher went out know that a solid, patient start was needed as we had the depth in our batting order for a good run chase no matter what the over rate was. Vinod was caught a short cover for 3 and Cameron went on to 42 before retiring at the drinks break to give some other talent a chance to shine.

Great innings from John Rose 27 and a promising 34 from first time WPH player Qasim batting at No 4. Amarit Singh contributed well with the bat scoring 23 handy runs with sensible batting before Steve Quanborough came to the crease to hit a big shot to bring up a boundary and secure the win.

There is a good “vibe” in this team and self-belief. This week we batting last week’s century maker Vedant Virmani at No. 11 and it meant other players had to step up when the opportunity presented and well done to all on a great victory.


WPHC (Rob) 9/142 defeated Kissing Point 9/92

Match report to follow.


WPHC Red (Diggers) 3/228 defeated St Ives 149

With some confidence after our round 1 win but without Fieds and Parin, we ventured out to Northolm Grammar to play St Ives. Ian lost his second toss for the season and we found ourselves batting.

Pratah and Lachlan opened again and went about seeing off St Ives’s opening bowlers,

Pratah played some great cut shots through and backward of point to throw their best bowler completely off his game and this was crucial in setting us up for a good total. He was eventually out for 26 with the score on 36.

Lachlan played some great shots all around the ground and Ramil provided the power hitting to build a great partnership of over 100 before Ramil retired on 59.

Zach Gerber opened his account with the Club with a 4 straight down the ground before continuing the plunder of the St Ives attack and ended up making 28 with the score on 208.

Lachlan was toying with St Ives by now and a highlight was, after they removed their first slip in the final over, he proceeded to ramp the opening bowler over that position for 4. He was eventually out for 95, unfortunately not getting to 100 but his highest ever score and a truly great innings from the youngster.

So with 228 on the board, we went into the field with great confidence, and this improved even more when we had St Ives 2/6 after 3 overs. One of these was a great catch by Zach’s Dad Grant on debut. Side-note, apparently Grant got all the catching genes in the family as Zac managed to drop 4 – they were pretty hard ones though – sort of.

So after giving a few chances, St Ives rapidly moved the score along to 2/118 at drinks and we were starting to have a few doubts but this was short-lived. What followed was a procession of wickets via some great bowling and fielding, including a nice catch running back from first slip for Ross.

Wickets were shared around with Connor 1/17, Disco, 1/29, Lachlan 2/36 Zach 2/12 and a fantastic 3/16 from Marcus.

In the end, we bowled St Ives out for 149 in the 28th over, a great victory.

WPHC Blue (Ross S) 7/1921 defeated ARL 181

Our first game at Greenway on the balcony of the new clubhouse. A great place to watch cricket. I can’t remember D grade ever playing there before so it was a great opportunity for us to play on a great ground……. wanting to bat first, unfortunately we lost the toss and were asked to bowl first on a lightning-fast field……in hot and humid conditions.

The ARL batsmen came out with intent to bludgeon the ball around the ground. After 4 overs they were 0-50 with one of their openers on 47. There was not anything we could do…. the batting was just too good.

I was thinking if 300 plus unless we brought things back. Throwing the ball to Happy, the attacking opener twisted his knee trying a hook. After a long injury break, he only lasted 2 more balls, caught behind. Then some tidy bowling from Happy and Vikas and a couple wickets from Gihan saw us pull ARL Back to 3-68… off 12 overs.

However, with some wayward bowling, a few dropped catches and heavy hitting ARL went to drinks at 3-124…. after drinks the hitting continued and with the opposition 3/154 off 21 overs things were not looking good…

But with good bowling and fielding and some dreadful shots over the next 8 overs ARL collapsed to be all out for 181 off just 28.3 overs.

Catches to Vikas and Ross, and wickets to Gihan 2/40 (3), Ani 1/48 (4), Happy 1-6 (5), Vikas 1-17 (6), Muthindra 1-17 (2.3), Jags 2-15 (2). Also, a good effort with only 10 sundries.

With a healthy score to chase, Jake and Muthindra got us off to a great start. With the score at 34 (9 overs) we lost Jake (16) to an outfield catch, then Muthindra 19 Lbw…never the less at 2-40 after 11 overs we were still in a good position…. but things did not go so well over the next 3 overs losing 3 quick wickets and only adding 15 runs.

Ross joined Gihan at 5-55 looking to build a partnership, but when Gihan was caught by one of the quicks, a reflex catch off a straight drive we could not believe our bad luck…. even worse position at 6-58. Ross and Sandeep taking us to drinks 6/71 needing another 112 runs….

Sandeep (7) was dismissed straight after the drinks break, another fluky catch that just stuck…. Blues 7/80…. and in real trouble.

Happy then joined Ross at the crease, with a clear plan……walk singles to protect Happy’s calf injury and conserve energy so Ross could survive….no quick singles, no twos, and wait for the bad ball……worked a treat with Ross hitting the occasional boundary and taking singles to give Happy the strike and Happy teeing off.

With the runs continually ticking over ARL became very dispirited and runs flowed…. we passed the ARL score when Happy hit 10 off the first 2 balls of the 31st over. We were ok to call it, but ARL skipper wanted us to complete the over…. we finished 7/191.

An unbroken 111, 8th wicket partnership with Happy 78no (10 x 4 & 5 x6) and Ross 26no…

Our second win for the season, and not easy for us. The win could have gone either way, but we battled and managed a good win at the Home of WPH cricket….


WPHC (Nirav) 5/199 defeated Kissing Point Red 7/154

After winning the R1 team D2 was confident to play against Kissing Point at Mimosa Oval.

It was also a perfect day to play cricket. Captain Nirav lost the toss and Kissing Point put us in bat first. Arun and Ravi opened the innings and played very well. Arun (77) kept his good form and started hitting the ball all around the park. Ravi gave him good support playing his first game for the club.

At drinks we were 0/89. Ravi retired not out at 32. After a great start we lost a few quick wickets in the middle, Luke (0), Cory scored very quick (15/10 balls) and Nirav (1). After 25 overs the score was 4/146. Amith (22), Agni (20) and Tonoy (15) batted well and added 50 odd runs and we finished our innings at 5/199.

Kissing Point started their inning by scoring quick runs and after 10 overs the score was 0/52. We decided to bring spin in as we needed wickets. Agin kept bowling good off-spins and got us the breakthrough. Tej our new medium pace also got us another opener. All the bowlers bowled good line and length but Kissing Point was still in the game with one of the batsmen hitting the ball all around the park. Agni finally got him bowled with an excellent delivery.

At the end of the game Kissing Point scored 7/154, 3 wickets to Agin, 2 each to Nirav and Tej.