Anecdotes – 17 November

Anatomy of a high score

Last Saturday we had a near record 3rd wicket C1 Grade partnership of 257* – falling just short of the current record of 259 scored back on 22/10/2011.

The partnership was by Campbell Wallace (pictured left) with 176* & Matt Schwartzel 83* (right). For Campbell’s ton. It is also the equal 12th highest score in our Seniors History. The highest score is 225 scored by Ken Smith in 1956/57. His score included 26 x 4s & 1 x 6.

The story behind the scenes is what makes this interesting. An update from his Skipper, Phill Hando follows:

“This is Campbell’s first season with WPHCCC and I didn’t get him to play for his batting. He is actually a bowler but due to breaking his leg 6 or 8 weeks ago (a small fracture while in a hurdles race) I have put him at first slip and not let him bowl.

 He volunteered to open the batting with Jack as no one else wanted to. He has played cricket for years with the school (had last season off to do athletics) and has never hit a 50.

 Also hasn’t played cricket for 2 years concentrating on Athletics for Kings

 So the secret to success is to break your leg, not pickup a bat for 2 years, volunteer to open the batting because no one else wanted to  and go out and score 176* – sounds pretty easy actually.

 I wish I could say I knew he was a batsmen all along!”

Who doesn’t she know?

Scattered throughout our Photo Gallery are photos of Jane Bish (Club Executive Member, mother of Dylan in C1’s, wife of Julian, CEO of the Bish household and all-round Super Mum). Anyway, last Sunday JB popped down to Mark Taylor Oval to watch the 1st Grade T20s involving Northern District CC. Apart from catching up with Mark Tubs Taylor; Peter Taylor and other well-known identities along comes the GOAT – Nathan Lyon.

Usually people like Nathan get asked for photos every day of the week and avoid them. But, when JB asked for a photo the opportunity for Nathan to be photographed with our own Super Mum was too good to resist. So, the accompanying photo shows a beaming Nathan and an equally impressed JB.

3 brothers with A1 numbers

Playing A1 Grade is special. To have 3 brothers receive an A1 Player number is special. So a big congratulations to the McBrien family who have achieved this milestone:

  • James McBrien – player number 300 (debut 2009/10)
  • Cameron – 317 (2017/18)
  • Lachlan – 325 (2019/20).

While rare, this isn’t the first time in our history. Since our first A1 entry in 1951/52 (68 years), we have had just 3 sets of 3 brothers earn an A1 playing number. Apart from the McBrien’s our other brothers who have achieved this wonderful landmark are:

  • Bellamy’s (Alan, Alb and Ron) – players numbers 3, 4 & 5 (1951/52)
  • Donaldson’s (John, Ken & Don) – numbers 30, 31, 32 (1963/64)

The photo is of Lachlan wicket keeping with Luke Herzog (right).

Well done boys.


What is your Decision

Last week we had an Umpires question from the CNSW Umpires & Scorers Association. This week the answer:


What factor(s) shall the Umpires consider when assessing the feasibility of the field of play, including the pitch:

  1. Reasonable footholds for the bowlers
  2. Power of free movement for fielders
  3. Ability of batters to play their strokes and run between wickets
  4. All of the above.


  1. D. All of the above.

An Ode to Schoolies

We all know Schoolies is part of the Calendar and many of us have had kids that we are thankful to see come back in one piece but…it does create an annual headache for Captains of Cricket Teams – not just ours. Buzz Burrows (pictured centre), C3 Skipper penned this Ode to acknowledge Schoolies – from a Captain’s perspective:

“Fellow Skippers, don’t ya just love Schoolies time of year! Why the hell can’t they work it around the cricket season? Veterans like Snumpty and I know the true value of planning things like weddings and childbirth to ensure they don’t ever fall within the season proper! Gen Z need to shape up and do the hard yards, sacrifice a boozy fun time at Surfers so they can chase a beaten up piece of leather around a goat track in South Turramurra! Character building I believe it’s called.

 I digress.”

Sheep Station Cup – the next Round

Last week was massive – we had our 2 x A2 sides play each other plays our 2 x D1 plus U13 Girls plus 3 x Junior sides – pretty massive. On Saturday the next wave came with the mighty C1 Red (Phill) Vs the equally mighty C1 Blue (Stu). The match kicked off in true WSPHC spirit with the Captains dressing in their best – a tradition started by Rick Turner and Simon Smyth in A2’s 2 years ago.

It only gets better with the big T20 Semi Final on today with the 1st Grade clash fixture between Phil Wurth’s A1 Blue’s Vs the A2 upstarts (Gunny) who came up from B1 and are leading the A2 Comp. If you have time today then pop down to Greenway today at 2.30 pm and enjoy the next Round of the Sheep Station Trophy.

Time to ‘smell the Roses’

Most times we rock up to grounds, play a tough game, complain occasionally about the umpiring and then had back to the Club. But, we do though play on many great grounds that are the envy of many Associations. Take this shot of Greenup Park for the Sheep Station Cup fixture between our C1 Red (Phill) and C1 Blue (Fieds). Maybe it is a good prompt to spend a moment enjoying everything about the game and not just the game itself.