Round 4 (Day1)

A1 Grade

WPHC 166 lost to Berowra 5/247

Welcome back to the A1 Match Report to my readers both from the wider WPHCCCC community as well as our friends from the A1 Berowra side.

I know the boys up north tune into this waffle everytime we play, but I just want to say straight off the bat (cricket pun ha ha ha ha, give me a Pulitzer), that I will not be directing any comments to the boys in brown – except maybe you Dip… but we will see.

After last year’s Afternoon Tea-rmageddon scandal, it simply isn’t worth anyone’s trouble. I mean, I don’t even read this tripe after I’ve sent it off.

Alas, it was built as the titanic clash of the Summer – Berowra and WPHCCC, the rematch from the controversial semi final last year. Look after today’s performance, the description of ‘titanic’ is probably very accurate. WPHCCCCCC were the grand old ship, Berowra were the slippery iceberg that sunk our hopes of victory.

We batted first and most of us were dismissed by silly shots, not by quality bowling. Pear, Rogan, Assman and Gandis got some runs, but the starts were not enough to send us off the icy path and away from falling into despair. Special mention to Gandis who copped one square in the jaw, continuing on against the wishes of the umpires to make a good 20 odd.

Special mention also to Phil for insisting on buying a $1,000 bat for full price, despite being offered a discount – just so he could brag to teammates that he bought the bat for the full ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

166 was the total we were able to muster up – and with a quick Berowra Oval outfield, we were walking on a slippery slope. And it proved to be that way. The cartel was smacked all over the park and Berowra were able to get to target with relative ease. Cheap wickets were collected by Tiz, Krang and Gandis – who was still mildly concussed from the events earlier in the day.

Berowra are 225 odd and looking to go for the outright. Can West Penno survive the ultimate defeat? Will P Wurths first tilt at the captaincy be shrouded in a devastating loss? Will Berowra be able to hold their balance on the games current proceedings? Tune in next week to find out.

A2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Gunny) 1/33 Vs Hornsby 216

Arriving at the turf home ground of WPHCCC for the 3rd week on the trot, the beautiful Glade looked like a good batting wicket with nothing but blue skies in sight. Stand in captain Mikey Fiedler unaware that coins have both head and tails was convinced he had won the toss and ready to signal to the boys to put the pads on, only for the umpire to alarm him that coins do in fact have two different sides and we were sent out to have a bowl.

Flooky (4-29) bowled a great first up spell who was well supported by Kyle “frosted tips” Townsend who resembled a 2004 Michael Clarke kept the pressure on. Having Hornsby struggling at 4-49 at the first drinks our confidence was high and the Morris twins were eager to get the pads on before tea and prove who has the biggest ego, however this was not meant to be with their number 7 demonstrating to Ray how he’s meant to bat at 7 with a quick fire 50.

Enter papa Meiks who’s wrong-un that would of fooled the likes of Steve Smith and Virat Kholi had the batsmen bamboozled to end up with (4-76).

A last wicket runout meant we had 10 overs to survive, Zac “worst” Morris lost his concentration and wicket leaving us 1 down on 33 at stumps with the better Morris twin on 24* joined by Matty Watts at the crease.

WPHC Red (Andy) 160 Vs Berowra 1/30

A2’s play cricket like Luke Herzog processes protein. Ineffectively, while simultaneously spending a lot of time thinking about Steve Quanborough.

Our top order seem surprisingly weak against a ball that is going to hit the stumps, that may be an issue going forward. What we are good at is saying not out to an LB shout that’s hitting middle half way up. Stevie Wonder has more of a clue than we do. Full credit to Fids ‘Fiddles’ Fiedler for a/ not being a Berowra Fiedler and b) hitting 46. Pls pray for J ‘James McBrien’ Mac for playing through a broken toe.

Bowling wise, Michael “Senior Player” Robertson bowled the spell of his life. It’s telling that he didn’t take a wicket. A2s bowled out for 160-something. Berowra 1/30 ish

A2s very thankful to not spend the afternoon in the presence of Cotter or Dakic. A2s would not wish that on anyone, commiserations to B1s for being subject to that sort of misery. If any B1s players are in need, please feel free to reach out to those close to you or call Beyond Blue.

B1 Grade

WPHC 7/271 Vs Berowra

We arrived at Dural to a decent looking field (fast) and a sunny day with plenty of breeze. The skipper won the toss and elected to bat. From there it was pretty much our day. Rohit Ninan and Michael Gunn opened the batting and played a controlled start getting us to 0/42 at 20 over drinks.

They pressed on and we lost Gunny at 71 quickly followed by Zac Turner. 2/93 and Rohit was joined at the crease by Billy Gaunt. There followed a batting display of the highest order with great running between wickets and putting the bad ball away.

A 100 run partnership ended when Billy chipped one to mid-wicket – 3/193.

The skipper and Vatsal Garg came and went quickly looking for runs. Then a good partnership with Allan Raffel. Some lusty hitting at the end by Prashant Kumar got us to 7/271 (off 73.3 overs) at the close of play.

Best batting Rohit Ninan a superb 109* and our 485th century, Billy Gaunt 61, Michael Gunn 40, Allan Raffel 24 and Prashant Kumar 15.

We have runs on the board and can win this game with good bowling and fielding next week.

B2 Grade

WPHC 193 Vs Kenthurst

B2s were greeted by a beautiful Kenthurst oval. Skipper Digby decided that doing the toss on time would not be a part of his Captaincy plan, so at 12:57 we lost the toss and were sent in to bat.

Eric “I don’t love Birdcage anymore” Junkkari scored freely and an immaculate innings was crafted. He ended up getting 69. Around him wickets fell with Macca “No stumps harmed” McGregor contributing with a solid 7, Rahul “Math Tutor” Tripathi also got some runs.

After Eric fell the final partnership of the tail wagged mainly thanks to Matt Digby and Anush Sharma

With a respectable 193 on the board we will be looking to bowl tight next week and win this wonderful game of the sport we call cricket.

Gunny also got 12 runs

C1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Fieds) 1/10 Vs ARL 8/225 dec

We won the toss and chose to bowl on a windy day against ARL at Greenup Park. The openers got us off to a very tight start with ARL being just 28 off 18 overs. Disaster hit after when Alex Chidgey tore his quad for the 58th time. He hobbled off and left us without one of our strike bowlers.

Nandu was kind enough to rush to the field ASAP too make sure we still had 11 on the pitch. ARL were 0/140 off 40, due to 11 drop catches…. when all seemed lost, Alex’s quad injury turned into a blessing, as our sub fielder Nandu turned out to be the only man who could hold onto anything, taking 3 catches.

As soon as our first wicket happened the boys were brought back to life and the openers started steaming back in, with Nikki taking 3/42 off 14 and Waris taking 3/38 off 18 putting us back in the game.ARL declared on 8/225 leaving us 7 overs to bat out the day. Unfortunately losing one cheap wicket, we are left standing at 1/10 at the end of the day.

Everyone is keen for next week except Alex.

WPHC Red (Phill) 1/6 Vs Berowra 169

As the fans, cars and teammates poured into the parking lot at Berawra Oval, all were immediately blasted by the ferocious heat of a bright and sunny, summer’s afternoon.

This was a fine start to a glorious day of hard-battling cricket where the C1 Red Team of West Pennant Hills, Cherrybrook were challenged by the notorious, barbaric rival club, Berowra. Sledges were offered, catches were dropped, tempers flared and hopes were dashed.

Warren Schwartzel, the relieving Captain of the C1 Red Team took the toss against Berowra’s Captain Matthew H. Warren won the toss, opting West Penno to bat. Jack Hando and Camble Wallace, the opening duo of West Penno side strode confidently up to the crease, ready to face the wrath of the opening pair of bowlers. Dylan Bish and Warren S. umpired, with Yash and Sam Hando keeping score.

It is the first ball of the match. The bowler thunders up to the crease, running off a Mitchell Stark run-up halfway to the boundary. He bowls the first ball. Dot. Next ball Dot. Dot. Dot.

The pressure slowly mounts as the fielders excitedly egg on the bowlers to send the pair ‘back to the sheds.’ The bowler sprints in, delivering a fast ball of 150 km/s …Jack decisively plays a front foot cover-drive for 4.

Next over. Campbell nervously marks centre before facing his first ball of the match. He easily flicks the bowler for a quick single, getting off the mark.

Next over Jack faces. The bowler bowls. Jack plays another booming cover drive that catches a thick outside edge flying straight to where Gully was meant to be. They ran 2. Jack faces again. He plays another front forward attack which results in yet another edge that race past the slips for another 4. The West Penno team is on the edge of their seats.

20 minutes pass with both batsman looking confident with their eye clearly in. Campbell LBW (3). Tom walks up to the crease. Jack caught (15). Yash Bowled (2). Matthew Schwartzel approaches the field of play hoping to be the anchor of the team and bat out a bit of time to hopefully restore some stability to the sinking ship. The score is 3/29. Matthew off the mark with a beautiful back-foot cover-drive for four.

Matt and Tom proceed to bat eventually scoring a partnership of 60 runs. Initially the run scoring was slow but soon picked up as both batsmen were accustomed to the bowling and the wicket. Both players batted confidently and quickly regained control of the match, quieting the rowdy Berowa fielders with every 4 and single scored.

There were many close calls throughout the duration of the partnership. With many catching opportunities and misses.

C2 Grade

WPHC 217 Vs Mt Colah 4/135

Winning the toss at ‘every batsman’s favourite’ Campbell Park, Captain Sen opted to do the right thing – bat first. Openers Vinod and Cameron put on 68 in 15 overs before the age-old ‘one brings two’ quickly morphed into ‘one brings four!’

By the first break, half the side was back in the sheds for a princely total of 87 mulling over what went wrong. An intake of fluids and some pep talk over the break got us to 110 in 22 overs but having lost 2 more wickets, this was looking like a bad day out.

Rommel scored a breezy 33 laced with a trio of sixes in one over. Just when he was looking to smash roof tiles of the neighbouring homes, a chin-high bouncer got the better of him. 8 down for 144 and a sense of disbelief in the sheds! Srini, who was on 19 at that point, then put on a fabulous rear guard partnership with Captain Sen, running short-sharp singles and when out of breath, carting the ball to the boundaries. Having reached a quickfire 53 and getting the team total to 200, Srini departed in the 34th over, leaving Captain Sen with the mercurial tail ender Shanks.

Together they frustrated the Colah boys for a few more overs and put together 17 runs – the highlight being that Shanks did open his account! Great effort from the ‘lower order’ batsmen for such a splendid effort!!

Defending 217 on a lightning fast Campbell Park outfield was never going to be easy. The Colah openers put on a 105-run partnership in quick time before John Rose got us the much needed breakthrough by bowling the opposition captain through his gates.

A clever change of bowling from Captain Sen the very next over saw Cam Croucher foxing the other well set opener caught behind to a late swinging delivery. 2 in 2! But John wasn’t done. The very next over, he extracted an lbw decision to make it 3 in 3! Sensing a real opportunity and with the end of day’s play imminent, the decibel levels went a notch higher, the bowling got tighter and it was only a matter of time before Cam got one more through the gates. 4 down for 113. A fabulous effort by John and Cam to give us a real chance when at a point it looked gloomy.

82 runs to defend and 6 wickets to snare – that’s what it has come down to for what promises to be an exciting Day 2 of Round 4 on 26 Oct. Be there or miss out!

C3 Grade

WPHC 5/122 defeated Kenthurst 90

Arrived at Arcadia to a lush out field and a strong breeze. We won the toss an invited the Kenthurstians to bat.

Rowan and Paul started proceedings and quickly had the openers on the back foot and both picked up a wicket and their opening spell. We were gifted a run out to have Kenthurst 3/40 at the drinks break.

We kept the pressure on and Xander 1/14, Conor 1/13 and Dave 1/23 all chipped in with a wicket. The tail was mopped up quickly over the tea break by Riley 2/8 and Rowan 3/10 who is on a hat trick for the start of the 2nd innings. Sam had a great day behind the stumps with 2 catches, a stumping and an assisted run out. Callum and Riley also bagging catches.

Our turn to bat and Xander (24) and Anthony (59) got us off to a bright start, with a minimum of 27 overs to be faced, Anthony made short work of the Kenthurst total launching 2 sixers and 7 fours in his innings.

We passed their score 3 down and will press on to set a total and endeavor to secure and outright.

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Rob) 209 Vs St Ives Blue

Match Report to follow.

WPHC Red (Diggers) 7/214 Vs Glenorie

After 24 hours of sorting out week 1/week 2 players, we arrived at Holland Reserve probably hoping to bowl first however that was taken out of our hands with Ian losing the toss and being inserted to bat first.

We had a pretty ordinary start losing Craig early then Ian soon after and Samarth pretty soon too. At 3/16 things were looking pretty grim but then Shashank (22) and Quan (10) put on 33 for the fourth wicket. Unfortunately Steve went then Shashank soon after to have us at 5/51.

Ben(24) dug in with Jack and tried desperately to get is through to tea but fell just shy of that with the score at 6/94.

What followed was a superb partnership with Connor and Jack, putting on 120 for the 7th wicket, taking us through to the last over of the day. Connor, only being able to play for the first week, tried unsuccessfully to tee off and fell for a very well compiled 54.

Jack Hutchinson, a 14 year old, finished on 68 not out, his maiden half century in seniors. It was really a pleasure to watch him bat, having been put in with the pressure of having his team down 5 wickets for not many runs.

We finished the day at 7/214 and will probably bat on for a few overs next week to set a fair target then let our bowlers do their thing.

D2 Grade

WPHC 0/178 defeated St Ives 109

We lost the toss against St Ives at Foxglove South and were sent into bowl. We managed to bowl them out for 109 runs after 32 overs. Captain Mike took 4 Wickets for 18 runs after 7 overs, Vishaal Nathan took 2 for 14 and Parin, Praneel and Nirav took a wicket apiece.

We sent Ayush Tamhankar (No. 5 batter) and Vishaal Nathan (No. 7 batter) to open. They then went onto hit 177 runs without loss with Ayush on 115 not out which is our 486th century and Vishaal on 43 with 19 sundries. This might be a D2 record for an opening partnership.

The d1 opening record is 210 runs scored by Dave Meizis (123*) & Richie Cuskelly 53* Vs Kissing Point way back on 11 February 2006. Well done everyone

Personal Achievements

This season we are again tracking Players approaching personal milestones. Keep a look out for this update to see who has achieved something special or who is approaching a special achievement.

Performances will be updated mid-week once all scorecards are uploaded.


Batting Grade


4,000 runs
Nathan Fathers C1 3,762 runs
2,000 runs
Alex Robertson A2 2,000 runs Vs St Ives 2 Greenup 5/10/2019
Josh Banner A1 1,849 runs
Tarun Lath C2 1,845 runs
1,000 runs
John Rose C2 1,000 runs Vs Hornsby @ Foxglove Oval North 28/9


Ben Meikle B1 937 runs
Brent Van Wck C2 989 runs


Asees Rajput C2 959 runs


Alex Chidgey C2 901 runs


Michael Robertson A2 887 runs


Raghu Chary B2 989 runs


Ashane de Silva A1 833 runs


Ramil De Silva C3 858 runs


Tis Mistry A1 826 runs


Zac Morris B1 928 runs
Richard Hughes B1 832 runs


Steve Burrows C3 859 runs


300 wickets
Rowan Keating A2 285 wickets


Justin Paterson A1 278 wickets


200 wickets
Chris Williamson B2 192 wickets


100 wickets
Andy Meikle A2 100 wickets Vs Hornsby @ Greenway Park 28/9/2019


Dan Costigan A1 84 wickets


Amit Sen C2 92 wickets
50 wickets
Brent Larkham A2 47 wickets


Jackson Preedy A1 47 wickets


Roshan Withanage D1 48 wickets


David Larkham D1 41 wickets


Paul Vink C3 32 wickets