Anecdotes – 2 February 2020

Local Hero

Everyone who plays and contributes to our Club as a Volunteer is special. However, the contribution of some folk stands out as being exceptional. Enter Sreeni Pillamarri (Club Executive Member & C2 Grade) – pictured left.

Last year, Sreeni walked from Sydney to Canberra to raise money for drought stricken farmers. Over the last few weeks Sreeni has stepped up again to help the Community. Sreeni was one of the main organisers of a Fundraiser Buffet at Dosa Hut NSW outlets (Harris Park, Dural & Penrith). They raised $6,150 to support Bushfire Fighters, victims and volunteers.

The funds raised at Harris Park ($1,650) and Dural ($2,500) was donated to the Dural RFS.

Sreeni didn’t stop there. He bought 150 battery chargers for the phones of RFS volunteers in Canberra – $2,028 of his own money. He then drove to Canberra and delivered the charges to our fire fighters.

It didn’t stop there. Sreeni also was one of the organisers with the UAS (Uttarakhandi Association-Sydney) who raised $2,500 for the Cherrybrook RFS Branch. Check out Sreeni’s Facebook page –  here

Well done Sreeni – we are very proud of your efforts.

Blowfly support

A note from Bill Peterkin, our Junior Blasters / Blowfly Director. We have had great support from our Seniors Teams who have contributed over $400 to support Blowfly Cricket. To quote Bill:


 Thank you so very much for this support.

It just shows why this club of ours is seriously the best club in the world….

 Please extend the offer to all players that they are most welcome to join is any Friday night between 6 & 7:30 at James Henty Reserve between now and the 20th March.

(Tell them just be prepared to be sledged)

 I hope to catch up with you all for a beer very soon

 Thanks again and please pass on our appreciation to all the boys.”

Drawing the short straw

Our high flying C3 side must have done something wrong, somewhere. We are very fortunate in our Association to generally have great facilities and grounds in beautiful locations. Enter C3. This Round the boys drew Gilroy College. While a great school, to get this ground on a day with 45 degrees temperatures ranks up there with the worst draws.

For those who don’t know, the ground has no running water, no toilets, no shade and the walk from the street to the ground is a couple of hundred metres. It can only get better boys.

While on Gilroy College Oval, this is also where the Space Cadet legend was born. It started with the one and only Eric Junkkari impressed everyone with his incredible ability to not be able to put together a shade tent – the accompanying photo. So Gilroy has a lot to answer for – the worst ground, by a long margin and the birth of the Space Cade legend.

Space Cadet

After a quiet time on the highly sought after ‘Space Cadet’ mentions this week the Award goes to our C1 Blue Skipper, Stu Fiedler.

After having the games over Christmas / New Year start at 12.00 noon this week we reverted to the 1.00 pm starts with the Junior comp starting up after the break. Unfortunately, Stu hadn’t checked the start times on the draw and on a 43 degree day he got the boys along to Foxglove Oval at 11.30 am in time for a 1.00 pm start. At least they were warmed up before a ball was bowled.


Definition of heat

The B2 boys were playing at Warrina Street and with the temperatures nudging 43 degrees plus we were chasing a handy score of 195 in 35 overs. After struggling early on, enter Ryan Gunn for a rescue job. Gunny got to 63 and the boys just missed out by 4 runs. The photo says it all – having a well-deserved drinks (recovery) break and with an ice pack in hand, this picture says everything about what Saturday was like.

Still no game

Groundhog day for the C3’s. Last week we reported:

“There are now 3 games left this season before the Semi’s start – just 5 weekends for Teams to make a charge for the big games. Spare a thought for our all-conquering C3 teams under Buzz. The boys have only played 2 games since the 14th December due to wet weather, heat / bad air quality and their latest effort is a forfeit. Not the ideal build-up going into the final run but with the boys sitting comfortably in first spot it will help to make their training sessions a bit more intense.”

Fast forward to this week and the TeamApp update:

“44 degrees here at Castle Hill and no sign that it is going to cool down. Captains declared a draw”.

To quote Buzz (pictured) again:

“After smoke haze, a washout, a forfeit and extreme heat, at least there’s next Saturday to look forward to getting a game…….Bugger, I just checked the forecast: heavy rain and 92% chance of precipitation. I think we might sign up for indoor cricket.”