Anecdotes – April 2021

A record that may never be broken

Records are set to be broken but maybe not this one. On the 5th October 2019, The 5 members of the Hando family played C1 Grade – the first time 5 family members played for us in the same Team.

In the B2 Grand Final (26th & 27th March 2021) the Hando’s played together and won the Premiership after also winning the Minor Premiership. Refer photo of the B2 Premiers: Back row: Tom Hando (3rd left), Phill Hando (6th left), Sam Hando far right). Front row: Jack Hando (2nd right) & Harry Hando (far right).

This is a remarkable achievement. What makes this even more special is that they also won the abandoned C1 Premiership in 2019/20.

So 5 family members playing together in the same Team, in a Grand Final and winning successive Premierships.

In the early years of cricket in our District, the South Colah Cricket Club had 18 sons of Patrick and John Duffy (Duffy Ave), Dural CC was sustained by the seven sons of Thomas Best, Pennant Hills CC by the 10 sons of Arthur Thompson (Thompson’s Corner) and Castle Hill CC by the eleven sons of John James. However, to win successive Premierships is an achievement that has never been achieved before.

Apart from being a tremendous honour for Phill and the boys as a Club, we are so proud of the family, their achievements and the way they play the game.

While on brothers

In C4 Grade, Alistair and Luke Fullerton set an Association record 4th wicket partnership of 115 and became just the 2nd set of brothers in our Club and 3rd set of brothers at Association level to hold an Association record. The only other WPHC brothers to hold a Club and Association partnership record were the Bellamy’s in 1947/48 playing B1 Grade. They scored 175* for the 8th wicket.

What a season

This season has been the toughest on record – late start and December stoppage (Covid-19), games played under social distancing, rain & floods. We achieved amazing results:

Club achievements

A lot has been achieved by our people off the field that has been amazing:

  • Danielle Chivers (pictured) won the CNSW & the Cricket Australia ‘Young Community Leader of the Year’
  • Lisa Sthalekar was inducted into the Cricket Australia Hall of Fame
  • Maddie Jones won the Good Sports Award for NSW Champion & also Australian Club Champion Runner-up for the Good Sports Award with the ceremony at Parliament House in Canberra
  • Kirsty Newbury has been awarded a special achievement award by CNSW for her work on Child Protection
  • The McGrath Foundation awarded us the prestigious ‘Pink Service Award’ recognition for being among the top 7 supporters of the Foundation over the last 10 years – nationally!
  • At Association Level, Andrew Miedler (President) and Rob Hanich (Junior Secretary) were elected to significant Leadership roles.
  • Cricket Australia invited us to be the Club they are using for the national Coaching instructional video that will be viewed by many thousands of people around Australia and globally. Why the offer? Our reputation for inclusiveness and support of all forms of cricket is well known at levels at CNSW & CA.


Playing achievements

Club achievements

  • Junior Club Championship for the first time since 2007/08 with qualification rules designed to make it almost impossible for large Clubs to win
  • On the field we entered an equal record of 41 junior Teams and a record 13 Senior Teams
  • A record 4 Premierships (U12, U13, U15, U17) out of a possible 5 Grades. This beat the previous record of 3 set in 2007/08
  • An equal record of 4 Seniors Premiership – previously achieved in 2012/13, 2013/14 & 2014/15


  • Association average winners:
    • Michael Richards won the A1 bowling average (32 wickets @ 7.53)
    • Tom Hando won the B2 Grade average (36 wickets @ 8.33)
    • Dylan Bish (C2 Blue) won the C2 batting average (380 runs @ 38.8)
  • Club level:
    • Siby Joseph’s D2 bowling average 6.95 broke the previous record held by Steve Ison (7.58) way back in 1983/84
  • In the Juniors, Association winners were:
    • Kristian Kohlhagen (U12s) won the bowling with 21 wickets @ 4.38
    • Rudhra Iyer (U17s) won the batting (254 @ 42.33)


  • C4 Grade Association, 4th wicket record of 115 by Alistair Fullerton (63*) & Luke Fullerton (60)
  • C4 Grade Club 10th wicket record of 48 by Robert Fynes-Clinton (22*) & Muditha Dissanayake (22)


The Space Cadet Award – its origin

Of all the Awards on offer to Club Members, a Space Cadet Award is around the top. Think about this – for a Club of just on 800 players around 6 are awarded each season. I do get the occasional request about the history of this Award.

It is awarded to someone who has achieved something that many aspire to but few could ever achieve – a spontaneous act of dumbness without even trying.

The Award was inspired by this photo of the great Eric Junkkari trying to assemble a shelter (pictured) at Gilroy College on 8th October 2016. This photo has given birth to a generation of Space Cadets over the last 5 years.

Let’s celebrate our Space Cadets 2020/21:

  • Rob Knapman (B2 Skipper) for batting a night watchman substitute for 3 balls and who got out, preventing a ‘Supreme’ batsman Nikhil Ninan from batting the following week
  • Sreeni, Zia and Kamran (C4) for going off to a Café during a lightning break and arrived at the game after it has re-started
  • Connor Mayoh (D1 Red) for bringing an Esky to a game with 40 degree temperatures with a lid that didn’t fit making it useless
  • Tarun Lath (C2 Blue) – covering himself with spray on chalk while marking a crease
  • Rahul Tripathi B1 Blue being agitated in a C2 game when there was no opposition at 1.00 pm. There were in fact 22 players in the same Club colours – you guessed it – a Sheep Station Cup
  • Lachlan Edwards (D1 Blue) for scoring in his full batting gear including gloves
  • The Captain of an Opposition side in the Grand Final who forgot to bring a 2nd new ball and asked us to help them out.

The winner is…..a personal choice and everyone will have an opinion but Rahul in C2 has got to be in the Grand Final with Rob Knapman (B1).



TeamApp has become so popular as a way of communicating live scores that we hit a record number of views in March that coincided with the Seniors Grand Finals. In March we reached a record 32,508 views. Our previous monthly record was 26,963 views in November 2020.

In a shortened season, we had an amazing 146,407 views of live score updates for the full season!

Word is now out that this is the best way of finding out what is going on in games from anywhere in the world!

Cherrybrook Community Centre now open

On Tuesday 30th March 2021 the new Community Centre was officially opened. This facility is different to any other in Hornsby Shire. It was fully funded ($1.9m) by the Federal Government and local sporting Clubs with no contribution from Council. It is also administered by the local Clubs – Cricket, AFL, Baseball, Little A’s, Rugby League and Netball). A few highlights:

  • The main room fits 350 people seated
  • The viewing balcony is brilliant
  • Apart from a main meeting area, there is a bar and fully equipped professional kitchen
  • The main wall has 2 giant HD TV screens with the best being a roof mounted super HD video projection unit (worth $55k) that projects onto the wall. Next season the balcony will have a HD camera allowing live streaming of the game while player’s lounge inside with air conditioned comfort
  • There will also be Trophy cabinets where each Sporting Group will be able to display major awards
  • In the Meeting Room there is a large wall where each Club will be able to display Special achievements – Life Members, Highest run scorers and wicket takers and so on

Next season, our Juniors & Seniors playing at Greenway Park will be able to use the facility.


Here is a story about dedication during the Covid-19 pandemic that will take a lot to beat.

Cameron Croucher plays C3 and he played in 8 games of the 11 in the 2020/21 season. So far so good. But….read the story – here . Cameron’s job has required him to spend 70 of the last 148 days in quarantine with another 6 more international trips in the next 7 months or 84 more days of hotel quarantine!

Despite all this Cameron he only missed 3 games all season. Cameron’s claim to fame doesn’t end there – his family owns a brewery in New Zealand and the C3 boys have been known to share a Croucher Pale Ale after the odd game.