Anecdotes – 26 January 2020


Our A2 Red (Andy) and Blue (Gunny) are both in the top 4 and the only question is where the sides will end up with just 2 points separating 1st from 4th. What is unusual is that 4 of the top 5 bowlers in the Grade and 5 of the top 7 are from West Penno. To make this even more unusual, a father (Ben Meikle) and son (Andy), both spin bowlers, are in the top 4. Our top guns are:

  1. Ben Meikle (Blue) – 22 wickets @ 17.3 (pictured, right)
  2. Calvin Breytenbach (Red) – 16 @ 12.5
  3. Andy Meikle (Red) – 14 @ 17.6 (pictured, left)
  4. Varun Ravindran (Red) – 13 @ 13.7
  5. Michael Robertson (Red) – 12 @ 11.0

Add to this, 2 of the top 4 batsman (Andrew Morris 2nd & Billy Gaunt 4th) in A2 we are in for a big finish to the season.

They might get a game…maybe

There are now 3 games left this season before the Semi’s start – just 5 weekends for Teams to make a charge for the big games. Spare a thought for our all-conquering C3 teams under Buzz. The boys have only played 2 games since the 14th December due to wet weather, heat / bad air quality and their latest effort is a forfeit. Not the ideal build-up going into the final run but with the boys sitting comfortably in first spot it will help to make their training sessions a bit more intense.

The art of tossing

We have a few instances of bad coin tossers with Simon ‘couldn’t call a cab’ Smyth and Rick ‘can’t toss a salad’ Turner with a new star on the block – our very own Rob Hanich (D1 Blue) skipper. To quote Rob (pictured, left) direct:

Okay, as the author of the match report this week, I have no idea how I have managed to lose ten tosses in a row. It is becoming incredibly annoying and the team is past frustrated and now just think it is one massive joke. It would probably have been 11 losses from 11 tosses but last weeks game was washed out before we could do the toss. The book makers are now forming odds on whether rob can win a toss before the season finishes.

The Club record for successive losses in a season is 15 straight by the great Greg Fiedler in the 1980s. We have a true champion in our midst.

Never blame yourself’

Got to hand it to our A1 skipper, Phil Wurth who has set standards of ownership and leadership second to none. The latest example, and there are a few in the archives, is another good one.

Teams are required to update the MyCricket results soon after each game with penalties applying if this isn’t done. Anyway, after the washout last weekend resulted in the match not going ahead. Unfortunately the scores weren’t (pictured) upated so when Phil was contacted about fixing them up his response was immediate:

“Bloody Lichaaa, OK, will get on to it ASAP. Thanks for the heeds-up’

As it turns out, the culprit was the big man himself. His response: ‘Never blame yourself’.

All class

We rarely comment on Opposition Teams / Clubs but in this case the story is a good example of how not to play the game. The name of the Club and Team isn’t important but the message is a good one. If it wasn’t bad enough to drop almost half of a higher graded team in a top 4 game in a lower grade to get an advantage (something most Clubs would never do), real class was shown in an exchange. Picture this, one of our batsman was at the non-striker’s end but had the audacity to block the view of the mid-off fieldsman who demanded the non-striker change position as his view was blocked. To fast forward, after the non-striker did what he was entitled to do to Captain contributed with a series of 4 letter suggestions.

Our boys lost, as expected against a stacked side but continued to play the game as it is meant to be played – the real winners.


Family Brewery

How good is this. Cameron Croucher (C2) has just returned from New Zealand for birthday celebrations and shouted the boys to a beer from the family brewery. The Photo Gallery has more photos but it would be pretty hard to find a more perfect Team Member to make sure plays every game.

“That’s the worst shot I have seen you play”

Barry McDonald (pictured right), revered WPHC Chairman and legendary A1 Umpire, was umpiring our A1 game against Kissing Point on Saturday and Gav Taylor was batting. For those who don’t know, Gav is one of our great A1 players who was part of our 4-year Premiership winning dynasty. Anyway, Gav was batting and managed to get a golden when he hit a simple catch to Gully.

After the game, Barry was chatting to the boys and commented to Gav: “That is the worst shot I have seen you play”. This is what you call, telling it as it is.