News – 8 March 2020

COVID-19 (Coronia Virus)

A note from CNSW NSW CEO Lee Germon:

“…encourages all Associations to proceed with their matches, including finals, providing they place player and stakeholder health and safety at the forefront of those decisions.

 Recommendations to reduce risk

    • No hand shaking
    • No team huddles
    • No sharing of any equipment including cricket equipment other than the ball (e.g.; helmets, bats, gloves)
    • Don’t share drinks, towels, lip balm, sunscreen with others (have your own)
    • Don’t use saliva or sweat to polish ball during the game
    • Limit dressing room and training attendance mostly to “need to be there” coaching staff
    • Players stay one metre apart at team meetings (no touching)
    • Hand sanitiser to be in team rooms, players/staff encouraged to use plus hand washing prior to meals
    • Food is individually packaged – no finger food, shared serving
    • People mixing drinks to have gloves & mask while doing so

All players with respiratory or gastrointestinal illness to report this immediately to Club and be quarantined from training until assessed and cleared. Do not go to training”

Juniors Presentation cancellation

Following the Federal Government’s ban on non-essential gatherings with > 500 people our Club has decided to cancel the Juniors Presentation Day next weekend (22nd March) due to a duty of care. Alternatives arrangements will be advised once determined.

Dates for the calendar

  • Girls Grand Finals – 7th March 2020
  • Junior Semi Finals – 8th March 2020
  • Junior Grand Finals – 15th March
  • Junior Presentation Day – Saturday 21 March at Oakhill Drive Public School
  • Senior Semi Finals – 7th & 14th March
  • Senior Grand Final – 21st & 22nd March
  • Seniors Presentation Night – Friday 1st May

Semi Finals

Games being played this Saturday (7 March 2020) are:


  • WPHC Healy Vs Castle Hill Thunder @ Edward Bennett
  • WPHC Perry Vs Castle Hill Lightning @ Fred Caterson


See Juniors section below for results.

  • U15/16
    • Orange 3rd Vs Castle Hill Green 2nd @ Fred Caterson 2
  • U14:
    • WPHC Purple 3rd Vs Castle Hill White 2nd @ Caddies Creek
    • WPHC Red 1st Vs Hornsby Green 4th @ Greenway
  • U12:
    • WPHC Blue 4th Vs Kissing Point Blue 1st @ Montview Oval
  • U11:
    • WPHC Blue 2nd Vs WPHC Orange 3rd @ Campbell Park


  • A2 (Gunny) 3rd Vs Berowra 2nd @ Headen Park
  • C1 Red (Phill) 1st Vs Kenthurst 4th @ Dural Park
  • C2 (Indranil) 4th Vs Castle Hill 1st @ Caddies Creek
  • C3 (Buzz) 1st Vs St Ives 4th @ Les Shore 1
  • D1 Blue (Rob) 3rd Vs Glenorie 2nd @ Bannockburn
  • D2 (Mike) 3rd Vs Kissing Point Red 2nd @ Campbell

Association News


  • Grand finals for the Under 13 and Senior Sixers Girls Leagues are on this Saturday 7th
  • They are T20 games starting at 2pm.


  • Semi finals will be held on Saturdays the 7th and 14th March
  • Grand finals will be held on Saturday the 21st and Sunday 22nd March


  • Semi finals will be held on Sunday 8th March
  • Grand finals will be held on Sunday 15th March

Representative trials

U13s to U15s boys

  • When – Sunday March 29, 2020
  • See HKHDCA website for details – here

U10s to U12s Boys

  • When –Sunday March 22, 2020
  • See HKHDCA website (above) for details

Club Survey

Our bi-annual Club Survey across, Junior Blasters, Girls and Juniors is underway. Every registered player should have received a link to Survey Monkey so if you haven’t responded yet then give it a go and help us to make a better Club.

We run these Surveys every 2 years with Seniors being held last season. This is an anonymous Survey that is a catalyst for change.

Already it has resulted in a rewrite of our ‘Participation over Results’ for Juniors, our successful efforts to introduce Pathways cricket to the U8s with the introduction of Master Blasters, ramped up communication, and the move towards greater diversity across the Club.

Girl’s cricket


Grand Final weekend with games as follows:


WPHC (Sthalekar) 2nd defeated Thornleigh 4th

Congratulations to the Sthalekar side who took out the Premiership. Scores will be updated once MyCricket is updated.

The 5th placed Annetts Team play finished their season last weekend.

Final Competition standings are:

  • WPHC Sthalekar – 2nd (45 points)
  • WPHC Annetts – =4th (5th on quotient) – 29 points

Sixers League


Grand Final weekend with games as follows:

WPHC Healy 84 lost to Castle Hill RSL 2/87

Congratulations to the Healy side who made it through to the big one but just missed out to a good side.

WPHC Perry 4/31 defeated Castle Hill RSL Lightning 30

Great effort from the Perry side to finish the season strongly with a good win.

Final Competition standings are:

  • WPHC Healy 1st (49 points)
  • WPHC Perry – 3rd (43 points)

Juniors Boys

The last Round before the Semi Finals and congratulations to the following Teams made it through to the big games next week.

Semi-Finals results, played on Sunday 8 March are:

  • U15/16
  • Orange (3rd) 1/69 defeated Castle Hill Green (2nd) 8 /67
  • U14:
    • Purple (3rd) 97 lost to Castle Hill White (2nd) 103
    • (1st ) lost to Hornsby Green 4th @ Greenway
  • U12:
    • Blue (4th) 6/49 lost to Kissing Point Blue (1st) 1/51
  • U11:
    • Blue (2nd) 6/150 defeated WPHC Orange (3rd)


  • No scores > 50 runs.Details to come after Sunday games


  • 4/9 by Arjun Kodaganti U11Blue Vs WPHC Orange @ Campbell Park


  • No significant partnerships.Details to come after Sunday games

Team standings

After the last competition Round – 29th February, our Team standings are:

  • U15 /U16s – Orange =2nd (3rd on quotient); Blue 7th; Red 8th; White 10th
  • U14s – Red 1st; Purple =2nd (3rd on quotient), Blue 6th; Orange 7th, Green 9th
  • U13s – Red 6th, Green 7th, Blue 10th, White 11th
  • U12s – Blue 4th; Green 8th; Orange 15th; Gold 17th; Red 19th.
  • U11s – Blue 2nd; Orange 3rd; Gold 9th; Red 12th; Green 14th
  • U8s to U10s – no competition points allocated.

Seniors (All Age)

Round Semi Final (Day 1) highlights are summarised:



  • 54* by Xander Vink (C3) Vs St Ives @ Les Shore 1


  • 6/44 by Ben Meikle Vs Berowra @ Headen Park

Personal Achievements / Milestones

The Home page of the website has an update of personal Milestones – who has an approaching milestone and who achieved one. The system is now working and each week we will have the latest updates on performances.

Match Reports

Match Reports of every game are on the Match Report section of the website.


Seniors train at the WPH Sports Club nets on Wednesday and Fridays between 5.00 pm and dusk.

Semi Finalists

Congratulations to our Semi Finalists:

  • A2 (Gunny) 3rd
  • C1 Red (Phill) 1st
  • C2 (Indranil) 4th
  • C3 (Buzz) 1st
  • D1 Blue (Rob) 3rd
  • D2 (Mike) 3rd

Points table

Team standings after the final Round (14) follows. The Semi Finals are played over 2 weekends starting Saturday 7th March

  • A1 – 5th (37 points)
  • A2:
    • Blue (Gunny) – 3rd (53 points)
    • Red (Andy) – 5th (47 points)
  • B1 – 6th (38 points)
  • B2 – 8th (33 points)
  • C1:
    • Red (Phill) = 1st
    • Blue (Fieds) – 8th
  • C2 – 4th (42 points)
  • C3 – 1st (70 points)
  • D1:
    • Blue (Rob) – 3rd 48 points)
    • Red (Diggers) – 5th (44 points)
  • D2 – 3rd (52 points)