Round 2, Day 2 (14th November 2020)

The 2020/21 Season format is:

  • 12 games (Vs the 14 in a normal season)
  • 4 x 1-day games
  • 7 x 2 day games
    • Breaks:
      • Last game before Christmas – 19th December
      • Re-start – 9th January 2021
  • 1 x Hybrid ‘Super Round’ to finish the season played on 13th & 20th March 2021. This will be a 1 Vs 8, 2 Vs 7 and so on
  • Final – 1 Vs 2 on 27th & 28th March.

Match Reports

A1 Grade (Phil W)

WPHC 189 defeated Glenorie 138 & 6/152

“Ross, WPHCCCC Board of Directors, Club Captain Phil Wurth, please accept my sincere apologies for the tardiness in sending this match report to you. I was too busy out last night CELEBRATING one of the greatest victories in our 142 year history.”

We started the day needing 54 runs to win, and there were nerves from all batsman to come in the WPHCCCC order. We had the most underrated batsman in the Association, Alex “Figjam” Robertson to come, and he showed his intent by rocking up at 12.29 for a 12.30 sharp start – thanks to Phil who told him to get there at 12.30. Another highlight prior to the cricket commencing was Phil confusing Mike Kinchington as Roger Friend, Phil trying to FaceTime Roger Friend, and Phil declaring the game over as he danced to the Swedish version of Morning Train.

We needed a good start and that’s exactly what we got. Ashane “Assman” Desilva and Luke “Ben Gassey” Herzog grinder through the first 10 overs, chipping away at the score. One of the highlights was Gandis headbutting a bouncer for 4 as evasive action. Both batsman looked like Bradman, however were subsequently dismissed and that brought Fig and Michael “Lichaaa” Richards to the crease.

12 to get, 3 wickets in hand and two batsman at the crease that haven’t picked up the willow all winter. But it didn’t matter, we fended off the abuse from Galston to secure the W, Fig bringing it up in style with a huge six down the ground. Lichaaa then put the foot on the throat, hitting two huge sixes to silence Galston.

Tiz and Cam came in last for some pinch hitting and we were 70 odd in front. Galston decided to play on and try and win outright – yay.

The pitch was a road and the bowling effort was ok, albeit not as sharp last week. The cartel were bitterly disappointed to see Phil Wurth take three wickets – all good batsman in a devastating 4 over spell. He now has 3 more wickets than Gandis…. sigh. Lichaaa and Cam picked up a couple of wickets as well.

All in all a great win set up by a strong bowling effort in W1. Thanks to everyone that came out to watch – Jes, Jed, Jes Friend, Kaity, Keith, Charlie, Finn, Billy, R Rich, G Rich, Lawerence golf ball, Coach, Mrs Banner et al. Thanks also to Fig and J Mac for helping us out. Fig – my favourite cricketer, what a man.

A2 Grade (Gunny)

WPHC 7/266 dec. Vs Castle Hill RSL 1/15

The Last time Captain Gunny had a week off from A2’s were bowled out for 36. Well last week Gunny won the toss and after scoring a ton it really was up to the bowlers to seal the deal.

Resuming at 1/15 Castle Hill had some work to do if they were 261 for victory. In the 5th Over KT found the Edge. Matt (how did I manage to find my way into 1st slip with only 4 fingers ) Watts dropped one sliding to his left. KT was less than impressed. We welcomed back Varun for his 1st game of the year. Varun bowled like he normally does, gun barrel straight, and gave nothing away.

Hutchy ( I can drop catches too) came into the attack replacing Varun. Hutchy was swinging them left and right, curling them like teenagers at the school urinal. Hutchy finally found the edge, fortunately it didn’t deviate too far and T-Rex managed to hold onto it, without any foot work.

Castle Hill weren’t scoring a lot of runs but kept us out there looking for wickets. The drinks break came and they were 2fa 50odd.

After the break Papa Meikle came on to liven things up, 1st wrong-un for the day not picked and the cut shot through point ended up as a swat to mid-off where Hutchy put down what could only be described as the 5th easiest catch of all time. Whilst Benny was struggling to find both his line and length the Castle Hill opener was still trying hard to find anything close to the middle of the bat.

Keats brought line and length, shape and all his tricks, and was unlucky not to find the varnish on leg stump.

The 3rd wicket to fall came from a sharp stumping between the legs and leg stump. I say sharp because I’m slow and the only thing slower was the batsmen trying to get back into his crease.

Now as the team started to get on top so did Ray (I couldn’t make my crease if I had a week) Kharmis. Ray was his normal chirpy self and after a series of misfields and body stops, the pavilion was on his back. Ray not wanting to divert any attention away from him decided to plant himself on the fine leg boundary nearer to his mates. Anyone who knows Ray, will realize that he’s not your typical boundary rider. With a pull shot running away to the midwicket boundary Ray closed in on the ball. At this stage the Opener thought it might be a good call to yell out “three on his arm”.

With ball in hand, the batsmen then decided not to chance it, Just that he decided a little too late for his partner. The miracle throw arrives right by the stumps and non-striker is BBQ’d with Sweet Baby Ray Sauce. Will this be Ray’s shining moment of the summer?

Nikhil bowled tight lines, beating the bat and another unlucky bowler. Not before being schooled in the merits of bowling outside off after asking for deep square to be moved to fine leg

At Tea 4/125 with bowlers bowling to a 9/2 field

After the break, the shackles were broken; Benny trapped one in front for his 2nd and then a run out from Hutchy at mid off with both batsmen at the non-strikers end. Varun returned for another tight spell knocking out leg stump and 1/8 off his 8ov day. Rohit took two good catches and KT cleaned up the tail with 2 before Matt W finished the day.  Castle Hill Rolled for 151

A great team bowling performance and we redeemed ourselves in the field.

Bring on Normo.

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue 64 & 7/169 defeated outright after losing on first innings to WPHC Red (Rick) 129 & 4 dec. 103 WPHC Blue (Napper) 64 & 7/169

Sunny conditions greeted us at the Garden of Headen, as we arrived to watch one of WPHC’s junior teams in action. It’s great that B1’s get to scout these kids before Gunny sees them in A2’s.

Resuming at 5/22, the Blues were under early pressure, with quick Reds wickets to Shaan ‘We’re Keeping Him Gunny’ Bakshi and Dan ‘Matt’ Schwartzel. To his credit, Birdcage now gets a legitimate Match report mention for scoring a nice 31.

Shaan took his well deserved 5th wicket, and dedicated this historic occasion to his Pat Cash headband. Snumpty ‘Willy’s Pharmacist’ Smyth then took the wicket of Birdcage, to give young B.Cage another match report mention. The final wicket to Deano ‘Defensive Bowling’ Carlin saw the WPHC Carlton Blues bowled out for 64, giving the Reds a 65 run 1st innings lead.

Both teams then got together and decided to play a 2nd innings. This was mainly due to the fact that no one wanted to go home to their wives and kids, knowing that an arvo with the boys was a far better option. For those concerned, I do love my wife and kids, but just not on a Saturday. It was written into my wedding vowels #clever.

Out came the Reds again, but some good NSW Blues bowling had us at 4/39. Knowing we wanted to push for an outright result, some beautiful hitting from Shaan ‘Get Your Hands Off Him Gunny’ Bakshi (45*) and Warren ‘Wazza’ Schwartzel (14*), gave the Reds the option to declare at 4/103, leaving the Blues 169 to win off 30 overs, dangling the carrot like a Mars bar for a fat kid. The crowd of Rick, Raffa, Buzz, Steve Q, Peter Lees and Fieds were up and about, as the prospect of a tight finish excited them more than a Bangkok bird show (Steve Q tells me).

A wicket 2nd ball to Deano, had the Reds up and about. A good partnership then formed, before a bowling change brought Manas ‘Labuschagne Warne’ Dhargalker on to bowl. Gunny ‘Chin Strap’ Jnr smashed one to the keeper, and in a blatant attempt at cheating, he didn’t walk. I heard the noise Diggers. There was then some cricket played, until Birdcage gets another website mention, for skying a catch to me. That’s twice I caught you champ.

More cricket got played, and there was more runs and more wickets. It got down to 16 needed off 2 overs. Everyone was as nervous as a virgin on his honeymoon, as it was going down to the wire. Both teams could still win outright. With 10 needed off the last over, then 2 off 2, Dan struck again, to leave 2 needed off 1 ball. A lucky French cut from Rahul through mid on for 4 got the Blues home outright, and they celebrated in an un-COVID like manner.

Sometimes they say cricket is the winner. If WPHC Red and WPHC Blue were children, their mum would congratulate them on sharing today – sharing the wins. Blues 6 points. Reds 4 points. A game played in great spirit, except for Deano.

B2 Grade (Phill H)

WPHC 113 defeated Kissing Point 82 & 9/126

I’ll try to give you a report as good as Basil has been doing. I’ve decided it’s not good as it’s too late and I’ve had too many drinks!

It was a true spectators day at the home of cricket! WPHC started the day at 6 for 57 needing 83 to win and it was a positive start with Alec and Steve looking solid and moving the score along. But we had a small problem; 3 quick wickets with leaving us at 9 for 73. We were now in a hard spot needing 10 runs to win and both new batsmen at the crease, being Tom and Mithun. Only being Mithun’s second game and first real test batting out in the middle he did a superb job helping Tom and the team getting across the line. If it wasn’t for Tom being greedy Mithun would have scored his first run in proper club cricket. Top batting Mithun.

After we won on first innings it didn’t take Tom long to loosen the arms and with a great partnership with Mithun they gave us a lead of 36 runs.

We decided to try and go for the outright and we made some progress early on having KP 5/33 with 22 overs still left in the day. We came back strong after dinks taking 2 more wickets quickly but at the end of the day we came up a bit short with KP 9/126 with a lead of 95 and then calling the day done just after 5.30.

Some solid starts to the batsmen with Basil (15), Alec (15) and Tom (39*). And also very good bowling in KP’s second innings keeping it tight and to the plan with Alec (3/44) & Tom (4/27).

Overall a great first innings win from WPHCCC B2.

 Blue (Buzz) 7 dec. 137 defeated Mt Colah 136 & 0/25

Resuming at 2/60, we managed to lose wickets in clumps throughout the day, however Connor showed patience and maturity holding the innings together to compile a classy 40 and even bigger scores look just around the corner for him.

Sam added a punishing 26 and despite a few more late wickets, we ended up passing them 7 down before throwing them back in to see if we could perhaps strike early, but at tea time without us breaking the opening partnership, we decided to happily take the win and move on to next match.

Red (Fieds) 8/116 defeated Castle Hill RSL 113

Northholm was still a slow thick field thanks to the mid week moist, as we set in to chase another 80 runs with 7 wickets in hand. Playing a man down made things harder with Nikki feeling very lethargic after a big Friday night. Adam decided to get the chase done quickly and was soon dismissed chasing a short ball. Bishy (19) was looking solid and tries to build partnerships, inspired by his misso on the sideline. Craig (8) was looking good but was unfortunate to fall LBW.

At 6/68 we were looking in trouble but on came Waris (33) and Alex (22*) to work through the strong Castle Hill bowling attack. Their fielding wasn’t up to the standard and with some good shots and aggressive running along with 6 dropped catches we managed to get the result.

Same result as C2 Blue but back at the Sporto earlier gives us another win against the smaller WPH team.

C1 (Joseph)

WPHC 3/210 defeated Berowra 126

Much warmer day than last week. We started the day 14/0. Openers did well to see off the New Ball. Ishan got out on the 15th over when the score was 25. Ravi and Jude put on a 50 runs partnership for the 2nd wicket. By Tea we were 68/1 with some tight bowling from Berowra. Ravi scored 25 to add to his 4 wickets for the Game. He was calm for a 14yr old with all the banter which was coming from the opposition.

We lost our 2nd wicket when the score was 89 but Jude continued with his patient innings and managed to score a 50. Straight after he had to rush to his formal. I am sure he will be talking this up with the ladies at the formal. Abhay batted extremely well to finish the game unbeaten 48 and Hashen and Kevin contributed with 21 & 27 runs.

Great WIN for the young side. I am sure we learned lot of lessons about playing Seniors and hope this is the first of many more Wins to come. Cant wait for the next Weekend !!

C3 Grade (Indranil)

WPHC 245 defeated St Ives 204

Chasing 205 for Victory after finishing at 2/89 at the close of play on day 1, our batting line up needed to perform to put ourselves in a winning position.

Last week’s night watchman Amit Sen, did what very few night watch men do in any grade of cricket – he batted an amazing 45 overs, wearing down the opposition bowlers with his stoic defence, and anchored one end until the end of play. Finishing with 22 not out, it was an amazing innings of mental strength and determination, that allowed our key batsmen to score the runs required.

Great individual performances contributed to an outstanding team result. Vinod Kumar (58) was the highest scorer, but contributions from Cameron (28), Vendant Virmani (47), John Rose (18) and finishing the job was Turan Lath with a nice 38 not out after taking 5/ 35 last week with the ball.

As we know, cricket is a team sport and individual contributions determine the team’s results. The game was played with enormous enthusiasm and commitment and it was a nice start to the season to claim the 6 points with a first innings win.

Congratulations to the whole team and whilst some felt that an attempt for an outright victory should have been pursued with 2 sessions still to play, the reality was we only had a 40 run lead, needing to declare and bowl the opposition out after they scored 205 and batted for 48 overs in the first innings on a great batting track that Campbell Park offers, sensibility prevailed and the Captains called the game over at the tea break, with an outright victory almost impossible for the WPH team.

It was also nice to see the majority of players make it back to the club for a quick celebratory drink which also helps solidify the team’s unity going forward.

C4 Grade (Rob)

WPHC 175 lost to St Ives 9/179

Being 9/166 after week one, the plan this week was to bat for 10 overs and get another 30 – 40 runs. Well that was the plan anyway. St Ives chose to take a new ball and after 3 overs we added 9 runs, but Rob was caught behind. Unfortunately this left Daniel stranded on 47 n.o. A great mature innings that steered us to a defendable total.

So the mission was to bowl them out for less than 175 in 64 overs. A tall order given both our opening bowlers were not playing this week, but still very possible.

Things started well and with good tight bowling from Daniel and Alastair, we had them at 3/17. Wickets continued to come and we remained in the hunt. At 7/120 things were swinging our way. But unfortunately a stubborn partnership towards the end got St Ives home. Not without some excitement though. We had them 9 down and it could have gone either way.

The highlight was a nice 5 for to Alastair. Nothing fancy, just good stump to stump bowling.

One that got away from us!

D1 Grade

Blue (Ross S) 8/202 defeated St Ives 161

Turning up to ground on week 2 the first thing we noticed was that the ground had been neatly mown and looked fast…..St Ives players castigated their Captain for getting it so wrong, whilst we all looked forward to getting out there for the run chase in great batting conditions.

However things did not start off according to plan, losing two wickets in the first over without a run on the board. Unfortunately things did not improve and after 5 overs we were 3-14….struggling against good St Ives bowling.

With the ball starting to rough up, Happy and Gihan then started to build a nice partnership which was unfortunately broken when Gihan (13) was dismissed by a great catch at short fine leg.  We then lost another quick wicket and at one stage were 5-58…after 14 overs….Jake (14) and Happy then started building a solid partnership until Jake decided to call 2 and test out Happy’s newly healed calf muscle…..which unfortunately did not hold up….none of us including St Ives were up to the challenge of carrying Happy off, so at the request of St Ives we then had to send in our Happy lookalike Anik in as Happy’s runner……whilst this created some interesting challenges for batmen, fielders and umpires,……. things went according to plan with Jake and Happy taking us to the first drinks break. After drinks we progressed with some solid batting but unfortunately, we lost to two quick wickets and at 6/89 things were feeling quite tense.

However, being able to take rests at square leg was just the tonic Happy needed to maintain the energy to flay the ball around the park. Ani (41) and Happy then took up the attack and with a partnership of 91 of just 12 overs got us past the St Ives total….Ani dismissed just after we passed the score and Happy 81 not out……

Whilst we were ok to finish the game early, a sportsman like gesture from the St Ives captain, suggested that we bat on until Happy either got out or made his hundred.. 10 overs later and with 8 wickets down Happy hit his final runs to bring up a well deserved hundred….(102 not out). Special mention to Anik, who ran for Happy , more than 60 of his runs…..Thanks Anik..

Our first win of the season .Well done lads………

Big congrats to Happy for his 102 no – our 495th century and 2nd of the season……

Red (Diggers) 113 lost to Mt Colah 3/119

After posting a slightly below bar score last week, we returned to Arcadia with the outfield freshly mown and a hell of a lot drier. Needing to take early wickets, we had an early breakthrough with a great catch to our keeper, Manoj, down leg side.

Unfortunately after that, we proceeded to drop catches galore and that pretty much sealed our fate.

Some nice bowling from Disco, Rushab, Rushil, Lachlan and Fieds created chances and kept the runs down and it took Mt Colah until tea to pass our total.

A disappointing loss but we had our work cut out after losing the toss and copping the worst of the conditions last week.

Great effort from everyone and we will get some wins up soon.

D2 Grade (Nirav)

WPHC 9/213 defeated Kenthurst 84 & 2/63

Finishing 0/59 last week WPH needed 26 runs to win the game by first innings.

Luke and Arun played some great shots and continued their opening partnership. After 81 runs of partnership Luke got out at 37. Praneel came 1 down and started building partnership with Arun against good bowling from Kenthurst. After chasing down the required score in 10 overs Praneel decided to go for it and scored 50 quick runs in 48 balls. We built up some good partnership in the middle and decided to declare at 9/213 after playing 40 overs.

There were still 27 overs left in the play and early wickets could have helped us to get the outright win. All the bowlers tried really hard but we got the first wicket at the end of the 16th over.

After trying all the bowlers we decided to call off after the 22nd over. Kenthurst final score 2/63. First win of the season was a great way to enjoy the Diwali day.

Happy Diwali and prosperous new year to everyone.