Round 11, Day 2 (6 March 2021)

Remaining Draw

We are now in the last Round of Competition before the Semi Finals.

  1. Semi Finals – 13th & 20th March
  2. Final – 27th & 28th March

Check out the draw at the Association website – here

Match Reports

A1 Grade (Phil W)

WPHC 106 lost to Berowra 2/109

Morning all and welcome back to the A Grade match report. A brief one today, I’ve awoken to see Gav Taylor dancing at Mardi Gras last night and I don’t think many will read this dribble this week. Special mention to Gav who will be retiring at the end of this season, more on that later.

Wu won the toss and elected to bat in an effort to score 250+ and catapult us to second place. He elevated himself to open and started well, smashing McNay around early. But McNay was crafty, he pitched one up and it bamboozeld Wu, gone in the third over for 15. The top order was again guilty of starts – Assman, Eff, Jamakin, BCG and Gav all looked good early but just couldn’t go on with it. The tail wagged a little bit, thanks mainly to a great cameo of Horseface, the Berowra specialist. They love his rig and so do I. And so does Phil, who was able to see it up close and personal in a joint shower with Horseface during the week. Sagwa’s shower will never be the same. We finished with 106.

With Krang out we would have to bowl well and we started nicely with another unlucky spell from Tiz and a return to form with the ball for Horseface.

We picked up Griffin early but just couldn’t get the breakthroughs we needed. Berowra batted flawlessly, lovely shotmaking and stroke play. We just had no answer. I’m worried if we play them in the final. They are simply better than us. Lichaaa picked up Fullagar late with a solid catch taken by Jamakin. Special mention to Gav who bowled his last over in A Grade before retirement.

We celebrated the loss by downing Grey Goose straight from the bottle in the rooms to the tunes of Elvis Presley. Imagine losing to us.

Semi finals next week against Glenorie. It will be tough, made moreso by the fact we have to get over our love for their Captain. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I am smitten for Gittens.

And Phil how many times do I have to tell you, noooo iceeeeee.

A2 Grade (Gunny)

WPHC 7/144 defeated Castle Hill RSL 134 & 5/228

Sadly for our loyal readers this will be our last match report for the season. A win today won’t be enough as we needed an outright victory.

Continuing on from 4/89 we lost a few early wickets before Varun ‘no permission’ Ravindran scored a handy quick fire 22, ably supported by Rohit ‘chucker’ Ninan (11*).

We passed their score on the 4th ball of the over with a single, which put Matt ‘strike rate’ Watts on strike to face his first and only ball before a declaration. A waist high no-ball that he smacked to the boundary for four. Getting to face another ball, Lumos then hit the bowler back over his head to finish with 8* off 2 balls. We declared on 7/144 batting for under 20 overs.

An early wicket to V had Castle Hill one down, thanks to a good catch by Matt ‘better slip’ Philip. Our bowlers continued to toil hard, but unfortunately Castle Hill were content to shut up shop and block out the day despite being no chance of finals and playing for nothing.

Matt ‘Lumos’ Watts got a brilliant run-out, with a hard hit shot to him at mid-wicket which he had a clean pick up and direct hit aiming at 1 stump. Varun picked up another, and finished with 2-16 off 14 overs in another impressive display.

Today though marked a special day for veteran Rowan ‘A2 Specialist’ Keating who picked up his 300th wicket. With his body falling apart, Keats was thrown the ball with one last attempt to get his 300th and picked it up on the first ball after drinks. He was immediately pulled off at the end of the over.

With limited time left in the day and Castle Hill showing no interest in a result, we turned to giving everyone a bowl to finish out the season with a bit fun.

All part-timers got hit pretty badly, with one more wicket to fall. Andrew ‘set-up’ Morris will claim he read the batsman beautifully to have a wicket caught at long-on. The first and last wicket he will get for a very long time, potentially ever. He also bowled in a hat. Very average stuff. Some of his offies were landing with snow he put that much flight on them.

A season of what-if’s for us. What if Ray wasn’t hated by every team in the association? What if Andrew bowled 20 overs every week? What if Matty Watts batted like a slogger? What if Rohit didn’t almost get reported by the umpire for checking?

While our season is all over good luck to all those in finals over the next few weeks. We’ll be out and around supporting the teams and ensuring that the club brings home some silverware!

B1 Grade

WPHC Red (Rick) 2/90 & 6/111 defeated ARL 79 & 3/145 dec

We didn’t make the finals. I obviously blame Volc.

Thanks to Rick ‘Flair’ Turner for writing some awesome match reports in my absence. I’ve been injured again. I’ve enjoyed playing cricket (please tell Mel I’m still playing cricket, and will be at the pub gambling).

We only needed 27 to win 1st innings, with Volc ‘Mesh Pants’ Banner and Rocco ‘Mop’ Rochow at the crease. A great effort from Mop this season to not get a haircut. Anyway, they both got out, and Vengatupathy Raghu and Dan ‘Schnitty’ Schwartzel got us across the line 2 down. To the pub? No, let’s win outright and make the finals. Good thinking from Rick.

Flair declared 11 runs in front, in an exciting development, so out we went to bowl, except for Snumpty, who is too old now.

We expected Hutcho Man to come out and take a choccy sauce again, but Mrs Hutcho Man hadn’t arrived yet. Hutcho Man can only perform with a crowd. That was evident last Saturday night, when Volc and Snump hid in his bedroom cupboard whilst he cashed his bank.

ARL went for a hit and surprisingly declared at 3/145. Wickets were taken by Spidey ‘Chick Drink’ Carlin, Hutcho Man and Rick ‘Tina’ Turner, who when we weren’t taking wickets, took matters into his own hands. His mixture of bungas and half trackers bamboozled ARL. Classic B Grade. The innings finished with Spidey ‘$250-1’ Carlin taking a catch in his web. We all were getting into our fielding positions ready for the next ball.

Mrs Hutcho Man rocked up, and started studying tort law. Tort law? Only time I’ve ever heard the word tort was in relation to Willy’s Chaminda Vaas.

ARL set us 135 off 23. A good challenge. Like Volc finding a girlfriend. The boys were pumped for an electrifying start. Volc faced a maiden. 135 off 22.

We kept chasing hard, with cameos from Wazz ‘If Only I Took 5 Fa’ Schwartzel (23), Dan ‘Please Don’t Dad’ (14) and Snumpty ‘Please Do Wazz’ Smyth (12) getting us towards the required run rate. Rick ‘Ike & Tina’ Turner (37*) tried his best, but we finished 24 short of an outright, and a chance at a finals berth.

We went to the Bowlo, and Spidey waited an hour and a half for his pizza. It came from Italy. What a tantrum. Spidey then betted Dylan ‘Can’t Sit Still’ Smyth $50 he couldn’t keep quiet for 10 mins. Dylan prevailed. He took his cash straight to West Gosford. Don’t tell mum.

It’s been a great season. There’s people I’d like to thank – Isa Guha, callipos, Mrs Hutcho Man, Manus’ appeals, Isa Guha & Isa Guha. It’s been good.

For those wondering what B1’s are doing in the off season, look out. Our new calendar, ‘Great Buns Of B1’s’ is out at all good book stores. Willy is on the cover.

WPHC Blue (Napper) 150 lost to Kenthurst Upper Hills 7/309 dec

Good morning to my loyal readers, specifically the new 11 Kenthurst players who I hear are big fans of our reports.

And no other people besides my Mum read these reports, champs. The Opposition provided some strong feedback on last weeks report so this week I will only compliment the Opposition players.

Kenthurst batted on till around 7/385 with Rob ‘Got my bunny’ Knapman bowling the ball of the century to dismiss the bloke who got 261. Bird ‘Kieran’ Cage also got a wicket, no one cares. They left us a very chaseable target with a mammoth 55 overs to bat.

We didn’t bat horrendously but were bowled out for 150 odd with only around 5 overs left in the day. Whilst we were batting we were criticised for not going hard enough and chasing the reachable total of 383 off 55 overs, something for the mighty Blues to note for next week.

Noteable contributions came from Dinesh ‘Bangers’ De Silva (30) and Nikhil ‘Better Brother’ Ninan (20) as well as classy knocks from Zac ‘Final Innings’ Turner and Anush ‘You still cost us the game’ Sharma.

A somewhat disappointing result but we will move on to Berowra next week in the semis. Hey, Dean Carlin, where are you playing next week? Good luck muscles.

A day played mostly in good spirits besides a couple individuals so I will finish this report with some facts.

  • The record B1 score is still 276 held by Phillip Sheppard, unlucky champ.
  • Diggers didn’t have the worst hairline on the field today.
  • The opposition, after taking the last wicket to win the game, picked up our stumps and threw them as far as they could. Class!!
  • Rob is still only one wicket from top of B1s. Burglar.
  • Yes, that LBW was still plumb last week.

B2 Grade (Phill)

WPHC 6/134 defeated Beecroft 133

Finally, we had a chance to experience Headen Park in sunshine… and it was glorious!

Beecroft started the day at 6-118, and with the new ball swinging around they posed little resistance as we skittled them for 133. Tom Hando (3/30) picked up 2 wickets, and Steve Ozvatic (1/23) and Scott Chapman (1/22) got one wicket each – great rewards for their relentless efforts without luck last week.

Opening the batting, Campbell Wallace sent a message to the Beecroft attack immediately – equalling their team’s total boundary count on the first ball of the innings, and subsequently doubling it on the second ball with 2 lovely flicks over the leg side field. At the other end, Ben Dunkley did it tougher, his groin seemingly a magnet for every good ball of the partnership. He toughed it out for 11 before getting bowled shouldering arms by a ball that apparently swung in by a foot after it passed the bat (just ask Ben, he’ll tell you)… but thankfully his box survived to fight another day.

Ben’s wicket triggered a collapse, losing 4/7 with Cameron Bliss and Basil Butler falling cheaply, and Campbell getting bowled for 33 shortly after – another solid and classy knock from the man who’s been the backbone of our batting all season. When Steve Ozvatic fell for 11, we were 5/58… and all of a sudden the total of 133 seemed a long way away.

Enter Jack Hando. Calm and composed from the first ball, he and Scott Chapman built a partnership to stabilise the innings. Scott only made 10, but they were his most important runs of the season as he and Jack firmly arrested Beecroft’s momentum. When Tom Hando joined his brother at the crease, they stepped up the pressure with great running between the wickets and aggressive strokeplay to bring the innings victory home for us and secure the minor premiership. Jack ended up with 37no and Tom 29no, giving them both some good time at the crease as we head into the semis.

We didn’t get any favours from the draw this year, making this minor premiership even more sweet. A great result for a great bunch of blokes. Congratulations lads, let’s bring home the title!

C1 (Joseph)

WPHC 9/188 defeated Kenthurst Upper Hills 187

Must win Game for us to have any chance to make Semis.

For a change Won the Toss and choose to Bowl on a much Gloomy and Rainy Day. Two 15 year old Opening bowlers Ravi and Shalin didn’t start the way we wanted. Kenthurst got onto a quick start and were 25/0 after first 5 Overs. Had couple of Big Sixers into the Bush early. Even with our first drop young quick bowler Hashen, Kenthurst Openers look comfortable.

This was perfect time for 2 much Older Master Spinners to have a Bowl.

Ambros and Joseph kept this very tight and managed to pull the game back. At the first Drinks Kenthurst were 46/2 after 20 overs. After Drinks Kenthurst manage to score little quicker and were 2/93 off 32 Overs at Early Tea.

After Tea WPH got another 2 quick wickets and from here we kept things very tight. Managed to keep Kenthurst to 7/141 off 61 overs on Day 1. Great effort from this young side considering the start they had. Ambros and Joseph bowled 16 overs and 13 overs non-stop which was over the limit for these Older fellows.

Started Day 2 needing to get the remaining 3 wickets and chase them down. Had to bowl another 14 overs and Kenthurst finished the innings 187/10 Off 75 Overs. Had Min 53 Overs to Chase this Target and we knew we had to WIN to have a chance for Semis.

Our Two Openers Nandana and Ishan started things very steadily. At Tea WPH were 60/0 off 22 Overs. Still needing 127 off 31 min overs we knew we just had to bat smart. Things didn’t go according to plan and we lost 2 quick wickets and were 2/66 off 26 overs after Tea.

But as this Team did all year we fought back. Credit to Nandana and Hashen who batted very well. When Nandana got out for well played & brilliant 54 the score was 119/3 off 38 overs. At Drinks we were 126/3. Needed 61 off the last 18 Overs with 7 wickets in hand. We lost our 4th wicket Hashen for 41 Runs when the score was 136/4.

Still needed 51 runs off last 14 overs. From here Kenthurst kept things tight. WPH were 150/5 at the 50th over and still needed 38 Runs off 8 overs. Kevin, Shalin and Joseph scored quick contributions and managed to score 22 off the next 5 Overs. Going into the last over we needed 7 runs with 2 wickets in hand. Young 14-year-Old Josh and Louis managed to score these runs off the 4th ball. But we kept playing and lost the 9th wicket off the last ball. Great Win for the Boys!!

Great Season for this young side which had 7-9 Players who are only 15years or younger. We managed to beat all 4 teams on Top 4. Two teams in Top 4 had byes early in the season before they moved an extra Team to this Grade. Two have 5 wins and only 3 losses is a Great achievement for these Boys.

Well Played Boys!!


WPHC Red (Fieds) 100 & 9/160 lost to Thornleigh 200

We started the day hoping to survive the outright loss. Pfft, easy. Maz ‘still unsure of real name’ Saikia, took out their remaining batsmen ending with figures of 6/54, with help from the ever enthusiastic Raunak ‘Messi’ Sethi.

A shaky start to our batting was eventually settled by an unlikely partnership in Cam ‘better Bish’ Bish and Stu ‘Legoland’ Fiedler, together getting along nicely to a total of 47 for the pair. With help from a couple other of the boys, namely Naiyyar ‘professional no.11’ Khan (23) and Nisal ‘black shoes’ Lorensu-Hewa. Saving the game just in time so we can save our real game for when we need it most.

The real game being next week.

Semis are set. The worse WPH team lead by Stephen ‘Bus’ Burrows, against the mightier, moister WPH Red team lead by the heroic Stu ‘Alpha Chest’ Fiedler. The one man team that is WPH Blue, featuring about 10 blokes who stand around all day, don’t stand a chance against a family of brothers in Red, who have fought hard week in, week out for each other. A team, birthed through hard work and determination, that feed off of each other’s success, are set to dismantle a team that lives on a foundation of a single man.

If this week is anything to go off, Cam ‘son of Jane’ Bish was the superior Bish, outhitting his second-banana brother, Dylan ‘also son of Jane’ Bish, and the form will continue on into the future, and beyond for that matter.

See you in the grand final Thornleigh.

WPHC Blue (Buzz) 9/143 defeated Kissing Point 140

Wow! This end of season pressure amongst close competition in our grade really played on us today.

Heading out chasing only 140 against the last placed team, we probably only had to turn up to secure the Minor Premiership, but we were somewhat reliant on the outcome of ‘that other’ WPHCCC C2 team to at least only lose 1st innings. So when we saw them at 5/50 odd and staring down the barrel of an outright loss, it may have sent the shakes into our game?!

A couple of quick wickets saw us struggling at 4/50. Two of our young guns then stabilised the innings with Connor playing a superb knock, and Dylan continuing his great form. With these two very cleverly manipulating the score, it appeared for a while that they would knock off the required runs. Unfortunately, Connor – with what can only be described as a truly wonderful show of personal integrity, ‘walked’ after hitting a ball into his pad which was then caught at slip. Even the opposition were unsure of the dismissal, but Connor’s honesty brought applause from the KP team. He’d set us up well with a classy 45.

Bishy plundered a few more before he top edged and was out for 33. At 6/107 there was still some work to do!

Xander, Sam and Buzz trickled out a few more runs, but it was left to our final pair of Josh (7 for last week!) and ‘Schmacko’ Paul Vink (he gets a new nickname each week until we find one that sticks) to bring it home. Josh was solid and Schmacko, well he actually schmakoed two boundaries and then graciously allowed Josh to fittingly hit the winning run.

Not as easy as we’d hoped, but a testament to our team ethos of ‘win from anywhere’ attitude.

The win secured us the Minor Premiership. For many in the team this is the 3rd in a row!

Onward to the semi, where (from a Club perspective) we unfortunately have to knock off the underperforming (that’s my best sledge Stuey) Red team if we are to progress to the Grand Final.

It’ll be a cracker of a game! Gotta luv this great Club!

C3 Grade (Indranil)

WPHC 5/180 dec defeated Beecroft 177

The first session saw Beecroft put on 50 runs after being 7/127 at the end of week one. A nice wicket to Adi Saikia in his second over saw the bails removed before John Rose finished the Opposition’s innings with 2 wickets.

With 3 sessions to play and needing 178 to win, our openers went uncharacteristically early and at the tea break we were sitting at 4/58 with John Rose contributing with a handy 28 and hitting 2 lovely sixes before he was caught going for another maximum.

Vedant Virmani came to the crease and had contributed only 4 runs when another wicket fell which then bought Amit Sen to the crease. These two guys batted very sensibly putting on a sixth wicket 114 run partnership. Amit finished 13 not out while Vedant displayed controlled aggression from one end finishing on 100 not out and our 498th century to bring home a great win.

The impact so devastating on Beecroft, that their skipper refused to shake hands with Vedant at the end of play, with the result leaving Beecroft out of the semi finals.

There was a lot of sledging from the Opposition directed at Vedant and also a rowdy bunch of teenagers on the sideline that tried to get under his skin. However, winners are grinners and Vedant had the last laugh showing great mental fortitude backed up by a humiliating display of quality batting.

The highlight of the day was when Vedant’s teammates clapped and cheered him for a fine boundary, he raised his bat – thinking that was his hundred, but he had just got to 80 surpassing his previous highest score.

It was also great to get the majority of the team back to the club to enjoy a couple of refreshments and finish the season with a nice win and a great personal achievement from Vedant. Well done C3 and well done Vedant.

C4 Grade (Rob)


No game hid week and 6 points in the Bank.

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Ross S) 171 defeated outright Castle Hill 68 & 67

Minor Premiers !!!!!

The week did not start well, with Anik fracturing his ankle mid game. Out for the rest-of the season. So with only 10 players available we enlisted a super sub Hari, from Buzz to help out in the field.

We started off week 2 in high spirits looking to a first innings win and minor premiership. The guys were rearing to go with Castle hill resuming at 0/5 .Things could not have started better for us, with Happy taking the first over and clean bowling both openers.

At the other end Ram was bowling a really hostile spell and also snagged a wicket in his third over of the day. After great spells from the two, Castle Hill had crumbled to 5/34 after just 16 overs. 4 wickets clean bowled. Ram 2/20 and Happy 3/11. A change of bowing saw Ani (2/8) and Aayush (2/13) keeping the pressure on. Castle Hill were finally dismissed in 1 1/2 hours of play when Sach (1/1) took the final wicket. Castle Hill dismissed for just 68. Our fielding was great.

Now the skipper was quite happy to call it a day, with the minor premiership locked in, but with over 3 1/2 hours to play and a 113 run lead the guys were keen to keep going so we asked Castle Hill to bat again. Castle Hill reversed their batting order for the second innings with the intent of keeping their better batters to the end and avoiding the possibility of outright win. A good opportunity to test our bowing strength, with Gihan and Sach taking the new ball.

We dropped an early catch but luckily the mistake didn’t cost much as Gihan soon got first breakthrough in his third over and then took another wicket in his last over of the spell.

Unfortunately our injury woes continue, when Jake suffered a compound fracture of his hand after a fielding mishap.

Big thanks to Rob H taking the field as Ross and Jake headed off to emergency at Westmead. Down to 10 players though. Ram then came back into the attack from one end with spin (Muthindra) from the other. A change of pace worked with Gihan taking a catch off Muthindra’s bowling Castle Hill’s best batsman. Muthinkdra held up one end while we rotated the quicks at the other. Castle Hill collapsed with (Ram 1/7, Muthindra 3/21, Happy 3/10). Castle Hill lost the final wicket as run out of their captain with excellent efforts from Hari. We finished the game before 5.

Unfortunately, Muthindra narrowly missed his chance of a hat-trick where Happy took a really good running catch at deep square leg followed by a stunner catch off his own bowling.

Great win with maximum points and big thanks to Hari, Rob (updating scores & fielding) and Aden (who did a wonderful job with the gloves) for helping out today.

We head into next week semi with only 9 fit players. The last few weeks have seen us lose 5 players including a dislocated and broken shoulder, broken Ankle and broken hand . Not ideal, but we are up for the battle.

Well done to the lads with the Minor Premiership.

WPHC Red (Diggers) 3/133 Vs St Ives

Needing a win to ensure a finals spot without relying on other results saw us resuming at St Ives on 3/133. The plan was to put on another 50 in 10 overs or so and some good batting from Ramil (38), Connor (11) and Lachlan (42) saw us do just that.

This left St Ives with a target of 186 to win off 57 overs. A score update from Fred Cat 4 with the WPHC Blue team well on top in their match took a bit of pressure off us but we went out looking to win to jump up the ladder a bit more.

Unfortunately we were the only team trying to get a result, St Ives seemingly confident in their ability to stonewall us out of the match and win I’m sure they were looking for us to throw in the towel and call an early draw.

At 0/14 after 19, we were struggling to stay awake although seeing a few edges that just didn’t go to hand made us feel confident that wickets were not far away. Rushab (0/8 off 13)was particularly unlucky, finding the edge a few times and having batsmen playing and missing regularly.

Marcus (2/10 off 6) finally got the breakthrough in the 20th over and again in the 22nd and Connor(1/7 off 10) got one in the 29th before St Ives “teed off” with a blistering doubling of their score in 17 overs. Scintillating stuff.

Mitch (2/18 off 10) then picked up a couple to see us needing another 5 wickets with 9 overs remaining. Disco (1/7 off 12) got a pole and Lachlan one as well but ultimately a draw was the result.

A win would have been good but other results went our way so we will make the semis and, once the scores all go in we may even jump St Ives on the table thanks to their ridiculously negative play today.

Our bowling and fielding was great today and we will give this comp a good shake if we play like we did today.

D2 Grade (Nirav)

WPHC 94 lost to Thornleigh 95

After bowling out Thornleigh for 95 runs we arrived very confident to the oval to chase down the total.

All top order batsmen arrived early and had few throw-downs in the nets. It was a perfect day to bat with clear sky. Vishal and Arun open the innings. We soon lost Vishal’s wicket in the forth over. Laksha joined Arun and started building a partnership but unfortunately Arun got run out. We needed a strong partnership but we kept on losing wickets against a slow but very accurate Thornleigh bowling unit.

At Tea we were 5/42 but still plenty of batting to come. Amith and Agni played well and sensible innings and built the longest partnership of 30 runs. We reached very close to the target but we lost Amith’s wicket at 77 runs scoring 16 runs.

Agni scored the most valuable 23 runs and got out at 91. Siby, Mike and Simon all tried their best to score winning runs but at the end we lost the game by 1 run.

All players played well and put in their best efforts. It was good to watch middle order scoring most of the runs. With this loss we now know areas we need to improve and how we can approach the final rounds.

Well done guys, keep up the good work.