Anecdotes – 2021-22 season


It seems like a long time ago but last season we won a Club record 8 Premiership in Juniors and Seniors – U12 Blue, U13 Green, U15 Purple, U16/17 Orange and in Seniors: B2, C4, D1 Red & D2 Grades.

During the week Buzz Burrows was part of a Club Executive Meeting and in the background are 8 bags of Premiership caps that will be presented next weekend. If you look hard you will see a lot of shopping bags that are full of Premiership caps.

Season is underway

After the winter from hell the cricket season is now officially underway (16 October) and with caps on the number of players participating (30) the season got underway with our first pre-season training session at both the Sports Club nets and John Purchase nets. There were lots of rusty players and no doubt many sore and recovering bodies on Sunday but it was great to be able to get out and have lockdowns as a memory.

Check out the Photo Gallery (Miscellaneous category) and see photos from the day.

Family battles

The NRL Grand Final brings together great rivalries. We have our own family battle when open warfare explodes in the Fiedler household. In one corner we have Andrew ‘Fieds’ Fiedler, a ‘True Believer’ who has been a passionate South Sydney supporter. On the other hand is eldest son Daniel who is an equally passionate Panthers supporter.

This explosive sample of family banter on Facebook this week gives an insight into the Fiedler household during Grand Final week.

An example of the family tensions is shown in one of many comments:

Fieds comment was:

“Just preparing for the week ahead.

#1 – sort out what to wear for next 7 days (check).

#2 – deploy mullet (check).

#3 – assault tactics on son’s Panther wardrobe (check). Have I missed anything?”

Checkout the other photos on our Photo Gallery (Miscellaneous Photos – here ) and get a first-hand view of each of these checklist items.

Sreeni’s achievements

Congratulations to Sreeni Pillamarri (C3 and Club Executive Member) who was recently pre-selected by the Liberal Party to be 2nd on the C Ward ticket for the Local Government elections coming up next month.

We are fortunate to have someone who has a passionate commitment to the local community and cricket especially. What many won’t know, apart from his involvement in our Club, are some of the amazing community achievements his has done:

  • Between 22nd September & 1st October 2018, Sreeni organised and walked between Parramatta and Canberra to raise money for the ‘Walk for Farmers’ initiative
  • In January 2020 Sreeni raised funds for the local RFS fighters following the massive bushfires
  • In June 2020 he raised funds and awareness for the homeless during the CEO sleep-out initiative
  • Sreeni is also one of the Community Leaders of our valued Indian community.

He now moves into actively supporting Community Sport at a political level with a special interest in cricket. We are fortunate to have someone like Sreeni in our corner fighting for all community sports and social justice issues.

What next?

What more can 2021/22 bring?

From a cricket lens we have experienced a couple of years of the like that no one has ever experienced. Take a moment to reflect on what we have been through and not only survived but thrived as a Club:

  • 2019/20:
    • one of the worst droughts on record
    • massive bushfires along the east cost
    • Extreme heat game cancellations
    • washouts
    • Covid-19 cancellation of Grand Finals
  • 2020/21:
    • Covid-19 late start and application of Covid Safe requirements
    • The rain ‘Event’ that washed out the Junior Semi Finals & Finals
  • 2021/22:
    • Covid Delta strain (Wave 2) that has delayed the start of the season
    • What next?

Whatever comes our way we know we are up for it.

1,000 Girls players

Going into this season we had 980 Girls players who have played in the Girls Competition since we started in 1996/97.

On Wednesday, we received our 1,000th registration for junior girl’s cricket at West Penno! What a great way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of girl’s cricket at our Club.

This number doesn’t include the girls we have had participating in Junior Blasters (formerly Kanga). Nor does it include the pioneers such as the great Lisa Sthalekar who played in our junior boys teams from the U10s in 1989 so is actually much higher.

Let’s also recognise the visionary Arthur Souter who started girl’s cricket back in 1996 and laid the foundation for our female members to thrive.

Amazing job in a Covid world

Here is a story about dedication during the Covid-19 pandemic that will take a lot to beat – here  Cameron Croucher (C3 2020-21) has an amazing job that transports horses around the world – Olympics, polo horses, Police horses, Trotters and people’s pets. He has flown horses for The Sheik of Dubai, Queen Elizabeth, The Sultan of Brunei and the Thai Royal Family to name a few. Sometimes the horses are worth millions and other times they are worth just a few hundred dollars.

As for horse names of note:

  • “Royal Decent” – Thoroughbred won $2.7m in prizemoney, Won the Australian Oaks and was placed 8 times at Group 1 level
  • “Fashions Afield” – Thoroughbred won $1.9M including 2 Group 1 races
  • “Lotteria” – Thoroughbred won $1.5m with 2 Group 1 races
  • “Tiger Tara”: – Trotter with $2.3m prizemoney and 37 wins across Australia and New Zealand
  • “Virgil” – Equestrian/ Eventing – Dual Olympian – Bronze Medal in Tokyo ridden by Shane Rose
  • “Zidane” – Para Equestrian – Currently competing in Tokyo ridden by Emma Booth.

In the 12 months to end of August, Cameron has spent 98 days (1/3 of a year) in quarantine and had 27 Covid tests! In this photo he is cooking a piece of salmon on an iron.

Club data records

Our Club has playing records second to none. Over many years we have developed a Club Wisden that is a statistical record of almost every player since 1946.

Thanks to James Makin this data has now been uploaded to MyCricket. James has spent many hours exporting:

  • 1,300 new players had to be created, then 285 spreadsheets uploaded individually for each combo of year and team
  • Each end-of-season update is about 40 downloads – around 15 hours of fiddly work

The stats now include our founding fathers back in 1946, through to legends like Laurie Tuckerman (1,362 runs in an A1 season); Barry McDonald, David Carey (highest wicket taker), John Coulthard, the great Donaldson family; John Howard (former Prime Minister) and Jim Fuggle. It also includes current day players – Andrew Fiedler, James Makin, Eric Junkkari, Michael Banner, Peter Lees, Bill Peterkin, Simon Smyth, Chris Williamson, Luke Christensen, Craig Hutchinson, Steve Quanborough, Roger Friend and Ross Anderson.

A fantastic effort by James to give us a data base that very few, if any other Club has anything even similar.


Cuts with a Cause

How about this for a great cause. Aliya Colburt (right, front row), one of our Girls players, has been running a Facebook page here to raise funds for LifeLine. The aim is to raise $20,000 for LifeLine which is enough to support 500 calls for help.

Others in this photo are: Sreeni Pillamarri (left), Matt Kean (2nd left), Grant Colburt (Director Girls, 2nd right, back) & Steve ‘Buzz’ Burrows (far right).

How can you help?

 Cut, Style, dye or spray your hair at home and donate the value of the haircut to COVID-Cuts 4A cause assisting mental health in this difficult time. Then donate the value of the hair cut to COVID-Cuts 4Acause.

Well done Ailya.

Major achievements coming up

There are some amazing achievements coming up this year. Check them out:


  • The 1,000,000th run will be scored this season – both for us and against us. As at the end of last season we have:
    • 967,275 runs – scored by our Seniors
    • 971,002 runs – scored against us
  • We will pass our 3,000th Junior Blasters (Kanga) player since starting in 1992/93
  • We will also pass our 1,000th Girls cricket player (currently 980)


  • B1 Grade (148,393 runs) will pass 150,000 runs and be the first Club Team to pass this milestone


  • Andrew Fiedler (6,985 runs) will be just the 2nd player to pass 7,000 runs
  • James Makin (5,851 runs) will pass 6,000 runs – pictured left
  • Eric Junkkari (490 wickets) needs just 10 wickets to break the magical 500 mark and become just the 3rd player to reach this milestone – pictured right.