News – 27 March 2022

Congratulations to our Premiers & Grand Finalists


Congratulations to our U13 Blue Premiers and commiserations to our 2 x Runners-up:

  • U14 Blue
  • U16 Blue


Seniors Grand Finals were played on Saturday 19th March & Sunday 20th March. Congratulations to our Premiers:

  • A2 (Andrew Morris)
  • D2 (Nirav Desai)

Commiserations to our Runners up:

  • A1 (Phil Wurth)
  • C2 Blue (Buzz)
  • D1 Blue (Ross)

While Finals glory is special, the amazing contribution from everyone in our Club to complete a largely un-interrupted season is the best result of the season. So well done and thank you to every Team and support crew that played this year irrespective of where you came in the Competition table.

Association News

School Holidays Cricket Clinics

The renowned Coaches’ Association’ is again running there highly popular School Holiday Cricket Clinics in April. We thoroughly these Clinics as providing quality coaching at an affordable during the school holidays. Details are:

Montview Oval

When – Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th April

Time – 8.30 am to 2.00 pm


  • $135 – One Clinic
  • $200 – Two Clinics
  • $25 sibling discount for each child

Greenway Park #2

When – Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st April

Time – as above

Cost – as above


Coaches’ Association / NDCC – Junior Cricket Clinics – April 2022  . Please don’t delay as these Clinics are always fully subscribed.

Junior Club Championship

A great to win the Junior Club Championship for the 2nd time in succession. Prior to last season the last time we won this Trophy was way back in 2008/09. What makes this special is that after our win in 2008/09 the Association changed the points allocation to make it almost impossible for a large Club to win the Award to level the playing field with smaller Clubs. This win is the result of high percentage of our Teams our ‘finishing high in the order. Our Participation over Results’ policy over many years that has made this possible by strengthening all Teams and supporting it with extensive coaching.

Award winners

Congratulations to our Association Award winners who are the elite performers in their Grade.


  • A2 Grade – Steven Rochow (311 runs @ 28.3)
  • D2 – Arun Chaudhuri (582 runs @ 48.5)
  • U15 – Archie Smith (349 runs @43.6)


  • A2 Grade – Jack Hando (29 wickets @ 8.5) Note: the top 4 places were taken by WPHC players!
  • U17s – Soham Agarwal (20 wickets @ 6.4)

Association record

  • 101 for the A2 Grade 10th wicket by Matt Phillip (47*) & Tanay Hira (47) in the Grand Final.

Pink Stumps Day

At the Junior Presentation Day, Simon Joyce and his Team of fantastic volunteers raised $3,500 for the McGrath Foundation on Pink Stumps day.

This is a great result for this wonderful cause.

We also passed an amazing $50,000 in Club funding support to the Foundation since we started in 2010/11! Last season we were awarded the prestigious ‘Pink Service Award’ for being in the top 7 sporting Clubs nationally for funds raised. It is a great credit to everyone involved on Saturday selling raffle tickets, sourcing items for auction and being available. We are very proud of all of our volunteers and this was a fantastic way to end the season on such a high.

Coming up

  • Seniors Presentation Night (details below) – 6th May
  • AGM – Wednesday 22nd June
  • Registration / Information Day – Sunday 24th July
  • Seniors Club training starts – Saturday 30th July
  • Season start 2022/23 season – TBA but likely to be Saturday 10th Saturday


Seniors Presentation night

  1. When:                    Friday 6 May 2022
  2. Where:                   Greenway Park Community Centre
  3. Time:                     from 7.30 pm
  4. Catering:               2 course
  5. Cost                        $40

Details will follow including bus transport to and from the evening.

Champion player points

The top 6 players this season are:

  1. Lachlan Edwards (D1 Red) – 124.5 points
  2. Dylan Bish (C2 Blue) – 90.9
  3. Arun Chaudhuri (D2) – 89.2
  4. Vikas Goel b(D1 Red) – 83.7
  5. Daniel Vink (C3 Blue) – 73.6
  6. Happy Rana (D1 Blue) – 72.3

Juniors Presentation Day – Major Award winners

Congratulations to the major Award winners who were announced at the Juniors Presentation Day (Saturday 19th March 2022):



  • Junior Player of the Year (John Coulthard Trophy) – Rudhra Iyer
  • Charles Booth Memorial Award (U13) – Finlay Hitchcock
  • Ross Anderson Trophy (Outstanding U11 to U13) – Mitchell Ryle


  • U8 to U11 Volunteer of the Year – Jo Wilson
  • U12 to U16 Volunteer of the Year – Muditha Dissanayake



  • Player of the Year (Lisa Sthalekar Trophy) – Olivia McKeon
  • Junior Player of the Year (Tina MacPherson Award) – Maya Singh-Grewel


  • Volunteer of the Year Award – Kirsty Newbury

Congratulations to our Premier’s & Runners-up

Grand Finals were played on Sunday (13/03). Results are:

  • U16/17:
    • Blue 27 lost to Hornsby Green 2/28 – Runners up
  • U14:
    • Blue 144 lost to Oakhill College 9/175 – Runners up
  • U13:
    • Blue 3/170 defeated Hornsby Green 8/26 – Premiers

A special callout to those 5 x Teams that missed out due to all Semi-Finals being abandoned:

  • U16/17 – Red & Gold sides
  • U15 – Blue & Red
  • U12 – White.

Competition rounds

After a washed out final (13), the final standings of our Teams are:

  • U16/17s – Blue (2nd); Red (3rd); Gold (4th); Orange (5th)
  • U15s – Blue (3rd ); Red (4th); White (5th )
  • U14s – Blue (1st ); Green (=7th); Orange (12th)
  • U13s – Blue (1st); Red (7th); Gold (8th); Orange (10th); Green (=13th)
  • U12s – White (=2nd); Purple (=6th); Gold (=4th); Red (=8th); Green (11th); Blue (17th)
  • U11s & U10s – no competition points
  • MasterBlasters – no competition points


Competition Rounds

Final Standings are:

  • Stage 1 – 7th
  • Stage 2 (13 to 17 years) – Haynes (6th); Gardner (10th); McPherson (11th)
  • Stage 3 (U17) – 7th

Major Award winners

Refer to Presentation details above.

Blowfly Cricket

Channel 10 – The Project story

Check out the News report during the week on Channel’s 10 ‘The Project’ –here from about 1:43 secs.