Round 12 (1-Dayer)

A1 Grade

WPHC 9/155 defeated Glenorie 152

My baby takes the morning train, he works from 9 to 5 and then… well and then… and then WPHCCCC made it back to back wins. Can we win 3 on the trot? Who knows it’s a funny game Cricket.

Phil won yet another toss promoting a little dance walking off. Phil bragged that he never loses the toss and that he should get to a casino ASAP to cash in on his recent Fortunes. The odd couple, Gav and Pear, opened us up. The two world leaders trying to get one up on each other. Pear succumbed first for 19, his score slightly higher than Gavs 11 who was back in the sheds in the very next over.

Pear hit a couple of big boundaries and then reminded Gavs mum that at least she got to see some fireworks.

Effie and Assman consolidated next and had some crucial cameos to keep the scoreboard ticking along. When they were dismissed, Bailey and Jamakin continued to carry the torch with great middle order cameos. Gandis and Krang got us some handy runs at the end.

155 we finished on. Probably not enough but cricket is a funny game.

First session bowling, Glenorie were cruising. Not wickets lost and the run rate ticking along. Middo was enjoying himself on the sidelines – it’s a pity he didn’t don the white today. We had to listen to his whinging from the sidelines, rather than out in the middle.

But just when the fans were beginning to leave, the Cartel plus Gav sprung into action. Wickets to Tiz, Gav, Gandis and Bailey began to shift the tide. They were supported with some inspired fielding from the team and some great keeping from Effie Billy Gaunt Banner.

The equation came down to 15 required from the final 12 balls. KRAAAAAAAAAANG bowled the penultimate over and did a strirling job. A wicket and just a handful of runs off. The stage was set for a CLIMATIC finish.

7 off 6 and Lichaaa was handed the ball. A wild full toss down the leg side was stopped by Effie’s left glove. 1 bye

6 off 5.

5 off 4.

4 off 3.


Lichaa banged in one of the infamous inswinger yorkers and the leg stump went cartwheeling. A loud Thor like roar went out across the stadium.

It brought Gittins to the crease. Pear called him Mittins.

4 off 1 required. Another yorker crashed into the pads, no run. We had won.

A wonderful performance. A big thank you to Coach Gus and Kaity Herzog for bringing the much loved Zooper Doopers.


WPHC Red (Andy) 8/94 lost to Berowra 5/96

Cricket is a summer sport. Cricket was invented in England. Cricket is played in long pants. Cricket is designed for the English summer with a maximum of 2 degrees and where it’s completely socially acceptable to wear long pants. Today was not that, cricket should not be played when it’s 43 degrees outside. Or else, you’d at least think the country that could invent Wifi could invent a pair of shorts for our national sport.

Today we lost 10 overs each due to hot weather, we went off when the Bureau of Meteorology said it felt like it was above 43 degrees. We went back on 90 minutes later when it only felt like a measly 42.9, I am not joking it was literally 0.1 degree under the playing threshold. We were a bit unsure of the significance of this as it was bloody hot before we went off and it was bloody hot after we went back on. It was so hot we even saw some Berowra players injecting ice directly into their bloodstream on the sideline, we thought this was an extremely efficient way to cool down.

After a mediocre start with the bat, mediocre being a positive word for what we put out, we took the ball. As is kosher in one day games. Early wickets left us looking like half a chance to defend 94. As per usual, Jackson ‘Mini Volc’ Preedy couldn’t keep his hand off it and was touching the ball all over the ground. He had a catch, a run out and 2-3 wickets. However some good batting by Will ‘I know you’re reading this’ Fie-, Will Fiedl-…sorry I can’t bring myself to say the F word. Some good batting by the Berowra Captain put the game out of reach.

Nigel ‘Father of Son of Nigel’ Blow spent some time on the sidelines with us today. It’s looking like Pennant Hills Demons div 3 will be alright this year. A2 Red collectively hate cricket and Nigel has poached us all for footy. Can’t wait to see you at round one, the season starts in early April.

Viva la Redolution

WPHC Blue (Gunny) 5/194 defeated Hornsby 93

We rocked up to Headen Park in the ideal cricket weather, what a sport and what would you rather be doing on a 43C Saturday?

The immediate observation for us was ‘Andrew ‘#justiceforRay’ Morris offering to pay some 15 years olds. He was also offering them money to sub field for him. Gunny ‘locked down’ Gunns ideally won the toss and sent a sweaty Morris pairing to open the batting.

Congrats to Gunny for his 7 year anniversary with Alyssa, where’s the ring mate? Enjoy the strippers in the US. Andrew ‘5 foot fury’ Morris (45) and Zac ‘look dad I scored runs’ Morris (31) got us off to a great start, getting to 70 odd. Congrats to Zac for his first registered partnership on MyCricket for the season.

A short collapse saw Andrew out in the 40s on the brink of heat stroke. You can tell he didn’t feel well because usually Andrew’s sole goal when batting is to gain those champion players bonus points for getting to 50.

Stanton ‘runs as good as he drives’ Tam was off the mark and run out in the same ball as he capsized mid-pitch. Billy ‘vom in mouth’ Gaunt (34) and Michael ‘has anyone noticed how big this blokes head is?’ Gunn (51*) got together for a 70 run partnership until Billy ‘2nd best keeper’ was caught on the boundary. Mikey ‘loves a quick 2‘ Fiedler was in and out for 8 before Kyle ‘still has frosted tips’ Townsend hit a big 6 to finish the innings on 190.

The bowling started well with Kyle ‘major jackpot’ Townsend taking 4 in his first spell. One of these included a slower ball that bowled their best batsmen, which is something we’ll never hear the end of because Kyle loves a slower ball. 2 batsmen bowled, 2 knicks to Zac (including a one hander) off Kyle, a catch and runout to Billy ‘specialist fielder’ Gaunt later and a further catch to Zac (4 dismissals) left Hornsby reeling in the heat at 7-31 and a batsmen short with Matt ‘the mute’ Watts claiming the other 2 wickets.

The beckoning first schooner at the un-air-conditioned Sporto was in sight but Hornsby’s 7 and 9 decided to keep everyone in the heat with a 62 run partnership which included 4 dropped catches, including 2 in an over from Kyle ‘I want a 5fa’ Townsend.

Thankfully, Kyle cleaned up the last 2 wickets to claim a well-bowled 6fa to back up from his major jackpot on the pokies last night. Special shoutout to Alan ‘best Townsend’ Townsend for running drinks all afternoon and Hornsby for pushing us to play in the heat and then losing by 100 runs and contributing heavily to both West Penno teams’ finals push.

B1 Grade

WPHC 4/180 defeated Castle Hill Green 145

Dural Park (our home of cricket) was a scorcher today – like everywhere else. With the mercury approaching the 43 mark the Captains agreed we would play and reduce the game to 30 overs each with extra drinks breaks to cope.

Castle Hill won the toss and surprisingly decided to bowl (we were flabbergasted). We got off to a solid start with a 56 run opening stand in the first 10 overs (losing Zac 2 balls before 10 over drinks). Raghu and Raffa kept going where we left off. We got to the 20 over mark at 1/108. Raffa retired hurt (he wasn’t really hurt he was just buggered) for a well made 38.

Oscar Keyes and Raghu kept grinding losing Oscar in over 22 – 2/117. Raghu fell at 149 and Flair at 171. An excellent cameo of 32* from Brent Larkham rounded out our innings. We ended up 4/180 off our 30. Best of the batting Raghu 45, Raffa 38 (retired hurt), Brent 32*, Zac 25 and Oscar Keyes 15. Good contributions all round.

Castle Hill came out as they always play with aggressive batting from the get go. Hutchy got a pole in his first over 1/9. Mick Hungerford and their number 3 bashed a few boundaries before we cleaned both of them up. 3/50. At drinks Castle Hill were 3/60 and keeping up with the required run rate.

Their number 4 retired hurt (like Raffa he wasn’t hurt either he was just buggered from the heat).

After he returned to the sheds the runs started to dry up and we started taking wickets regularly. At 20 over drinks they were 4/109 and still in the hunt. Then the wickets started falling 5/111, 6/115, 7/117 then the number 4 returned after cooling down and getting some fluids on board. The runs started coming from his bat but we were conceding him a single and dotting up the other batsman.

When he fell for a well made 53 the game was iced. Castle Hill all out for 145. There were 8 bowled and 2 catches in the innings – we did a good job of bowling full and straight. Best of the bowling Deano 3/17, Hutchy 2/36, Brent Larkham 2/32, Manas 2/18 and Willy 1/36 – all bowlers taking a scalp.

This was a much needed win in very trying conditions. The match was played in very good spirit by both sides in the tough conditions.

B2 Grade

WPHC 182 lost to Berowra 3/195

Arriving at Warrina St, the plan was simple, win the toss and bat. Once again Naps lost the toss…… and we found ourselves in the field.

The Opposition openers got off to a flyer and the score at drinks (12 overs) was 0/82. Despite the heat and the opposition riding their luck, the boys took to the field after drinks with a positive attitude and plenty of chat.

Matt Digby (1/10) bowled well and unfortunately wasn’t supported by his fielders with 3 dropped catches in one over. Diggers eventually got the breakthrough with a catch sticking in the hands.

The middle session we conceded 55 runs thanks to some tidy spells from Diggers, Nikhil Ninan (1/24) and Rahul Tripathi (0/37) After a tough 35 overs we went into the sheds needing to chase a total of 195.

Things got off to a poor start as we slipped to 3/12 off 4 overs. 3 overs later we were 4/21.

Dinesh De Silva (43) and Ryan Gunn (63) put on a great 51 run partnership at a crucial time. The dismissal of Dinesh brought Rahul Tripathi (29) to the crease. Ryan and Rahul put on a fantastic 91 run stand in really tough conditions. Some big hitting and really good running between the wickets saw us in with a chance of chasing down the total.

The boys fought hard, but the tail just didn’t wag. We were all out in the last over 12 runs short.

A really tough day of cricket but a gritty showing that the boys should be proud of.

C1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Fieds) 82 lost to Berowra 85

Having to put out a team of mostly fill-ins against a finals chasing Berowra, we lost the toss and had to bowl. Stu told us it was a 12:00 start so we had plenty of time to warm up. We made a solid start with short spells and thick grass at Fox glove leaving them at 0/30 at 12 overs when we went off for heat. After a long break off we had to change to a 20/20. Berowra finished at 6/85. 3 run outs and wickets to Nick Woon, Shanks and Prats.

Coming out to bat Nick Duck (17) made a good start well supported by Nick Woon with an impressive 32.

The run rate went up to 8 an over for the close but Berowra’s good fielding and catches left us 4 runs short all out. Cam Bish left not out at the end with a solid effort to get us home.

Thanks to Joel Behlevanus, Shanks, Prats, and Nick for filling in for us. Onto the home of cricket Campbell Park next week.

WPHC Red (Phill) 6/201 defeated Glenorie 200

43 degrees, 200 runs, 32 overs. WPHCC C1 Red side came head to head against the C1 Glenorie side at our home ground, Campbell Park. Phil was the acting Captain and Dillan Bish was the Junior captain for today’s match. The toss was won by Glenorie who opted to bat, setting a grand total of 200 runs off 32 overs.

The stand-out bowler of today’s match was Jack Hando who bowled very tightly achieving 2 wickets for his efforts.

Dan and Matt both batted very well today setting up the team for a victory. Daniel scored a well crafted 56 runs and Matt scored 41 runs. Campbell Wallace came into a crucial part of the match with 7 runs per over required off the last 10 overs. He posted a fast mid-thirties score batting with fine style and class. Alec and Nick were the last pair to secure today’s victory.

Thanks to Warren for filling in and fielding for an injured Will.

In the end today’s match was a hard won game in which all persons contributed either in the field, with the ball or with the bat. Special congratulations to the Schwartzel twins which had an amazing partnership to help win the match. Our thoughts are with Will and Nick who both were injured during today’s match.

C2 Grade

WPHC 4/169 defeated ARL 5/165

12.30 pm at Cheltenham oval, the new pavilion and ambience greeted us well. The opposition captain showed us the BOM weather app and advised the ‘feels like’ temp is 43.8; After delaying the start by 30 mins and both sides agreeing to 30-over match, we got the game going. Unfortunate to lose the toss and had to field first.

After the first ball, where John Rose took a great high catch, we simply could not make any further inroads till the 27th over. ARL team approached the first 20 overs cautiously and then in the  last 10 overs they threw their bats all over. Finishing the game at 5/165. There were 3 excellent outfield catches, one each by John, Adrian and Indranil. Amitava 2/29, John 1/17, Tarun 1/21 and Rommel 1/29. were amongst the wicket takers.

We had a task at hand and the after fielding 30 overs all players were drained out. But the pavilion facilities helped the team to get timely showers to cool us down. A breezy start by the openers but before the first drinks we had 2 down, Then 89 runs 3rd wicket partnership between Vinod and John ensured we had the game under control. Vinod 54 and John 50 both notched 50s which can only mean good batting line up in the making. Other batsmen who chipped in are Brent 16*, Pratah 8* and Indranil 15.

Next week starts the last 2 two-days and if we win both then our hunt for the finals will be alive.

C3 Grade

WPHC drew with Kenthurst – match abandoned

With the BOM ‘Feels Like’ temp registering 44 at 1pm and forecast that it would not lessen anytime before 4pm, both Skippers agreed to abandon the Match.

After smoke haze, a washout, a forfeit and extreme heat, at least there’s next Saturday to look forward to getting a game…….Bugger, I  just checked the forecast: heavy rain and 92% chance of precipitation. I think we might sign up for indoor cricket.

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Rob) 2/50 drew with WPHC Red (Diggers)

Match abandoned after 12 overs once the temperature ticked over to 43.9 at Arcadia.

D2 Grade

WPHC 4/150 defeated Berowra 5/131

We played at Foxglove South with the temperature causing loss of 11 overs when we had to leave the field for about 1.5 hrs in mid play. We won the toss and decided to bat. After 10 overs we were 1/34 and after 20 overs we had lost 2 wickets for 96 runs and by the end of the 24th over we were 150. This was mainly due to Ayush Tamhankar hitting a quick 48 runs with 4 fours and 4 sixes.

As well, Pranaal Singh hit 32 and Arun Chaudhuri a very good 55. The game was only 24 overs by agreement  due to the loss of time when the temperature exceeded 43.

Berowra managed to hit 131 by the end of their 24th over. Our bowlers took 5 wickets and there was some controversy when they lost their 5th wicket. However, their own umpire declared that the ball had not crossed the boundary line and that player was run out as he went for his second run.

So a return to winning ways due to a solid build up by our batsmen who definitely took on the advice given last week by Captain Mike. It was very pleasing result and will stand us in good stead for making the Semis.

Club Champion player points

Our top 5 players based on Champion player points allocation is (as at 24/01/2020):

Name Grade Points
Alastair Fullerton D1 81.7
Andrew Morris A2 79.9
Ayush Tamhankar D2 63.3
Billy Gaunt 62. 62.0
Warren Schwartzel C1 59.2

Personal Achievements

This season we are again tracking Players approaching personal milestones. Keep a look out for this update to see who has achieved something special or who is approaching a special achievement.

Performances will be updated mid-week once all scorecards are uploaded.


Batting Grade


5,000 runs
Alex Connell A2 4,884 runs


4,000 runs
Nathan Fathers C1 3,787 runs


2,000 runs
Alex Robertson A2

2,000 runs Vs St Ives @ Greenup 5/10

Craig Hutchinson D1 2,000 runs Vs WPHC Blue @ Greenway Park 2/11
Andrew Morris A2 2,000 runs Vs WPHC Red @ Greenway Park 14/12
Josh Banner A1 1,997 runs
Brent Larkham A2 1,891 runs
Tarun Lath C2 1,909 runs
1,000 runs
John Rose C2 1,000 runs Vs Hornsby @ Foxglove Oval North 28/9


Asees Rajput C2 1,000 runs Vs ARL @ Greenup Park 26/10


Raghu Chary B2 1,000 runs Vs Castle Hill Green @ Caddies Creek 2/11
Brent Van Wck C2 1,000 runs Vs Castle Hill @ Dural Park 9/11/2019


Michael Robertson A2 1,000 runs Vs Berowra @ Greenway Park 1/2/2020

26, 5, 20, 0, 0, 25, 7, 4, 37, 15,

Ashane de Silva A1 1,000 runs Vs Galston-Glenorie @ Kenthurst Park 1/2 2020


Ben Meikle A2 969 runs


Alex Chidgey C2 962 runs


Ramil De Silva C3 864 runs


Tis Mistry A1 919 runs


Zac Morris B1 983 runs


Richard Hughes   854 runs


Steve Burrows C3 950 runs


Tim Worthington   920 runs


300 wickets
Rowan Keating A2 287 wickets


200 wickets
Chris Williamson B1 200 wickets Vs Castle Hill @ Dural Park 16/11/2019


100 wickets
Andy Meikle A2 100 wickets Vs Hornsby @ Greenway Park 28/9/2019


Amit Sen C2 78 wickets Vs Berowra @ Old Dairy, Brooklyn 30/11


Dan Costigan A1 93 wickets


50 wickets
Roshan Withanage D1 50 wickets Vs Kissing Point (T20 Semi) @ Greenway Park 17/11/2019
David Larkham D1 50 wickets Vs Glenorie @ Les Shore 1 (T20 GF) 8/12/2019
Brent Larkham A2 50 wickets Vs Castle Hill @ Dural Park 1/2/20


Jackson Preedy A1 49 wickets


Paul Vink C3 45 wickets