Anecdotes – 29th November 2020

The legend gets bigger

Rob Knapman (B2 Blue Skipper and pictured left with Simon Smyth) has legendary Club status as a tosser – coin tossing as well. He has some strong competition with Rick ‘couldn’t catch a cab’ Turner and Simon ‘can’t toss a salad’ Smyth but Napper is starting to set standards that are transcending on-field performances.

During the week we were offered 4 free tickets to the Australia Vs India One-Day International on Friday. We had 2 of our folk put their hand up at short notice – Napper and Jane Bish. Anyway, it went down to the toss of a coin and in a ‘two-horse’ race, JB won the tickets in a 50/50 contest. So Napper’s legend status as a tosser has been built on by his inability to win a toss at which he wasn’t even present.

To quote Napper when told of his ongoing performance his response:

“Sad but true. I may need to consider drafting Jane in to our side as a specialist tosser!”

While on tossing

At the other end of the scale is Stu Fiedler (left, tossing with Phill Hando) who skippers C2 Red. Stu has now skippered 19 games and has won every toss. Everyone knows what will happen next week – the run will come to an end.

Reelin in the years

Week 5 of our ongoing series of stories about long term players with the starting point being an old photo of days past. First up though our introduction theme music for this section to give it the status it deserves – here

This week’s feature goes back to the famous B1 side of the 1990s that dominated the B1 Comp for just on a decade. Two current players are in the photo: James Makin (2nd from left) and Ross Anderson 4th left).

Get a load of the players who made up this Team:

Back row: Peter Harrison (went on to represent the Australian Over 60s Team and scored 4,528 runs @ 32 + took 140 wickets @ 20), James Makin (most successful Captain in our History + 5,694 runs & 370 wickets), Richard Makin, Ross Anderson (highest Club run scorer – 8,000 runs), Dale Armstrong (highest Club wicket keeping dismissals with 190 dismissals + scored 3,709 wickets), Andrew Venables, Freddie Zulfiqar (1st Class cricketer in Pakistan), & Raj Anand (1,964 runs @ 27 & 207 wickets).

Front row: Richard Annetts (1,735 runs @ 23), Jim Fuggle (Captain and probably the greatest Administrator our Club has ever had) and Zain Sherriff (played 1 Test for Pakistan Vs England). Missing from the photo is the great Eric Junkkari (5,677 runs & 481 wickets) and Mark Taylor (5,268 runs @ 31 & 461 wickets @ 18)

The photo was taken at the Presentation Night at the Sea Chef Restaurant (Wahroonga) in May 1992.

Spirit of Cricket

Marcus Exton (D1 Red and right in photo practicing ‘safe’ scoring along with Dave Larkham) is the standout winner this week. One of the players in the side had a Covid-19 test that proved negative but still had cold / flu like symptoms. For safety reasons he withdrew from the side. Then only problem is that the forecast temperature was 40 degrees and the boys would have been 1 down in the field. A quick call for help from Skipper Diggers and Marcus answered to call to help out his mates as a sub fieldsman.


Chatting to Marcus back at the Club, he thought that he could bowl hence the lack of hesitation but then reality struck that he was just the sub-fielding. Anyway, he fielded like a champion and left nothing in the tank. Well done Marcus.


Space Cadet

It is great to be able to get back to a worthy winner for an off-field performance of sheer brilliance. But…first our Theme music for this special award – here

Enter Connor Mayoh (D1 Red). First up, Connor had the foresight to bring along an esky and ice to keep the drinks cold for everyone – what a Team player. The problem was that the esky was one of those large ones with rounded edges. The lid, was one of those square ones that was never going to fit. This is where the genius status of our space cadet comes in. After about 3 minutes of manipulating the ‘never to fit lid’ one of the players mentioned straight away that the lid was ‘never going to fit’ – an assessment made in about 10 seconds. The reality then struck – the lid was never going to fit. Such spacial awareness and persistence in trying to achieve the impossible is sheer genius.

Quote of the week

While on Connor, he wins the award for the Quote of the week – 2 awards in the one day – the lad is on fire. When discussing his cricket background Connor made the brutal, but fair, assessment “…I have never played in a good side.”

A hard day’s work

Got to hand it to the C2 Reds (Stu’s Team – pictured at Macca’s). The boys were defending 110 against the top team and had them 6/28 overnight with 40 degree temperatures. Anyway, they rolled Hornsby for 45 runs in 45 minutes leaving about 64 overs to play and the chance to take 10 points and go to the top of the tabled with our Blues (Buzz’s side). Anyway, the boys had enough and the call of McDonalds and then a long session at the Club was a far better option.

A record nears

One of the big ones is fast approaching – our 500th ton for the Seniors. Gav Taylor smashed 114 on Saturday to bring our total to 497. After 3 Rounds we have scored 4 tons:

  • 129 – Michael Gunn (A2) – number 494
  • 102* – Happy Rana (D1 Blue) – 495th
  • 151 – Nikhil Ninan (B1 Blue) – 496th
  • 114 – Gav Taylor (A1) – 497th

We average around 12 – 16 tons / year and had a best of 23 in 2012/13 so we reckon someone by Round 7 is going to cash in on the big one.