Round 4, Day 1 (5th December 2020)

The 2020/21 Season format is:

  • 12 games (Vs the 14 in a normal season)
  • 4 x 1-day games
  • 7 x 2 day games
    • Breaks:
      • Last game before Christmas – 19th December
      • Re-start – 9th January 2021
  • 1 x Hybrid ‘Super Round’ to finish the season played on 13th & 20th March 2021. This will be a 1 Vs 8, 2 Vs 7 and so on
  • Final – 1 Vs 2 on 27th & 28th March.

Match Reports

A1 Grade (Phil W)

WPHC 210 Vs Hornsby 1/18

Welcome to our readers in Australia and right around the world, welcome to Parklands, welcome to this much anticipated clash between WPHCCCCC and Hornsby.

Umpires Geoff Hasler and Stephen Hill were joined by a match referee and third umpire Simon “backpain” Moore for the toss. Phil called tails, and we elected to bat.

“Remember I dropped Pear for you” said Phil to Geoff Hasler, in a desperate attempt to win him over. The Hornsby Captain went back to the team, puzzled at our team sheet that read “ps, imagine losing to us”

The top 4 batsman asked for throw downs and us as the cartel obliged. Special mention to Gav “Teddy” Taylor, who had about a 45 min session inclusive of multiple leaves. Yes you read that correctly. Gav was leaving throw downs….

Effie and Jamakin opened us up and we’re gritty in seeing off the new ball. Poor BC Gaunt was nominated to score and he joined Hornsby “Future Cam” Scorer in the scorers tent. Billy was thrilled. Michael “Macca” McGregor set up his Nikon at the carpark end, he got frustrated one of the Hornsby fielders got in his shot.

It almost got to the 10 over mark and in a desperate attempt to avoid scoring, Gandis and I left to go get food. When we returned Effie was out and Billy was still scoring. Gandis was immediately reprimanded for his actions and relieved Billy of his pain.

Gandis assumed the position in the scorers tent and was visibility and verbally rude to Future Cam. Future Cam won him over through with a wonderful piece of trivia that knocked Gandis for 6. Let me share it with you.

We score in what is called the Box scorebook. And why is it called a box scorebook? Because the gentleman who invented it, well his last name was Box.

Speaking of boxes, Gav was dismissed for a duck. As Simon Moore astutely summarised, “how things change in a week.” Gav was not happy, and took his frustrations out on his kit/box/crate/Tupperware container, pieces flying all over the changerooms. You can see this incredible footage on our Instagram page. As I noted to the group, I was just glad he didn’t take it out on my poor box.

Meanwhile a collapse began. L Mac and Jamakin were looking really good but went in quick succession. Preedy joined them shortly after and the Costa Concordia was in full flight. We lost five wicket quickly and it was widely agreed that this was the WPHCCCCC of old.

But one man did not believe that. Billy Charles Gaunt strode to the wicket and immediately was compared to our version of Adam Gilchrist with wonderful stroke making. Billy and Phil rebuilt our innings and we began to pile on the runs. Billy especially looked a million dollars, bringing up his first A Grade 50th and the 7992 50th in WPHCCCC history. Meanwhile on the sidelines, Gandis was asking “who can I call next”. He was next in.

Phil was disappointed that he wasn’t the alpha in his partnership with Billy, and was stumped going for the big heave ho. This brought Gandis to the crease and his confidence from last game was evident, a couple of glorious drives to start his innings. He and Billy kept the scoreboard ticking to drinks.

At drinks, Gandis laid the law down to Billy of what he wanted to see, how he wanted them to bat, the Box story. Billy couldn’t care less, just taking the time to chill and recharge. We’d been in the break for about 4 mins when Gandis strode out of the changerooms, marched down the stairs at Parklands and yelled out “cmon umpires, we are ready, let’s go”. Yes. He did this.

Billy went shortly after the break for 70 odd. His innings was majestical. I am so happy I took him for most runs in the season. CAYYYYYYYSH.

Lichaa came and went for a duck – a wonderful day for the squadron of him and Gav. 2 ducks. Tis and Cam both got starts but they left Gandis stranded. He marched off with a season average of 48. We were bowled out for 210.

We had 7 overs at them and Cam broke through early. A errant hook shot went high, high in the air. Into the atmosphere. Seriously this thing was bloody high and as the man underneath it, I can tell you it has snow on it. Jamakin screamed “get back get back” but I knew what I was doing, safe as houses and they were 1 down. They finished the day 1/18.

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Before I go, some old guy at the Pub offered me two beers if I mention Birdseed in my report. I met Birdcage last night and he seems nice. I assume his girlfriend is Birdseed

A2 Grade (Gunny)

WPHC 0/10 Vs Berowra 232

Today’s rain can only be described as an attractive girl at a nightclub. It teased all day, drawing you in with it’s dark, pretty eyes only for nothing to happen. When it looked like the heavens were finally going to open and delay the game, she told you she had a boyfriend and you’re back to where you started. All you’ve got left to show for it is a fake phone number for the 6 drinks and 2 shots you bought. Or in this case, a full days cricket with no rain delays.

While we knew rain was forecast for the afternoon, we also knew we were in Berowra, which, as explained in scientific detail by Ray has its own ecosystem cause it’s so far in the middle of nowhere.

Keats picked up two early wickets with the new rock, leaving KT on the sideline wondering if he was ever going to bowl with the new ball again. Alan also came which was cool.

Everyone bowled well today, and we were very unlucky to not bowl Berowra out for a lot less with half chances not going our way. Overall was a good day’s cricket, with a contest all day and neither team giving an inch. Except Rohit ‘and miss’ Ninan who could not keep his legs together.

Keats and Varun ‘vroom vroom’ came on and cleaned up the tail, with Keats picking up an excellent 5/45 off 16.3 overs. Keats would also like to point out to Andy if he’s reading this that he bowled more overs today than he did last season*.

Other wickets were well shared, with Varun (2), Sem (1) and Ben (1). The Captain also got run out for a diamond duck after being absolutely BBQ’d by his batting partner. Poor bloke.

Special mentions to Matty ‘Lumo’ Watts who bowled the best 12 overs for no wickets you’ve ever seen. Jordan ‘Corn’ Netto also had a blinder behind the stumps, keeping superbly and picking up 4 catches. He’s also 14. Think I was still playing with an incrediball and bowling with a windmill action at 14.

In the end we bowled Berowra out for 232, and faced 3 overs at the end to finish 0-10. Top scorer Rochow 8, who far surpassed fill-in expectations after running himself out for 0 last game.

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Napper) 218 Vs Berowra 1/20

We won the toss and went out to put runs on the board. Nikhil Ninan (25) and Nandu Ramesh (77) got us off to a solid start, putting on a 62 run partnership in the opening 15 overs.

A few quick wickets saw us slip to 4/96. Asees Rajput (28) joined his ‘partner’ Nandu at the crease, and the happy couple put on another 60 run stand. Once again we lost wickets in a bunch losing 4 for just 2 runs!

Matt Digby (20) met Eric Junkkari (30) at the crease and the pair put on a very important 50 run partnership. We finished on a very defendable 218.

We manage to get 8 overs in at the opposition. While we leaked a few runs, Ryan Loveridge (1/5) got the breakthrough on the last ball of the day. A solid bowling effort is needed next week!

WPHC Red (Rick) Vs Bye

The boys next game is against the Blues on 19 December.

B2 Grade (Phill H)

WPHC 236 Vs Berowra 0/0

Les Shore Oval was looking fantastic today, and the team welcomed the much milder conditions compared to the oppressive heat we played in last week. Our good fortune with the toss continued, and despite a fairly lush outfield we decided to have a bat.

It really was a team effort today, with all of our top 9 batsmen getting into double figures. Our openers Tim (15) & Campbell (18) set the platform with some positive batting early to put us in the driver’s seat.

Raghu (48) was the backbone of the innings from number 3, looking composed at the crease and building great partnerships throughout his innings. After a few collapses early in the season, this was exactly what the team needed to add some starch to the innings and help us build a decent total this week.

Aggressive batting from Ben (28) and Scott (25) was exactly what we needed in the middle order, both hitting 5 boundaries each and keeping constant pressure on the Berowra attack. Scott seemed intent on peppering strongly hit drives directly back through the V, forcing our umpire Tim to regularly demonstrate Matrix-level evasion techniques in order to avoid them.

Jack (15) and Cameron (29) then put together a solid partnership of 49 runs for the 7th wicket, at one point looking like they were bulletproof as 3 fairly simple catches went down in 4 deliveries. Then Hando No. 5 (Harry) came to the crease and played an incredible cameo from number 9, showing all the shots on his way to an unbeaten 29 and taking the team to a very defendable 236.

With only 1 over to bowl at Berowra, we threw the ball to Jack Hando to lay down 6 balls of fire at the Berowra openers. While he didn’t get a wicket, their batsmen will surely spend the week thinking about what they’ve got in store for them next week as Jack generated good pace and fire in his first game back for us this season.

C1 (Joseph)

WPHC 217 Vs St Ives

It was a windy day when St Ives won the toss and put us into bat.

Jude and Pavan were the opening pair, unfortunately Jude lost his wicket quickly on 2 runs being caught behind. Naden came in next, scoring another 2 runs and getting out the same way. Hashene was next into bat, and did a remarkable job on a slow outfield, scoring 75 runs, the top for the day.

Some more notable performances include Shalin, 23, Ambros, 24 and Joseph, 25. The last wicket was Lachlan who was bowled for 3 and ended the innings 10/217 with 36 sundries.


Red (Fieds) 4/39 Vs Mt Colah 135

An overcast day at Mt Kuring-Gai Park saw us win the toss and choose to bowl first, as the greater WPH C2 side looks to derail yet another team. Waris and Maz had a great opening partnership taking 4 wickets. Raunak chipped in with another leaving Mt Colah 5/58 at drinks.

With us expecting some moisture later in the evening, we planned to have them all out by tea.

Raunak continued his good form and got another 3 wickets, bringing his total up to 4, and leaving Mt Colah at 8/61. Everything seemed to be going our way, until a shaky yet effective 9th wicket partnership took Mt Colah up to 112 at tea. Everything wasn’t going our way, and with Nisal deciding to head-butt the ball, we were left with only 10 fielders.

After tea the air became very moist, and just as things were starting to look real bad, Jack comes into the attack and takes a well needed wicket first ball after the break. After a few more overs Raunak got a run out, leaving Mt Colah on all out for 135.

The boys were eager to bat and see out the day, looking forward to a full day of batting next week.

Unfortunately the wickets kept falling and we see ourselves at 4/39 at days end. A lot of batting left on a quick wicket, we still are feeling like we are on top, and are well and truly, the superior WPH C2 cricket team.

Blue (Buzz)

WPHC Vs Castle Hill RSL 194

Having watched the U14s hooping the ball around in the match preceding ours at Northholm, and with heavy clouds still prevailing (and still the memories of bowling in 40 degrees last weekend) we sent the opposition in with the hope of taking advantage of, or at the very least, denying them from having good bowling conditions first up.

Paul and Dylan bowled well but a few near misses meant they couldn’t grab the breakthrough, another solid opening partnership was eventually broken when Tarun came on and grabbed a couple of quick wickets to shuffle the balance of the match back our way.

We continued to stick to our game plan and did well to restrict the scoring and at 3/110 at tea we were well placed, just wanting to pick up some more wickets to really get on top. A few more near misses and a couple of dropped catches meant we just had to keep working hard.

Xander came in and bowled two excellent spells, and the Quan beguiled the middle order to both take vital wickets. Connor was brought into the attack and cleaned up one batsman before taking a great outfield catch off Quan to end the innings at 194 right on stumps.

Best bowling from the Quan 3/37, Xander 3/39, Tarun 2/16, Paul and Connor one each.

Delivery of the match goes to Riley though, after running in first ball and then literally almost hitting his front toe, he bolted down the pitch to collect the delivery before it could bounce twice before the halfway mark!

We showed the depth of our bowling today and 194 is well below par on Northholm, so we’ll look to bat well next week and push for a win.

C3 Grade (Indranil)

WPHC 180 Vs Castle Hill RSL 3/40

Last week, a number 9 bat scored a hundred against us… we had them 5/50. Today, our team went in optimistic to make amends to being outrighted by ALMOST giving the opposition a chance to outright us… practice makes perfect boys!

Losing the toss, we were sent into bat against a young, chatty Castle Hill side on an overcast, cloudy day.

Openers Vinod (12) and Cam (19) saw out the first couple of quicks until Vinod decided to go big and missed, proceeding to get bowled. Vedant Virmani (27), Tejas Bhuta (1) and Brent Van Wyk (19) all got starts but forgot that we were playing cricket, not baseball. Our top order was feeling very kind today, as they decided to get out as quickly as they could, in order to give the lower order an opportunity to bat. Some good hitting from Rommel Pandey (47) saw the run rate increase through 4s and 6s, but desperately wanted to conserve his amazing body, he refused to take easy singles. He just did not need to as he put on a good partnership of 70 with Amrit Singh, who through some good strokes made a nice 27. In the end, WPH, moving from a 8/93 to all out for 180.

With an hour left, we decided to go all out in terms of bowling… and chatting, mainly by Tejas and his banter. Amitava Sen (2/21) and John Rose (1/17) opened the bowling BEAUTIFULLY, bowling together 13 overs of the 15, taking 3 wickets, one of them a fantastic low catch in the slips by Vinod and definitely putting the other team under pressure.

A great session of cricket played with great spirit which will definitely continue into next week.

C4 Grade (Rob)

WPHC 2/27 Vs Kissing Point 91

With Rob sitting out this round it was Aden and Alastair who have stepped up to captain the team. No great improvement at the coin toss though, as they proceeded to lose. But at least we were asked to bowl, which is what we wanted to do anyway. Greenup Park was looking more like Bondi Beach, with ground just having bee top dressed, so scoring was going to be very difficult. And so it turned out to be.

We were determined to bowl much better as a unit this week and we started out very well. Although no early wickets fell, the score was only a run an over. Just prior to the drinks break, we snagged our first wicket after a great catch by Pravin at mid-wicket.

And that became the theme for the innings. One great catch followed another and not one real chance was put down. KP was 5/81 at tea and we were determined to roll them before the end of the day.

Strong bowling continued, along with outstanding catching, and we grabbed the last 5 wickets for just 10 runs. So KP all out for 91 and a smallish run chase was on. A huge congrats to Rob FC for chalking up a 5 for….well done mate!

Our run chase started in a very shaky way. After 4 overs we were 2/2 and things were not looking good. Fortunately Roger and Pravin steadied things and saw us to stumps at 2/27.

Some solid batting next week should see us home with a win.

D1 Grade

Blue (Ross S) 0/18 Vs WPHC Red (Diggers) 261

The 1st Sheepstation Cup for the Blues and the boys spent the whole day in the field. Thank goodness it was not as hot as last week. Diggers won a rare toss and had to make a decision and the Red’s decided to bat first. On the flipside the Blues lost their 3rd toss in a row.

Lachlan & Pratah opened and started well before Pratah (13) missed a straight one and was out with the score on 29. Ramil had a rare downer after getting a good ball and clipping his thumb through to the keeper.

Great sportsmanship with Ramil walking despite Disco and myself thinking he hit the ground or his pad.

A hostile spell from Ram saw a double wicket breakthrough in his 6th over, however the Reds then played safely to the first drinks break – 2/50.

Although the Blues we bowled steadily and fielded well, wickets were hard to come by and runs flowed……well done to the guys for getting through 42 overs by the first tea break.

At 4/110, things were pretty even though.

After the break, the Blues struggled with a damp ball after some annoying drizzle bowling a little short and too full and could just not hit the right length on a regular basis.

Enter Manoj who then proceeded to dispatch the bowlers all over Campbell Park, putting on 59 with Connor (37), 38 with Diggers and 36 with Tej (12) before being fired for 88 with the score on 7/237, a truly great innings.

The Reds batsmen continued to take advantage of sometimes wayward bowling with no room for error at Campbell Park today.

At the 65th over we took a newish ball, and whilst some runs flowed, we were able to take the last 5 wickets for 60 runs to wrap up the Reds innings at 261. Wickets were evenly spread with Ram (3-39), Aayush (2-28), and one each to Sach, Muthindra, Waman, Jake and Venkat.

Well done to Aayush, Jake and Venkat for their first wickets of the season. Our fielding was pretty good today, taking 5 catches and only grassing 2 difficult ones. Ross finished with 2 catches.

With 10 minutes to bat Jake 9 no and Anik 9no where able to see off 3 overs with us finishing the day at 0/18.

Hopefully the weather will be nice next week as the Blues chase. If we can bat long into the overs we can take advantage of the fast conditions of Campbell Park and look for a win…..

Well done guys for continuing to play in great spirit …….a good day out..

D2 Grade (Nirav)

WPHC 6/243 dec Vs Kissing Point 1/12

We lost the toss and KP put us in to bat against a very young side where half of the team was full of U16 players. Arun and Luke opened their regular inning and played steady.

Some great shots played by Arun and runs started coming at the average of 3-4/over. Luke lost his wicket at the end of 11th over and the score was 1/39. Praneel and Arun started building partnerships and again looked very solid against all the bowlers.

We were hoping to get a high score but unfortunately lost Praneel’s wicket very early just an over before drinks and that slowed the run rate.At the drinks score was 2/76 with plenty more batting to come. Lakshya joined Arun after drinks and both of them played some great shots. Both batsmen were hitting boundaries and sixes with ease.

After playing another great knock Arun got out at 62 from 84 balls. At Tea, the score was 3/165 after 37 overs – overall a good position to be in. Lakshya continued batting well after tea and played best career inning scoring 87 from 99 balls. However, the highlight of the day was Tonoy adding the score by running every ball as if we were playing T20. One six on leg and 5 boundaries Tonoy scored not out 36 runs. Mike got run-out at 7. Amith came to bat just for an over and stayed not out at 3 before we decided to declare the inning at 243 with 7 overs remaining in the day.

We got one of the openers out early and created a few chances as well. At the end of D1 play we were in a strong position, well batted everyone.