Anecdotes – Round 3 (14 November)

Local Council elections – mark the date

Our Club has always taken a neutral position on supporting candidates at Elections – until now. The Local Council elections are being held on Saturday 7th December and Sreeni Pillamarri is number 2 on the Liberal Party ticket for C Ward.

Sreeni is a member of our Club Executive and plays C4s. Apart from being an active member of our West Penno ‘family’ he is a passionate supporter of all local Community sports (winter and summer seasons), the need for more open space and ofcourse cricket.

He has contributed so much for our Community and no greater effort than organising and walking between Parramatta and Canberra to raise funds for drought affected farmers 3 years ago.

Comedy night

Our first all-Club function in the new Greenway Park Community Centre is booked and ready to go – a Comedy night with 3 professional comedians running a 2 hour show.

The night is Saturday 27th November and kicks off at 6.45 (dinner) and a show start at 8.00 pm) – all for an amazing low price of $30.

Details are in the News including bookings that are essential –

Not only is this our first Club event at the new facility but it will also be the 1st time we will be using our new Liquor Licence with Phill Hando our first ever Licensee.

Apart from being a great facility that will help bring us together as a single Club, Events such as this are an important fund raiser. It also gives prominence to our Sponsors and provides an opportunity for our players 18+ with an RSA to earn some money behind the bar.

Congratulations to Phill Hando (B1 Red Skipper) for organising everything about the night. Find out more about the night in the News but also enjoy being part of our history with the first Event at what will be a facility that generations to come will enjoy!

500th ton countdown

We now have 499 tons scored in Seniors so someone is about to score our 500th Seniors ton – who is it going to be?

There is a lot of history tied up in this milestone. Apart from being a massive personal and Club achievement there are a few other interesting numbers behind the milestone. Here goes:

    • 104 runs – our 1st century was scored by Graham Bissett in 1946/47 playing B1
    • 225 – highest individual score by Kevin Smith in 1951/52 also in B1
    • 5 x double tons – the number of double centuries scored in our history
    • 7 x centuries – the most centuries by an individual. This was by Laurie Tuckerman in 1951/52 playing A1. His scores were: 161, 141*, 139*, 122, 109, 103 & 111) – all in the one season!
    • 4 – record number of centuries in succession (Daniel Anderson U16s – 134*, 104*, 122* & 153*) in 2011
    • Youngest double century scorer – Brent Larkham (B2 in 2017)

So when our next player passes 100 this is more than just a number but a milestone with a lot of history.

Pictured: Vedant Virmani (left & C3) with Amit Sen after scoring 101* and our 498th ton. Along with Amith the boys put on 114* for the 6th wicket Vs Beecroft @ Campbell Park – 6 March 2021.

From Ecstasy to agony

While on centuries. At the other end of the scale is missing out on the big one. This photo is of Lachlan Edwards (D1 Red) who last week was out for 95 chasing his first ton in the last over of a 1-dayer (35 overs) and what would have been our 500th ton. Thinking about it though, I reckon he would have taken 95 going into the game any day of the week.

Father & son debuts

One of the great things about our Club and cricket in general is seeing father and son combinations play and the family stories that flow from this for the years to come. On the weekend we had 2 great debut father & son combinations:

Vipin & Vedant Vilamari (C3)

A great moment for the Vilamari family. Father Vipin got to bat with his son Vedant for the first time ever. Vipin scored 5 and Vedant 23 and although we didn’t come away with a win, there was a special moment out in the middle shared by these two guys – Glenhaven Oval. In the backgrounbd is Club legend Steve Quanborough enjoying this special moment.

Steve ‘Buzz’ & Ben Burrows (C2 Blue)

Ben has already played Seniors but this was his debut match in C2 and the first time playing with Buzz. To quote Buzz:

“I had a cracking day yesterday and one I will never forget”

How did they go? Ben took 2/10 off 5 overs and Buzz 0/5 off 3 overs. So a points decision to Ben but something a lot more valuable than a result.

Our next goal – to see a mother / daughter or mother / son combination making their debut.

What would your decision be?

A couple of questions to test your knowledge of cricket rules. The answers are the in the final Anecdote.

Question 1

Please watch this video to answer the questions below: Umpiring video

You are the bowler’s end umpire. The bowler delivers a high full-pitched delivery which is struck for a boundary six.

Question 2

Please watch this video to answer the question below: Umpiring video

A delivery that is called and signalled Wide evades the wicket-keeper and crosses the boundary. How many runs are scored and how are they recorded?


The season is now 3 weeks underway – how good is it with lockdowns now assigned to history (hopefully).

Now that Teams are settled and the season underway everyone should have TeamApp – a live score update App. Every player should have TeamApp to follow what is happening in games across our Club. We also have a lot of Members who are family, friends, partners who just want to keep in touch with what is happening in games they can’ get to. Players who miss a game can also stay in touch with progress

We have 425 members and we have already had 20,000 views in November. Our record number of views is 32,000 views in February 2021.\

So there is no downside – it is a no brainer to load the free App and keep in touch.

Just go into Apple Store and signup – 2 minutes work and $Nil cost.

More on the Girls

As mentioned in earlier updates we now have an amazing number of Girls playing for West Penno – 5 x senior Teams, an all-girls Junior Blaster Team (11 players) and 20 Master Blasters.

On Friday night, Buzz Burrows (Juniors Director & C2 Blue Captain) was a quiet achiever behind the scenes and ran a special ‘Learning to score’ training session for the Girls players and parents. The photo says it all – a big turnout, lots of enthusiasm and yet another little milestone in the rapid advancement of Girls cricket in our Club.

To quote Kirsty Newbury:

“Steve gave up his time last night along with Suzanna and a collection of our Stage 1, 2 and 3 parents and girls to learn cricket scoring.

 Part of our initiative this year is to help the girls develop their skills all round, this includes learning to score.

 As you can see it was a brilliant turnout.”

 Well done Girls, Buzz, Suz and Grant and Kirsty – you are all amazing.

Cycle of life

Drawing on ‘The Lion King’ we had our own experience of the cycle of life on the weekend. The D1 Red boys are used to seeing Zac Gerber Lachie Edwards driven to games by their parents. On the weekend it all changed – both arrived with parents but ‘L’ plates – arriving at the same time and parking next to each other – what better photo opportunity.

What would your decision be – the answers

Question 1

a) How many runs are scored?

Seven runs are scored.

b) How are they recorded?

They are recorded as one No ball and a Boundary six. Seven runs against the bowler with the striker to be credited with six runs. Law 21.16 c)

c) What action, if any, are you required to take?

Issue the bowler with a first and final warning for a dangerous and unfair non-pitching delivery as you consider there to be a risk of injury to the striker. Inform the other umpire, the batters at the crease and captain of the fielding side. The caution shall apply to that bowler for the remainder of that innings. Law 41.7

Question 2

A delivery that is called and signalled Wide evades the wicket-keeper and crosses the boundary. How many runs are scored and how are they recorded?

a). Five runs are scored and shall be recorded as five Wides. When the ball becomes dead, the bowler’s end umpire shall signal Wide, followed by Boundary 4. Law 22.7