Anecdotes – Round 1

Quote of the week

From Jane Bish who was at the C2 Blue game:

“Soo good to be back.”

Says it all.

Watch this spot

There are some amazing achievements coming up this year. Check them out:


  • We registered our 1,000th Girls cricket player


  • The 1,000,000th run in Senior cricket will be scored this season – both for us and against us. As at the end of last season we have:
    • 967,275 runs – scored by our Seniors
    • 971,002 runs – scored against us
  • This season our 500th ton will be scored – currently sitting on 498. The record number in a season is 23 scored back in 2012/13


  • B1 Grade (148,393 runs) will pass 150,000 runs and be the first Club Team to pass this milestone


  • James Makin (5,851 runs) will pass 6,000 runs – pictured left
  • Eric Junkkari (490 wickets) needs just 10 wickets to break the magical 500 mark and become just the 3rd player to reach this milestone.


Round 1 achievements

Wow! What a start to the season with just one day’s play and lots of outstanding achievements:

  • Andrew Fiedler (D1 Red) passed 7,000 runs to be only the 2nd player in our history to pass this milestone
  • Vedant Virmani (C3) scored 103* which is our our 499th Club ton. This is aslo his 2nd ton in successive games – pictured
  • Michael Gunn (A1) scored 78 on debut so got his A1 player number (#330) and the highest score by an A1 Grader in 3 seasons
  • Lachlan Edwards (D1 Red) – took 5/6 from 6 overs for his best bowling performance
  • Record Team score – C4 rolled Berowra for just 38 and this is the lowest Opposition Team score Vs our C4 side in history
  • 9 out of 12 wins – a great start to the season with 9 out of 12 teams getting up.

Well done!

A Warrior decides….

A strange feeling for Round 1 with Simon ‘Snumpty’ Smyth not playing and considering his long-term playing future. Simon is a Warrior. He started playing Seniors in 1997/98 (24 seasons) and 7 years of Juniors before then he has achieved:

  • 409 wickets @ 16.4 and is ranked at number 6 in our history with a best of 8/20
  • Bowled 2,128 overs with an amazing 451 maidens
  • Batted 242 times
  • 2,921 runs
  • Our 20th A1 Captain
  • Won an A1 Grade Premierships – one of our greatest ever wins
  • Captained 4 Premiership winning Teams and 1 x Runner up

After bowling 2,128 overs and taking countless Voltarin’s the body needs a break. To quote Simon:

“I’ve tossed and turned over this decision for weeks before informing Rick before our first training session. After 31 straight seasons, the body is struggling. I’ve done my left hammy 4 times over the past 5 seasons, and I have no confidence that I’d be able to get through a game. I wouldn’t want to let my team down if that was the case. Mentally, I can’t keep going through injury and rehab.

So, I’m not going to use the word ‘retired’ yet. Maybe just resigned. I know I’ll miss it terribly, but there are other things in my life that I personally need to spend some time on in the coming months.”

You are a long time retired so let’s hope that Simon can make it back on the field and build on his amazing achievements as both a player and Leader.


Reelin in the years

One of our ‘semi-regular’ updates look back on where we have come from as a Club. For the record, this is our 91st season as a Club and there is lots of history over the years.

First up, this section deserves its own theme music – what better than a Steely Dan classic Steely Dan

As you get into your car and drive to the ground, maybe use the NorthConnex it wasn’t always that easy. An extract from our Club History gives an insight into what it was like:

“In the early days, transport was not always as easy as getting into a car and getting to the game. Wally Childs recalled that they often walked to grounds or car pooled with one player known to have made the trek by foot to Mobbs Lane at Epping for a game.

 In the early years, WPH and other Hills teams were considered far enough away to justify the Association running a bus to grounds – a practice that continued into the 1950s.”

Space Cadet

We start the season off with our 1st Space Cadet winner. Congratulations to Matt Philip (A2).

The achievement

Matt bats at number 11 and with the boys 8 wickets down, the Skipper (Andrew Morris) asked Matt to pad up – a fair direction from the thinking person’s Skipper. Matt thought about this for a while asked:

Am I batting next.”

With just the one wicket to fall before number 11 batted there is a big chance that, yes, you are batting next.

The history

For the benefit of our new players, this is one of the most significant Awards a player can achieve – peer recognition for a moment of basically being dumb. It is worth recalling the very first Space Cadet Award to show what level of intellectual capability this award recognises.

The Space Cadet started on 8th October 2016 when Eric Junkkari (who else), tried to assemble a shade shelter at Gilroy College. The result is shown in the photo – absolutely clueless. It has now become legend and our Award winners know that the bar is set very low on being a candidate.

Being such a significant Award this is worthy of its own theme music that will change throughout the season but to start – who better than the Klaatu re-mastered classic –  – Klaatu


Sheep Station Cup

This season we 3 x Seniors Grades where we have 2 x West Penno Teams playing:

  • B1 Grade – Blue (Rick) & Red (Phill)
  • C2 Grade – Blue (Buzz) & Red (Indranil)
  • D1 Grade – Blue (Ross S) & Red (Diggers

It wasn’t though until 16 December 2017 that the Sheep Station Trophy was formally introduced. The game was an A2 fixture between Rick ‘Couldn’t call a cab’ Turner (A2 Blue) and Simon ‘Couldn’t toss a salad’ Smyth (A2 Red) – two of the worst ‘Tossers’ in our Club history.

The match was played at Dural Park. For the record, Rick won the toss but lost the match played at Dural Park.

Photo: Phill Hando and Rick Turner, resplendent in Club Ties with our Umpires.


While on the Sheep Station Cup how about this for a great example of sportsmanship in the game. Here is an extract from Daniel Schwartzel’s Match Report:

“Despite losing the game, Phil and Matthew demonstrated great sportsmanship overturning an incorrect caught behind decision on Rick, early in his innings.

 The game may have turned out differently if they had kept silent, yet they chose to do what was right despite the potential consequences, showing their integrity and earning the respect of both sides.

 Rico Tice put it nicely in saying, “Failure is succeeding at things that don’t matter.” At the end of the day, cricket is just a fun game, but our actions and integrity will leave lasting impacts, even on friendly rivals.”

For the record, Rick went on to play a match winning innings of 69 and Phill does what Phill does – set standards of sportsmanship that just keeps raising the bar.

Photo: Phill Hando and Rick Turner


How about Varun Arora (left) and Jay Dhilipkumar (C3 )who are both playing their first game for West Penno.

To quote Steve Quanborough:

“Playing at Fred Caterson 4 at 1pm Varun Arora and Jay Dhilipkumar thought they would get some early practice in before the game. When others were taking kids to other sporting events and performing household duties these guys were working the nets 2 1/2 hours before start of play. Let’s hope they had enough energy left for the match.”

 A further, clarifying note from Quan:

 “Correction these guys are mad it was 8am apart from a break at McDonald’s for late breakfast.”

How did they go?

Varun scored 31 (retired) and Jay was 14*.