Semi-Finals (Day 1 of 2 Day game)


WPHC Blue (Gunny – 3rd) 1/27 Vs Berowra (2nd) 176

After Kenthurst park was deemed unprepared the game got moved the Gunny Cricket Ground. No pressure but Gunn’s has scored 51* and 82 there this season. First ball of the game and Semonn ‘safest pair of hands in the team’ Oleksyn spills a catch at point. 2 hours later at lunch and Berowra are 0-70. Jeez I hate cricket.

Benny Miekle then came on and bowled arguably the best spell of bowling of the year. He took 3 quick wickets in a great bowling partnership with Stanton ‘coronavirus’ Tam who also picked up a wicket. They bowled for 22 overs straight together and turned the game around to have Berowra 4-109 at tea, jeez I love cricket.

Peter ‘usually doesn’t take wickets’ Flook grabbed a couple of well-deserved wickets and we couldn’t keep Stanton out of the game. He picked up a catch and then made a flying effort for a catch that was just out of reach. Not to worry though as he got himself up, chased the ball down with his athletic rig and ripped in a throw. The throw was missing by a noticeable amount, but luckily, a well-placed bump in the outfield turned the ball stump-wards for a great run out. Run outs change games.

KT (beta) Townsend bowled after tea and found himself alpha’d massively as Bill ‘bitchitis’ Gaunt stood up to the stumps to him. Benny came back on for a second spell soon after tea and picked up 2 in an over to bring up his Michelle 5fa. Motivated by a trophy at Preso night, Benny picked up the last wicket as well to finish with great figures of 6-44 off 24 overs. Next best was Flooky with 2-25 off 13 and Pon with 1-33 off 11. Berowra losing 10-101 after lunch with 11 overs or an hour left for us to bat.

The Morris’ started us off but Andrew was bowled for 2. Gunny (9*) and Zac (17*) batted solidly to get us through to stumps at 1/27; first 10 overs next week will be crucial. Special mention to Brent for counting down the minutes until nominated night watchmen Matt Phillip was going to bat next and then going for a walk with his misses still fully padded up.

Thanks to everyone who came down to support today, especially Ekkers who witnessed Berowra score 0-70 and Gunny’s Mum for bringing him his lunch, learning of the score and then deciding to go home.

Massive effort from us today, showed real ticker to turn the game on its head after tea. Onwards to next week where hopefully the mighty WPHCCCCCCCCC A2 Blues can find themselves through to the final.


WPHC Red (Phill – 1st) 5/134 Vs Kenthurst (4th)

An exciting day for an exciting time. Today marked the first half of our semi-final appearance, WPHCC Red pitted against the young Kenthurst side.

Expectations were high and nerves were tense. Phil lost the toss and Will, the Kenturst Captain, opted to bowl. This was a start to many other losses. We had a shaky start. By that I mean we were 4 wickets down for only 20 runs before the first drinks break.

Matt and Tom where now in, the pressure of the team on their shoulders. Their job was to stay in and rebuild the innings. The duo batted very stabilizing the innings facing 26 overs until Matt was dismissed in the 41st over.

Alec and Tom were now in the middle with the score only at 68 runs. Tom and Alec took up the initiative creating the best partnership of the day, lasting the rest of the afternoon. Alec ended with a total score of 34 runs with great class and a range of attacking shots. Tom likewise accelerated scoring a grand total of 47 runs not out.

Well done to Alec but specifically Tom for the great effort and hard work to bring our team to 134 for 5 wickets.

There is still a chance, a very big chance if Tom and Alec continue to bat next week, more pressure can be placed on Kenthurst through a higher run rate and reduced batting overs.

Stay tuned for the completion of the match and WPHCC strive towards victory!

C2 Grade

WPHC (4th) 206 Vs Castle Hill RSL (1st) 2/42

With rain during the week and uncertainty with weather, Caddies Creek welcomed us to a dry and fine ground condition. The grass was fine ensuring there will be plenty of runs in the outfield. Captain won the toss and chose to bowl first to get the opposition to set a target. Amit (2/54) and John Rose (2/16) started off well with a wicket to Amit in his second over. John got unlucky when a catch was dropped off his bowling.

This proved costly as the batsman went on to score 71 and was hitting the ball across all parts. Next change Josh (2/40) and Areeb (1/20) were bowling well but wickets weren’t coming by. Sreeni (1/19) came in as a change and took the rampaging opponent batsman. Soon after tea couple of more wickets fell to Josh and Areeb.

Opposition then was able to build a good partnership and push the runs through. Couple more dropped catches added to our agony as another batsman whose catch was dropped went on to score a fifty not out. In the end we were able to wrap them up without further damage finishing them off in the 48th over. Sow bowling option Rommel finishing 2/11 and 2 good deep catches by Josh and Areeb.

We started off well with Vinod (11*) and Indranil (11) holding out to the 11th over when Indranil got a straighter and missed the line and was bowled. Pratah (14) joined in and played some nice shots and was looking in touch.

Unfortunately few overs before the day’s play, Pratah got out to at catch in the slip. Nightwatchman Areeb is in with Vinod who is looking pretty solid in the middle. The game is on even balance and we have the batting depth to get the required runs with John Rose, Rommel, Brent, Tarun and Sreeni yet to come in the middle order. We start next week with optimism to chase down the remaining 167 runs in 70 overs.

Plenty of time, we just need to stick around and take it one over at a time.

C3 Grade

WPHC (1st) 6/155 Vs St Ives (4th)

Buzz deliberated all week over what to do if we won the toss, there was a broad canvassing of all the team to gauge the thoughts on what would be best, and then he promptly lost the toss!

Asked to bat, it was then up to us as Minor Premiers to take the innings as deep was possible. Given 80% of our batsmen have only batted once or twice since mid-December, it was going to be the time to rely on the abilities that got us to this point and back ourselves on what was a pretty lush and slow Les Shore No.1.

A great opening partnership from Connor and Kwoka (25) saw off the opening bowlers and we were well placed at 0/38. Three quick wickets followed and put us slightly on the back foot, but solid partnerships became the saviour of the day starting with Peter Lees and Xander digging in and soaking up 15 overs, Buzz and Xander another 19, all the while Xander was accumulating runs and with Sam joining him the rate accelerated to have us 5/126 at the 5pm drinks.

Unfortunately, Sam (20) fell straight after drinks, but joined by the Quan, Xander brought up an excellent and patient half century – the rock of the innings batting for over 50 overs – and we ended the day after 74 overs in a strong position of 6/155 – Xander 54* Quan 8*.

With plenty of batting skill yet to come we will look to use as many overs as possible next week to leave the Opposition with as difficult a target as possible.

Another real ‘team’ performance today and with our bowling attack, a very solid position heading into week 2.

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Rob – 3rd) Vs Glenorie (2nd) 8/154

We arrived at Les Shore reserve still on a high from a nail biting win last week that cemented our place in the finals.

Confident we could beat Glenorie but we knew we had to play well. Our plan was to bowl first, so we knew what we would be chasing. Rob continued his reversal of fortune, duly won the toss, and we got what we wished for….we were bowling.

But it didn’t take long for Glenorie to make it abundantly clear that they did not need to chase a win. After only 65 minutes we had our first drinks break and Glenorie were 1/20 after 20 overs. Things were going to be slow…..very, very slow. It seems Glenorie were going to bat for two days.

More good bowling and no desire to score runs and we had them at 2/64 at tea. A lot of work to do after the break and we knew we would have to earn our wickets. If it wasn’t for the animated appealing from Kamran behind the stumps, we would have had a few fielders falling asleep while standing up.

The session after tea till drinks saw us get another two hard fought wickets. The biggest highlight was the first boundary of the day! By drinks we had already bowled 67 overs and we came back out with a new ball.

A great final session saw us take a further 4 wickets, and we ended the day with Glenorie 8 wickets down for 145 runs. We managed to bowl 81 overs. Two quick wickets next Saturday and we have a real chance of getting the win.

Bring it on.

D2 Grade

WPHC (3rd) Vs Kissing point Red (2nd) 8/121

Report not yet received.

Club Champion player points

Our top 5 players based on Champion player points allocation is (as at 7/3/2020):

Name Grade Points
Alastair Fullerton D1 100.2
Andrew Morris A2 91.9
Praneel Singh D2 83.8
Ayush Tamhankar D2 76.0
Billy Gaunt A2 71.4
Anthony Kwok C3 67.7

Personal Achievements

This season we are again tracking Players approaching personal milestones. Keep a look out for this update to see who has achieved something special or who is approaching a special achievement.

Performances are as at 5 March 2020.

Batting Grade


4,000 runs
Nathan Fathers C1 3,787 runs
2,000 runs
Alex Robertson A2 2,000 runs Vs St Ives @ Greenup 5/10/2019
Craig Hutchinson D1 2,000 runs Vs WQPHC Blue@ Greenway Park 2/11/2019
Andrew Morris A2 2,000 runs Vs WPHC Red @ Greenway Park 14/12/2019
Josh Banner A1 1,997 runs
Brent Larkham A2 1,923 runs
Tarun Lath C2 1,925 runs
1,000 runs
John Rose C2 1,000 runs Vs Hornsby @ Foxglove Oval North 28/9


Asees Rajput C2 1,000 runs Vs ARL @ Greenup Park 26/10


Raghu Chary B2 1,000 runs Vs Castle Hill Green @ Caddies Creek 2/11
Brent Van Wck C2 1,000 runs Vs Castle Hill @ Dural Park 9/11/2019


Zac Morris B1 1,000 runs Vs Kenthurst Upper Hills @ Dural Park 15/2
Michael Robertson A2 1,000 runs Vs Berowra @ Greenway 2, 1/2/2020
Ashane de Silva A1 1,000 runs Vs Glenorie @ Kenthurst Park 1/2/2020
Ben Meikle A2 969 runs
Alex Chidgey C2 978 runs
Tis Mistry A1 919 runs
Steve Burrows C3 950 runs
Tim Worthington 930 runs
300 wickets
Rowan Keating A2 287 wickets
200 wickets
Chris Williamson B1 200 wickets Vs Castle Hill @ Dural Park 16/11/2019


100 wickets
Andy Meikle A2 100 wickets Vs Hornsby @ Greenway Park 28/9/2019


Amit Sen C2 78 wickets Vs Berowra @ Old Dairy, Brooklyn 30/11


Dan Costigan A1 97 wickets
50 wickets
Roshan Withanage D1 50 wickets Vs Kissing Point (T20 Semi) @ Greenway Park 17/11/2019
David Larkham D1 50 wickets Vs Glenorie @ Les Shore 1 (T20 GF) 8/12/2019
Brent Larkham A2 50 wickets Vs Castle Hill Green @ Dural Park 1/2/2020
Jackson Preedy A1 49 wickets
Paul Vink C3 49 wickets