News – 10 January 2021

2021 New Year – season start-up

Seniors have started up again with their first game after the Christmas break getting underway on Saturday (9th January).

Full re-commencement details are:

Start-up details

Games re-commence after the break, as follows:

  • Seniors – Saturday 9th January 2021
  • Women & Girls Social Cricket – Wednesday 27th January 2021 (details below)
  • Blowfly – Friday 29th January
  • Juniors – Saturday 30th January
  • Girls – 30th January
  • Junior Blasters – 30th January

Covid-19 Safe playing rules

Full details are covered at the end of this News update. In brief through, as a Community many of us probably became a bit lax in following some of the requirements. With the recent reminders that the virus is still ‘out there’ with the Competition now underway again there needs to be a tougher focus on complying with the ‘CovidSafe’ rules. See below for details.


Junior Blasters (5 to 7 years)

Registrations are taken year round so there is always a spot for anyone wanting to play


Registrations are ‘Closed’ but it is always possible that families can leave the area, move to high school and need to play for the School or parents work commitments change. If your child is interested in playing then contact our Age Convenors to see if there is a spot – here


Like the Juniors – there may be gaps due to any number of reasons. If your daughter is interested in playing then contact Grant & Suzanna Colburt on Grant (0413 594 077) or Suzanna (0413 594 082) or by email on here


Teams are also full but gaps often occur. If you are interested in playing then contact Rick Turner on 0439 875 942 or on email here

Active Kids vouchers

If you are going to register and you have children at School the NSW Govt announced on 1 January that a new tranche of funding is available to get access to the $100 funding. All you need to do is register through the following link and follow the process – here

Greenway Park Community Centre – Official opening

The Official opening date has been set:

  • When: Sunday 28th February 2021
  • Time: 30 am
  • Who is invited: all the Clubs and their members turn up (in uniform) for when Julian Leeser cuts the ribbon.

There will be a relaxed “breakfast format” where we will providing breakfast to all in attendance, including bacon and egg rolls, muesli and yoghurt.

Building update

  • Painting finished
  • Flooring down
  • Internal furniture, AV equipment, and kitchen equipment has all been ordered

There are a number of minor building items remaining with the most material items being the installation of the kitchen which is due in the week of 2 February 2021.

External ramps, stairs, tiered seating

This is the most significant item remaining and we have just received the engineering for the concreter to price. We are hoping all external works completed by the end of January or early February.

Girls & Women’s Programs

Women’s Social Cricket is back

The hugely successful Women’s Social Cricket initiative is back. Last season over 100 Women and Girls played Social Cricket, organised by CNSW, and is back again this year due to popular request.

Details of the Summer 2021 Season are:

  • When: Wednesday Nights under lights from 6:45pm – 8:15pm
  • Season Length: 8 week program starting with a Free Come & Try/ Launch night on Wednesday 27th January 2021
    • Games will then run from the 3rd Feb to the 17th March with a wet weather back up on 24th March
  • Cost – $70
  • Where: Mark Taylor Oval, Waitara


Register as an individual, small group (2-5 players), or a team (6-10 players).

You can register here here

Girls Only School Holiday Program

Cricket NSW is again running their very successful Girls Holiday Program. The aim is to introduce more Girls to our Woolworths Cricket Blast programs/ Girls Only Master Blasters Hub for 2021.

Basic details are:

  • Girls Only Holiday Program
    • 12th January 2021 @ Normanhurst Oval – 9am-3pm
    • Girls aged 5-12 and just $50
    • Direct feeder to Girls Only Master Blasters


Register or enquire at here – search “Sydney Sixers Holiday Program Hornsby”.

New Come and Try Holiday Program

Another great initiative from CNSW who are producing some quality initiatives:

  • Come and Try Holiday Program
    • 22nd January 2021 @ Normanhurst Oval – 9am-3pm
    • Boys and Girls aged 5-12 and $60
    • Designed for kids in their first couple of seasons and those who haven’t played before
    • Direct feeder to Junior, Master Blasters and Stage 1 Junior Cricket where applicable


Register or enquire at here – search “Sydney Sixers Holiday Program Hornsby”.

Association News

Re-gradings (Seniors)

To start to New Year, the Association has released the Draw for Round 6 (as at 5th January 2021) and also completed Team re-gradings.

Checkout the changes at the Association website – here

This has also affected the Points table for a number of Grades and this can be checked out in the Seniors update below.

Selected Teams in MyCricket

To comply with Covid-19 obligations all Teams are required to enter players selected in Teams for each match into MyCricket by no later than 9.00 am, Sunday following the start of each Match. This is the only record we have for contact tracing purposes should a positive case be found.

This is going to be closely audited from the start of Round 3 and there will be penalties for non-compliance.


School Holidays Clinic – January 2021

The Coaches’ Association has scheduled three junior cricket clinics (8.30am – 2.00pm each day) in the January 2021 school holidays, in partnership with Northern District CC.

These Clinics have established a reputation of excellence over many years and are usually fully subscribed. The quality is high and it has the added benefit of getting the kids out and active during the School holidays.

The dates and venues are as follows:

  • Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th January at Mark Taylor Oval
  • 13th & Thurs. 14th January @ MTO
  • 20th & Thurs. 21st January @ Normanhurst Oval

These clinics are now advertised on the Coaches’ Association’s Facebook page and the HK&HDCA MyCricket website – here


Registration cost is just $120 / clinic or $170 for two clinics.


Registration is easy – via the following line: here

Blowfly Cricket

Blowfly Cricket starts up again on Friday 29th January 2021. Games details are;

  • When – every Friday night
  • Time: 00 pm to around 7.15 pm
  • Where: James Henty Oval

Blowfly Cricket gives young people with autism, special needs &/or disabilities the chance to play organised sport. It also gives families the chance to be involved and enjoy seeing their children having fun and just enjoying life. The following link provides a great insight into Blowfly Cricket – here and the Photo Gallery – here

If you have someone in your family or know someone with this disability then let them know about Blowfly cricket. Registrations are open all season and everyone is welcome. Games finish with a BBQ and at times it is hard to work out who enjoys the Blowfly season more – the players or families / carers.

If you want to know more then check out our website here or give Bill Peterkin a call on 0488 110 942 or here


Season break

Competition now has a break until it starts again on Saturday 30th January 2021. At the break Team standings are:

Points table

As at the end of Round 9 (19th December 2020):



Orange 1st  ,White 3rd, Red 4th
U15s Purple 2nd; Blue =3rd (3rd on quotient), Orange =7th (8th on quotient), Green =9th (10th )


U14s Blue =3rd (3rd on quotient), Red =3rd (4th on quotient); White =7th (7th on quotient)


U13s Green =1st (2nd on quotient); Blue =7th (9th on quotient); Orange 17th


U12s Red 1st, Blue 2nd ; Green -3rd (5th on quotient); Orange =6th (6th on quotient); Gold =15th (15th on quotient)


U11s No competition


U10s No competition


MasterBlasters No competition

Women & Girls Cricket

Master Blaster – Girls Only (aged 7 to 12 years)

The Spring Twilight season finished on Friday (11th December) and was another great success. The Comp now goes into recess during Christmas / New Year holidays and starts up again on Friday 29th January 2021.

The Twilight Comp is run in local Hubs (our hub is Thornleigh Oval) with Girls from:  West Penno / Cherrybrook, Normanhurst/ Warrawee, Beecroft, Pennant Hills, Thornleigh & Castle Hill.

Registration for the Summer Comp

Registration for the Summer Comp is open and you can register via the following link – here

Details are:

  • When:
    • Friday’s from 29th January to 12t March 2021
  • Time: 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm
  • Where: Thornleigh Oval
  • Cost: $50 for the Summer season

Round highlights

Just like the Juniors, all games for the final Round were called off due to the Covid-19 cluster on the Northern Beaches.

The Comp starts up again on Saturday 30th January 2021. At the season break our Team standings are:

Senior Sixers Lanning 3rd
U13 Sixers Sthalaker 3rd
  Annetts = 4th (5th on quotient)


The season re-commencement was on Saturday 9th January and we had some stellar performances. Round highlights are:


  • 55* by Stephen Ozvatic (B2) Vs Kissing Point
  • 55 by Nick Duck (C2 Red) Vs Castle Hill.


  • 6/7 by Siby Joseph (D2) Vs Kenthurst
  • 5/14 by Rob Knapman (B1 Blue) Vs Normanhurst-Warrawee
  • 4/4 by Roger Friend *C4) Vs Glenorie
  • 4/18 by Ayush Tamhankar (D1 Blue) Vs WPHC D1 Red

Team standings as at the end of Round 6 (09/01) are below.

A1 (Phil W) 2nd
A2 (Gunny) 5th

Red (Knapper)

Blue (Rick)


=2nd (3rd on quotient)

B2 (Phill H) 3rd
C1 (Joseph) =2nd (2nd on quotient)

Red (Stu)

Blue (Buzz)



C3 =4th (4th on quotient)
C4 7th



= 1st (1st on quotient)

= 31st (2nd on quotient)

D2 1st

COVID – Return to playing Conditions

The Association CovidSafe Playing conditions are:


Players are advised to use a hand sanitiser prior to taking the field at the start of a match and prior to resumption of play following a break. Players should:

  1. OBEY Physical Distancing, both on and off the field.
  2. NOT use saliva or sweat to polish the ball.
  3. NOT lick your fingers.
  4. NOT high five or shake hands in the celebration process.
  5. AVOID spitting.
  6. NOT share towels.
  7. NOT share drink bottles.


  • The Fielding Team Captain, or their delegate, is responsible for the cleaning of the ball, using an alcohol-based spray and microfibre cloth at the fall of a wicket and scheduled breaks in play.
  • The umpire(s) (CAPTAINS), are to supervise this practice and ensure that it is carried out as prescribed.

A fielder may:

  • Polish the ball on their clothing provided that no artificial substance or saliva or sweat is used.
  • Remove mud from the ball under supervision of the umpire
  • Dry a wet ball on a cloth that has been approved by the umpire.


At the fall of a wicket, the player in possession of the ball should place the ball at the base of the stumps from which the next delivery will be bowled.

At the conclusion of a session, the fielding captain should place the ball back in the original box OR a plastic bag and give it to the umpire; this process is repeated at the end of play.



If a player unintentionally, through habit, in the opinion of the umpire, deliberately applies saliva or sweat on the ball (this includes a player licking his/her finger prior to gripping the ball), the umpire, in the first instance, should:

  1. Call dead ball
  2. Call the player and their captain and inform them of the breach of the Playing Condition
  3. The umpire will issue a first warning to the player and their captain, and record the name of the offending player and the time of the incident.
  4. The umpire will direct the captain to undertake the ball cleaning procedure prior to play recommencing.
  5. Play may then continue.

If a player, following a second and final warning, in the opinion of the umpire, deliberately applies saliva or sweat on the ball (this includes a player licking his/her finger prior to gripping the ball), the umpire should:

  1. Call Dead Ball.
  2. Call the player and their captain and inform them of the third or thereafter breach of the Playing Condition.
  3. The umpire will report the incident as a repetitive breach, to the Executive Officer of the HKHDCA by email within 24 hours of the conclusion of the days play.
  4. The umpire will direct the captain to undertake the ball cleaning procedure prior to play recommencing.
  5. Play may then continue.

NOTE: Umpires (including player umpires) will award a five-run penalty to the batting side, if in their opinion, the offence has been committed more than twice by a player within the innings, and continue to do so if further breaches by that player are observed and noted.

NOTE: It is recommended that the SQUARE LEG Umpire be primarily responsible for observing the fielding team’s adherence to the above protocols with regard to the cleaning/polishing of the ball, in concert with their colleague, however, it is not to be considered that only they are monitoring the observations.


If the bowler wishes to bowl without their cap or hat, there are three options:
The bowler may leave their hat/cap outside of the boundary, if they are fielding near or on the boundary, when not bowling.


 2. The bowler may place their hat/cap behind the keeper, as is the usual situation with helmets at rest, however, no penalty runs will be awarded if the ball hits the hat/cap on the ground behind the keeper.


 3. The bowler may, with the permission of the umpire, place their hat/cap at the mark commencing their run, however, no penalty runs will be awarded if the ball hits the hat/cap on the ground behind the BOWLERS END STUMPS.


The umpires should be the only people to set the stumps prior to play, each umpire responsible for their end stumps only, initially and when resetting the stumps.

When only one umpire is present, they will be responsible for the stumps at both ends.

ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT: To be supplied by each captain/team/club

  1. Hand sanitizer
  2. Alcohol based spray (ISOCOL) and microfibre cloth.


Paper Team Sheets are to be completed in line with the competition rules, but NOT exchanged. It is recommended that the Umpires and the captains may take a photo of the team sheets to enable the information to be accessible throughout the match.


Each team should IDEALLY have the necessary electronic scoring device available for live scoring on MYCRICKET.