Anecdotes – Round 8 (19 December)

Top of the table

We are now at the half-way mark of the season and our Teams are performing very well in their Competitions. In summary:


  • 10 of our 12 Seniors Teams are in the top 4
  • 3 are in first place
  • Each of the 2 Teams out of the top 4 are within 2 wins of the top 4

Juniors (mixed)

In Juniors, competition is conducted for the U12s and older. While Participation over Results is our mantra in Juniors, it is interesting to see how Teams are going when performance opportunities are shared. Our standings are:

  • 10 of our 21 Teams competing in competition are in the top 4
  • 3 of our Teams are leading their Age Divisions (there are 5 Age Divisions)

So in summary we have 19 of our 33 combined Teams are in the top 4 – there is no completion for our 22 Teams in the U12s and younger age groups.

Girl’s cricket powerhouse

This season we registered our 1,000th female cricketer playing in the Girls-only competition. Registrations this season show that we are one of the powerhouse Clubs for offering Girls cricket anywhere in NSW.

This season we have 80 Girls playing for us which is 10.2% of our entire Club registrations. We have:

  • 11 girls playing Junior Blasters (5 to 7 years)
  • 21 playing MasterBlasters (8 to 10 years)
  • 48 playing in the Girls only competitions.

When you think about it we have more Girls playing cricket for us than most Clubs have registered players!

This is something we should all be proud of and gives us a great platform to continue to grow the female game.

Excuses for missing a game

There are lame and good excuses for missing a game on the weekend. Last weekend we had both on display and it is worth sharing these excuses.

Lame excuse

No names, but in A2 last week the skipper had to run around for a replacement player when a player withdrew with the excuse:

“…Skip I’m unavailable as I have a Christmas Party on Friday”.

Good excuse

To quote Steve Quanborough:

“Vedant Virmani (the Bradman of C3s – 237runs@118.50 off 4 bats) obviously a little bored with how easy cricket is right now, popped in the MMA ring for a once in a lifetime opportunity. By all accounts he acquitted himself well against a much taller opponent and should be proud of his brave effort.”

Irrespective of whether this is a good or lame reason, no one is going to question an MMA fighter.

Double record in the one game

It is always great to see players achieve personal milestones. Last weekend we had 4 and 2 in the same game. Congratulations to:

  • John Rose – 100 wickets
  • Rob Knapman – 200 wickets
  • Rick Turner – 3,000 runs.
  • James Makin – 6,000 runs (pictured left with Eric Junkkari)

A special mention to Rick (B1 & Seniors Director) who brought up his 3,000 runs and is now number 46 in the all-time highest run scorers. Also, James Makin (A1) was filling in for B1 and also brought up 6,000 runs in the same innings. James is now only the 4th player in our history to pass 6,000 runs and is close behind the great Greg Fiedler.

If James can score another 300 runs this season this will mean the 3 highest run scorers in our Club are current players – Ross A, Andrew Fiedler & James. For a Club into its 91st season this is extraordinary.

Rob Knapman also took his 200th wicket – fantastic achievement. This now puts him into to equal number 44 on the all-time list. Another 10 wickets puts him to number 38.

What a season

Lachlan Edwards (D1 Red) is having an amazing season. Lachie is a now the highest run scorer in our Club with 374 runs! This is more runs than Lachie has scored in the last 2 years combined (314) and at the half-way mark in the season he is on track to do a lot more damage.

Sheep Station Trophy record

The Sheep Station Trophy (pictured) is a great initiative that was started back on 16 December 2017 when Rick Turner (pictured right) and Simon Smyth (left) started the tradition when we had 2 Teams in A2 competing against each other. Since then we have had Teams every year compete against each other – only because of the size of our Club.

After the Association Team re-grading’s last week we now have a record 4 Grades with 2 x WPHC Teams playing against each other:

  • B2 Grade (Shomik and Phill)
  • C2 (Buzz & Indranil)
  • C3 (Cameron & Rob)
  • D1 (Ross S & Diggers)

The best Anecdote about the Sheep Station trophy came in 2018-19 in a C2 game when a player couldn’t understand why there were so many WPHC players and no opposition. When told of the Sheep Station Trophy the penny dropped – eventually.