Round 6, 1-Dayer (9th January 2021)

The 2020/21 Season format is:

  • 12 games (Vs the 14 in a normal season)
  • 4 x 1-day games
  • 7 x 2 day games
    • Breaks:
      • Last game before Christmas – 19th December
      • Re-start – 9th January 2021
  • 1 x Hybrid ‘Super Round’ to finish the season played on 13th & 20th March 2021. This will be a 1 Vs 8, 2 Vs 7 and so on
  • Final – 1 Vs 2 on 27th & 28th March.

With a shortened season, there are now just 7 Rounds left or 11 weeks before the Semi’s start.

Remaining Draw

Remaining games are:

  • Round 6 – 9th January
  • Round 7 – 16th January
  • Round 8 – 23rd January
  • Round 9 – 30th January & 6th February
  • Round 10 – 13th February & 20th February
  • Round 11 – 27th February & 6th March
  • Round 12 – 13th & 20th March
  • Final – 27th & 28th March

Match Reports

A1 Grade (Phil W)

WPHC 120 lost to Glenorie 9/121

Welcome to the new year and welcome back to the A1 match report.

Now this season you have been used to me writing with such passion and excitement after yet another win. Well today you will read this report with a negative undertone, for we have lost our first game. Read on in anticipation on how it went down.

Kenthurst No1 greeted us with a green top, Jamakin and Wu agreed that whoever bowled first would win the game. Therefore it is imperative we won the toss. We lost the toss and were batting.

Effie and Jamakin opened us up and had a battle on their hands with the ball moving around. Spirits were high on the sidelines although Coach did get a bit narky because she just wanted to watch “the f’ing cricket!!!”. She was standing by her man. Effie lasted another two balls.

Gav joined Jamakin at the crease and immediately looked more stylish in his new long sleeve shirt. Krang and Preeds astutely noted that the crater that burned our eyes over so many innings was now gone. Phil asked the group if Gittins had lost a few pounds. Before anyone could answer, Gav was gone. 2/10.

L Mac joined Jamakin at the crease and both began the long road to consolidation – by getting out. 4/20 and the champs were in desperate trouble. It was at this point the extended Banner family arrived. Effie dismissed just a mere 20 mins prior.

Wu and Assman entered the arena amidst big expectations. Wu had said he was going to hit P B Lawrence over the trees and that he was so good he should have played for NSW, 1st Grade at a minimum. Those expectations were met as they began to rebuild, Ass especially looked on great touch with some sub continental brilliance in shotmaking. We got to 70 and were cruising.

Ass then hit one back hard, straight down the ground. TVs Adam West for a little finger on the ball, ricocheting into the stumps leaving Wu clearly short of his ground. He masked the worst possible attempt to get back by telling the umpire he wasn’t out – poor Brendon Lowndes was trying to protect his head and wasn’t looking to the runout. Lowndes said not out, Wu replied “really good decision”.

2 balls later, Ass went. Then the very next ball Wu went. BC Gaunt and Lichaaa came to the wicket admist another collapse. Lichaaa ensured the momentum would continue, dismissed quickly thereafter. Tiz joined BC and helped to get us towards 100. He made a handy 9 before he was bamboozled by the spinner.

Remember Maradona was No 10. That’s the advice Wu gave Horse/Large Pony face Preedy has he strode to the wicket under enormous selection pressure. But Preeds responded, he added handy runs and was a handy asset for BC Gaunt. We limped to 120 before Preeds and BC went quickly, leaving Krang stranded yet again not out.

120 to defend, clearly not enough runs but the cartel, web and squadron refused to give up. Krang and Tiz opened us up and we were on the money from ball 1, exerting pressure and picking up wickets. 2 for Krang and 1 for Tiz in a deveasting opening spell.

Lichaaa came on thereafter and continued to apply to clamps – bowling 33 consecutive dot balls to open his spell, picking up 2 wickets. The pressure was on and WPHCCCC were right on top. Wu threw to ball to Ass and he rewarded the faith, dismissing the dangerous Liam “Mitch” Tully.

We were low flying, so much so Wu decided to bring himself on. No joke, when we told the scorers that the bowlers name was Wurth, they replied with “what!?” He bowled ahead of Preeds and second highest team wicket taker, Gav.

6/55 at drinks and the first over after, Ass was Ricky Ponting-esq with lighting reflexes to run out PB Lawerence. But from there, Glenorie consolidated and a young 13yo guy steered his side towards the jaws of victory with some calm cricket.

The runs kept flowing despite good overs from Preeds, Krang and Lichaa – Lichaa finishing with 8 overs, 6 maidens, 2 for 5. With 2 overs to go, Glenorie just needed 4 runs.

Krang bowled the second last over with great gusto, supported with some electric fielding from Gav to dismiss West run out on the non-strikers end. Krangs over just went for 1 run.

3 to get and one over left. Preeds took the bowl. He got us down to 2 from 2 before the young bloke closed the game well beyond his years to lead Glenorie to a famous victory. Devastation, heartbreak, dispair for WPHCCCCC, our first loss for the season.

In the rooms, Phil said not to blame him at the ground, but to blame him at the club. And that’s what we did. He astutely noted that “next week may never come”

See you next week

A2 Grade (Gunny)

WPH 59 lost to Glenorie 121

Arriving for an early start at Dural Park the boys engaged in a thorough warm up crowding around phones (socially distanced of course) to watch the cricket. Inspired the boys charged out and put on a superb bowling display.

Varun ‘globe’ Ravindran bowled an excellent spell first up as well as closed the innings beautifully, grabbing 0-9 off 7 overs including 3 overs at the death. Keats (1-25 off 5) picked up the first pole of the day after old mate left one on his pegs. Varun was inspired and did the same thing when we batted.

All the bowlers did a fine job today, with Sem ‘Seam’ Onn Oleksyn (2-12 off 6) deciding that bowling is easy when you do it slowly and he was just going to bowl at the stumps all day, with Benny (1-24 off 6) also picking up one. KT ‘mop’ Townsend (3-18 off 5) cleaned-up the tail in a real figure boosting effort, finishing with 3 wickets in the last over.

Our effort in the field was top class, with everyone supporting well in the field and bowlers bowling to plans all day to leave Glenorie with a very under par 121 off their 35 overs. I wish the game ended there.

We made India’s 36 look good today (almost). All out 59 in a truly embarrassing display. Only double digit scorers were Andrew Morris (22) and Brent Larkham (14). A much better performance will be required next game, with almost half our team getting ducks (5).

Probably more disgraceful today though than being bowled out for 59 was the fact that the only batsman in the team to get throw downs was Matt Philip batting at 10. Maybe there is some success to this method though, as he finished 7*.

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Napper) 6/98 defeated Normanhurst-Warrawee 94

Hello loyal fans of the better, undefeated B1s side.

First of all, Rosco what is the record for most stumpings in an innings, the alpha ‘Gunny’ got 4. Also, vote for Birdcage as the next Sporto Director, voting is on Monday, I expect to see you all there.

Naps got the year off to a good start by winning the toss and sending the Opposition in to set us a total. The boys were fired up from the start with plenty of chirp in the field. Tanay Hira (2/10) and Anush Sharma (0/24) bowled great opening spells with Nushy unlucky to pick up a wicket. Tanay knocked middle stump out of the ground twice to put early pressure on Normo. The tight bowling and solid fielding brought about a run out by Matt Digby with a good pick up and throw.

Rob Knapman came into the attack just before the drinks break and the batsman struggled to contain themselves and not hit out before drinks. Naps went on after drinks to take 5/14 including 3 stumpings by Gunny and a sharp catch by Tanay under the lid at short leg. Naps was well supported by Diggers (0/19) who kept it tight at the other end and was unlucky not to come away with a pole. Eric Junkkari (2/2) finished the innings off taking 2 quick wickets in 2 overs. Gunny finished with 4 stumpings in the match.

We went out to bat and wanted to take our time and play ourselves in before hitting out. It took us 32 overs to chase down 94…..

Nandu Ramesh (21) got us off to a solid start as he faced up against his brother who was bowling for Normo.

Nandu got him away a few times, but unfortunately it was his brother who got the last laugh as he scattered Nandu’s stumps. Dinesh De Silva played a very solid knock as he worked his way to 36, putting us in a position to pass the Normo total 6 wickets down.

WPHC Red (Rick) 75 lost to ARL 3/76

I can’t believe it. Birdcage has a girlfriend. He is massively batting above his weight. Mainly cause she’s a she.

Birdcage has also ‘asked’ to be on the WPH Board of Directors. He says that us cricketers deserve beer discounts. I agree. Vote #1 Cage

We lost the toss and got asked to bowl at the Garden of Headen. The outfield was slow. Slow like a vegan onto a steak. Tough for our bats to hit runs #hitoffthesquarevolc. 5/30 wasn’t a great start, but Rick ‘Flair’ Turner looked good, a bit like Manus ‘Labuschagne ‘ Dharkalkar in chinos. The man looks outstanding in training gear #athlete.

A real tempter tonight has been the boys vs the Match report. Match report has won. We made 75. Volc ‘Grey Haired Salad Eater’ and Rocco ‘Gene Simmons’ Rochow saw off the first few balls, after Rocco smashed one into the fence, to leave Volc 0*. Volc’s shout. Tooheys New thanks champ.

I know we only made 75, but if we scored 100, we would have won. I blame Volc it was his fault. We tried, with Matt’ New Hat’ Schartzel’ Schwartzel scoring 30 to shove it up Deano’s bat, after he should have bought more beers. Dead set vegan.

Catch it! Good Rick. No way you’ll let B.Cage snare that one. Never.

Some things I learnt today:

  • Birdcage can trick women into an affair
  • Spidey eats lettuce #poof
  • I don’t know between ‘Matt’ and ‘Dan’ especially when they both wear the same hat

All I know is that Deano is Spider-Man. He loves it. Like Willy does.

B2 Grade (Phill H)

WPHC 8/184 defeated Kissing Point 118

A strong performance to start the year saw us bring home a victory against Kissing Point in the one dayer.

Batting first, it was clear from the outset that we’d get little help from the outfield, with plenty of solidly hit shots being held up well inside the boundary by the long grass. This particularly impacted Tim Worthington, who looked in great touch at the top of the order for his 51 but having to do it the hard way with plenty of singles – on a well mowed ground, his innings would have been worth at least 80. His innings really set the scene for the team, and while the rest of the top order didn’t get big runs, they all played a role in supporting Tim and maintaining a strong run rate throughout the first 20 overs (C. Wallace 17, B Butler 15, B Dunkerley 11).

Steve Ozvatic came to the crease with 12 overs remaining and did an outstanding job to bring home the innings with 54*. It’s fair to say the lack of help from the outfield didn’t play to Steve’s batting strengths, so having to run most of his first 30 runs left the big man blowing hard… but he still had enough energy left to push up the run rate in the last few overs with some big boundaries that pushed our total to 184. It really was a great effort and Steve worked hard for a very important half century for the team.

With a strong bowling attack we were confident we could defend the total, and we seemed on top from ball one with Jack & Tom Hando giving away nothing in the early overs. Jack in particular bowled a fiery spell with the new ball, taking 2-6 off 4. Our change bowlers offered no respite for the batsman, particularly Mithun Mithun (1-18 off 7 overs) who bowled his best spell for WPCCC so far, taking 1 wicket and stifling the run rate through the middle overs. Harry Hando claimed 2-33 from 7, and Steve Ozvatic (2-34) backed up his batting efforts with a couple of wickets off his 4 overs.

Campbell Wallace pulled off an exceptional direct hit run out – hitting the stumps at the opposite end he was aiming turned out to be a master stroke – and Tom Hando (2-11) cleaned up the tail to finish up the Kissing Point innings for 118.

A great all around effort to start 2020, with B2s now building some good momentum heading into the second half of the season.

C1 (Joseph)

WPHC 156 lost to Castle Hill 181

All the Boys were very excited to play some cricket after COVID restrictions. It was a nice warm day. Castle Hill won the toss and decided to Bat first. We started things nice and steady keeping Castle Hill 32 /0 after 10 Overs. At the halfway break Castle Hill were 59/1 after 18 0vers.

We were doing well up to this stage. From here Castle Hill manage to up the scoring by taking 81 runs off the last 10 Overs. It’s not we bowled badly more our young bowlers were muscled to boundaries by much stronger men. Good lessons learned.

Chasing 181 always going to be challenging for the young side. Started very slowly scoring only 10 runs off first 7 Overs. By the break we were 2/43 off 18 Overs. After the Break boys batted smartly with more aggressive running. Ravi and Naden batted very well.

Ravi scored quick 41 with some smart risk-free cricket. We got 156 /10 in the 35th Over. Good effort from the Boys. Our start with the Bat and the finish with the Ball was the difference at the end. Many valuable lessons learned! Cant wait to for the next Game


WPHC Red (Fieds) 138 defeated Castle Hill 9/132

A nice sunny day, with no sign of moisture in the pitch was a great sign that a good day of cricket was ahead of us. The boys were all keen to continue our reign as the greatest WPH C2 team.

We won the toss and went out to bat. The ‘Duckster’ was off to a great start, but with some good bowling from Castle Hill we lost two early wickets. Adam came in and helped steady the ship, hitting some much needed boundaries making us all very moist. The mighty Duck reached his first 50 for the season in spectacular fashion, but fell not long after finishing on 55.

Adam continued scoring at a good rate, but unfortunately fell just short of a maiden half century. Jack, Alex and Waris scored some much needed runs at the depth to have us finish on 138.

With no team even reaching this total against us in the two day matches this season, the boys were feeling confident. Waris bowled a tight opening spell, picking up 2 early wickets and finishing his 7 overs with 2/13.

Raunak was sporting a fresh new buzz haircut, so it was only natural we all called him Buzz.

Buzz continued the pressure with very tight bowling, leaving Castle Hill at just 36 runs at the drinks break. His impressive spell proved that we have the better Buzz in C2’s.

With the scoreboard pressure creeping up on the Castle Hill batsmen, they were forced to start playing some loose shots. Craig capitalised on this situation picking up 3 wickets in a very tidy spell. Some brilliant depth bowling from Buzz and Maz saw us finish the day with yet another win.

This result leaves us undefeated in 2021 and proves that we are, without a doubt, the superior WPH C2 team.

WPHC Blue (Buzz) 9/98 lost to Mt Colah 9/112

How awesome was it that we got to go out and play the game we love today after all the World has been through, and with crappy weather recently?

We won the toss and since we hadn’t played for several weeks we had a bowl to ensure we got back in the swing of things.

Paul and Callum started well, but unfortunately Vink senior tweaked his back after grabbing a couple of early wickets (2/1- not bad!) Josh came in and added some real heat with his quick stuff and we were on top of things at the first break. Tarun continued his good form with the ball and was on a hat trick at one stage, then tight bowling from Xander and Buzz kept Mt Colah to only 112 off their allotted 35 overs.

Best of the bowling was Buzz 3/12, Paul 2/1, Xander 1/27.

Heading out bat we faced some really tight bowling and unfortunately after 18 overs we registered 1/31. This pushed the run rate up to a point that incoming batsmen struggled to get to the rate we required.

There were great efforts from Connor and Peter who both batted well, however, as the rate required escalated, the following batters found the bowling too tight to get over the line for a win.

Pretty close at the end of the day, but we weren’t good enough. Still awesome to be out playing cricket again though!

C3 Grade (Indranil)

WPHC 105 lost to St Ives 6/106

After 3 ground changes during the week, a sigh of relief for the team to get a game underway on a slow outfield at George Christie Park.

Cameron, captaining the side for the first time after missing out on the opportunity last round, lost the toss and was asked to bat. Cameron (9) and his new opening partner Tej (16), started off cautiously and runs were hard to come by.

At drinks break we reached 1/41 with Ved (15) looking good to get a good score. The guidance provided to the batsmen was to up the ante in the next session. What followed was flurry of wickets trying to score fast, but with some short cameos from John (11), Indranil (15) and Amit (19) we ended our innings at 105.

The team did fancy to defend the total if we bowled and fielded to the plan and this was achieved to a large extent till 19th over when St Ives was struggling at 5/53. After that their batsmen had a swing at our bowling and soon enough the total seemed too small to defend and the match ended in the 28th over.

But overall good bowling and fielding effort to challenge the opposition. We take lot of positives from this game and hope we can turn it around in the next round.

C4 Grade (Rob)

WPHC 4/85 defeated Vs Kenthurst 46

A new year and the second part of the season.

Magically while we were all not looking our Comp expanded from 6 teams to 8 teams…….and we moved from 5th to 7th. So a win this Round was very important to stay in touch. But everyone felt a bit rusty and it was going to be interesting to see how we went.

Driving into the carpark we cheered when we saw the ground had been freshly mown (we had feared being a school ground that it might have been a bit of a jungle). But those cheers soon stopped when we realized that the thick Kikuyu (thanks to the rain) was still quite long. Scoring was not going to come easy.

As is generally the case, Rob H lost the toss and we were asked to bat. A quick reshuffle of the preferred batting order was required as Rob “sorry I didn’t read your email and didn’t realise we are starting at 12.30” FC was somewhere on the long journey to Northholm Grammar.

Batting started slowly and runs were hard work. It was going to take lofted shots to get any value. Unfortunately wickets fell regularly and going into the drinks break we were 3/50. Lots of work to do and we needed to pick up the run rate.

Following drinks wickets kept tumbling….not what we needed. And after 32 overs we were all out for 85. Three unnecessary run outs did not help. But good contributions (given the conditions) from Aden (20) and Steve Q (27) got us to a score we could try and defend.

A quick team talk before we went out to bowl and we knew we had to keep it tight. And that is what our bowling unit did. Excellent length bowling and the ability to plug up one side of the field meant Kenthurst never really got going.

Four early wickets slowed things even further and at drinks Kenthurst were only 4/28. After drinks we brought our lethal weapon on and Kenthurst had no answer. Roger bowled 4 overs and ended with the figures of 4/4. The game was over and Kenthurst all out for 46.

I haven’t seen the lads bowl so well as a unit and it was outstanding to watch. A fantastic win!

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Ross S) 2/73 defeated WPHC Red (Diggers) 9/71

Great to get back on the park after an extended break and thankfully a nice day to play Round 2 of the Sheep Station cup.

1st Reds Vs 2nd Blues, with the Blues looking to even the score after they were soundly beaten prior to Christmas by the Reds.

The Montview ground was looking resplendent after several days of rain and being recently mown. The scene was set for a great game of cricket.

Always a worry that players would forget we had an early start, however we had two teams ready and eager to go well in advance of start time…..

With the Captains suitably attired for toss, the coin flip saw the Blues finally win one……With overcast conditions and a nice breeze, Ross had no hesitation in asking Diggers to bat first.

Pratah and Lachlan started solidly against some very tight swing bowling from Ram and Gihan. Lachlan was playing some very positive cricket until he got a good ball from Ram in the 5th over. Reds 1-5

Although the bowling was tight and the field was a little slow, Ramil (18) and Pratah played soundly until Ramil got a good ball from Muthindra (1-8 off 7 overs) just before drinks. Drinks Reds were 2/37…….

After Drinks the Reds came out with positive intent, with Pratah and Diggers both hitting big 6’s…looking like a good partnership was building.

However Aayush (4-18) off 7 overs Including 3 wickets in 4 balls, and Waman (3-6) of 6 overs, along with some great fielding saw the Reds lose 7/5 off 6 overs to be 9/56…..Rushab and Rushil with some stubborn resistance put on 15 from the last 6 overs to get the Reds to 9/71 off 35 overs.

Chasing a small total can sometimes be a challenge and the Reds were intent on making the chase as difficult as possible…Connor (1-25) stepped up and took a wicket with his third ball. Blues 1/0……Disco bowling some unplayable deliveries, Reds up for the challenge…..

Muthindra (33) however had other ideas swatting 5 boundaries in succession before Lachlan finally trapped him in front – Muthindra and Waman put on 51 for the second wicket. Blues 2/51 off 12 overs….

Despite enthusiastic fielding and bowling from the Reds, Waman (30no) and Anik (5no) were able to steer the Blues past the Reds score in the 19th over…..levelling the Sheep Station Cup score at 1-1.

Another competitive game played in great spirit……

D2 Grade (Nirav)

WPHC 2/54 defeated Kenthurst 53

Happy new year to all.

It was a nice day to have a game of cricket after a long break.

Teams arrived at the Annangrove Park with thick grass outfield. WPH won the toss and decided to field. Parin and Praneel started bowling pace. With plenty of bowling options Lakshya replaced Praneel and kept runs in control bowling good line and length. He got his first wicket of the season. Parin on the other end kept the good spell and got the wicket of the other opener. Kenthurst was 2-13 at the end of 8th over.

With the next bowling change Siby and Nirav started bowling pace and spin. Siby had a great day with the ball.

With some great swing bowling he got 6 wickets by giving only 7 runs in his 5.3 overs. The amazing thing was all wickets Siby took were clean bowled. He is on hat-trick claiming last two wickets. On spin end Nirav and Agni got a wicket each. We got a total of 9 bowled during the game and got Kenthurst out for 53 runs.

We chased down the 53 runs at the end of the 15th over losing 2 wickets and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at the Club.

It was a great result to start the season after holidays. Keep it up boys.