Round 3, Day 1 (21st November 2020)

The 2020/21 Season format is:

  • 12 games (Vs the 14 in a normal season)
  • 4 x 1-day games
  • 7 x 2 day games
    • Breaks:
      • Last game before Christmas – 19th December
      • Re-start – 9th January 2021
  • 1 x Hybrid ‘Super Round’ to finish the season played on 13th & 20th March 2021. This will be a 1 Vs 8, 2 Vs 7 and so on
  • Final – 1 Vs 2 on 27th & 28th March.

Match Reports


A1 Grade (Phil W)

WPHC 1/81 Vs Kenthurst Upper Hills 116

Welcome to Kenthurst No1 and get ready to feast your eyes on reading about another STELLAR performance from your team, your men, your A1 grade side.

The day started on a high, Phil arrived blasting David Bowie’s China Girl – yes how’s the irony – and then left his car door for the next 40 mins. This subsequently delayed the toss, much to the anger of umpires Simon Moore and Simon Taufel.

“This isn’t a democracy, I just want your opinion” Phil proclaimed to Michael “Lichaaa” Richards. Phil then asked for the opinion of everyone in the team and it was widely aligned that we mathematically could not lose the toss. We decided on tails and lost the toss. We were bowling.

Back in the rooms, Kenthurst knew we meant business as we rocked out to some tunes from the godfather of soul, James Brown. Effie “Sex Machine” Banner was the first to GET ON UP whilst the cartel prepared for yet another onslaught – by being the last members of the group to go and warmup, and by bowling 2 balls each in a bowling triangle.

Lichaaa and Cameron “Krang” McBrien kicked us off and immediately the CLAMPS were applied.

Lichaaa picked up Salvador with a lovely inswinger and double downed shortly after with a caught behind from Lach “Augustus Gloop” McBrien. Gandis “Peloton” Herzog and Tiz “King” Mistery bowled well but a master stroke decision from captain Wu to turn to Gav “Teddy” Taylor paid dividends, an LBW* before drinks. WPHCCCCCCCCCC right on top.

After drinks, the good bowling continued. GAS picked up his first wicket* of the season, justifying his spot in the cartel – just. Jackson “Horseface” Preedy bowled very well and he picked up a couple as well. Captain Wurth asked the scorers how we were tracking, 5/70 and Wu declared to the team “we are home”.

Lichaaa came back on to clean up the tail however it was Teddy Taylor who finished the job properly, with yet another wicket. A stumping from L Mac to cap off a brilliant afternoon behind the stumps – Billy G would have been proud. Kenthurst bowled out for 116 – Lichaaa 4, Cam 1, Preeds 2, Tiz 0, Taylor 2, Gandis 1

116 to get and Effie and James “Miyagi” Makin strode to the crease. Effie looked in wonderful touch early, much to the delight of Preeds who has backed him as top run scorer for the year. Jamakin was less convincing, 37 balls before he got off the mark but was grinding hard.

Coach called it “I think Josh is getting bored”. 1 over later, he was gone, going for the big tonk over mid wicket. He and Jamakin put on 30 odd for the first stand and after our previous opening partnership efforts, this felt like a 150 run stand.

Enter G Taylor. Despite constant messaging on “where are you” from Katy “Angry” Anderson, Teddy was fluent at the crease and looked like a man possessed. He and Jamakin got us to end of the day 1/85.

Coach also got the Cartel in trouble for being too loud on the Kenthurst balcony. Sorry Coach.

A great day.

See you next week for the climax of what can only be described as yet another chapter in our rich 128 year history. Goodbye from Kenthurst, number 1 Vs 3.

A2 Grade (Gunny)

WPHC 125 Vs Normanhurst-Warrawee 1/119

After a good win last week, we were well and truly brought back to earth today in a tough game against the reigning premiers.

At a wet Ern Holmes Oval, Gunny won the toss and elected to bat based on Week 1/Week 2 combinations. Unfortunately this didn’t pay off, and we found ourselves in trouble early at 4/40. The pitch doing us no favours, offering less consistency than Brent’s timeline on returning from injury.

Andrew ‘60km run and surfing’ Morris (29) was the only one able to offer up any resistance at the top of the order, as his son also continues to achieve big things off the field while no longer playing cricket.

Speaking of father-son, it was a special day for the Meikle’s (Andy and Ben) who were part of the same team today. Andy ‘better’ Meikle (25) edged out the early honours for better Meikle, offering valuable runs in the tail to post a somewhat respectable total. Although he did leave his father stranded on 3*.

Kyle ‘didn’t see it’ Townsend (22) looked the goods early on in his innings hitting a lovely 6 and playing his shots, before being bowled off what was close to, if not, a waist high no ball of a leg spinner. This leg spinner also picked up another wicket off a full toss and a half-tracker, to finish with the most ordinary 3-6 this writer has ever seen.

Other than that Rohit ‘so much worse’ Ninan (12) was the only other one to reach double digits, however it hardly counts when his brother scored 150 in B1’s. Trade deals with Naps are being discussed as this is being written. Although Ro does offer comedic value in the field, known to ask batsman, in A2’s, if this is their first game of cricket based on shots played at the crease. One of Rohit’s other specialties is ball-tampering, however this has become ever more difficult in this COVID world. We wish him the best of luck in his sunscreen endeavours going forward.

We were bundled out for what was obviously well under par but felt defendable 125. Then we bowled.

Normo’s opening batsman were too good for us, hitting us basically all over the park. Roughly 3-4 sixes were hit in the first 10 overs and every other ball felt like an edge or uncomfortable shot. It was impressive to watch from 2nd slip.

The one wicket to fall was a run-out from Ben ‘worse’ Meikle off non other than the bowling of his son with a direct hit. Yes, this was taken into account in better Meikle calculations. We bowled well in patches but not consistently enough and Normo finished 1/119.

Backing ourselves in for a big week next weekend, we only need 9 wickets for a maximum of 5 runs. We feel right on top of this one and just need to wrap it up next week.

Note: a few weeks ago it was noted how that day was one of those days where cricket was enjoyable.

Today was not one of those days.

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Napper) 286 Vs ARL

The day started off with a rare toss win for Naps and we went out to bat. The loss of 2 wickets in the first 6 overs gave as flash backs of our last first innings performance. Ryan Gunn (14) and Nikhil Ninan made sure that history didn’t repeat as the pair put on a 50 run partnership. Tanay Hira (17) joined Nik at the crease and built another solid partnership of 59.

Nik continued to play classy shots as he worked all the bowlers around the ground. Asees Rajput (21) set about accelerating the run rate as Nik also cashed in with some big hitting.

Nikhil was eventually dismissed for 151 in the 2nd last over of the day – our 496th century. A huge effort for an opening batsman. The term ‘chanceless innings’ is often thrown around, but Nik’s innings was truly chanceless!

And for the 3rd week in a row, Ryan ‘Birdcage’ Loveridge gets a mention in a match report. Except this time it’s actually from his own team! BC played a beautiful knock at the end of the day to finish unbeaten on 41.

We have put a solid total on the board and will look to follow this performance up with a great day out in the field!

WPHC Red (Rick) 0/24 Vs Normanhurst-Warrawee 3 dec 313

Normanhurst Park has a very, very fast outfield.

If Usain Bolt made love to an F1, their baby still wouldn’t be as fast as Normo. Not sure what Usain was doing though. Awkward one to explain to mum at Christmas lunch. “Hey mum. Me and the car had a kid….”

Rick ‘Movember’ Turner won the toss, and elected to score a lot of runs next week, after they scored a lot of runs today. Please donate to Rick’s mo. We can almost see it.

Sometimes when you drop catches, it hurts. Not as much as giving birth, but today was close.

Anyway, before that, Dan ‘Jnr’ Schwartzel took the first wicket. It was our last wicket for a while. We did learn some stuff today about B Grade’s favourite twins. Matt ‘Snr’ Schwartzel is slightly older. Or was that Dan ‘Jnr’ Schwartzel? I keep getting mixed up. One of you blokes needs a Mike Tyson face tat or something.

As I said, the dropped catches hurt. And when the opener wasn’t hitting catches, he was lobbing balls next to our fielders like a golfer having 9 iron practice at the pin.

Volc ‘Loose Bus Change’ Banner and Snumpty ‘My Body Hurts’ Smyth then reminisced. The first time they met was at Normo Park in 1999. Back then, Volc had grey hair and Snumpty a bad back. Good to see they have both moved on. Snumpty seriously stiffened up today. And not in a pleasurable way.

My missus is watching re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy. Derek just died. She’s in tears. I’ve supported her by going to my man cave to watch highlights of Australia vs England. Maxwell and Carey hit tons, and we win. Giddy up.

Rick brought Raghu ‘Rags’ Chary on to bowl. He took 2 fa. He ripped leggies, wrong ‘uns, toppies and flippers, but it was his half trackers that took poles. Rags then bowled himself for an extra over, and it cost him beer. Thanks bro. I haven’t stopped drinking since.

Birdcage scored 41 for the Blues today. He told me he’d buy me a beer for every Match report mention. Birdcage. Birdcage. Birdcage. Birdcage. Birdcage. Birdcage.

Normo declared at 3/313. On paper, that looks a good score, but paper gets hit for 4 at Normo. Volc and Dan saw out 7 overs, and we are 0/24.

We’ll chase them next week. Volc 153*.

B2 Grade (Phill H)

WPHC 151 Vs Kenthurst Upper Hills 4/72

Kenthurst came into the game top of the table and undefeated, and early on it was clear that their bowling attack had plenty more pace and menace than we had seen this season.

After some early wickets, Kenthurst had us 2-22. A good partnership between Campbell Wallace and Basil Butler steadied the ship, until Basil (17) fell to a miss-hit pull shot when the score was on 70.

Campbell was by far our best batsman today, and the first in the team to get a 50 this season. Given his form today, he was on track for a big score until he got some bad luck, falling on 53 to an absolute screamer (fluke?) of a catch at short cover from a ball that was hit to the fielder travelling somewhere close to the speed of sound.

Alec Silins once again shored up our middle order exactly when we needed him to, batting really well with the tail during his innings of 22. Honorable mentions to Sam Hando for his valuable 15 at the back end of the innings, and Mithun Mithun for getting his first runs (and boundary) in club cricket.

We said at the outset that a total of 150 was needed to be competitive on this ground, so our total of 151 gives us a good number to defend as we head into next week. We had 22 overs left to bowl at them today, and our bowlers once again kept us right in the game. After getting hit for a massive six in his first over (eventually recovered from somewhere near Annangrove) Scott Chapman (1-15) responded beautifully to take the first wicket of the innings thanks to a great running catch by Campbell. This was quickly followed by Steve Ozvatic (1-9) knocking over the second opener in a short but highly effective spell of pace bowling.

Alec Silins, Sam Hando and Mithun Mithun all bowled well in the middle overs without luck, applying great pressure to the Kenthurst batsmen as they tried to hang in until stumps. They came close too, until Tom Hando went BANG BANG in the final over of the day with a double wicket maiden to put us in a strong position, with Kenthurst 4-72 and their best batsmen back in the pavilion.

A particular call out to the fielding efforts of a couple of lads – firstly Tim Worthington, for his sharp work with the gloves as our fill in keeper today, and also to Alec Silins who put in great effort in the field to chase down balls, cut-off boundaries and keep runs to a minimum.

And finally to our skipper Phil Hando, for his exceptional bowling changes keeping the batsmen on their toes in the short evening session.

All in all, a great day for cricket, and another game poised for an exciting finish next week!

C1 (Joseph)

WPHC 122 Vs Sydney Lions 2/22

The day got off to a relatively good start with our opener’s Ravi and Jude establishing themselves at the crease. However, with some tight bowling by the Sydney Lions runs were hard to come by in the beginning. Ravi eventually started to play some nice shots to get his innings going. Unfortunately, soon after the runs were beginning to flow a nice inswinging delivery from the opening bowler caught Ravi out in front, out LBW for 12. Abhay and Jude carried on and began to establish their partnership with Jude taking his time and Abhay ticking over the scoreboard. However, disaster struck when their leg spinner began his spell, turning one away from Abhay leaving him stranded outside of his crease, stumped for 15.

This triggered a middle order collapse with next in Hashene, scoring a boundary of his first ball but was cramped up and gloved one through to the keeper. Pavan also looked good to begin with however, was caught out by a quicker change up from the which bowled him out for 5. Louie came in but received and peach from the fast bowler in his first couple of deliveries and was unable to get his bat to it in time. Kevin tried to dig in but was dismissed the last ball before drinks trying to drive the ball through the covers. After drinks, Joseph arrived at the crease and was clearly looking to put the pressure back on the spinner, however, was unable to get a hold of one and was caught for 2. Shalin looked solid at the crease playing some nice off drives to get himself to 9 but received a controversial caught behind decision and was given out. Eamon took the crease and for the first time, the Boyle Brothers, Jude and Eamon, were batting together.  A momentous occasion!!! Eamon tried his best to stay in, playing the ball straight early on, however, he was outclassed by the leg spin bowler who dismissed him for 5. Lachlan was the last man in and also tried to stick it out but just got a ball that was too good and was bowled for 2. At the close of the innings Jude carried his bat to 48 not out, and West Pennant Hills finished all out for 122.

At the day West Pennant Hills had a chance to cause some early damage heading into next week. Some excellent economical bowling form both Abhay and Ravi to open the attack earned their early wicket. With Shalin, taking a beautiful catch, diving to his left, off Abhay’s bowling. Then Abhay followed this up, taking some advised from the seasoned captain, Joseph, bowling out Sydney Lions captain for a duck. To round off the day some tidy bowling from both Louie and Hashene looked promising to take another wicket. However, the day closed with Sydney Lions at 2 for 22. Needing 100 runs next week with only 8 wickets in hand.

Altogether, despite a collapse in the batting order, West Pennant Hills were able to scrounge together a defendable total especially after taking to early wickets towards the end of the day. Hopefully our threatening bowling attack can continue their good form and secure the win against the Sydney Lions


Red (Fieds) 110 Vs Hornsby 6/28

Rocking up to Montview Oval on a fine Saturday afternoon, the team was excited to get out and play some quality cricket. Captain Stu continued his winning toss streak and sent us out to bat. Nick ‘Pitch Inspection’ Duck and Nisal ‘Uber to the ground’ Lorensu-Hewa went out to start the day strong.

Nick fell early and out went Cam ‘Son of Jane’ Bish to steady the ship.

Nisal (22) and Cam (22) had a good partnership going, and got us to a good point at drinks. Adam ‘Hit a Six’ van Saarloos and Craig ‘Seeya Champ’ Hutchinson we’re next to make a good partnership. Adam wowed the crowd with his front foot defence followed by his first ever 6.

Our lower order collapse, which included a hat-trick (Alex ‘where’s the bathroom’ Chidgey kicked the ball onto his stumps for the final wicket), led us to end on 114.

Going out to bowl, the weather took a moist turn as the clouds came overhead. Moisture in the air, the ball began swinging. Waris ‘I think the ball is inswinging’ Trehan and Maz ‘Arm Sleeve’ Saikia received the new ball and got to work. Waris took 4 wickets and Maz picked up 2, as the light clearly affected the batsmen’s vision.

Taking the higher ground, the superior C2 team let the opposition return next week with some false sense of hope, leaving them at 6/28 at end of day.

Reports of Buzz’s inferior C2 team not letting the other team enjoy themselves proceeds to prove us as the better team, which will be solidified when we play them later this season.

Next week, we shall return with intent. Raunak’s return will inject some much needed enthusiasm that he is known to bring each week.

Blue (Buzz)

WPHC 2/131 defeated St Ives 82

Given we had two key players out for week 1 (Bloody Schoolies!) the team brains trust were at odds to what to do first this week. Best result – Buzz loses the toss and the Opposition choose to bat first.

Paul and Josh got us off to the type of start we remember from last season, both menacing and challenging the bat. Paul broke his wicket taking duck for the season picking up the first scalp, and he and Josh had them 3/3 after 9 overs of quality opening bowling.

At 4/20 our two quickies had done appreciable damage in their spells, so it was then time for our Day 1 fill-in Tarun to continue his magic from last match (C3 – 5 wicket haul) to come on and grab 3 more wickets.

Along with our secret weapon spinner Quan (who the opposition noted in the scorebook as ‘Wanda’ – possible new nickname?) who grabbed a valuable wicket, this pair of bowlers took the tally to 8/69. A few runs were eked out before Buzz had had enough and turned to Josh’s pace to clean up the tail. St Ives all out at tea time for 82.

Best of the bowlers were Josh 4/35, Tarun 3/14, Paul 2/11 and Wanda 1/11. Special note to Callum’s awesome fielding efforts, each match he’s saved a dozen runs in the field at minimum, that combined with good catching from the side makes a hell of a difference in the scorebook!

Heading out after tea, there was some determined and quality bowling thrown at our openers, but Connor and Hari weathered it well seeing off 15 overs of challenging stuff before Connor fell to a good one. It’s fantastic for us as a team to see our openers play with such skill and blunt the opposition attack, I’m sure Connor would have scored more if his girlfriend was there to watch though, so we may make this a pre requisite for next match.

Tarun joined Hari and the pair added a brilliant 78 run partnership with Tarun notching up 47. Having passed their score, Peter helped keep the runs ticking over and Hari made sure he completed the milestone of his first 50 for WPHC. Such a great team guy to have picked up this season (not to mention the fact that we no longer have to bowl against such a talented player!).

As Peter had bet on the fact that Buzz would be aggressive and declare overnight, and being about 50 ahead, we will probably have another crack at them straight up next week and see if we can push for an outright with the Schoolies boys back to bolster the bowling attack even further.

C3 Grade (Indranil)

WPHC 126 Vs Normanhurst-Warrawee 3/40

Another game at Campbell Park saw Captain Indranil win the toss and elected to bat. The normally fast scoring ground presented a soft outfield due to the heavy down-pouring on Friday evening. Normanhurst broke through early with 2 quick wickets of Cam & Sreeni but the ship was once again guided by opener Vinod (39) and new guy Tegas (23) who put on a 50 run partnership.

Some adjusting to the batting order this week probably didn’t put us in the best position to maximise our team tally but another good performance from last week’s night watchman Amit Sen saw him score a solid 15 not out. Before Amit went into bat last week, he said “I am 100 runs away from scoring my first century” Such a positive attitude and self-belief – 22 n/o last week and 15 n/o this week – 63 to go until you get your first century mate!

The innings closed at a lacklustre 126, not a high score on Campbell. However our enthusiasm to make the most of the last session of play saw a positive start with the ball with 2 wickets to John Rose and 1 wicket to Amit Sen. Some good all round fielding with strong commitment from all players kept the score after 21 overs at 2/40 with a nice catch by Rommel Panday at mid-on.

A game that is very much in the balance with the opposition defending the last 10 overs of the day without loss but also adding only a handful of runs. Next week the game will be won or lost in the first hour of play so we must be ready to bowl well and take our chances in the field.

C4 Grade (Rob)

WPHC 9/164 Vs Castle Hill

Match report to come

D1 Grade

Blue (Ross S) 9/226 Vs Castle Hill 1/13

Losing the toss yet again we were sent into bat. Steady bowling made it difficult to get the ball away, yet after 15 overs we had 36 on the board. Not so bad, but we had lost 4 wickets in the process.

Waman (30) and Ross then dug in, putting on 73 for the fifth wicket before Waman got bowled by a ball that slid along the pitch. Ross and Gihan then took us to tea at 5-126.

Unfortunately, the break was not so good for Ross who was dismissed in the second over after drinks for 44…

Looking to push things along a bit, we lost 4 quick wickets. At 9/160, I felt our score was a little under par, and would be happy with a few more runs, however Ram (44 no) and Sachman (25 no) had other ideas put on an entertaining unbroken 10 wicket partnership of 66 of just 8 overs, allowing us to declare at 9/226 and an opportunity to have 30 minutes at Castle Hill openers.

After some hostile bowling and a number of near misses, Ani stopped a zinger at second slip, and whilst on his back threw the ball and took out middle stump as the batsman attempted a run… we could have had another 2 wickets after some near misses, but Castle Hill finished the day at 1/13 …. hoping for good weather next week so we can clean them up.

Red (Diggers) 225 Vs Kissing Point Blue

I really love having Ross Anderson in my team.

Aside from being the Club’s leading run scorer and being an all-round great bloke, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. So after two rounds at the worst ground in the comp, Arcadia, we were treated to the pristine Howson Oval, probably in part due to Ross’s eloquently worded email to Roger, our delegate on the SCC.

So thanks Ross, you can go in and open after I lose the toss and we are sent in. Ross (11) put on 23 for the first wicket with Pratah(20) before Pratah got bored and holed out.

Enter Andrew(the Burglar) Fiedler who came in and played probably one of his most patient innings ever. Partnerships of 22 with Ross, 37 with Marcus (9), 65 with Connor (16), 48 with Ramil(30) saw us through to 207 before Andrew misjudged a straight one and was bowled for 97. Disappointing to fall short of a century but not bad for a more experienced bloke suffering from a couple of dodgy hammy’s, calves, etc.

So we were bowled out in the last over of the day for 225.

Should hopefully be enough with a strong bowling attack, even with the predicted 35 degree temp next Saturday.

D2 Grade (Nirav)

WPHC 0/10 Vs Berowra 141

Both teams arrived at the Annangrove Park with perfect playing conditions and lush green grass outfield. WPH won the first toss of the season and decided to bowl.

Praneel and Siby started swinging the bowl. Siby got early wickets and got both the openers out. We looked in control and the score was 2/10 after 10 overs.

Their key batsman and Berowra captain steadied their inning and WPH were working hard to get a few more quick wickets. With few dropped catches Berowra were scoring runs comfortably. Nirav started bowling from the other end and got their main batsman out caught by Praneel on the boundary. Score was 3/52 at drinks and WPH was looking good.

After drinks Nirav got one more wicket but that was the only wicket we had in the second session before Tea. All bowlers worked hard but didn’t get enough support by dropping catches. Berowra was cruising at 4/121 after 52 overs.

After trying all bowling combinations Nirav decided to bowl again and wickets started coming in the last session. With some great spin bowling from one end Nirav kept getting wickets. Amit and Parin finished the tail end and we got Berowra all out for 141 after 64 overs.

First fifer to Nirav and his bowling spell was 6/23 in 12 overs. Amit and Parin got a wicket each. With few overs remaining in the day Agni and Arun opened the innings. At end of the day1 WPH score 0/10.