Round 1, Day 2 (31st October 2020)

The 2020/21 Season format is:

  • 12 games (Vs the 14 in a normal season)
  • 4 x 1-day games
  • 7 x 2 day games
    • Breaks:
      • Last game before Christmas – 19th December
      • Re-start – 9th January 2021
  • 1 x Hybrid ‘Super Round’ to finish the season played on 13th & 20th March 2021. This will be a 1 Vs 8, 2 Vs 7 and so on
  • Final – 1 Vs 2 on 27th & 28th March.

Match Reports

A1 Grade (Phil W)

WPHC drew with Kissing Point

Day 2 and still no play for the A1 boys after a washout at Ern Holmes Oval (Pennant Hills) so on to next week with 2 points in the Bank.

A2 Grade (Gunny)

WPHC drew with Hornsby 4/185

How good is cricket! The A2’s returned to season 2020/21 at Parklands Oval, where somehow the 1pm storm missed us.

The day was accurately summed up by the first ball of the match and season, whereby KT bowled a full, straight ball which was promptly lifted back over his head for what was probably a six but given four.

Unfortunately, it appears pre-season end-of-season boot camp the week before season started has left the team decimated. The rigours of A2’s cricket. A 3am beach run after a few too many soft drinks has left Brent ‘meniscus’ Larkham out for 6-8 weeks. Fielding drills led by Ray involving red cups also did not prove beneficial, with chances going to ground that we probably needed to take.

Keats got a wicket off his first ball which barely made it to the other end. 3 of our 4 wickets were caught on the boundary. Pear sacrificed his knee to save a run, and will need to take all forms of medication to ensure he is ready to go next weekend.

By the end of the innings more players wanted to go home than GWS players handing in trade requests. Thankfully the rain and storm came in, and we did not have a go with the bat.

With our batting order we actually backed ourselves to chase it down, but not to be today and we move on with some good fielding/bowling practice ready to go for round 2.

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Napper) 115 drew with St Ives 0/4

It rained. A lot. Zac “Orange Roughie” Turner copped the seed of the season and lost his off stump for 18. Leaving us 5/64, interesting as we classify ourselves as a batting side.

Rahul and Tanay steadied the ship before Rahul was dismissed for 15 by an athletic catch in the covers. Such athleticism is nothing new to this side with Rob “I’ll have a beer at 12:01” Knapman regularly patrolling the infield with grace and enthusiasm.

Tanay ‘Top Knot’ Hira was the shining light of the day, not only with the highlights in his hair but also the top score with 25. Birdcage sucks. Anush and Bob also did not score many runs getting 5 and 1 respectively.

Reeling at 9 for 109, only one man could save us in this time of need. Enter Matt “I’m Bald” Diggers with a heroic 4 not out to guide us to a respectable 116.

We bowled 1 over. Nushy got hit for 4. Rain came. Ekkas picked up the cones. We went to the Sporto.

Looking towards the future, we are confident with a draw against reigning b1 Premiers in Round 1. Besides playing for the Quanderson Cup, the game to look for is against the bye, where the boys are hopeful but not certain of a win.

WPHC Red (Rick) 5/181 defeated on quotient Sydney Lions 2/100 (result to be confirmed)

Hi everyone. And welcome. Skipper, Rick ‘Tina’ Turner won the toss last week in the rain, and was so excited by that, he chose to bat again this week. Before we talk cricket, the pitch drainage work was superb by Tina, Hutcho and Rocco. We could have played on the Indian Ocean today. Drain that water into the bin.

So a 30 over a side game was decided, and we batted before they did. Our openers, Volc ‘Grey Pants’ Banner and Rocco ‘Axl’ Rochow went out to bat, and got off to a positive start. Volc then got out for 10, to what can be only told as the greatest, slow, full bunga in the history of world cricket, after a blinder of a catch at mid-wicket. Volc said last week that the Lions couldn’t catch herpes in the Cross, so it serves him right for getting snatched. To be fair, it was a disgusting dismissal, as I’ve seen Under 10’s shot put the ball quicker than old mate who snared Volc.

Raghu ‘Beefy’ Chary and Tina then went cheaply, which brought Manus ‘Labuschagne’ Dhargalkar to meet Rocco in the middle, in a better partnership than Britney Spears had with her 5 husbands.

I’ll repeat, Volc got out to a slow bunga. How is the 2nd leading ton scorer in our great club’s history that bad????

So Rocco and Manus got us through to the 15 over mark at 3/51. We felt we were a bit short at this stage, like an underperforming honeymooner. Captain Rick gave the nod to kick on, and Manus decided to bomb the Annangrove clubhouse like a terrorist, on his way to 60 off 51 nuts. Gee he hit them well.

With 5 overs to go, Rocco was joined by Snumpty ‘Testie Pop’ Smyth, and slogged 53 off the last 5 overs (114 off the last 10),to finish on a wonderful 5/181. Rocco was dismissed off the last ball of the innings for 79, after his headband fell off his head and hit the stumps.

In moist conditions, we then bowled. Deano ‘Doomben’ Carlin created chances early, but their opening bat tried his luck, and hit as many chances as I’ve had with my wife. Hutcho ‘Hutch Hutcho Man’ Hutchinson struck early, with a solid catch to Labuschagne at point. We then tried to dry up the runs, with a good spell from Prats ‘Socks Tucked In’ Dakar and Willy ‘Proclaimer’ Williamson. Prats was the star. His pants were 38 sizes too big, so he Harry high panted them and tucked in his socks. Tremendous effort to be able to live with that.

Hutcho Man came back on to take another wicket, just as the rain came back down, to leave the Brisbane Lions 2/100 after 17.4. Play was abandoned, and we actually don’t know if we played enough overs to win or not. I’m drinking like we did.

On to the result

To be determined by the Association but using the wet weather quotient as the Lions batted for 17.4 overs (minimum required is 15 overs), our revised total is 135 runs meaning that the Lions fell short. But…to be confirmed.

B2 Grade (Phill H)

WPHC 123 lost to Hornsby 5/125

Halloween felt more like Groundhog Day as the teams arrived at a damp and stormy Headen Park once again. We continued our innings on 3-64, although with one of our not out batsman from last week unable to play and our skipper also out due to illness, we had a tough job ahead of us.

Progress was slow early on, due to the wet conditions and some good straight bowling from Hornsby. Wayne Schwartzel (33) and Basil Butler (31) kept the scoreboard ticking over and built a decent partnership, but once the first wicket fell Hornsby quickly rolled through the rest of the order. We set them a target of 123 in 35 overs, and remained hopeful we could defend this with our bowling attack in the conditions.

Hornsby came out aggressively, their openers having plenty of luck with a number of lofted or skied shots dropping tantalisingly close to our fieldsmen. After another brief delay due to light, Steve Ozvetic (1-12) got the first breakthrough, sending stumps flying to collect his first wicket for the club. Alec Silins (3-14) bamboozled the opposition with his wiley off spin and was our best bowler today. He got pretty excited about his wickets, too – although next time we recommend he wait for a catch to be taken before vociferously celebrating!

With the score at 4-78, we had some momentum and looked a chance of rolling through them, but in the end we just didn’t have enough runs. Hornsby passed our score in the second last over of the day – deciding to bat on for another over just to make sure, which gave Mithun Mithun (1-18) a chance to get his first wicket for the club with an absolute peach of a ball that crashed through the defences.

Big thanks to 2 of our team this week – firstly, to Ben Dunkerley for coming down at late notice to ensure we could field a full team, and also to Tim Worthington for stepping up to lead the team in Phill’s absence this week. Thanks lads – you both did a great job.

C1 Grade (Joseph)

WPHC 1/22 drew with Kenthurst 6/141

Significant Game for us. First game of the season. 6 Junior boys making their Senior debut and 2 Older folks coming out of retirement to make WPH debut.

Kenthurst won the toss on a gloomy wet day and elected to bat. Before the game we weren’t sure how this young side will cope in this Grade. But after 5 overs keeping much experienced Kenthurst team to 0 Runs all the Boys felt Playing Seniors is not bad after all. Credit to our two young opening bowlers Abhay and Lachlan for keeping things very tight at the start. Hashene and Shalin who are still 14yrs Old continued the good work with the bowl. And Jude also showed who is the most versatile in the Boyle family bowling couple of overs. We manage to keep Kenthurst to 44/2 after 19 Overs when Rain Stopped play for the day.

Another Rain effected late start on the 2nd Day. Luckily, we manage to get some cricket. We started with a spinner Ambros.  Another rare incident Ambro’s son Kevin dropping a caught behind of his bowling. The reaction was priceless and I think Kevin would not have Dinner after the game. We didn’t take much wickets but bowled tightly. Kenthurst were 141/6 of 58 Overs when they Declared.

We had about 2 hours to bat. It started raining again but Kenthurst were very eager to get back on the field. We felt they were thinking they could get the young side all out before 6pm.

But after few overs I am sure Kenthurst would have felt it’s not that easy. We manage 26/1 of 19 Overs before Game was called off 30min before the Schedule close of play. Great first game for the Boys!!

C2 Grade

Blue (Buzz) 2/41 drew with ARL 158

With ARL to resume at 5/117, storms and lightning delayed the start by 90 mins and when we did get underway the bowlers run ups were still waterlogged and unfit for the quickies. It was over to Quan and Buzz to trundle in and see if they could trouble the remaining batsmen whilst we hoped the run ups would dry out further.

Quan obliged with the very first ball of the day when he lured the batsman down the pitch with a floater and Hari effected the stumping. Buzz chipped in with 3 more wickets before the last pair stubbornly hung around until Riley grabbed a blinder of a catch off Dylan to close the innings out at 158.

Buzz (5/31), Xander (2/5), Dylan and Quan one wicket each.

With more storm clouds brewing overhead, we had 32 overs max. to chase down the target. An early wicket brought Xander to the crease and he deposited a couple of big hits up on the hill before falling at the 3rd attempt for a solid 19. Hari (15*) and Dylan (5*) continued until the rain became too fierce and we called the match at 2/41.

A good first hit out that’s hopefully brushed off the cobwebs from a long off season. Hopefully the weather Gods will be kinder next week?

Red (Fieds) 3/170 drew with Kissing Point 0/0

After a good start from last week, we were all keen to get back on the field and prove that we are the better WPH C2 team this season.

With the weather looking good all morning, it was looking like we might get a full day of cricket in. Of course nothing goes to plan and we see ourselves heading off due to lightning in the area, after facing only one and a half overs.

Spirits were low over the constant downfall, with Nick debating whether it might be better to move to Sri Lanka and form his own cricket club called Australian Islanders. This was quickly brushed aside as the rain stopped, leaving the ground slightly moist, but the pitch almost a puddle.

Kissing Point did what any senior cricket team would do, sent out the only junior in their team to sweep the pitch while the rest of us sat back and laughed. After an hour break we were finally back on.

Nick and Jack played a very classy 92 run partnership until Nick fell just short of 50 runs getting bowled on 46. Jack’s momentum continued with Adam (15) joining him at the crease. Adam played some classy hook shots scoring some well needed boundaries, but never looked all class with several golf shots being played. We were 2/150 at tea with Jack and Bish at the crease.

We decided to have 5 overs of a hit and then have a crack at bowling Kissing Point out. Good cameos from Bish, Maz and Alex saw us reach 170. Jack was the star of the day finishing on 53.

The boys were all keen to have a crack at bowling them out, but none were more keen than Raunak who spent the whole afternoon wondering why he was batting at number 10. Raunak was waiting at his mark ready to bowl, but we didn’t get any balls on when the rain and thunder came back and saw us end the day early yet again.

A disappointing start to the season, but after a classy batting innings it’s already fair to say that we are the better WPH C2 team this season.

C3 Grade (Indranil)

WPHC drew with Sydney Lions 1/14

An early ground inspection and report at 12:05pm notified the team that “the ground was in pretty good condition, a little damp in the deep but pitch was dry, bowlers run up were good and juniors were playing without any issues”.

Well just as juniors bowled their last delivery of the match, the heavens opened and a severe rain dump occurred for about 20 minutes, leaving the ground soaked, the pitch under water and the wicket keeper would have needed a mask and snorkel to have any chance or participating in the game. Unfortunately the two captains agreed to call the game of without a ball being bowled today, but there was just no chance we could safely get on.

A further disappointment to the start of the 20/21 season ending in a draw but I’m sure that our eagerness to play will provide a strong start when round 2 gets underway.

C4 Grade (Rob)

WPHC 86 drew with Hornsby 3/60

Day 1

After a lengthier than usual off season the team was pumped to get back out on the cricket field again. Down on numbers due to the HSC, we were very pleased that Sreeni helped us out this round…..greatly appreciated Sreeni.

Our enthusiasm and excitement dampened pretty quickly though last week. Firstly and not unexpectedly Rob lost the toss. Not unexpected given his truly appalling track record. This meant we were sent into bat first on what was a very wet pitch.

Newly re-laid, the pitch was thick and retained lots of water. Anyway this made the pitch very difficult to play. Balls were keeping very low depending on where they bounced.

Roger and Kamran opened and did a great job early. Scoring proved incredibly difficult with no run on the thick field. Though the score was not ticking over, both did great work defending some good early bowling. After a solid start we had our first rain delay. After an hours delay we restarted again. But now the pitch was even wetter and was misbehaving even more.

Following the restart, batting was nigh impossible. We lost 4 fairly quick wickets and went into preservation mode. The heavens opened up again, and after another lengthy delay, the days play was abandoned. The pitch was now under water.

Day 2

Day 2 and we arrived at the ground to some sunshine. Everyone was feeling much more positive. The aim was to bat to tea and then see when we could declare. Rob FC (no not a new football team, but Mr Fynes-Clinton) and Daniel continued batting. After a decent start things were not going to plan. We lost regular wickets and ended up all out for 86. Not the total we wanted and we knew we needed to bowl and field very well.

Not having our two opening bowlers available, Daniel and Sreeni opened the bowling and kept things very tight. Some great bowling and fielding saw Hornsby at 3/22 at the tea break. But during the break the storm rolled in and we were off for lightning. A long delay meant there was only an hour left in play.

We went back out at Hornsby started throwing the bat at everything. But it didn’t take long and another storm cell came over and we were off again. After some seriously torrential rain, the game was abandoned.

No result today, but some good signs for the season ahead.

D1 Grade

Blue (Ross S) 1/45 drew with Kissing Point 240

Day 2 began with no rain, although the field was significantly slower than week 1 and we were playing with a ball that had seen better days after the previous week’s soaking.

KP started the day at 3/107 with an initial intent to push the score along reaching 3/181 in quick time. At no time did we drop our heads , we kept our cool and were able to finally dismiss KP for 240 just before tea….last 7 wickets falling for 59 runs.

Some really pleasing aspects in the field as 9 of us bowled and 8 different bowlers took wickets….well done to Umar and Waman with 2 wickets each….Special mentions to Aayush who kept well taking 3 catches and a stumping and Jake with 2 catches. Some improvement needed with our sundries,55 was a little too many, although the foxglove pitch is not easy to bowl on.

Set an imposing target of 240 off 35 overs, Sach and Nav were able to take us to 1-45 off 12 overs before the storm hit….unfortunately we were unable to get back on and settled for a draw….

Hopefully the weather gods will be kinder to us in round 2.

Red (Diggers) 7/144 drew with Castle Hill 2/47

Resuming at Arcadia on 57, things went pretty much to plan with Connor and Ramil doubling our score before Connor was out for 22. We continued to bat for another few overs before declaring at 7/144 with Ramil finishing unbeaten on 58, a really nice innings.

This gave us 48 overs to bowl Castle Hill out and things were looking promising with Connor picking up a couple of early wickets to have Castle Hill in trouble early at 2/4.

The Castle Hill Captain then dug in and we couldn’t quite get a breakthrough and at tea, they were 2/47.

Unfortunately the tea break coincided with the clouds bursting over Arcadia and that put paid to any further play.

So a draw in Round 1 but some promising performances with bat and ball gives us a bit of confidence for the season ahead.

D2 Grade (Nirav)

WPHC 134 lost to Vs Beecroft 144

We started day 2 of R1 in perfect playing condition. Clear sky with few clouds, dry pitch and high spirits. It started well with Siby getting the last two wickets in the first two overs. Great bowling from Siby. We got Beecroft out for 144 and had a full day of 65 overs to bat.

That is exactly what we needed.

Luke and Arun opened the inning and we lost the first wicket of Luke as LBW. Praneel came one down and we started building a partnership. Both batsmen were looking well set and getting plenty of runs and after 14th after Praneel got out.

We lost 4 quick wickets after that and at tea we were 6-65 losing our middle order batsmen. Arun was still there holding one end and needed some support on the other side. Arun and Nirav started building a partnership and took the scoreboard to 6/121. After playing an excellent inning a run got out for 78.

We didn’t lose hopes and still played with the tail end to score the last 25 runs. Tonoy playing for the first time in Club cricket blocked every single ball of pace bowling attack. Amith and Tonoy played during wet conditions and the game continued with the last 10 runs to score.

We got out for 134. What a season opener game!!  Great efforts from everyone. Congrats to Siby for fifer and Arunava for a great opening knock.