Round 2, Day 1 (7th November 2020)

The 2020/21 Season format is:

  • 12 games (Vs the 14 in a normal season)
  • 4 x 1-day games
  • 7 x 2 day games
    • Breaks:
      • Last game before Christmas – 19th December
      • Re-start – 9th January 2021
  • 1 x Hybrid ‘Super Round’ to finish the season played on 13th & 20th March 2021. This will be a 1 Vs 8, 2 Vs 7 and so on
  • Final – 1 Vs 2 on 27th & 28th March.

Match Reports

A1 Grade (Phil W)

WPHC 5/85 Vs Glenorie 138

Kenthurst No1 welcomed us with lush turf and FINALLY a pitch that wasn’t underwater. Phil “Worth” Wurth made sure he let the team know that he “NEVER loses a toss”. Mitch Tullly from Glenorie won the toss and elected to bat first, on what looked to be a good wicket.

Billy Gaunt was presented with his A1 players cap, no 328. You can see the presentation on our team Instagram, search WPHCCCCCCA1 for all live content, interviews, profiles and podcasts. Billy was welcomed by receiving sand kicked into his kit by an angry Gav Taylor when he found out we had lost the toss.

Michael “2xPOTY” Richards and Cam “Krang” McBrien kicked us off and the clamps were applied from the get go, mainly thanks to some strategic leg side bowing from Lichaaa. Krang got the first wicket of the season, with an outstanding catch from Billy Gaunt – who immediately passed his keeping probation. Krang had a second shortly after, with Ashane De Silva, the Assman, recovering from a momentary lapse in concentration to grasp a great chance. Krang has wonderful first spell figures of 6 overs, 2/1.

Lichaaa strung together 5 straight maidens before finally wearing down Tully LBW in front. You can see the plumpness on our Instagram page as referenced. Luke “Vegan by Choice” Herzog and Tiz “King” Mystery continued the cartel dominance, King getting Tully caught down the leg side right before the first drinks break. Glenorie is deep poo poo at 4/for not many.

Jackson “Preeds” Freezy came on after the break and secured another wicket, Tully falling victim to a loose shot and another catch for Assman. Then Glenorie consolidated. Tully and Albrecht put on a handy stand, ticking over the scoreboard. Phil in desperate times turned to Gav “The Langham” Taylor, who pinched the key breakthrough – thanks to an unbelievable catch from Lichaaa. Albrecht on his way after ironically running his mouth against the two men involved in his dismissal.

It was at this point that Gav Taylor crossed the line and told umpire Geoff Hasler to be “careful” of COVID because he was in the “vulnerable age bracket”. Geoff responded by formally warning Lichaaa for a COVID violation of shining the ball incorrectly. Geoff 1, Leadership Squadron 0.

Gav tipped through the tail himself and ended up snaring 4, much to the disappointment of the cartel. We bowled Glenorie out for 138, a tremendous effort built off excellent pressure bowling and fantastic catching.

After James “Jamakin” Makin schooled Geoff Hasler on the rules of alternate players, we ventured out to bat. Glenorie and Coach Middo has bought well over the offseason, balancing the Tully’s with a very fast PB Lawerence from Hawkesbury 1st grade. He got Jamakin and Josh “Kementari” Banner early. Gab departed shortly after and we were deep poo poo at 3 for not many.

Phil said something special would happen earlier this week and that it did – he his Tully, PB Lawerence and West all over the park, including a couple of huge sixes that went over the trees. Not through or into the trees, OVER the trees. He also told Glenorie how good he was. Karma then hit Phil and he went for 44. Freezy also departed after showing good signs for 11

Gandis and Ass survived the end of the day and we have 5 wickets left and approx 50 runs to get. With star inclusion, Alex “Costa Concordia” Robertson batting for us next week, you wouldn’t be surprised to see the money come thick and fast for Glenorie post stumps. But WPHCCCCCCC are here for the fight, our goal is undefeated this season and we are in a great position to kick our season off on a positive.

Don’t forget to follow out Insta page and a big thanks to all the WAGS – Kaity, Jes, Coach Kiralee, Coach Gus, Jo, Portland Maine, Meiks, Mrs Meiks, et al, for coming to support us today.

A2 Grade (Gunny)

WPHC 7/266 dec. Vs Castle Hill RSL 1/15

We’re in to November and we’ve finally got a full day of cricket! That great sport we devote our entire Saturday for 6 months of the year to. Today was actually a good day for us where cricket was kinda fun. It doesn’t happen often.

We won the toss and batted at Les Shore 1, and from there the sun shined a little brighter, the birds chirped a little louder, Semonn’s muscles got a little bigger, and everything in the world was at peace.

Andrew ‘Loves Umpiring’ Morris (34) got things going after an early wicket, and looked solid at the crease playing some glorious shots on the way to a ‘40-odd’. Andrew also recently lost an indoor cricket grand final to Birdcage, Billy and Ray. Ask any of these 4 for details.

Matt ‘concussion’ Watts went down a similar path as Andrew, playing some cracking shots on the way to 35. The ball before he got out, Matty copped an unfortunate blow to the head where a fielder through it at no slow pace to the keeper for a quick single and gave Matty’s helmet a real rattling. Next ball he was dismissed, but looked good and hopefully sign of good things to come!

Ray ‘BBQ’ Khamis (24) came in and looked real solid with the only 6 of the day before being dismissed in the most ordinary fashion you’ve ever seen. Large fines to come. Gunny bunted one to long on for an easy single, but unfortunately it was a little too easy for Ray. Wandering to the keepers end, a long throw came in and with his back to the ball Ray found himself short of his ground.  ‘Left 76 runs out there’ – Ray Khamis.

Gunny ‘lower high score than Alex Chidgey’ managed to get a few in a long overdue innings. He rode his luck but managed to raise the bat a couple of times on his way to 129. Can only go downhill from here! Gunny’s ton is the 494th in our history and his 5th overall – more on this in the Anecdotes.

A declaration followed at 7/266, whereby Todd ‘Hotrod’ Hutchinson picked up a wicket in his first over after a well taken catch by professional gully Benny ‘Papa’ Meikle. Castle hill finished the day at 1/15 after a quick bowling stint.

We’re in a good position to win this one with the one wicket being Castle Hill’s best batsman. Hopefully we can bring it home next weekend!

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Napper) 5/22 Vs WPHC Red (Rick) 129

Pleasant blazer conditions greeted both teams at the Garden of Headen.

The day got underway with a formal coin toss ceremony. Snumpty and Naps are notoriously poor tossers, but today one would have the coin land in their favour. Naps confirmed his horrible form with another wrong call. Reds chose to bat.

How this game was not at Greenway is beyond logic. Snumpty ‘Tight Back’ Smyth surprised himself and won the toss, and elected to bowl second.

Out went the Reds, and back went Volc ‘Wristy’ Banner and Willy ‘Irish Hanky’ Williamson cheaply, as Birdcage ‘How Will I Get To My Party Tonight’ Loveridge struck early. And just like a bloke on a dry spell, Birdcage went wide, bang, wide, bang.

That brought Rocco and Raghu together, who steadied the ship slightly. Rocco made 18 before Naps got him with a classic piece off off-spin meat pie. Raghu (25) was joined by Shaan ‘Shane’ Bakshi (16), who saw us through to drinks. I love drinks. Especially Melbourne Bitter. If anyone wants to get me a Christmas present, a case of red tins would be great thanks.

Post drinks was a different story, as the session was owned by the WPHC Carlton Blues. Some good bowling saw the Reds lose wickets as quickly as the Blues changed keepers. At 7/72, things were looking as promising for the Reds as a Milli Vanilli vocal award, but Matt ‘Dan’ Schwartzel (14*) stood firm, with a handy partnership with Dan ‘Matt’ Schwartzel.

No one could tell the brothers apart whilst scoring, and this author still doesn’t know who is who. It’s the most bamboozled I’ve been since Year 9 algebra. Snumpty then rubbished himself to 27, before Birdcage ‘Best Bowler I’ve Faced This Season Cause He Asked For A Match Report Mention’ Loveridge got him caught.

Matt ‘Dan’ Schwartzel was joined by Deano ‘Still Doomben’ Carlin, with another 14 added for the last pole. A good bowling effort by the NSW Blues saw the Reds dismissed for 129, with only 2 4’a hit on an outfield as slow as Gladstone Small’s neck growth.

The Reds turn to bowl, and Shaan ‘Warnie’ Bakshi fired up early with 3 poles, with nice shares taken by Matt/Dan and Dan/Matt. Buggered if I can tell them apart. Doomben Deano took 1/6 from the other end, before Warren ‘Dad’ Schwartzel bowled beautifully to his field in the final over, to leave the Blues at 5/22.

At the Bowlo, it was commented on how we don’t like this season’s scorebook as much. Birdcage then joined us as he realised he was drinking with the 4 blokes he dismissed.

The end.

B2 Grade (Phill H)

WPHC 6/57 Kissing Point 82

No lack of excitement at the home of cricket today! Our ‘Phill-in’ skipper Tom Hando, showing his local knowledge, read the conditions well and sent Kissing Point in to bat to take advantage of some overcast and windy conditions.

All of our bowlers were outstanding. Tom Hando (5-7) immediately found the slot in an almost unplayable spell with the new ball. His 2 consecutive wickets in the 6th over set the scene for the rest of the innings, and was just as devastating when he took the older ball to clean up the tail. Exceptional performance.

Alec Silins (3-13) picked up where he left off last week, relishing the extra drift and dip he was able to get from bowling into a strong wind. His 8 over spell was relentless, keeping up great pressure with barely a loose ball bowled while our pacemen hammered away at the batsmen from the other end.

Steve Ozvatic (1-5) and Sam Hando (1-19) picked up a wicket each, while Mithun MIthun (0-6) and Scott Chapman (0-23) showed great pace and control with the wind at their backs and were both unlucky to go wicketless.

There was no weak link in our attack today, and our fielders supported the bowling brilliantly. We held our catches (bar one difficult chance going down) and our ground fielding was tight, plus plenty of talk helped maintain the pressure on the batsmen and allowed our bowlers to capitalise. Kissing Point were dismissed for 82 with 27 overs left in the day.

Unfortunately, this is where momentum shifted. It was an afternoon our batsmen would rather forget, as wickets fell steadily from shots that a number of our lads would prefer to forget. We finished up 6-57, still a good chance at taking innings points but certainly not where we’d hope to be after such a dominant performance in the field. Will undoubtedly make for an exciting day’s play next week as both teams have reason to believe that an outright result is a real possibility.

C1 Grade (Joseph)

WPHC 0/14 Vs Berowra 126

Second game of the season. Berowra won the toss on a much brighter day and elected to bat. Our two young opening bowlers Abhay and Louie started things very tight at the start. Louie managed to get a wicket on his first over. And from there everyone bowled consistently and never let Berowra get away to a good partnership. By Tea Berowra were 6/70. Which was a great effort by all our young bowlers. After tea we couldn’t get the wickets as quickly as we would have liked.  But we managed to get all 10 wickets before close of play and kept Berowra to 126. Very good spell of bowling by Ravi who took 4 wickets and he is only 14years old

Our Opening Batsman Ishan and Jude had to survive 9 Overs. With all the noise and some tight bowling from the opposition they manage to survive with 14 runs on the board too. Can’t wait for next Saturday …hopefully we can run this score

C2 Grade

Blue (Buzz) 2/60 Vs Mt Colah 136

With Foxglove North looking resplendent today, we decided to have a bowl after winning the toss and see if we couldn’t shake up the Opposition and bowl them out cheaply. It almost went to plan when Paul found the edge in the first over, but a dropped chance seemed to set us up for a session where despite good bowling, nothing quite went our way.

Despite a probing over from Quan just before drinks (0/1, but deserved a wicket) the score stood at 0/50 and it was a change of bowling that brought some luck with Xander and Buzz breaking through with a couple of quick wickets. Chances still seemed to lob just short or wide of fielders, but perseverance was the key and we tied up the scoring and took regular wickets to have them 5/120 at tea with Xander and Bishy picking up more scalps.

The session after tea brought Riley into the attack and he proceeded to demolish the tail with a stunning spell picking up 4/10.

Great bowling from Paul even though he went wicketless in 14 probing overs. Riley bagged 4, Dylan 3, Xander 2 and Buzz 1. All out 136.

Our openers set about their task well before Hari fell to an extraordinary catch in slips with the fielder horizontal to the ground diving full length (this just doesn’t normally happen in C2s lads – very unlucky Hari!) Connor played beautifully to remain 22* and with Peter 10* we are well placed to push for the win.

After the Red team opened the sledging account last week, we in the Blue team would just like to draw attention to the fact that currently C2 Blue are sitting 2nd on the competition ladder whilst C2 Red are languishing in second last.

Red (Fieds) 3/30 Vs Castle Hill RSL 113

Northholm Grammar showed a thick covering with moist highlights on the fringes, much like Adams last date. Captain Stu continued his fine form with the toss and we chose to bowl. We got off to a lightning start with Waris and Nikki leaving Castle Hill at 6/21 with a sumptuous opening spell.

Fierce sledging from Adam and good fielding all round was the highlight of a strong session. After drinks, wickets proved harder to come by with a middle order resistance carrying Castle Hill into tea at 7/87. Bowling changes brought about the end of the innings at 113. Wickets to Waris (4), Nikki (2), Craig (1), Naiyyar (1), and Jack (1).

Our turn to bat and good bowling saw us tumble to 3 down in 15 overs before Adam and Bishy steadied the ship. Castle Hill decided it was too cold and ended their innings 20 minutes early. Good spirits going into next week for the best WPH C2 team.

C3 Grade (Indranil)

WPHC 2/89 Vs St Ives 204

Finally we got a full day’s cricket in today. St Ives won the toss and elected to bat.

WPH bowled well in the first session to have them at 3/60 after 20 overs, however the second session proved to swing in the Oppositions favour with minimal wickets and a flow of runs on the Campbell Park surface.

Tarun Lath was bought into the attack as our 6th bowler and finished the innings with figures of 5/35 of 8 overs. Well done Tarun – your accuracy resulted in some handy wickets and your contribution today was significant to the current match status.

WPH eventually finished the innings of St Ives with a little over 1 hours play remaining, bowling them all out for 204.

WPH openers Vinod Kumar and Cameron Croucher set the pace for the run chase being 0/78 before Cameron lost his wicket LBW late in the day. Eventually finishing at 2/89, WPH are well placed to challenge for a first innings victory next week with Vinod remaining at 53 n/o with 48 runs scored in boundaries.

Good contributions from a number of players today both with the ball, in the field and with the bat, have set up an exciting prospect for a win on day two of round two.

We must continue to field well and take catch opportunities throughout the season if we are to be serious contenders in this competition, but some positive contributions from a number of players show a positive start to the 20/21 season.

Well done C3 today!

C4 Grade (Rob)

WPHC 9/166 Vs St Ives

Driving all the way to Hassell Park the clouds were getting darker and darker. Wasn’t looking great when we tossed the coin but fortunately the weather behaved itself and we got a full days play in.

Not surprisingly Rob lost the toss and we were asked to bat. Not what we wanted given our wk1 and wk2 players. And with half the team involved with junior cricket, we had to rejig the batting order.

Roger and Aden opened the batting and got us off to a good, solid start. Walking out to bat Aden was heard saying to Roger that it is unlikely we will be hitting any fours, as the boundaries were all the way back at a massive Hassell Park. First ball and Aden hit a four!

After seeing off the opening bowles, both Roger and Aden got out in almost identical fashion. Top edge down the leg side and caught.  Two quick wickets followed and we were 4/44 at drinks. Time to knuckle down.

Luke (the younger Fullerton) was playing a very patient innings. He helped us steady and was in a nice partnership with Will. 5/87 at tea and it was looking a little better. Post tea we unfortunately lost both not out batters. Luke ended up getting a 47.

Pravin and Daniel took us to the drinks break at 7/128. Both were batting well and put on a very nice partnership. 3 late wickets and we ended the day on 9/166. Some early quick runs next week and then we will need to bowl well.

 D1 Grade

Blue (Ross S) Vs St Ives 161

We lost the toss and St Ives decided to bat. They started off very slowly with some tight bowling from Gihan and Happy losing their first wicket after 11 overs with the score at 18.

We continued to keep their batsman very quiet with continued good bowling and fielding and at the first drinks break they were 4/32 off 20 overs.  St Ives then put together a very good partnership over the next 34 overs.  Not much we could do as the batting was solid….with the partnership at 83 runs Rosco managed to snare a key wicket.  5/115….bowling continued to be tight and we bowled with little luck until Umar came on and took 3 quick wickets.

We finally dismissed St Ives for 161 off 74 overs.  Umar finished with 3/8, Ram and Sachman taking 2 wickets, Happy, Aniket and Ross with 1 each. A really good bowling and fielding effort, plenty of chances just not going to hand and pleasing with only 14 sundries in 74 overs. With 15 minutes to go we decided to call stumps….Looking to keep our heads down as we chase next week.

Red (Diggers) 113 Vs Mt Colah

Other than Gilroy, Arcadia has to be one of the worst grounds around and we had the misfortune of playing there for the second match in a row.

Anyway, we arrived with the pitch dry but the northern outfield a “Heavy 10” in racing terms.

Had hoped to bowl today with a bit of drying weather due this week and the ground probably on the to-do list for the Hornsby Council lawnmowers in the next few days.

So we lost the toss and were promptly sent in. After losing an early wicket, Lachlan (11) and Fieds (12) dug in against a very good Mt Colah bowling attack before Lachlan was out to a very good catch with the score on 26. Ramil (40) then continued his great early-season form, putting on 34 with Fieds and 27 with Rushil before he was fired by Disco.

A regular procession of wickets followed and saw us all out for 113 with 30 minutes to go in the day.

After the break for change of innings we had 20 minutes at Mt Colah and after Connor clean bowled one of the openers with the first ball, we were up and about in the field.

Couldn’t jag any more wickets in the six overs but at 1/3, Mt Colah will have plenty of scoreboard pressure on them early next Saturday.

D2 Grade (Nirav)

WPHC 0/59 Vs Kenthurst 84

After learning our lesson from a very close game of R1, all players came charged up to play R2 against Kenthurst.

We lost the toss again and Kenthurst decided to bat first.

With some really tight bowling from both ends we started well. Praneel got the first wicket with in the second over and bowled well throughout the game, with 7 maiden overs out of 9 overs and gave only 4 runs.

Siby showed some good line and length in the second spell and clean up the tail end and took 3 wickets. With continued pressure from bowlers Kenthurst kept losing wickets. Manoj Indulkar (from D1) also helped us with bowling and wicket keeping, got the main wicket.

Amith, Agni and Vishal got one wicket each and Nirav got 2 wickets. We got Kenthurst all out for 84 in 49 overs.

With 18 overs of play left Arun and Luke open the bating and played some great shots and kept the partnership going. Final score 0/59 has put is in driving position at the end of day 1.