Round 4, Day 2 (12th December 2020)

The 2020/21 Season format is:

  • 12 games (Vs the 14 in a normal season)
  • 4 x 1-day games
  • 7 x 2 day games
    • Breaks:
      • Last game before Christmas – 19th December
      • Re-start – 9th January 2021
  • 1 x Hybrid ‘Super Round’ to finish the season played on 13th & 20th March 2021. This will be a 1 Vs 8, 2 Vs 7 and so on
  • Final – 1 Vs 2 on 27th & 28th March.

Match Reports

A1 Grade (Phil W)

WPHC 210 defeated Hornsby 122

Welcome to our readers in Australia and right around the world, welcome to YOUR A1 team’s match report. Ross told me tonight at the Club that everyone wakes up and reads my reports straight away. “See ya Whacko” he said to me as I left. It’s a shame I’m not Whacko.

Back to the cricket and we recommenced needing 9 wickets for a famous victory. The warm up was good, we pelted tennis balls at each other to see who could hold catches. The speaker in the rooms ran out of charge on “Making up your Mind” by Bucks Fizz. A true classic, Spotify it for instant happiness. Please don’t forget your speak next week @Assman

Sorry one more just before we get to the day’s highlights.

Gav Taylor bought a new box during the week – not the protection for the TD – but his new kit. He joined Lichaaa in the charcoal selection, however one upped him with a LID. He had some enjoyable dreams Friday night however this segment is PG so I will post those details separate in TeamApp.

To the cricket we go, this glorious madness.

9 to get, 200 runs to play with. Phil prepped us and said not to be “overconfident”. With Mum and Dad in the crowd, Cameron Krang McBrien was not mucking around – he took three quick wickets, destroying the top order of Hornsby. One such wicket was this hooping in swinger, starting outside off and hitting the base of leg.

The clamps were on HARD and Lichaaa was able to continue the momentum, bowling the scorer’s son. The first session was going perfectly, 4 quick wickets and the result looked a forgone conclusion. So much so that MCM Head Coach Michael McGregor went home early.

The pressure kept coming, albeit despite some minor slip ups from James Hershelle Gibbs Makin. He redeemed himself aptly though, as Tis was able to get on scoresheet, well deserved after some great bowling.

The cartel has the clamps applied and all that was squashed, the jaws of life released with Gav Taylor came onto bowl. One of the highlights of his spell was a short ball that was cut-off by Cam at short fine leg for no run. Instead of throwing the ball over the stumps, Cam had a half-hearted ping and hit. A real unnecessary move, summarised perfectly by Geoffrey Hasler at square leg “oh f*** off”. Geoff let us fix the bails up.

Gav got a wicket. Actually no he didn’t. Katy if you are reading, Gav didn’t bowl. And the dream was about you.

Phil turned to Gandis and Lichaaa to clean up the table, Gandy delivered in his first over with a burst of heat and speed. Knowing Cam needed just one wicket for this 5fer, Gandis heartlessly/selflessly took himself off and gave Cam every opportunity to achieve glory – he then dropped a catch off Cam’s first ball of his second spell.

Cam taunted Lichaaa “how does it feel to be second fiddle today” as he walked back to his mark. My inner monologue was as follows:

“Cameron I have a very TRYING day, if one more thing goes wrong I might just flip right out”.

Lichaaa then secured the victory with two plumb LBWs. Special mention to L Mac for his OUTSTANDING fielding.

A great victory, arguably one of your top ones against Hornsby in the 387 times we have played each other in A Grade. Special mention to RT for coming to watch – RT casted his eyes over Preeds, stay tuned for team changes during the week on our Instagram page. Ian Digby followed us tonight. What a man.

Wickets – Cam 4, Lichaaa 3, Tis 1, Gandis 1, Gav 1, Preeds 0

Back at the Club while watching the Big Bash, we discovered a couple of things – Effie has never been to Somalia and Gandis has grandma feet.

See you next week. God bless and good punting.

A2 Grade (Gunny)

WPH 199 lost to Berowra 232

The match between us and Berowra continued in fine fashion which can only be described as a great game of cricket. Both teams played hard and didn’t give an inch over the two days in a tough, tight battle.

The day began with the Ro’s opening the batting, with wickets falling regularly at one end and Rochow holding the fort. Rochow (49) defended solidly, dispatching anything over-pitched or back of length. Particular mention of his cover drive that Mike Hussey would be proud of. Only to fall one short of a bat raise in what would’ve been a very well deserved 50.

Matty ‘run out’ Watts and Jordan ‘I’m 14’ Netto then resurrected the innings from 5/98 with an 86 run partnership to get us to 6/184 and put us in a strong position to win the match. Matty in particular took his time to get going, including a somewhat dubious not out run out call, but stuck in there and fought hard on his way to a very valuable 23.

Jordan scored a glorious 58 on top of his 4 catches last week to wrap up what isn’t a bad little game for a 14 year old in A2’s. Jordan didn’t look like getting out until he got bored and ran himself out in what proved to be a turning point in the match. I think he had to go home and play call of duty on his Xbox while drinking red bulls and eating chips. At least that’s what his tik tok said.

Limited resistance from the rest of the tail then saw us bowled out for 199, with a stumping included in this of which raised more eyebrows than bails but that’s another story.

The other most memorable moment involved Ray ‘wrong-un’ Khamis, who was dismissed for a golden quacker by a supposed wrong-un. Comparisons were drawn to the Gatting ball. These comparisons were made by Ray.

A tough loss in a game where we thought we were going to win, to then at least hold on for a draw, which we then eventually lost.

A positive to take out of today though, while we lost the game, hopefully we won’t have to return to Berowra again for another season.

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Napper) 218 defeated Berowra 216

After a good ending to the day the week before, the best B1 side in the Club (if not the Association) arrived at Dural Park excited to beat Berowra. We do not like Berowra. The theme for the day was bad fielding and fumbles.

Tanay ‘My girlfriend just graduated high school’ Hira bowled an excellent opening spell and was ‘unlucky’ *cough* rigged umpiring *cough* to not get an early wicket. He did end up getting the first wicket with a fumbled catch at mid-on to Bird ‘Brent can you finish my beer’ Cage. A good spell of bowling followed from Mr Cage, giving him 3 for the match so far.

Matt ‘Fire Engine’ Digby bowled well and picked up the next wicket, an excellent performance from the man that was sadly followed by him drinking Vodka Rasberries at the Sporto.

Unfortunately, the theme after this was bad catching and fielding. A couple butchered run outs from Ryan ‘Couldn’t catch COVID in Wuhan’ Gunn that he followed with possibly the worst dropped catch in cricket history with the gloves.

Rob ‘The Sleeve’ Knapman decided to carry on said theme with 2 dropped catches off his own bowling. A couple more chances were put down in the field and we were not in a positive position to say the least.

‘My girlfriend just graduated from high school’ bowled an absolute seed to remove the set batsmen from Berowra and give us a good chance at winning. A classic ‘The Sleeve’ pie removed the only noted batsmen and left Berowra with 43 to win with 3 wickets left going into the final session.

A team decision was made to take the gloves away from Gunny and give the team a chance of winning.

The game seemed done and we seemed like we were out of it but Anush ‘Can Bowl Can’t Catch’ Sharma bowled an absolute seed to keep us in the game. Runs continued to flow though and left Berowra with 12 runs to go with 2 wickets in hand.

In an inspired move of captaincy, Erik ‘Wife Won’t let me stay out’ Junkkari came on to bowl and claimed a valuable wicket with 8 runs left in the chase. The #11 looked average so the set batsmen decided that with 3 runs to win he had to win the game and went for a big heave over cow corner to win the game off Ekkas.

To the despair of everyone on the field, the ball went in the air (Skied, Skyed, Skyd, Scid)? but straight to Gunny. Tanay wanted to shoulder charge him out of the way and not let him lose the game for the team but the alpha would not move.

The ball bounced out of Gunnys hands but was safely retrieved with a one hand catch off the rebound.


What a win!

WPHC Red (Rick) Vs Bye


B2 Grade (Phill H)

WPHC 236 defeated Berowra 186

Beautiful skies graced Les Shore after our batting effort of 236 week 1, we knew we had a fight on our hands against a tenacious Berowra side.

Heading into week 2 Berowra lost an early wicket to a ball that followed the batsman, bowled Hando caught Hando … short odds at the TAB.

The Berowra Captain entered the crease a crucial wicket for us and proceeded to nudge and noodle a 65 run partnership. Defying edges and balls hit just short of our fielders started to push the advantage their way. Enter Tom Hando with a double wicket maiden dented their chances, amazing figures overall with 23 overs 9 maidens 5-30.

The rest of the Hando’s were as follows Jack Hando 12 overs 2/28 2 maidens. Sam Hando 0/10 off 4, Harry Hando 0/16 off 10 overs 5 maidens.

At this stage Phil & Mary might not need to bowl. Scotty Chapman bowled his best performance this year 13 overs of uncompromising heat and swing 1-24, deserved more wickets was unlucky.

Raghu Chary bowled really well 7 overs 1-28 with the key wicket of their opener out just before Tea.

6-165 at 5pm with 18 overs 72 runs required fairly even, runs were never in the equation with their remaining batsman dead batting and leaving outside the stumps.

Tom Hando picked up his 5th wicket to bowl the last batsman with 10 balls left in the match.

Encouraging signs across all facets of our game, looking forward to our 1st one dayer.

C1 (Joseph)

WPHC 217 defeated St Ives 137

Match Report to follow.


Red (Fieds) 122 lost to Mt Colah 135

Resuming at 4/40 overnight, some morning moisture left some humidity to the run chase ahead. Alex and Jack looked to build on our total before Jack unfortunately fell as he was getting started. At drinks Adam and Alex had accelerated the run rate and with only 30 odd runs to get we felt confident of finishing it off.

Unfortunately Alex didn’t restart and fell first ball back with a streaky 55. Not much to say, we lost the rest of our wickets cheaply and were bundled out for 122. Thanks to Phil for Captaining this week and breaking his bat in the process. Much improvement needed for the derby next week if we are solidify our position as the superior wphccc C2 side.

Blue (Buzz)

WPHC 7/195 defeated Castle Hill RSL 194

Win from anywhere! That’s our team motto this season and we held true to it today.

Facing what is probably the best bowling unit in the comp, Hari and Connor got us off to a solid start, but a few wickets fell and at 4/54 we were looking shaky.

That win from anywhere attitude shone through though, and an awesome partnership of 112 between Dougie the Pizza boy and Xander had the Opposition on the back foot. These two played with amazing temperament to see off the good stuff and take toll of the bad.

Taking us to 166 before Xander fell, we only had 10 mins before Dougie had to leave for work. The Opposition had no idea why what followed was two and a half overs of mayhem of running between the wickets as Buzz desperately tried to get Dougie on strike to add to the team total, but also Dougie’s as he was approaching a century.

Unfortunately the end to a fantastic and punishing innings came with Dougie (Dylan) out for a match winning 83.

20 runs to win, Oh, I forgot to mention, we were also one short today with Josh unable to play, so tight stuff.

Thankfully, a couple of big shots from the tail combined with some sensible batting got us home wicket a wicket or two to spare.

Big thanks to Tarun and Hari who umpired for 35 overs or so, and a huge thanks to the team for never losing belief in the win.

Onward next match to the local Derby Vs the 2nd best West Penno C2 side.

Jokes aside, really looking forward to next week as a great Club game to end Annus Horribilis 2020!

C3 Grade (Indranil)

WPHC 180 lost to Castle Hill RSL 6/207

Ideal conditions presented for day 2 at Greenway Park with the match evenly poised, with the Opposition at 3/40 at the close of play last week chasing WPH180.

A tight opening spell of bowling from Amit Sen and Amarit Singh kept the batsmen honest in their stroke play but we managed to leak a few runs to them before 2 nice catches by Rommel Panday fielding at mid-on kept us back in the game.

Also, a fine stumping by Brent Van Wyke off the bowling of Rommel bought about the end of play when the Opposition called it a day. Our whole team was very enthusiastic in the field and lots of banter during the first hour of play, but eventually the game slipped away from us with two good young batsmen playing aggressively and were a class above C3.

There was some moments of very good bowling and some tidy fielding and maintaining concentration and enthusiasm throughout the entire innings in needed.

It’s ok to lose a cricket match to a better team which is what happened today.

We need to concentrate on all of the positives to be taken from this match and put it all together next week as we start the one-dayers.

C4 Grade (Rob)

WPHC 6/99 defeated Kissing Point 91

The team arrived at Greenup Park (well most, but more later) knowing we just had to bat well and the win was ours.

65 runs and 8 wickets should not be a tough task. But most were tired after spending the week doing rain dances hoping some good rain would wash the sand away from Greenup Beach. When we arrived it looked a lot greener, but we soon realised the sand was still there but the grass had grown considerably! Runs were not going to come easy.

Our not out batters padded up for the start of play….well at least Roger did. Still no Pravin in sight so the SMS’s and phone calls started. “I’ll be there soon guys”! So the delaying tactics started. Zia (who was going to umpire) had to go back to his car to change his hat. Roger started to walk out on the field but then realised he somehow forgot his helmet and had to go back and find it. Finally Pravin turned up 5 mins late and was padded up in record time. The only excuse was a very big Friday night/morning…..the details are a long story.

Unfortunately Roger did not last very long and got a great in swinging ball that took out his stumps. And then we lost two further wickets in quick succession. Pravin could then be heard saying, “I’m not in a good way and was hoping to just hit out and not have to be out here for too long….but looks like I am going to have to hang around now!

Which he did, and after a patient knock of 26 we were in a bit of trouble at 6/46. Made worse as we only had 9 wickets with Luke being injured in the morning and not able to bat.

That brought Alastair to the crease to join Daniel. Both batted very well and knew what was required. A great final partnership of 56 saw us home without another wicket going down. Our first win for the season and the start of a good run, we hope.

D1 Grade

Blue (Ross S) 121 lost to WPHC Red (Diggers) 261

The Sheep Stations Cup continued today with the Blue team resuming on 0/18 chasing the Red team’s 261.

Disco got the early breakthrough with the score on 19 before Jake and Gihan batted really well, putting on 41 for the 2nd wicket. Jake was eventually out for 34, his highest senior score so well done there.

The old saying of one wicket brings two was surpassed by one wicket brings four with Connor (3/29) taking 3 in one over and Disco (3/31) grabbing another soon after to have the Blues going from 1/60 to 5/60 in the space of a couple of overs.

The Blue tail wagged for a little while to get the score to 121 all out, the final wicket of the day to a great catch to the Red’s sub fieldsman, Ian “Patto” Paterson diving low to his left at first slip.


That really capped off a day of great fielding (other than a few dropped catches) with Pratah and Marcus taking two great catches each.

A good game played with great spirit and good sportsmanship. Look forward to the next derby.

D2 Grade (Nirav)

WPHC 6/243 dec defeated outright Kissing Point 107 &

After batting a high score on Day1, the team arrived prepared to bowl the entire day at Samuel King oval with a perfect day for fielding.

We all knew it would be a long day of hard work so Nirav decided to bring Armaan (sub) to help us with the fielding. We knew we had to bowl quickly and accurately to maximise our chances. Parin and Praneel started with bowl as planned and Parin got an early wicket of their second opening batsman.

Bowling to the young batting side all bowlers kept bowling good line and length and succeeded in building pressure to get regular wickets.

Praneel bowled an excellent spell throughout the game and got his well-deserved fiver cleaning up the tail end. Amith, Vishal, Agni and Parin got a wicket each. Luke did well behind the stumps putting his body behind the bowl and all other players did well by taking all the catches to give us a first innings win at the end of 41st over of the day.

With 2 hrs of play remaining we decided to put Kissing Point to bat again and try for an outright win.

We continued the same game plan and started with our key bowlers. Both Parin and Praneel got us early wickets of their openers and we were well and truly in the game to win the second inning. One of their main batsmen was batting well and holding one end but KP kept losing wickets on the other end.

It was Praneel’s day with bowling.

He kept bowling unplayable overs and kept on getting wickets. Amith got a screamer caught and bowled getting us back in the game when we needed the last 3 wickets in the remaining 8 overs.

Praneel took a total of 9 wickets bowling 20 overs for the day, what an achievement. Simon got his first wicket of the season. This was one of their key batsmen caught by Armaan (sub). Simon almost also had the second wicket which got dropped unfortunately. Well bowled Simon.

We finally got the last wicket with two overs remaining. Great outright win, excellent team efforts by everyone.

Keep it up guys.