Round 3, Day 2 (28th November 2020)

The 2020/21 Season format is:

  • 12 games (Vs the 14 in a normal season)
  • 4 x 1-day games
  • 7 x 2 day games
    • Breaks:
      • Last game before Christmas – 19th December
      • Re-start – 9th January 2021
  • 1 x Hybrid ‘Super Round’ to finish the season played on 13th & 20th March 2021. This will be a 1 Vs 8, 2 Vs 7 and so on
  • Final – 1 Vs 2 on 27th & 28th March.

Match Reports

A1 Grade (Phil W)

WPHC 241 defeated Kenthurst Upper Hills 116 & 7/90

Long term readers of my column will know that I have been very critical of the batting in our side over recent years. Time after time we have underperformed. I have often blamed this on Alex “Captain of the Costco Concordia” Robertson, of whom I am his biggest fan. Well let me tell you right off the bat – pardon the pun – that today it all changed. It all completely changed. A1 can bat. We can bat. And bat better than arguably anyone in our 172 year club history.

The day started with Phil asking us all to get there at 11.30am for a 12.30 pm start. Everyone arrived at 12.15 except for Mobbo and Fig who arrived together at 12.29. Returning to the crease were Jamakin and Gav “Teddy” Taylor and they were met with a stinking hot day. Phil assured us that the southerly breeze would keep us cool, and from my vantage point atop of the Kenthurst No1 stand, I had to disagree with him.

The run chase to victory started slowly, about 35 to get and the boys were careful early. Ashane “Assman” Desilva pondered on old Jamakin was. “70!?” he quipped. Meanwhile Gav got to 50 and was subsequently booed for not raising his bat.

It wasn’t long before Jamakin and Gav really got moving. We achieved first innings victory and pressed on to greater glories. It was hot going though, so much so that umpire Simon Moore had to call it quits. Preeds bitched about it behind his back to us, that the heat had won the battle against umpire Moore. I didn’t laugh and thought it was disgusting.

The runs kept flowing. Gav was hitting them at will, charging down the wicket and punishing the bowling. Jamakin was timing the ball sweetly and was doing it in boundaries.

I’ll pause right here and just say that usually WPHCCCCC get bowled out for 100. Well today we had one batsman that was able to achieve that on his own. Gav “TD” Taylor brought up his 100 in style, a huge hit over wide mid-off, to the roaring cheers of his team. A great knock and the clubs 690th century. He went on to make another 14 runs, departing for a man of the match 114.

Jamakin was also dismissed around this time for gutsy 56 and just like that, we were back to old WPHCCCCCC, in the midst of a batting collapse. L Mac and Wu went shortly after. Ass and Fig steadied shortly after with good cameos. Preeds went for a 4th ball duck. Wu declared.

125 ahead and heading out into the 40 degree heat, Lichaaaa opened us up. He got any early one, just before the Wu 8 over threshold on whether we should continue playing. They kept everyone interested.

Gav and Mobbo took wickets shortly after and WPHCCCC were in with a half a chance. Kenthurst consolidated however it all turned to shit, when Wu – after being told 1000 times by Lichaaa and L Mac – threw the ball to Assman.

Ah Ashane, my all time fav leg spinner. He wound back to the clock to 2011 Oakhill First XI with his first delivery, a lovely leggie that hit the footmarks, gripped, spun and trapped star batsman Jimmy Salvador in front. I loved it. John Crane would have been proud.

The wickets kept falling as Lichaaa came back for his second spell, 2 plumb LBWs had Kenthurst reeling. However that’s where the momentum ceased. Kenthurst consolidated and fought hard, despite great bowling. We went hard to the end, but it wasn’t enough. Kenthurst 7 down for 90 odd, WPHCCCC unable to clinch outright.

Special mention to Gav and Jamakin for their batting performances. Special mention to Wortho and Hollywood for running water to us during the fall of wickets – legends. Special mention to Effie for his Billy Gaunt-esc keeping display, incredible. Special mention to Birdcage, buy me and Snumpty a beer old son.

Love youse all. Follow us on Instagram for live, cutting edge content.

See you next week.

A2 Grade (Gunny)

WPHC 125 lost to Normanhurst-Warrawee 5/204

Showing up at Pennant Hills Park, knowing the Opposition needed 7 runs to win with 9 wickets in hand we thought we were well in truly in for a tough day. That was even before adding in the fact that we were playing in temperatures that made you sweat more than the drive home from the Sporto after having ‘just a couple’.

K ‘Starc’ T dropped their best batsman off his own bowling, who hadn’t added to his overnight score of 60 odd, with the 8 wickets likely to come if this catch was taken. As the saying often goes ‘1 brings 2 brings 8’. He then proceeded to take a much harder catch off his own bowling of the night watchmen in his next over. Thanks Kyle.

Matt ‘first career catch’ Phillip bowled an excellent spell in his first game back from a two round retirement, unlucky to not grab a few (0/11 off 5). He also took a catch. I have played cricket with Matt since we were 13 and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him take a catch so well done Matt!

The tight bowling continued with Keats and Andy ‘please take me back’ Meikle, who again were both unlucky to not pick up more wickets. Andy picked up 1 in his return game off the worst ball of his spell, as it often goes as a leg spinner.

Benny ‘better’ Meikle then came on and grabbed two wickets in his first over to claim the better Meikle rights on day two.

A much improved performance by us, with Normo losing 4-85 off 28 on the day squashing any chances of an outright loss as both teams agreed to call it early.

We look forward to returning to winning ways next match against Berowra!

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Napper) 286 drew with ARL 7 down TBA

Report to come.

WPHC Red (Rick) 210 lost to Normanhurst-Warrawee 3 dec 313

We needed runs today, a lot of runs. Flair posted in the team chat that he was forecasting runs at a lightning quick Normanhurst Oval. Volc obviously misheard and though we needed “the runs”. He told the team he had ordered a dodgy Indian Curry for Friday evening dinner.

We lost Dan Schwartzel and Raghu early.

Success was had in that Volc got runs but not the type we were looking for or anywhere enough of them. He didn’t add too much to his overnight score and suddenly we had lost 3/19 in the first 6 overs of the day.

Shaan and Flair came to the crease and set about resurrecting things. They grafted, ran, hit boundaries and drunk water like a camel preparing for a crossing of the Sahara. Flair eventually departed for 32 (a partnership of 92). Shaan devastated at losing his batting partner decided he’d get out the next over.

Ray Khamis an Matty Schwartzel put a little cameo together before we lost Ray, Matty and Manas in quick succession.

Crap we were suddenly 8/155 and the brakes had been applied. Losing wickets isn’t a good thing.

Warren and Prats took us to tea with a nioce 40 run partnership but losing Warren 1st ball after tea put paid to a potential victory. We decided to dig in . Todd “Hutcho Hutcho Man” Hutchinson and Prats dug in for the last hour.

Sadly we fell 7 overs short of forcing a draw. We were unlucky today losing wickets in small clumps that did not help our cause. A good effort in very trying hot conditions.

B2 Grade (Phill H)

WPHC 151 lost to Kenthurst Upper Hills 7/154

After a good finish to the end of day 1 against a young Kenthurst team we arrived at the start of day 2 with the game in the balance, and the furnace turned on high for the first time this year.

Our first innings total of 151 was on the low side of par and with Kenthurst 4 for 72 needing 80 to win the game was in the balance, with only one thing certain; by the first drinks break the outcome of the game would definitely be favouring one side. Unfortunately for WPHC is was Kenthurst who controlled the game and gained the upper hand being 5 down for about 130 after 13 overs at the first drinks break.

Our bowlers gave their best in hot conditions and while we bowled really well for most of the day we were a little short and offline at times allowing Kenthurst to take advantage with some powerful boundary hitting.

We stuck in it until the end when Kenthurst got over the line finishing at 7 for 154, with Steve picking up 3 wickets, Tom a pair and Scott 1, while Alec bowled very tightly for no reward and Mithun keeps getting better every game.

C1 (Joseph)

WPHC 122 lost to Sydney Lions 9/187

Hard day in the field with the formidable opponent the Sydney Lion’s only requiring 100 runs in the day with still 8 wickets in hand. Early wickets were required for West Pennant Hills to salvage a victory. Unfortunately, the Sydney Lions came out swinging with there batsmen quickly reaching the total in the 42 securing the win. Pavan took some late wickets in the day ending with 3 wickets in 10 overs.


Red (Fieds) 110 defeated Hornsby 45

A lack of moisture in the air preceded what would be a scorcher of a day for cricket. Needing to get 4 wickets to win the game, the mighty, superior, C2 team arrived at the ground to unexpected news. One of the two not out batsmen has not shown up, and will not be playing. This is that player’s story:

Following the tough Saturday they faced against us last Saturday, the Hornsby team realised that there were areas that needed to be worked on, net sessions to be had. The team set out a schedule for that week, everyday had either a net session or cricket specific exercise planned.

Tuesday’s practice was a reality check for this young team, as it involved accepting the sad but true fact that dad no longer cared about coming and watching you play cricket anymore.

Tuesday was a tough session for the boys, prompting a change in schedule from what was a planned theory session around not being afraid of the ball, to a rest day.

Thursday was a net sesh, where the boys got to put their theory from earlier in the week into practice.

Friday came, and the whole team was really proud of the efforts they had put in during the week and ready to strut their talents on the weekend. One final net session remained. The captain had organised a session with the A graders for that afternoon. The boys were pumped, and played extremely well. The session was a great success, and if the Hornsby boys could take on their A grade team, surely West Pennos premier C2 team wouldn’t be a problem right?

Rocking up to Montview Oval on a hot Saturday morning, Hornsby were in high spirits with the prospects of not having to be the ones out in the field. Their spirits were hampered quickly as they were soon to find out they were 1 short, one of their not out batsmen was missing. Frantically, the captain clambered for his phone and dialled his absent players number.

*ring ring*


Where are you!?!? You’re supposed to be getting ready to get out there and save the innings!! We need you! All that practice!!!

Oh nah mate sorry, feeling heaps lethargic, won’t be able to make it

…… the Captain hangs up

One down before the first ball has even been bowled.

Blue (Buzz)

WPHC 2/131 dec & 6/93 defeated outright St Ives 82 & 139

It’s a tough one when the BOM says it’s going to ‘feel like’ 40+ degrees for a Skipper to ask his players to go back into the field and give ourselves the best chance at an outright despite the fact that we were one short with Sam being ill. Clearly the easy option would be to take the first innings points and bat a while then go back to the Club, but that’s just what makes us the ‘better’ West Penno C2 side😜.

It was hot, damn hot, so hot you could fry eggs in your pants (ref: Good Morning Vietnam for the young readers) but none of the boys bat an eyelid when the Skipper asked them to take the field.

Josh broke through early and D.Bish (now known as Dougie the Pizza boy – yep check YouTube – I’ll give you the tip! – Space cadet award for this round) grabbed the next two. A bit of a partnership developed, but we always knew we had the ascendancy. Super gun Riley disposed of the next couple of troublesome batsmen and the wickets fell regularly from there to have them all out for 139 and a lead of 91 with a minimum 21 overs left in the day. Dougie 4/26 Riley 2 and Buzz and Josh one each.

As a side note, even in ‘feels like 40’ heat, C2 Blue managed to be ahead of the over rate throughout the day – take note Mr Kohli! (Just a whinge because I went to the 1st ODI at the SCG and didn’t get home till after midnight, so with an important U14s match at 8am and even more critical C2 game in the arvo, one would have thought Virat would have had more consideration).

Heading out to chase down the runs to win, we gave Hari (also afflicted by the dreaded Kohli late night) who kept brilliantly in the heat replacing an ill Sam, a bit of a breather and stuck a few willing players up the order.

We lost a couple of early wickets but were always on track with the run rate. Xander played well making 22 then Peter (32*) and Hari smashed a few great overs to make sure we didn’t need to call up Sam from his sick bed to help out. He surely wouldn’t have been able to fit his Princess costume into the car at short notice, so it was just as well we had done enough to get across the line and secure a fantastic victory to take us to top of the table.

With super challenging games against Castle Hill and the WPHC Reds in the next two rounds, it was a stand-out performance from the team to fight hard in really tough conditions to grab the extra points on offer.

Top work fellas! 30 degrees next Saturday will be a synch!

C3 Grade (Indranil)

WPHC 126 & 1/99 lost to Normanhurst-Warrawee 8/280 dec

On what was a very hot afternoon, the challenge was for WPH to take 7 wickets and the Normanhurst team required 86 to win on first innings.

A couple of early wickets saw the Opposition at 5/52 and the WPH team were looking good.

However, that’s where the good news ended and we had 11 players that had aspired to Kanga Cricket standards and the game was completely taken away from us. The Opposition’s number 7 batsman scored 70 and the number 9 batsman scored 105 not out.

The fielding was poor, the bowling poorer and the team used 9 bowlers to have Normanhurst at 8/280 at the tea break.

No stars with the ball and certainly no stars in the field and a greater level of standard is required if we are going to be competitive in C3. Today was an embarrassment! And we can only afford for this to happen once in a season.

Normanhurst decided to try for the outright with a lead of 154 runs. Vinod and Cameron opened and put on a 83 run partnership before Cameron was caught at backward square leg for 39, while Vinod finished with 55 n/o.

At the final drinks break the Opposition captain called it a day with WPH at 1/99 after 18 overs losing first innings but really deserved to be beaten outright due to our fielding.

C4 Grade (Rob)

WPHC 183 lost to Castle Hill 7/186

With Rob away Roger took over the captaincy, and the team was buoyed at the prospect of potentially finally winning a toss. The toss was won and Roger decided to bat……finally is suited the teams availability.

Roger and Aden opened the batting and did well early. Aden raced to 43 before he was bowled. Unfortunately 3 quick wickets followed and the good start was quickly erased. Kamran and Daniel then put on a decent partnership and took the score beyond 100. But 5 more fairly quick wickets had us at 9/135 and in deep trouble. However that just brought Rob FC and Mudi together. A great rear guard partnership saw us get to 164 at the close of play on day one.

And then the forecast started coming out for week 2 and the team was dreading a day in the field. The aim was to bat as long as possible. Rob and Mudi continued batting and started off well. They took the score up to 183 before Mudi holed out. A very useful final partnership and we had a good chance.

So the team reluctantly took the field in the heat.

Good early bowling kept the run rate right down and some chances started coming. But poor catching meant we didn’t take those early chances and in the heat heads started to drop. It ended up being a long day in the field, and although we remained in with a sniff by taking wickets regularly, Castle Hill chased down the runs 7 wickets down.

A tough day and not the result we wanted.

D1 Grade

Blue (Ross S) 9/226 Vs Castle Hill 1/13

A long hot day in the field, 72 overs and with Castle Hill only having 10 batters today missed out on an outright by just 1 wicket…Play was called off with just 3 overs left and Castle Hill 4 runs ahead…..the Captain drinking over 6 litres of water and spending a few overs of the field to cool his head was a clear highlight of the day……..although I am sure there will be continued debate over who drank more.

Although we were fielding with only 10 for the first 1/2 hour of play, we started really well, and at one stage Castle Hill was 7/45 with hostile bowling from Ram 2-17, Ani (1-24) , Gihan.( 1-5), Sach 1/2……….Unfortunately we let them off the hook, with a number of missed chances and some big hitting from the Castle Hill batsmen. An 8th wicket stand 60 was finally broken by Waman (2-6). We were able to dismiss Castle Hill for 107 off 31 overs at 2.50pm. A good effort.

Castle Hill was keen to call it a day, but with so long to go and still 30 minutes to tea the guys were eager for another crack. In hindsight (foolishly the Captain thinks) we put them in again….

Unfortunately our bowling and fielding was a little flat because of the heat, and with several chances going to ground Castle Hill got off to a flyer. At tea they had not lost a wicket and had 39 runs on the board…..

After tea we only had 9 players for some time which was disappointing given it was such a hot day and we were pushing for wickets. Although wickets did fall at intervals the runs kept flowing and by 5 pm we had only picked up 4, with Castle Hill only 17 runs behind us.

After the 5pm drinks break our bowlers Started taking wickets at intervals. Muthindra (3-23) and Ram (2/10) got us within 1 wicket of an outright. Castle Hill managed to last the last 6 overs and with a single 4 passed our score stopping our chance of outright points.

Great effort from the guys in trying conditions. Taking 18 wickets during such a hot day certainly character building. Well done to Gihan with 3 catches….more than last year in a single game.

Red (Diggers) 225 defeated Kissing Point Blue 123

Well that was a hard day’s cricket and I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate my team. Especially Marcus, who came and fielded for us at short notice after one of our players became ill during the week.

So with 225 on the board, we were pretty confident of getting it over and done with pretty early, or were hopeful of doing that.

Unfortunately Kissing Point seemed pretty content on playing out a boring draw and were 1/35 after 20. We had to dig deep into our bowling and with Disco 2/22 off 12, Connor 2/23 off 10, Rushab 2/9 off 11 and Tej 2/12 off 4 we started to roll through them.

Lachlan managed to prise the opener out with a beautiful ball, got a nice runout/stumping filling in at keeper before taking a nice catch to finish the match with KP all out for 136.

A great day in the end in oppressive conditions.

Thanks again Marcus, a great team / Clubman who always gives his all.

D2 Grade (Nirav)

WPHC 4/1456 defeated Berowra 141

We started Day 2 of our innings in hot conditions as expected. Both teams decided to take drink breaks after 12 overs. With all wickets in hand we were hoping to have full day of play and temperatures that stayed within limits.

Agni and Arun started batting well but soon we were down for 2/35 at the first drinks break losing both our openers. Praneel and Lakshya steadying the innings and kept scoring runs in difficult heat conditions.

With a quick 50 runs from Praneel we were very close to our chase of 141. After second drinks break we again lost couple of quick wickets (Praneel 78, Lakshya 15) and the score was 4/120 after 35 overs.

Luke and Nirav scored the remaining 20 runs without losing any more wickets and called it a day.

Good performance from the team overall.