Round 11, Day 1 (27 February 2021)

Remaining Draw

We are now in the last Round of Competition before the Semi Finals.

  1. Round 11 – 27th February & 6th March
  2. Semi Finals – 13th & 20th March
  3. Final – 27th & 28th March

Check out the draw at the Association website – here

Match Reports

A1 Grade (Phil W)

WPHC Vs Berowra

No play due to constant drizzle so a 1-dayer next week in a 3 Vs 1 contest.

A2 Grade (Gunny)

WPHC 4/89 Vs Castle Hill RSL 134

Showing up on a wet, drizzly day, concerns were had about the days play. Caddies Creek was a picturesque sight though, and although the rain seemed to be hanging around we got play underway at 1:30pm.

We lost the toss and were bowling which is what we wanted to do anyway chasing the outright victory. Matt ‘Curtly’ Ambrose was again at his sexy best with his popped collar and open shirt picking up 3 wickets in his first spell. Curtly bowled with serious pace, and may have broken the Opposition captain’s toe to have Castle Hill 3 down early with 2 good catches to Andrew ‘complaining cause he’s old’ Morris behind the stumps.

Ben ‘Button’ Meikle then took over with his ageless spin, picking up two wickets which were both great catches. One to himself with a full toss smacked back at him, and one with a diving catch to Keats at short fine leg. The old boys were on fire today. You should’ve seen Ray and Benny chase after a ball to the boundary too, it was a race for the ages. Usain Bolt would’ve been proud.

KT bowled tight at the other end with no luck, and Keats came on and had the ball hooping to take 1/15 off 7. This leaves him on 299 wickets and 1 off the magic milestone!

Varun ‘just hit the stumps’ Ravindran then came on and picked up the set batsman as well as two tail wickets to finish with 3/27 off 9.1 overs. Matt ‘no 5 fa’ Ambrose then came on and picked up 1 more to end with 4/43 off 14. Although I must note that in this spell Matty did get hit back over his head by a tail ender for 6. Alpha’d big time. We bowled them out for 134 but didn’t have long to bat as the clock reached after 5pm.

We came out swinging looking to make quick runs, with Ray picking up 10 runs but arguing with 11 Castle Hill fielders as only Ray can. Brent ‘bend over’ Larkham also scored a quick fire 18, which coincidentally is the exact number of runs he needed to reach 2,000. Congrats Brent, it’s only taken a whole season of needing less than 100 runs to get there.

The star of the show was Andrew ‘down the ground’ Morris (51). I’m sure Castle Hill bowlers will have whiplash from watching the ball sail over their heads. Without tracking balls, I would guess he only faced 25 of them. No bat raise and turning down Brent’s handshake was a true show of BDE.

We finished on 4-89 off just 12 overs of batting, and while slightly behind where we’d want to be needing an outright we’re still in a decent position and will push hard next week.

B1 Grade

WPHC Red (Rick) 0/53 Vs ARL 79

Today started with an inter-team tiff. After weeks of Willy ‘peachy buns’ Willy parading
his golden globes of perfection around in a new set of pristine white cricket pants, Gemma ‘Goldilocks’ Mrs Hutcho lodged a protest. Gemma Goldilocks ogled Willy’s mounds and Alexa ‘Mrs Willy’ Willy ogled Hutcho’s mounds.

The ogling got serious. Gemma Goldilocks declared “Willy’s are firm, but a little bit too firm. Hutcho Mans are juuuuusssst right” – cue mood music and emoticons of love.

Well Alexa was having none of this – “my man’s mounds are magnificent”. A bun off was required. Well Willy decided that discretion was the better part of valor and gracefully withdrew (some would say he was soft unlike his buns of firm peachiness). That’s settled it – Hutcho ‘Hutcho Man’ Hutcho
had out-bunned Willy. It was done – all over bar the bunning. Gemma ‘Goldilocks’ Mrs Hutcho glowed with pride. Gemma ‘Mrs Willy’ Willy fumed.

Well to the cricket – Flair took the toss and won and decided to bowl with drizzle falling at Dural Park. We opened with Hutcho ‘bun man’ Hutcho and Deano ‘the lissshper’ Carlin. Who new Deano had a Lissshhp? This came to the fore at the club when he ordered his pizzzsshhha.

He ordered the ham and pineapple but should have ordered the chicken and cheesshh. The boys did good and ARL fell to 5/23. 4 poles to King Bun and 1 to the Lissshper. The covers were dry as Willy steamed and stewed over his buns loss earlier in the day.

By the way – Willy is a Lord. Owning a square meter of Scottish forest, he has the title of
Lord ‘Willy’ Williamson. This is noted on his crapper at home with a gold plaque declaring “this is the throne of Lord Willy Williamson”. It has dual flush too. That’s a nice touch – the dual flush.

Flair rung the bowling changes bringing on Wazza ‘golden arm’ Schwartz and Dan ‘better looking than Matt’ Schwartz with great effect. Both Schwartz’s picking up poles.

Somewhere in there ARL forgot how to score runs and a session went by with nothing happening except us all getting wet in the drizzle. Lord Willy was brought into the attack along with Manas ‘Labauschuagne’ Manas who picked up a pole.

To clean up the tail Flair turned to the Hutcho ‘King buns’ Hutcho. He ended with a 6 fa. A bank. ARL all out for 79 off 53.5 overs.

Hi ho hi ho its out to bat we go.

Rocho ‘Rock’ Rochow and Volc ‘Electrolyte’ Volc opening.

After almost dying last week attempting a heart attack Volc had a week of a straight salt diet. This did the trick. Except his bitter disappointment at wanting lamb shanks for dinner at the club and to be told there were none available. “Don’t you know who I am” he screeched. “Well I’ll have the salmon” only to decide it was a bitter disappointment and not meeting his high expectations. Rock and Electrolyte.

WPHC Blue (Napper) Vs Kenthurst Upper Hills 5/309

Amount of times ‘I Love Cricket’ was said today? 0. In fact, I hate cricket and I hate the children living in the Weald during Saxon or Norman times who invented this sport. For those of you who may not know, the Weald is an area of woodlands and clearings in south-east England that lies across Kent and Sussex. I’m glad those people are long dead.

To John Derrick, the 59 year old coroner who was involved in the first official reference of the sport as ‘creckett’, we the better WPHCCCCCCC B1s team hate you. John Derrick also went to a private school, similar to some let’s say ‘confident’ individuals from a local private school who play for Kenthurst. And after a quick game of ‘Soggy Sayo’ the opposition arrived at 1 on the dot.

On to today’s play, they got 4/303 off 48 overs. Highlights of the day include Rob “Shepherds Drive” Knapman (0/55 off 4) and Bird ‘Dropped the guy on 197 off Gunny’ Cage (0/59 off 9) being the pick of the bowlers today. Instead of going through what happened throughout the day, I will instead tell some funny stories.

Nick Hammond, please leave this comp. Getting 203* off 40 overs is probably a bit too good for us so would appreciate if you left our humble B1s. Also, saying don’t bowl there when you are on 130 is not alpha, talk early on in your innings and have some confidence in yourself next time champ.

Rob ‘Shepherds Drive’ Knapman bowled possibly the longest over the association has ever seen. Getting dispatched for 3 sixes into the trees at Greenway including one that bounced in the car park and ended up in the gutter on the far side of Shepherds Drive. Was a decent hit from old mate team carry.

With 3 overs to go and the opposition 3/300 a miracle was needed so the ball was thrown to Ryan ‘Should’ve stumped Hammond on 40’ Gunn and what followed was nothing short of a miracle. After getting dispatched for a one bounce four over mid wicket Gunny bowled one full and straight having Hammond plumb LBW in the mid-190s. The umpire ‘fairly’ cough cough gave the batsmen not out. In frustration Gunny bowled a half-tracker to let the batsmen get his double ton with another 6 into the trees. Birdcage also dropped him in on around 197 if that wasn’t referenced clearly enough earlier in the report.

On a real note, Diggers (1/20 off 4), Anush (0/22 off 6) and Tanay (2/52 off 11) were the pick of the bowlers and kept them under 400. We will move on to next week where we hope they decide to bowl and not bat on for too long, please don’t bat on Kenthurst.

B2 Grade (Phill)

WPHC Vs Beecroft 6/118

Phill’s pre-game pep talk made the equation clear: win the game, and we take the minor premiership. Beecroft, on the other hand, need to win this match to secure a place in the Semis.

Having experienced similar wet conditions at Headen Park in round one, we knew that the pitch would be playing some tricks and the outfield would be slow, so we sent them in to put pressure on the batsmen and make them set a total. It didn’t take long for the plan to pay off, with Tom Hando (1-27 from 14) striking 4 balls into the innings.

A very long 2nd wicket partnership ensued, lasting 46 overs, but the batsmen never looked in control.

The run rate trickled along at under 2 per over with our bowlers maintaining good line and length, as they have all season, and the defensive mindset of the Opposition meant that if we did stray we were rarely punished.

Aside from a couple of difficult chances going down in the field, it was a fairly slow and uneventful couple of hours, until Jamie Shaw came on after the tea break. Taking advantage of some excellent pressure being applied from the other end, Jamie took 4-7 in his 6 over spell.

Mithun Mithun also contributed with an excellent run out from mid-on, putting us in the box seat as we closed out the day.

Special mention to Cameron Bliss who did an excellent job with the gloves in tricky conditions today. He attributed his outstanding performance to his new keeping gloves, but the rest of the team suspect it was due to Ben beaming him with a ball to the face in the warm-up. Either way, his glove work was first rate today.

After a patient and mature performance, we’re in a great position to clean up the Beecroft tail with the new ball when we commence next week.

C1 (Joseph)

WPHC Vs Kenthurst Upper Hills 7/141

Match report to follow on this important Semi-Final determining game.


WPHC Red (Fieds) Vs Thornleigh

After winning the toss against Thornleigh, skipper Stuart Fiedler made the tactical decision to bat first, knowing that the Opposition’s best batsman would be away the next week. Although a great strategic move in theory, this game plan would ultimately rely on the ability of the greatest West Pennant Hills C2 side to last a full day batting – a  major flaw in the strategy that would ultimately prove our undoing.

On a slow and moist Northolm Grammar field, the superior West Pennant Hills side came out all guns blazing, falling to 5/16 by the 13th over. Strong bowling from Thornleigh left little scoring options and constantly threatened the stumps and outside edge of our top order. Despite the initial collapse, a strong partnership of 48 came when Nikki O’Meara entered for a vital 7th wicket partnership with Adam Van Saarloos.

A classy knock from Nikki turned the tide of the innings, but unfortunately came to and end when his centre pole was dismantled and he was dismissed for 3. Adam also scored 62.

By the end of the innings we were bowled out for 100 runs.

Similar to our batting innings, the best West Pennant Hills C2 side’s bowling efforts yielded outstanding results in the opening overs.

Openers Nikki O’Meara and Waris Trehan maintained a tight line and length and bowled with great speed and aggression. 13 overs into the innings and Thornleigh were on the back foot at 1 for 112.

After their burgling opening batsman was dismissed for 83 of roughly 40 rocks, and his certified mid wicket hack partner was caught on the boundary for 38, the all-mighty West Pennant Hills found some solid momentum with the ball. From this point forward, wickets fell consistently with few runs conceded, resulting in Thornleigh ending the day at 7 for 155. Wickets went to Nikki O’Meara with 3/55 off 11 and Maz (What is his full name?) with 3/26

After a disappointing start, the remainder of the game showed a great fight back from the top quality West Penno team which will ideally lead to us forcing a second innings battle next week.

WPHC Blue (Buzz) 1/28 Vs Kissing Point 140

After spending the morning watching the U14s play through constant mizzle at Auluba, we knew it was going to be one of those days that would test us as we wanted to bowl first, but knew the conditions were going to be far from perfect and we would need to deal with a soppy ball and damp conditions to try our best to roll KP for a low score.

The team’s spirits were lifted by Paul Vink’s Pamela Anderson Baywatch impression (refer YouTube for the youngsters).

Pamela and Josh started well with the ball and Josh picked up the first wicket with 26 runs on the board. Heading into the first drinks break KP were 1/53. Buzz grabbed the next wicket, but the Opposition took the score along to 2/95 before Connor effected a fantastic direct run out. As Quan said at the time, these are the game changing moments, and so it proved.

With Josh and Paul back into the attack we pressed the attack to grab some more scalps. Paul grabbed the breakthrough, and then it became the Josh show as he hit his straps!

With a seriously crappy wet soapy ball, Josh bowled with amazing pace and accuracy to scare the crap out the batsmen and pick up the next wicket, followed immediately by his 4th wicket the next ball. The Hat trick ball was right on the money but just kept out. This didn’t deter Josh as he then smashed the stumps again to grab his first ever ‘Michelle’

As we’d made fantastic inroads into the lower order we continued with Josh who then nabbed number 6 and finally cleaned up their last batsman to finish with the awesome figures of 16.1 overs 7/36.

KP all out 140.

Needing to see out 14 overs, we finished at 1/28 with Connor and the Quan looking good and both not out and set to continue next week to drive towards a win. All is still to play for in this Grade as the top 4 are all very close on points (and the WPHC Reds didn’t have their best day today😩).

Let’s hope for solid West Penno form next week so both teams are in good form for the Semis!

C3 Grade (Indranil)

WPHC Vs Beecroft 7/127

Some pretty constant showers in the morning caused a delayed start to play. Cameron was captaining the side this round and after a determined delay while the rain continued to fall, eventually managed to lose the toss when the rain stopped. Surprisingly, the opposition who need to win to ensure a spot in the Semi’s , elected to bat and played a very defensive game which no one could understand.

However, they added runs steadily and offered infrequent opportunities and to our credit, the bowlers persevered well and were well supported by an enthusiastic fielding team.

Cricket can be a game of patience and fortunately we played with patience and created opportunities and kept scoring low. Seven bowlers were used and everyone contributed well. A couple of wickets to Amit Sen, one each to Sreeni Pillamarri, Shankar Ravi and Rommel Pandey as well as a couple of smart run outs.

Let’s hope next week the weather is kind as we have a real opportunity to keep the opposition score to a minimum and with our batting line up, Campbell Park could well prove a batting paradise to finish off the season.

C4 Grade (Rob)


No game and a guaranteed 6 points gives us the Minor Premiership.

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Ross S) 171 Vs Castle Hill 0/5

We go into the last round in outright first place, with a win likely to give us the minor premiership,

a loss likely to push us into 3rd and an opportunity for an in form Castle Hill to skip past the Reds into 4th….

Raining as we arrived at the ground, and had been doing so since 7am. Although the grass was short, the ground was really wet, and the pitch was covered in patches of wet grass and mud left by the juniors. The toss was delayed by 40 minutes until the rain stopped and the ground had a chance to dry out a little.

Ross won his 3rd toss in a row, a multi season record and had no hesitation in batting given we have bowled with a ball of soap in multiple games this year.

Anik was promoted to open with Jake given its one of the first games he says he has not had a big night out before. Both started off well, unfortunately we lost Jake in the 5th over after some very hostile bowling……Anik and Waman looked really good before Anik mistimed a full toss and was caught, when our score was 39 for a well made 23, his highest score of the season.

With no further runs added a monumental misunderstanding saw Waman run out – 3/39…….whilst the runs flowed we unfortunately lost a number of wickets. At 6/87 things were not looking good…..

Aayush and Happy (37) then steadied the ship putting on 40 for the 7th wicket. We were eventually dismissed for 171 with the last 4 wickets putting on 84 runs….

Unfortunately the Castle Hill over rate was abysmal, bowling just 47 overs in less than 4 hours of play — with spinners bowling 10 of those…..I’m sure some of us were frustrated out by the continued delays between balls……

Given the loss of playing time we still had 10 overs scheduled to bowl in the day when Castle Hill went into bat, however after 3 hostile overs of bowling they walked off at 6 sharp refusing to complete the overs………a little frustrating after their slow over rate and agreeing at the toss how we would complete the allotted overs…

So we go into next week in a sound position, with a win on our minds…..and a possibility of a minor premiership, depending on other results.

WPHC Red (Diggers) 3/133 Vs St Ives

The equation is pretty simple for this match, win and we make semis, lose and we rely on other teams winning/losing. So with our destiny in our own hands, we arrived at a very moist Hassall Park at St Ives. The pitch was ok but the outfield looking very soggy, were looking at probably bowling first but promptly lost the toss and were sent into bat first.

Off to a bad start with Papa Diggs out for a globe in the second over, Pratah and Fieds set about building a target.

They made slow and steady progress to get us to 64 before Pratah (27) and Fieds (25) fell in the 32nd and 33rd overs to put us on the back foot again.

Fortunately, Ramil and Lachlan were able to steady the ship again and, despite a few chances here and there, they were able to successfully navigate 37 overs and get us through to stumps.

With Ramil on 23 and Lachlan on 28 we will look to them a target for next week that will go both sides a chance.

That should set up an interesting run chase for St Ives and with our attack firing, we should be able to grab the necessary 10 wickets.

D2 Grade (Nirav)

WPHC Vs Thornleigh 95

We approached the last round before finals as Minor premiers.

Conditions were wet when we reached the Thornleigh Oval and one end of the run up was very muddy with few puddles. Both teams were keen to have a game. After putting some saw dust we had a delayed start at 2.00 pm. Thornleigh won the toss and decided to bat first.

It was an opportunity for the team to step us as Praneel wasn’t playing this round. Parin and Siby bowled good opening spells but we didn’t get any early wickets. Wet conditions didn’t help to convert few difficult chances into catches. Arun and Laksha tried their best behind the stumps in absence of Luke.

Even in wet conditions all of us bowled well. Amith got the first wicket and once we started with spinners after the drinks wickets started falling. Agni and Nirav bowled a very tight line and length.

Again few chances dropped, spinners managed to clean up the top and middle order. Nirav got 6/7 (11 overs) Bottom order batsman tried hard to block but our pace bowlers cleaned up the tail end.

Amith got 2 wickets and Siby and Parin got a wicket each.

We got Thornleigh out for 95 which has put us in good position for day2.