Anecdotes – 13th December 2020

Covid-19 Safety Plan

We all know the requirements about social distancing – the ‘No’s’:  no high fives, no hand-shaking, no shared equipment, no shining the ball with saliva or sweat…..

The following video probably best summarises the Covd-19 requirements and the game management protocols: here

Reelin in the years

First up, our theme music for this section – here

This week, we go back to 1985/86 with one of our very good A1 sides that finished 4th in a 10 Team Comp. The photo was taken at Storey Park in March 1986 and there is one Team member still playing – your friendly Secretary (Ross A – back row, 2nd right – highest run scorer in our Club). Another longer termer, Andrew Fiedler started playing for us the season after this photo was taken.

A bit about this Team – it had some great players measured against any era. Some names to call out: Greg Fiedler (front row, 2nd right) went on to be our equal longest serving A1 Captain with 8 seasons (equal to James Makin) and our 3rd highest run scorer (6,363 runs); Craig Russell (3rd left with 3,512 A1 runs @ 31.4) and one of the most destructive batsman A1 has seen. Then there is the great Greg Stoneham (4th left with 3,535 runs @ 22.4 & 401 wickets @ 17.2) and 7th highest wicket taker in our history plus a double century scorer.

Arguably our best ever A1 fast bowler is Warwick Barnes – front row and lying down with a welcoming gesture. Barnesy was one of, if not the quickest, fast bowler in our history and this is our only photo of Warwick. In this season he took 58 wickets @ 12.1 and in his career (1984/85 to 1986/87) he took 101 wickets @ 13.8 with a best of 7/48. This is the 2nd highest number of wickets in an A1 Grade season just behind Laurie Tuckerman 59 (1951/52) and Ray McDonald (1974/75) also with 59 wickets.


Where are they now

We got a great note posted on Facebook during the week from Charlestown CC – up Newcastle way. The note was on one of our much loved alumni, Justin Paterson (A1 player # 311 and A1 Captain # 23). JP went to live at Newcastle a couple of years ago due to his Teaching commitments. Anyway, on to the note:

“Thought I should pass on to WPHCCC players and supporters the news that a former player achieved a remarkable milestone on Saturday. Justin Patterson now plays with Charlestown District Cricket Club in the Newcastle Association where he captains our young 4th Grade side. He has been a valuable addition to the Magpies and always speaks highly of his former club.

 We must take credit though for adding the final touches to Justin’s batting which was on display on Saturday as he notched up his maiden century. A long wait but worthwhile he was quoted as he spoke about his innings for the 25th time that night. Following on against Waratah he saved his 4’s from outright defeat with an innings of 101 no. Claire claims he was still out in the street at 9.30 pm showing the neighbourhood kids how to play the cut shot that brought up his century.

 Many thanks to WPHCCC for passing on a terrific clubman and a great guy.”

To conclude, on 11/10/2014, JP Captained our B2 side to a record Team score of 4/516 in which no player scored a ton! JP scored 87*. He also has career best bowling of 7/35 in the A1 Grand Final of 2016/17.

A final comment from Phil Wurth (A1 Captain):

Yes Rossco, he was texting J Makin and I all Sat night talking about his achievements. 😂”

Postscript – yesterday JP took 6/11 with his bowling!


Just on the story on JP, our friends at Charlestown posted this note and it got 48 likes with more each day. This is our most ‘Liked’ post all season and to read the names of former players is amazing. Sean Doohan A2 to D1 Grade, 1996/97 to 2006/07) sent a great note suggesting that we try and find our Alumni and especially those still playing.

So, we are about to kick off this great idea. Starting now, if you know any Alumni still playing or are one of our West Penno family still playing then let me (Ross A) know and we will start up a record to keep track of our ‘lost and found’ West Penno family.

A note will also go out on Facebook this week asking about our Alumni.

Genius Award

The Umpires / Captains course was held recently and we had 18 of our players sit for the exam. The test had 56 questions. It was a battle at the top with 2 players battling it out for top honours – our most knowledgeable Captain.

So our most knowledgeable Captain is Tom Hando (B2) who scored a perfect 56/56 (100%). Closely following him but just missing out was our resident Actuary, the cerebral James Makin (A1) with 52/56 (92.857142857%). Apologies in advance to Jamaican if this % result isn’t accurate enough.

Our photo shows Buzz Burrows receiving the C3 Premiership trophy from Umpires, Barry McDonald & Peter Lee.

Quote of the week

The best comment has to come from Michael Richards (A1) about Ryan Loveridge (pictured 4th left), star B1 Blue All-Rounder. Ryan’s nickname is Birdcage to put the following quote into context:

“Before I go, some old guy at the Pub offered me two beers if I mention Birdseed in my report. I met Birdcage last night and he seems nice. I assume his girlfriend is Birdseed.”



Spirit of Cricket Award

This one is going to be hard to beat – Ben Burrows from our U14’s. Some of our Readers may know Ben’s Dad – ‘Buzz’ Burrows – Juniors Director, C2 Blue Captain & multiple Premiership winning Captain. Anyway, Ben is an outstanding left arm quick who had 2 overs to make an impact – in line with shared opportunity for all players.

After taking 2 wickets in successive deliveries he was sitting on a hat-trick. With everyone around the bat for the hat-trick ball Ben comes pounding in. The ball hits the pads and everyone goes up for a great shout. Ben then makes the call:

‘Not out – it pitched outside leg’.

This would most likely be the first time in our history that a bowler gave a batsman not out LBW on a hat-trick.

Seriously though, while Ben may never get another opportunity – this is a rare achievement, he walked away with a whole lot more and gave a great example to everyone at the game what true sportsmanship is all about – something even rarer that a hat-trick.

Well done Ben – proud of you mate!

Picking the fieldsman

Dylan Bish (C2 Blue) scored a match winning 83 on Saturday to steer the boys to an exciting win – effectively 9 wickets down. DB had a bit of luck though, as is the case with most big innings, in being dropped 3 times by the same fieldsman off the same bowler – a Masterclass in picking the right fieldsman.

There was also a Karma with this one. The fieldsman was also the most vocal about an LBW appeal being turned down from his great position at square leg. Adding to the Karma was the square leg umpire at the time who made the decision and must have taken a lot of pleasure from his fumbling opponent.

Space Cadet

Our theme music first for this significant achievement – here

Fresh from recently scoring his 2,000th run and taking his 100th wicket Tarun Lath (C2 Blue) could do no wrong. During the game we had a runner adding 3 players into the batting mix. Tarun, being a highly experienced cricketer, knew the problems that can occur with runners. So none of this marking the extended crease line with his boot. Tarun to the rescue – out comes the can of spray on chalk.

These spray cans are difficult things to master – they have a push button and a child proof safety pin. Anyway, Tarun understood the push button part but the challenge came with the safety pin. The result – the chalk ended up covering Tarun from head to toe.


Memorable milestone

Ryan Birdcage Loveridge (B1 Blue and pictured first left) brought up his 100th wicket last weekend with a clean-bowled on the last ball of the day with a booming yorker. A great effort to get to 100 wickets and what a way to bring it up.

Team Player

Who else but Simon Smyth (B1 Red left with Rick Turner) and one of our all-time greats. Simon lives at San Remo on the Central Coast and makes the commute down each weekend to play. The B1 Boys had a Bye this game. Anyway, Simon heard that the D1 Red Boys had a player down and the TeamApp message soon came; “Do you guys still need a fielder?”

Simon was prepared to make the trek down to field, along with his oversupply of Voltarin (pain relief for those too young to know about the ravages that time brings to fast bowlers) to help out.

As an aside, the photo is the first time the Sheep Station Trophy was presented.