News – May 2021

Seniors Presentation Night

A great night celebrating an amazing season was held at Castle Hill RSL on Friday 7th May 2021. We had just on 150 people attending in the main auditorium.

Congratulations to our major Award winners:

  • President’s Award – Mike Kinchington
  • Player of the Year – Tom Hando (B2)
  • Outstanding Prospect – Nikhil Ninan (B1 Blue)

In addition to this we presented an inaugural ‘Special Achievement Award’ recognising:

  • Julian & Jane Bish
  • Steve ‘Buzz’ Burrows

This Award recognises Excellence over many years and is closest to Life Membership. The inscription says it all:

In recognition of your exceptional

contribution over many years to

West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook

Cricket Club

Well done to all of our Award winners.

Check out the Photo Gallery – Presentation Night 2020-21.


NSW Community Club of the Year

Some more good news on an amazing season with our selection by CNSW as the Cricket nomination for Community Club of the Year – here . This is effectively recognition as the number one ranked Community Cricket Club in NSW and recognises what happens off the field. We now go into the running for NSW Community Club of the Year.

What makes this even more amazing is that this is the 3rd time in 5 years we have won significant recognition as being the best Community Cricket Club in NSW:

  • 2016/2017 – NSW Community Sports Awards (SportNSW) – Community Club of the Year – CNSW nominee
  • 2018/19 – A Sport for All – CNSW nominee for Club of the Year + National Runner-up
  • 2020/21 – NSW Community Sports Awards (Community Club of the Year) – CNSW nominee.

This is a great testimony to our amazing volunteers and especially our Club Leadership Team who continues to inspire everyone around us through a commitment to excellence and adherence to our Club values.

There will be a Presentation ceremony at NSW Parliament in June. 

Cricket Australia recognition

On Thursday 15 April 14 of our Juniors (7 x Boys & 7 x Girls) participated in a Cricket Australia instructional coaching video that will be viewed by many thousands of coaches within Australia and around the world. To be chosen by CA as the Club they want to use in this video is special. It acknowledges our focus on promoting diversity, our strong girls program and support for disability cricket.

The video will be released in August and our West Penno family will be the stars. 

Coming up

A snapshot of what is coming up in the off-season:

Initiative When
Club AGM Wednesday 23 June
On-line Registrations open Monday 28 June
Registration / Information Day Sunday 1st August
Seniors pre-season starts Saturday 7 August
Season start Saturday 11 September

2020/21 – a Season of achievement & staying in touch

The season came to a finish with the Seniors Grand Finals played on the 27th & 28th March 2021.

Thank you to all of our players, Volunteers, parents and supporters for an amazing contribution this season. This season was like no other and the effort of so many people to get the season underway and to achieve so much is a remarkable achievement.

We now look forward to 2021/22 – our 91st season.

While the season is now over, cricket doesn’t stop with lots of work going on in the background. Our website is always kept current with breaking news so make sure you lock us into your favourites and check the Club News regularly.

PlayHQ initiative

As covered previously, Cricket Australia is migrating from MyCricket to a new platform – PlayHQ. Trials start on 1 July 2021 with the Junior Blasters before staggered migration of all cricket data into the new system over the next 12 months. 

The following link gives an update on the latest progress – here

Based on registration numbers last season, we expect approximately ~500 programs and 12,000 participants coming onto the PlayHQ platform from July 2021 until June 2022.

Greenway Park Community Centre

The official opening of the Greenway Park Community Centre was on Tuesday 30th March 2021. On Friday 30 April we had a final handover and we now have the keys to the Centre allowing us unrestricted use. Check out the Miscellaneous Photos on the website for photos.

This is an amazing Community facility that offers:

  • Seating for 350 people
  • Viewing balcony
  • Apart from a main meeting area, there is a bar and fully equipped professional kitchen
  • The main wall has 2 giant HD TV screens with the best being a roof mounted super HD video projection unit (worth $55k) that projects onto the wall. Next season the balcony will have a HD camera allowing live streaming of the game while player’s lounge inside with air conditioned comfort
  • There will also be Trophy cabinets where each Sporting Group will be able to display major awards
  • In the Meeting Room there is a large wall where each Club will be able to display Special achievements – Life Members, Highest run scorers and wicket takers and so on.

There is a lot to look forward to next season as our Club will have access to these wonderful facilities.

Blowfly Cricket

After a great season, Blowfly Cricket finished on Friday 26th March. Next season will be even bigger and better than the season just completed.

Blowfly Cricket gives young people with autism, special needs &/or disabilities the chance to play organised sport. It also gives families the chance to be involved and enjoy seeing their children having fun and just enjoying life. The following link provides a great insight into Blowfly Cricket –

here and the Photo Gallery – here

If you want to know more then check out our website here or give Bill Peterkin a call on 0488 110 942 or here

Juniors (mixed)

Junior Club Championship

Congratulations to our Juniors on winning the Club Championship – our first since 2008/09. After a long winning record in the early 2000’s a change in qualification criteria significantly limited the ability of large Clubs from winning.

This result doesn’t happen overnight but is the result of the collective actions of many people. The contribution of our Juniors Director’s, Julian Bish, Rob Hanich and Buzz have all contributed significantly. In our case we had 10 x Semi Finalists and 4 x Minor Premiers in the 5 Grades that have Finals with most of our Team clustered around the middle / top.

Well done to the many people who contributed over many years to get this result.

Junior Grand Finals

Congratulations to Minor Premiers who were awarded Premierships after all games were abandoned.

  1. U17s: Orange (Minor Premier & Premiers)
  2. U15s: Purple (Minor Premier & Premiers)
  3. U13s: Green (Minor Premier & Premiers)
  4. U12s: Blue (Minor Premier & Premiers)

While everyone wants games to be decided on the field, each of these Teams were the best in their Grade over the season and this is recognition of outstanding performance.

The 4 x Premierships also broke the previous record of 3 set back in 2007/08.

What makes this even more special is that our policy of ‘Participation over Results’ has seen most of our Junior Teams finish the season in a cluster around the middle or higher so well done to every other Team who either made the Semi’s or missed out. We are proud of every Team.

Juniors (Girls & Boys) – Presentation Day

The Presentation Day was held on Saturday (27th March) and congratulations to our major Award winners:

  • Junior Player of the Year (John Coulthard Award) – Luke Fullerton
  • Senior Girls Player of the Year (Lisa Sthalekar Award) – Trinity Newbury
  • Junior Girls Player of the Year ( Tina McPherson) – Teyana LaBrooy
  • Charles Booth Memorial Award (U13s) – Jacob Dawson
  • Ross Anderson Award (Rising Star) – Suhas Abeysinghe

Volunteer Awards

Without our Volunteers we wouldn’t have a Club. Congratulations to the outstanding Volunteers for this season:

  • U8 – U11 Volunteer of the Year – Indranil Mukherjee
  • U12 – U16 Volunteer of the Year – Craig Hutchinson
  • Girls Volunteer Award – Christina Phillip

Well done to all of our Award winners.

Points table

Final standings at the end of the standard competition (6th March) are:



Orange 1st  ,Red 3rd; White 4th
U15s Purple 1st; Blue 4th; Green =7th (7th on quotient); Orange =7th (8th on quotient)


U14s Red =3rd (4th on quotient), Blue 5th; White =6th (6th on quotient)


U13s Green 1st ;Blue 8th ; Orange 14th


U12s Blue 1st; Orange =2nd (3rd on quotient); Green =2nd (4th on quotient); Red =7th (8th on quotient); Gold =11th (11th on quotient)


U11s No competition


U10s No competition


MasterBlasters No competition

Girls & Women’s Programs

Women’s Social Cricket

Also a great season that had its last game on Wednesday 24th March at Mark Taylor Oval. Keep a look out for next season and experience this amazing opportunity.

Round results


The last game of the season for the Girls was played on 13th March 2021.

Grand Final

WPHC Sthalaker 69 lost to Normanhurst-Warrawee 1/119

A wonderful way to finish the season with the GF match against 1st placed Normo. After being sent in to bat Normo powered to 1/119 in their 20 overs at Karuah Oval. Scores from our Girls aren’t yet loaded but we struggled to 69 all out in 19 overs against a good quality side. While we lost the game we had a great season.

Plate Final

WPHC Annetts 0/20 defeated Kissing Point 19

The Plate Final game finished with a big win for the girls to finish off the season in style. Bowling first, we rolled Point for just 20 in 19 overs with our best bowlers being: Shreeya Jai Krishna Prabhu 2/2; with a wicket each to Olivia Lownds 1/2; Amy Eade 1/5 and Trisha Yadav 1/1.

Batting was over in the blink of an eye – getting the ruins in just 4 overs. So we finished the season on  a high and just 1 point off the top 4.

Final standing

U13 Sixers


Sthalaker 3rd

  Annetts 5th

U15 Senior Girls Sixers (North Shore)

The Final Club Round (16 was played on Saturday 13 March) and Semi Finals on 20th March. Results are:

WPHC Lanning 4/88 defeated Lane Cove Perry 29

After being sent in we cruised to a comfortable 4/88 in our 20 overs. Top score was by Trinity Newbury with 10 retired in 21 deliveries. Our turn to bowl and demolished Lane Cove in just 9 overs. Elysa Oliveri got the best figures with 3/5 and Cassidy McArthur finished with 3/8.

This moved us to =5th spot with 4 wins from our 9 games with one match to go.

Senior Sixers Lanning 5th


Congratulations to Seniors Grand Finalists

Congratulations to our 4 x Seniors Premiers:

  • B2 Grade (Phill)
  • C4 Grade (Rob)
  • D1 Red (Ross S)
  • D2 Grade (Nirav)

Commiserations to our Runners-up who missed out on their 3-peat attempt:

  • C2 Blue (Buzz)

Reports are in the ‘Match Report’ section of the website.

Season highlights

Congratulations to our top performers for the season:


  1. Dylan Bish (C2 Blue) – 380 runs @ 38.0 & Association’s best average
  2. Nikhil Ninan (B1 Blue) – 360 @ 72.0
  3. Praneel Singh (D2) – 344 @ 38.2
  4. Campbell Wallace (B2) – 323 @ 29.4
  5. Vedant Virmani (C3) – 307 @ 43.9


  1. Tom Hando (B2) – 36 wickets @ 8.3 & Association’s best B2 average
  2. Michael Richards (A1) – 32 @ 7.5 & Association’s best A1 average
  3. Rob Knapman (B2 Blue) –27 @ 11.6
  4. Nirav Desai (D) – 26 @ 8.0
  5. Steve Ozvatic (B2) – 23 @ 8.6


  1. Campbell Wallace (B2) – 9 catches
  2. Praneel Singh (D2) – 7
  3. Robert Fynes-Clinton (C4) – 7


  1. Sam Kirkegard (C2 Blue) – 19 dismissals (16 catches & 3 stumpings)
  2. Aden Hanich (C4) – 12 catches
  3. Manoj Indulkar (D1 Red) – 10 dismissals ( 9 catches & 1 stumping)

Season highlights


  • Dylan Bish (380), Nikhil Nina (360) and Praneel Singh (344) were the highest run scorers for the season
  • The highest score was Michael Gunn’s 129 (A2), followed by Gav Taylor’s 114 (A1)
  • Not a lot of movement in the highest all-time run tallies.  We have 6 current players in the top 10, which hasn’t changed
  • Steve Quanborough and Praneel Singh now have the best batting averages of all time in D1 and D2 respectively (out of the players who’ve scored more than 1000 runs in that grade)


  • Tom Hando (36), Michael Richards (32) and Rob Knapman (27) were the leading wicket takers for the season
  • Josh Elliott took the best figures of 7 for 36.  Honourable mentions to Parin Pillamarri (6/4), Joseph Siby (6/7) and Nirav Desai (also 6/7)
  • Also no movement in the top 10 wicket takers, with the same 3 current players unchanged
  • Craig Hutchinson now has the best bowling average of all time in C1 (players with over 100 wickets in that grade)


  • Samuel Kirkegard (22) and Ryan Gunn (18) took the most dismissals for the year
  • Ryan made 8 stumpings, which is one short of Steven Rochow’s 2012/13 record (we only have stats back to 2010 for this one)
  • Campbell Wallace and Gihan Thebuwanage took the most non-keeper catches (9), and Andrew Morris the most run outs (3)

Final Team standings at the completion of the normal season (6th March 2021) are:

A1 (Phil W) 3rd
A2 (Gunny) 5th

Red (Rick)

Blue (Knapper)



B2 (Phill H) 1st
C1 (Joseph) =4th (5th on quotient)

Red (Stu)

Blue (Buzz)



C3 7th
C4 1st



=3rd (3rd on quotient)


D2 1st