Anecdotes – 24 November

Problems in Paradise

The 1st Grade T20 Semi Final last week saw our A1 (Phil Wurth’s team) play our A2 Red (Andy’s Meikle’s team). There was more than a bit of banter going on during the week between the Captains but obviously, in this high stakes game, passions got a bit carried away. To quote Phil:

 “On a sour note I would like to put in a formal complaint about the A2 skipper Andy. He has continuously taunted me all week and put undue pressure on me personally by texting and calling.

 It’s not in my nature to fire back with abuse but just flagging it that I have been bullied and criticised for my leadership and looks.

 I’m probably going to have to personally score a 100 off 26 balls today to show him that having a big mouth is wrong.”

The result – Andy’s side won and Phil didn’t get 100 off 26 balls. While our Club does not endorse some of the personal banter, to be fair, the comments about Phil’s looks are pretty spot on.

The photo shows Phil congratulating Andy (carrying bat) after the game that went down to the last ball – so it looks like they have made up – on the field at least.


Space Cadet

Praneel Singh (D2)

We haven’t had a Space Cadet recently, but this week it just happens to be one of the best players in D2 – Praneel Singh. The following quote from Captain Mike says it all:

“Praneel next time you decide to make a late decision to run your Captain out, remember who has all the power in this team!!!!! “

The bottom line – if you are going to be involved in any runout – make sure it isn’t your Captain.

An Opposition Captain

We rarely mention the Opposition in this piece but had to this week. In one of our higher Grades, the Opposition were 2/275 overnight and decided to bat on. There is an old saying that if you can’t defend 270+ then the Opposition deserve to win. But…the skipper, who happened to be on 89* overnight, batted on until he got to a personal milestone of 100 – giving us a target of 310 in 60 overs. The obvious result – a draw.


The 3rd Grade T20 Semi Final last Sunday was played at Auluba Oval while the RFS fund-raising was on. Picture this, a big game on but with hundreds of people who either didn’t know or didn’t care about the game of cricket being on with a hard cricket ball flying around the ground. The accompanying photo shows Campbell Wallace fielding on the boundary and this gives a taste of what this was like.

Our New Constitution

On Wednesday (20 November), a Special General Meeting of our Club approved the adoption of a new Constitution. For many of us, this makes the eyes start to glaze. The reality though is the opposite. This is the Charter that guides everything we do and is at the core of our existence as a Club.

We were Incorporated way back on 7th November 1994 and our Constitution was the Model form dated 1984. The World is a lot different now and we had to me it current. Barry McDonald pulled this together and on Wednesday it was adopted at a Special General Meeting of the Club.

The accompanying photo has some of our Club Executive and Club Members who voted on the new Constitution – an important day in our History.


The A Lister

Last week we ran a story on Jane Bish, (Club Executive Member, mother of Dylan in C1’s, wife of Julian, CEO of the Bish household and all-round Super Mum). The story was about the obvious enthusiasm that Nathan Lyon (GOAT) had to be in a photo with Jane.

To close the story – it didn’t stop there. Enter Mark ‘Tubs’ Taylor who was also queuing up to be photographed with JB. The common theme in these photos is the beaming smile of the A Listers who realised the value in their social media profile. We can only imagine what Coca-Cola will pay for this image!

A1 Grade Record low Opposition score

The A1 boys bounced back after a slow start to the season. Playing 5th place Kissing Point the boys rolled them for 44 – the lowest score by an Opposition side in our A1 Grade history. This beat the previous record low of 49 by Castle Hill RSL (Kenthurst Park, 16 January 2016). They backed this up with another great performance in bowling out Point to get 10 points for the match.

Mother of all collapses

After winning a thriller in the T20 Semi Final Vs our A1 boys plus sitting 3rd in the Comp, we had one of those days. Playing Berowra at Warrina Street, we lost Volc 1st ball. We then had a good 2nd wicket partnership of 45 to bring us up to 1/46 and travelling pretty well. What happened then was carnage – losing 9 wickets for 8 runs to be all out for 54. We don’t have records on this type of batting collapse but it would be up there. Next match is another game.

It also became the lowest A2 score in our history, beating the previous lowest of 63 Vs Normanhurst @ Normanhurst Oval on 30/11/2002.


Changed conditions

The D1 Red (Diggers) boys were playing at Campbell Park this match. Last week we lost the toss and fielded on a dry and fast outfield. We bowled well and kept the Opposition to 232 – a great effort. On Saturday we turned up and Council had top dressed the ground making it a beach. The ground was a lot slower and we lost 30 / 40 runs due to slowness of the outfield. But…we got a win with some great rear-guard batting.