News – 1 November 2021


Thank you

We made it! We have had just 4 weeks from Government announcements about Community Sport being allowed back on the field to having the Competition underway.

A huge thanks to all of our Volunteers and especially our Leadership Team, Age Convenors, Team Captains (Seniors).

So when you take the field on the weekend spare a thought for the countless combined hours of our Volunteers to get us there.

Season start

Cricket has started as follows:

  • Juniors (mixed) & Seniors – Saturday 30th October
  • Blowfly cricket – Friday 5th November
  • Junior Girls – Saturday 6th November
  • Junior Basters – Saturday 6th November

Registration status

Registration status is: 

  • Blowfly Cricket – OPEN (all season)
  • Junior Blasters – OPEN (Junior Blasters remains open all season)
  • Juniors (mixed):
    • Master Blasters – OPEN (will remain open all season)
    • U10 – CLOSED
    • U11 – CLOSED
    • U12 – CLOSED
    • U13 – CLOSED
    • U14 – OPEN
    • U15 – OPEN
    • U16/17 – CLOSED
  • Girls:
    • Stage 1 (U11) – CLOSED
    • Stage 2 (U13) – CLOSED
    • Stage 3 (U17) – CLOSED
  • SeniorsCLOSED

You can register at: here .



We can’t use the Schools this season due to Covid restrictions so training will be limited to fewer venues.

Your Team Manager / Coach has the details about training days and venues and everyone should now be ready to go.


Training days and times are:


  • Where – Sports Club Nets
  • Time – 4.00 om to 7.30 pm


  • Where – George Thornton Reserve
  • Time – 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm


The highly successful Academy is again being run this season. This is run exclusively for WPHC players. No other Club offers professional coaching to this standard.

With Registrations being open for just 2 weeks interest has been amazing

  • Juniors (mixed) – 30 registrations in just 2 weeks – Regos are now CLOSED
  • Girls only – 6 registrations so far with more coming – OPEN

The Program is run for 10 weeks and offers structured skills based training skills from some of the best coaches in the District – Premier 1st Grade players, WBBL players and own Academy coaches.

What you get

  • 10 weeks of professional coaching batting, bowling, w/k and fielding, game sense, innovation (batting, bowling and captaincy)
  • Separate Boys (Wednesday) & Girls (Thursday) Academy sessions that run for 90 minutes


Between 7th November to 15th December and then we finish up with the final 3 sessions between 2nd and 16th February.


Among the best in the area – Premier 1st Grade players, Premier Women’s 1st Grade players, WBBL and our own experienced Coaches led by our Club Head Coach (Hazza).


$225 for a 10 week, high quality program. That is just $25 / session – try getting coaching of this standard at this cost anywhere!


We have lots of great feedback with 100% of respondents from last season rating the program as being wither Excellent (83%) or very good (17%). A testimonial it all:

“Fantastic idea executed well…..great coaches that the kids relate to. A huge plus for the Club.”

 “Very well-structured program, covering many aspects of the game. Really enjoyed!”

 “Very well-structured program, with focus on all aspects of the game”

 “All coaches and special guests made the atmosphere one of fun and confidence building.”

How do I register?

Contact Tovin Honeysett on here or 0435 711 442 with any questions.

Best Performances of the Round


  • Vedant Vermani (C3) – 103* (499th Club ton)
  • Nadi Jayakody (U15 Blue) – 85
  • Will McLennan (C4) – 83
  • Arun Chaudhuri (D2) – 82*
  • Vikas Goel (D1 Blue) – 76*
  • Rick Turner (B12 Blue) – 69


  • Lachlan Edwards (D1 Red) – 5/6
  • Muditha (C4) – 4/2
  • Soham Agarwal (U17 Blue) – 4/13
  • Luke Fullerton (U17 Gold) – 4/28

Highest Team scores

  • WPHC Gold (U12s) 8/271 Vs WPHC Red
  • WPHC Blue (U15) 8/254 Vs Normanhurst-Warrawee
  • WPHC (C3) – 5/206 Vs Castle Hill

Best Partnerships

  • 140 for the 4th wicket – Ben Burrows (28) & Nadil Jayakody (85) – U15 BlueVs Normanhurst-Warrawee
  • 129* for the 4th wicket – Vikas Goel (76 retired) & Chetan Chandrasekhar (34*) – D1 Blue Vs Hornsby

Girls Leadership Program

This season we are doing something special for the Girls in our older Age Groups – a first for any Clubs in our Association.

Kirsty Newbury is developing and running a Leadership program for our older Girls that runs for 5 weeks with sessions of 30 minutes each. Training will be integrated into the regular training weeks. The program covers:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Getting your message across
  • Teamwork
  • Empowering others
  • Walk Tall, Lead with Heart

Our aim to develop a program that is repeatable and will benefit Girls players in the future.

In effect we are providing our Girls players with an opportunity for personal development and growth that no one else provides will be something special for all WPHC girls and their families.

Greenway Park Community Centre

We are now up and running and had our first Club functions over the last couple of weeks. The Seniors season launch held last weekend was a great success and showed that this facility is going to be a great facility.

For the diary, so far, we have the following major events planned at the Club house:

  • 27th November – Club Comedy night
  • 18th December – Christmas BBQ
  • February 2022 – Back to West Penno Day

What the season will look like

  • Everyone involved as a player, match day official or spectator will need to be fully vaccinated
  • Club Training can start effective from Monday 11/10
  • Playing conditions will be very similar to last season:


Players are advised to use a hand sanitiser prior to taking the field at the start of a match and prior to resumption of play following a break. Players should:

  • OBEY Physical Distancing, both on and off the field.
  • NOT use saliva or sweat to polish the ball.
  • NOT lick your fingers.
  • NOT high five or shake hands in the celebration process.
  • AVOID spitting.
  • NOT share towels.
  • NOT share drink bottles.


  • Neither saliva nor sweat shall be purposefully applied to the ball.
  • The ball shall be cleaned with an alcohol-based disinfectant wipe at every scheduled break in play including drinks breaks, tea breaks and lunch breaks.
  • In the instance that saliva has been applied to the ball, it shall be immediately wiped with an alcohol-based disinfectant wipe.
  • At the fall of a wicket or a break in play, the ball shall be rolled near or placed next to stumps at the non-striker’s end.2 • Umpires shall not be required to handle or otherwise touch the ball.
  • A fielder may:
  • Polish the ball on their clothing provided that no artificial substance or saliva or sweat is used.
  • Remove mud from the ball under supervision of the umpire
  • Dry a wet ball on a cloth that has been approved by the umpire.