Round 8, 1-Dayer (23rd January 2021)

Season structure

The 2020/21 Season format is:

  • 12 games (Vs the 14 in a normal season)
  • 4 x 1-day games
  • 7 x 2 day games


Semi-finals will now be played for the top 4 teams in each grade at the completion of Round 11 and will be played on the 13/3 & 20/3/2021.

Matches will also be scheduled for teams finishing in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th place.

All results from these matches will count towards Club Championship points and all individual performances will count towards HK&HDCA end of season awards.

Final – 27th & 28th March

Remaining Draw

There are now just 3 Rounds (6 weeks), remaining before the Semi Finals.

  1. Round 9 – 30th January & 6th February
  2. Round 10 – 13th February & 20th February
  3. Round 11 – 27th February & 6th March
  4. Semi Finals – 13th & 20th March
  5. Final – 27th & 28th March

Check out the draw at the Association website – here

Match Reports

A1 Grade (Phil W)

WPHC 2/90 defeated Kenthurst 89

Welcome to our readers of the A1 match report and welcome back to me after my one week hiatus. Ross yelled at me for not filing my report last week so I’m back with an extra special, extended recap of a wonderful day’s cricket.

We have lost two on the trot in the new-year and Captain Wu wielded the axe this week, omitting James Makin and Lach McBrien from the line-up. Gas was recalled despite not having enough overs under his belt. He has also paid his fees.

Kenthurst No1 greeted us with welcome arms of heat, accompanied with a strip likened to Pennant Hills Road. The kaleidoscope of colours brightened the picturesque landscape, umpires Lees and Hill hammered in the stumps and we were ready for the toss.

Before the toss, we found out that Cam had his haircut, blow dried and conditioned at Cam and Co Salon Galston. Phil giggled picturing the moment Cam hairdresser found out that his client Cam cricketer had the same name. The locks were luscious and flowed freely in the light summer breeze.

Peter Lees received the team sheet from Wu and went to take a photo of the sheet. Wu childishly shook the team sheet so Lees could not get a clear frame. When accused of deliberately shaking the sheet, Wu reversed the blame back on Lees saying that he was the one shaking his phone. I laughed.

Now to the toss we go, this glorious madness. Gav “I’m in the good touch” Taylor instructed Wu to call tails. Wu obliged. It was a heads. We were bowling. Lost toss agaaaaaaain

The cartel warmed up as a group with the godfather of soul James “Tisveer” Brown, Dencorub, Nurofen and the traditional warmup up “welcome to county” circle. Tiz and Cam and Co opened the bowling with electric heat and rhythm.

Cam struck early, picking up Salvador plumb LBW (again, for the second time in the over) and Lees shook his head, lowered the cap, cringed against the appeal, then raised the finger. The clamps were applied early and WPHCCCCCCC were right on top.

It’s at this point I should mention that Wu handed the captaincy over to Lichaaa. He told Assman “you can’t pick your wife, you can’t pick your kids, let’s just see what happens” Lichaaa’s captaincy was likened to the presidency of Richard Nixon, BC Gaunt called Lichaaa “Biden”. Nixon the preferred option, you lefties.

Spearhead Lichaaa and the returning Gas came on as first and second change and made an immediate impact. Lichaaa with two KEY wickets in his first over had Kenthurst on the back foot. Gas was aggressive and despite cycling 40kms in the morning, was showing no signs of fatigue. Lichaaa turned to Tiz before drinks and he rewarded the faith with the wicket of Dowers, caught Herzog in the gully.

5/47 at drinks and WPHCCCC right on top. From here, the clamps were applied aggressively. Wickets to Lichaaa, Gandis and Preeds all added to the party. Preeds picked up a wicket with his first pull, a terrible short ball that was pulled hard by Hodges to mid wicket. Gav Taylor, who was stuck in the mud with his feet, chose to dive slightly to his right, the rocketing ball hammering into his right hand and stuck. Gav loved it. Unfortunately it would not earn him an over. Sorry Kaity (not Herzog) Cam finished it off and the cartel had evenly knocked over yet another side. Bowled out for 89. Lichaaa 4, Cam 2, Tiz 2, Gas 1, Preeds 1, Taylor 0.

89 should be a breeze but the entire cartel had their reservations. Wu decided to open up with Assman. I just want to pause here and say how much I admire Ass’ssssss lifestyle. This week he was on a boat, going out for dinners, crushing his BMW with white interior – what a man. And better yet, he can score runs.

And score runs he did, a glorious 47 not out which had all the shots. It really was a majestically fine innings, the complete opposite of Wu who was dismissed for a 15 ball duck and Gav, who was dismissed for 12 from a ripping spinner. Gav was cheered off, but he wasn’t happy. He took to his pads in the change room and the pads are simply no more. Too many adjectives says Preeds but I’ll press on.

Effie, who I believe more in than Coach, joined Ass and found some form. A wonderful 26 not out saw us home to a famous victory. The top 6 had done what they had not done for the entire season, score runs.

Back at the club, we found out that Fig is having a kid and Gandis was in trouble for not picking up his phone.

Before I go, just a courtesy tidbit of information for all – Berowra lost.

A2 Grade (Gunny)

WPHC 110 lost to Normanhurst 8/140

Arriving at the Glade, we were all expecting a flat road given the heat we’ve had in the past week. But that just wouldn’t be the Glade. The place that just keeps giving. The Glade is like that ex-girlfriend that you keep going back to. You tried it, things didn’t work. But after a while you forget why things didn’t work, get back together, only for it to not work again and the cycle continues.

This was the first time we had been at the Glade this season, reminiscing on how great it was to be back after such a long break. We’re ready to break-up again.

Losing the toss and bowling, one-end was a genuine tennis ball bounce. Like if it landed on a good length just rock back and play a pull shot. We started strongly, but unfortunately one of their openers held up his end really well. He’d gotten back-to-back hundreds against us before this game, so to get him for mid 50’s we showed why he’s our bunny.

All bowlers bowled tight, with the pick being Matt ‘Mills’ Philip picking up 3-16 off 7, including a dubious caught down leg and a great catch by Ro ‘worse’ Ninan. Varun bowled well as always (2-29), and apparently is 17 years old. I genuinely had no idea. So enjoy a few soft drinks post-game Varun.

Benny ‘bully’ Meiks bowled 3 maidens to a young fella before bowling him with a wrong-un, and in classical Benny style gave him a huge send-off with expletives and hand gestures. Love your work Benny. Keats and KT also picked up a pole each, with Sem bowling well for no reward. He did get hit for a 6 over his head though which was kinda funny. Normo finished up 8/140, which wasn’t a huge total but probably slightly above par on a beautiful Glade pitch.

Our turn with the bat, and Ro (29) held up one end well as wickets continued to tumble around him. Coming off pretty chuffed with his effort, he quickly learnt his brother had scored 88 leaving him 362 runs behind for the season.

Ray (20) had a quick little cameo, including a clean six. For those following the story of his new bat, he did use it this time, only to absolutely propel it into a tree on his way off the field alongside his helmet and other items. An update on the bat’s health is yet to be provided. We ended up falling short, getting all out for 110.

Thanks to all the girlfriends who showed up today (2!). This slightly threw us off our game with the big crowd putting extra pressure on but we’ll be better for the experience. Unfortunately we are at Dural Park next week, but look forward to returning to The Glade the round after.

B1 Grade

WPHC Red (Rick) 120 lost to Kenthurst 5/121

Geez it was hot at Kenthurst today. Not quite Isa Guha hot. More like Ellyse Perry hot.

Wasn’t it great to see St Ives beat Berowra in A Grade today. I feel sorry for Berowra though. They had to play at Turramurra. They all must have got lost not driving to Berowra Oval.

I found cheering for St Ives today really tough, as I don’t like them either. A bit like cheering for your sister in the Miss Nude Australia Contest. You want her to win, but you don’t want to be seen cheering for her.

Anyway, back to B Grade, and we lost the toss and got sent into bat. After the loss of an early wicket, Steve ‘Belle Delphine’ Rochow and Shaan ‘Shane’ Bakshi’ came together for a 77 run partnership. In tough conditions, both batsmen looked in control, and gave us a solid platform on which to build from. It was great to see Shaan hit multiple 6’s into the Kenthurst bushes, in an attempt to have our opposition attacked by the mysterious Kenthurst panther.

The 2nd half of our innings lacked a bit of style and elegance, a bit like Volc’s dancing. Only Rick ‘Flair’ Turner (15) hit double figures after Shaan (46) and Rocco (29) were dismissed. The sideline chat was still good though, as we discussed options with Isa Guha and calippo ice blocks. Jackson Preedy got 20 years jail for his answer.

Anyway, we made 120 on a slow as Kenthurst outfield. The Kenthurst players were really loud and annoying. Like mozzies. I did think to myself, ‘Are we playing Berowra?’

Normally we throw the ball to Deano ‘Spidey’ Carlin for the first over, but unfortunately he missed today’s game climbing a high fence. We had a great start with the ball, with Todd ‘Hutcho Man’ Hutchinson taking a wicket in the first over. Shaan then backed up his innings with the bat in his 2nd over, knocking over the Kenthurst send-off man for a duck. I hope he still has my quacks in his ears. Get a haircut.

The ball was then thrown to Prats ‘ Trackpants’ Datar and Snumpty ‘Phil Wurth’s Lovechild’ Smyth, who showed super human qualities, to bowl 7 straight over each in the heat. Prats took 2 and Snump 1, to leave Kenthurst 5/63 at drinks.

I wish I had better news people, but I don’t. A bit like COVID, the Kenthurst batsmen took over, to leave them with 1 run to win. On came Willy ‘Ouch My Sunnies Are Too Hot To Put On My Face’ Williamson, with the game resting on his shoulder. He only needed 5/0 to get a tie, but let us down with a single off his first ball. $2.

We got done by 5 wickets. Upon reflection, I blame Nana Kaz, who I know reads these match reports.

She brought the team calippos, but gave 1 to an opposition player too. You cost us the game Kaz.

We have Berowra next week. Tough for Rick at the selection table, as 385 people are available.

WPHC Blue (Napper) 8/176 defeated ARL 107

Dural Park was looking in great nick when we arrived. The official umpire got the toss underway on time and when Naps returned to the team he announced he had won the toss and chose to bat. When the expletives died down the skipper explained that we couldn’t do any worse than we did last week batting first…….. he hoped.

Things got off to a shaky start as we slipped to 3/18 in the first 12 overs. The flash backs were kicking in! At 4/28, Nikhil Ninan was joined in the middle by Eric Junkkari. The pair built a great partnership and really escalated the run rate. They put on 117 runs before Eric was dismissed for 42. Nikhil eventually holed out for 88. Nik is averaging 119.5 vs ARL this season after his 151 earlier and he has requested to play ARL every week!

We got off to a great start with the ball as Tanay Hira (1/24) took a wicket in the 3rd over. This really put the anchors on the ARL batsmen who came out with positive intent. Naps took a wicket in his first over with a trademark half tracker. Naps finished with 4/10 from his 7 overs.

Great pressure in the field brought about a run out by Asees Rajput. Nandu Ramesh took 2/24 from 5 to put us well on top. Eric Junkkari came on to finish the job taking 2/2 from 1.4!

A solid win that will push us back in to the top four in a very tight competition.

B2 Grade (Phill H)

WPHC 129 lost to Castle Hill 9/138

It was a hot and steamy day at the home of cricket, as we took on Castle Hill in what turned out to be a tight game with a nail biting finish.

Despite having 3 frontline bowlers out for this game, we did an excellent job to restrict the next best batting team in the comp to 138. Dean Carlin (0-30) and Scott Chapman (1-31) bowled good line and length with the new ball, applying pressure through dot balls against the Castle Hill openers who obviously liked to score quickly. Dean can consider himself unlucky not to have claimed the wicket of Castle Hill’s skipper in his second over, dropped from a tough skied chance in the outfield.

Sam Hando (2-29) eventually made the first breakthrough, breaking a 55 run opening partnership with an edge to Ben Dunkerley in the gully. Steve Ozvatic did an excellent job of bowling to a plan, containing the scoring and crashing through the defences of the opposing skipper when he was looking very dangerous on 36. Steve was the pick of our bowlers today, claiming 3-18 off his 7 overs and immediately hitting the length from the first ball. At the other end, Harry Hando bowled with great control to get 3-24, even showing a great cricket brain for a young fella by moving Campell to a specific spot on the boundary which resulted in catch the very next ball. It was a classic diving effort above his head, in the end… although consensus was that Campbell absolutely made it harder for himself than he needed to.

We could have wrapped up the innings in the 2nd last over, but Basil attempted (unsuccessfully)  to use his mouth to catch a sitter at mid-on, rather than his hands… not recommended. Aside from that, it was a good effort in the field on a very hot day, and Phill’s rotation of his bowlers was excellent to keep them fresh with every spell.

We thought we were in with a great chance of chasing it down, but unfortunately our batting couldn’t get us home today. Campbell Wallace (15) and Basil Butler (16) got starts, but both got out trying to play bigger shots than they probably needed to. Ben Dunkerley top scored with 30, and looked in great touch until being caught in a sharp chance at mid-off. At 5-65, our top order had left a lot of work for our middle order and tail. Steve Ozvatic again proved his worth as an all-rounder, making 27 in a cameo when he needed to lift the run rate as rain threatened finishing the innings early. We looked a good chance still with only 10 to get off the final 2 overs, but we just ran out of wickets and were all out for 129.

Thankfully, other results went our way so we remain second on the ladder, but with only 2 points now separating the top three teams the back end of the season is shaping up to become a tight race for the minor premiership.

C1 (Joseph)

WPHC 122 lost to Kenthurst

Won the toss and decided to Bat first on a warm summer day. We didn’t start things well with the bat losing quick 2 wickets and were 9 /2 after 6 Overs. We kept losing wickets and at the halfway break were 46/5 after 18 0vers. After the break Shalin and Naden put on 57 runs partnership. Naden 26 and Shalin 32 but unfortunately both boys got run out. From there were all down hill we lost all 10 wickets by the 33rd Over for 122

Defending 122 was always going to be challenging for the young side. We again didn’t start well with the Ball. Kenthusrt kept chipping away and were 70/1 after 18 Overs at the break. After the Break we bowled better tight lengths and tried to put dot ball pressure. Credit to our bowlers we only gave away 28 runs for the next 10 Overs and managed to get 3 wickets too. Good spell of bowling from young Josh Strefnar who had figures of 12/3 from 5 Overs. They needed 25 off last 7 Overs. Our bowlers managed to pull the game back and drag the game to the last over where they needed 3 runs. Kenthurst managed to score the winning runs 3 bowls to spare. Excellent fight back from the young side defending 122 in 35 overs. Kenthurst won the game by 4 wickets in the last over.


WPHC Red (Fieds) 7/106 defeated St Ives 105

Match report to follow.

WPHC Blue (Buzz) 1/113 defeated Hornsby 8/112

Despite the heat, after winning the toss we had a plan to bowl first and stuck to it.

Throughout their innings the bowling was excellent with Paul and Josh starting well and getting the breakthrough with the score on 26. Consistent tight bowling brought regular wickets from there and we had restricted them to only 3/42 after 20 overs. They did a little better in the remaining 15, but a total of only 112 was a fantastic effort from all the bowlers.

Best with the ball was Xander with 3/8, Bishy and Buzz grabbed 2 each, and Paul bagging 1.

We were missing two of our top batsmen in Peter and Connor, so after great recent form Dylan opened up with Hari and they worked calmly and aggressively to chase down the total. Hari finally fell with the score on 90 after a well-made 26. Tarun joined Dylan who was by then completely rampant in dispatching the Hornsby bowlers to all parts of Campbell Park to race home to the win and notch up a fantastic 77*.

Great to be back in the winning side of the ledger – bring on that ‘other’ West Penno C2 side next match!

C3 Grade (Indranil)

WPHC 100 lost to Castle Hill 125

The end script for this team sadly remained the same, but it a much closer fight and a match situation undone by us.

At a patchy Normanhurst Park, after 5 rounds, a toss win finally and no hesitation to put the Opposition to bat first. It took a while to get the first break through and at first drinks CH was on 1/43 off 12 overs. In the next 12 overs there was some aggressive batting and piled up few runs but change of bowling did get us some quick wickets.

Shanks took his career best 6/12 in 7 overs which put us back in the game and bundled CH in the 33rd over for 125 runs.

Other wicket takers were Rommel 2/14, Sreeni 1/32 and Vinod 1/23. 4 stumpings and 1 catch to keeper Indranil, which was pleasing to see both spinners bowling in tandem.

Our turn to bat and opening stand of Vinod 16 and Cam 20, gave a good start at 39 off 10 overs. After that batting discipline was missing right till the end and no partnership was build.

All out for 100 runs in the 33rd over. Lot of introspection to be done by the batters to get back to rhythm in the next rounds but lot of positives to be taken from bowling and fielding display.

C4 Grade (Rob)

WPHC 9/159 defeated Glenorie 6/153

Magically during the week some more behind the scenes association voodoo took place and we were reduced to a seven team comp. And with the comp leader Hornsby moving up 3 grades to C1s, we were now on top of the ladder. Not complaining about Hornsby moving (because they were seriously burgling in C4s) but this now meant we had a bye in the comp, and we would have to sit out the final round before the semis.

Anyway, we turned up off the back of two great wins and our confidence was high. Rob won the toss (let’s just take a moment to reflect on this….yes Rob actually won a toss) and we chose to bat first. No point fielding in the heat and then being too tired to bat well.

Aden and Al went out to bat and right from the start runs were ticking over nicely. Unfortunately both Al and then Will (first drop) got great deliveries and we were two down early. Kamran strode to the wicket and got about putting on a good partnership with Aden. Ongoing small partnerships were the order of the day and we kept the scoreboard ticking over.

After our 35 overs we ended on 9/159 which we were happy with and definitely defendable. Aden (50) got his second half century in successive matches and some great contributions from Kamran (27), Daniel (20no) and Luke (19). It was also great to see the bash bros in action today with both Zia and Reyhan creaming some fantastic hits late to bring our total up nicely.

Time to bowl and field well.

It was hot! Very hot!! But our bowlers went about their bowling in the same fantastic fashion they have done for the last couple of weeks. We kept the runs very tight early and Glenorie were slowly losing touch with the run rate required. And when they tried to pick up the scoring our good bowling made it difficult for them and they never had it quite their way.

In the end Glenorie fell 6 runs short and this was largely down to one of their openers scoring a huge 105 run. Without his contribution we would have won comfortably. Anyway, great bowling from all our bowlers, with some excellent contributions from Reyhan (1/25), Mudi (1/15), Daniel (1/18) and Alastair (2/35). Also a special call out to Will (Billy) Mc for taking two brilliant catches in the deep at long on!

And finally a special mention to Capt Rob. Rob tweaked his knee halfway through our fielding innings and suddenly took on the persona of captain grumpy.

Luckily while Rob was limping and hobbling around the ground and grumbling to himself and the team, the rest of the team just got on with bowling and fielding well to win the match.

So 3 wins on the trot and we stay on the top of the ladder. Woohoo.

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Ross S) 178 defeated Hornsby 4/115

Another tough match scheduled 3rd (us) vs 4th placed Hornsby with a consolidated top 3 position up for grabs.

Winning the Toss we had no hesitation batting first on a lovely looking ground,  but as it turned out very slow and spongy.

Jake and Muthindra got us off to another good start putting on 21 very quickly and setting the tone for a possible big score.  Unfortunately both were dismissed in the space of an over , so we were under a little early pressure. Waman and Ani then stepped up putting on a quickfire 51 before Waman (20) was unfortunately run out having almost completing a single and having to turn and run back……..whilst the runs kept flowing a steady stream of wickets put us under unnecessary pressure. At the drinks break we were 5/119 with Ani looking good…..

With the team still pushing for runs, we lost a few more wickets with Ani being dismissed for a well-made 59……at 7/138 in the 23rd over there was a real danger that we would not bat out to our allotted 35 overs.  It was pleasing to see though our last 3 wickets putting on 40 runs over 10 overs  to get us to our final total of 178. A big thanks to Agni from D2 contributing to a last wicket partnership of 12.

Our plans today were to go back to what we do best, bowl and field tightly and put as much scoreboard pressure on Hornsby as possible.  Our bowlers and fielders did an exceptional job.  Hornsby were never really given the freedom to score and there was never an intent  to chase down our runs. At the first drinks break they were 2/57.  After drinks we expected their players to push for runs,  however  it was very clear that they had no intention of chasing and intent on protecting their quotient.   Unfortunate we dropped a couple of catches as we pushed to take some wickets,  but pleasing we only allowed 4 sundries in 35 overs, with Hornsby finishing at 4/115.

Ram (1-16) off 7, Happy (2-25) off 7, and Ani (1-18) off 6 taking wickets…..

An important win for us, however we need to value our wickets more as move into 2 day cricket and the final few regular games of the season…

WPHC Red (Diggers) 7/105 lost (lightning rule) to Kissing Point Red 165

The day started well with Papa Diggs having a rare toss win. In spite of the warm weather, he decided we should bowl first, given the team’s success under Disco doing so last week.

Connor (0/27 off 7), creating a few chances early which we weren’t able to grab, including the one of the openers who ended up making 58. From memory we put him down 4 times off Connor’s bowling.

Ben “son of Buzz” Burrows, on debut in seniors after turning 14 this week opened from the other end and after going for 14 off his first 3 overs spell, came back later and ended up with 3/18 off 5.

Without putting any pressure on this youngster, the 3 will be the first of many senior wickets for WPHCCC.

Disco bowled in his usual style of lulling the batsmen into a false sense of security, giving them a few to hit before striking. He finished with 3/35 off 7.

Tej (1/13 off 4) bowled well and Mitch, who hasn’t had many opportunities with the ball this season, made the most of being thrown the rock and bowled really nicely to finish with 2/18 off 4. Kissing Point made 9/165 off their 35 overs.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and the batting first plan, bit us in the proverbial backside with most of us being pretty well stuffed after chasing the ball around in 35 degree heat (the dropped catches contributed as well). Shan’t be doing that again on a hot day.

Anyway, so it went, we tried hard, Kissing Point took most of their catches, including one screamer off a Manoj lofted cut shot that looked set to clear the boundary but was intercepted with a diving catch at point. We lost regular wickets and when some lighting struck nearby and thunder a couple of seconds after, we were off at 5.40pm with 7 overs left at 7/101 and that was the end of it.

Highlights of the innings were Fieds’s 46 not out, coming in 5 balls into the innings and batting through and a nice 11 on debut for Ben.

Back to the drawing board this week to plan for another derby to decide the Sheep Stations Cup with the score at 1 match apiece.

D2 Grade (Nirav)

WPHC 8/138 defeated St Ives 93

It was a hot day full of entertainment and challenges.

So far we have been lucky with weather and grounds but not today. Scorching playing conditions on a rectangle oval wasn’t a great way to play the last one dayer of the season. With last week’s game record result we were thinking to bowl again in hot condition but it was a good toss as we were asked to bat first with drinks every 10 overs.

With short boundaries we were looking to put up a big total but Arun lost his wicket early in the second over and got replaced by Praneel. After last week’s great inning Praneel had different plans today and decided to play more aggressively. Runs started coming with 4s and 6s but soon after we lost Luke’s wicket.

At first 10 over drinks we were 2-37. Lakshya and Praneel built up the partnership but a bowling change from St Ives made a big difference and we lost 5 quick wickets, scoring only the next 5 runs. Score was 7-56 at the end of 20 overs, not looking great.

Nirav and Amith had different plans and decided to play a long inning and try and put up a decent defendable score. They played excellent innings and put up 81 runs partnership Nirav scored 40 and Amith not out 31 that managed to get us 138 in 35 overs. Game on.

With a strong bowling line up we knew we could defend the total. Parin and Praneel started the opening spell and did exactly what was expected by bowling tight line and length and did not give any easy scoring options.

At the end of 10 overs St Ives had scored only 18 runs but we needed wickets. Siby got us the first wicket of one their opener. Lakshya, Amith and Nirav all bowled tight spells and kept the score under control. Team also fielded very well today and supported our bowlers. Praneel got the best diving catch of the season on the boundary. At the end of 20 overs St Ives was still ahead of us scoring 3/56 compared to 7/56 of ours.

After getting most of the key batters out we just needed one key wicket to put us back in the game and that’s when he got out hit wicket trying to play a pull short and lost his balance. We put back our quicks in attack and got their tail end. Parin was again great with his spell 2/1 in 6 overs bowling 3 maidens. Amith 2/5 in 5 overs with one maiden.

It was a great effort from everyone. Keep it up guys.