Anecdotes – 15th November 2020

Reelin in the years

Week 3 of our ongoing series of stories about long term players with the starting point being an old photo of days past. First up though our introduction theme music for this section – here

Week 1 was Gunny and Billy Gaunt. Week 2 was the Hando and Heidegger families. This week is Michael Richards – our A1 opening bowler and Simon Smyth. In this photo, Michael is seen with Dom Thornely (Australia A, NSW Captain and Club Ambassador) receiving the Charles Booth Memorial Award as the Outstanding player in the U13s for 2005/06. Michael is now A1 Player number 322 and won our Player of the Year Award last season when he took 26 wickets at just 14.9 as an opening bowler.

With Michael is Club Great, Simon ‘Pre-Voltarin’ Smyth who has gone on to have taken 406 wickets and scored 2,849 runs and still counting. Simon is also one of our great Captains, leading us to 5 x Premiership wins including an A2 Premiership.


11 Wins in the Round

Wow, what a weekend! We managed to get 11 wins out of 13 Teams on the weekend to equal the Club and Association record for the most wins in a Round. And what a way to do. The last, and only time this was done was back in 12th December 2009 when we won 11 out of 12 games. In this Round, the only Team to lose was our C1 side who lost by 1 wicket.

This weekend was amazing with our B1 Red and Blue sides both winning and both losing while playing against each other and C4 going down by just one wicket with 2 overs to go! How about this for an amazing Round:

  • A1 defeated Glenorie (last season’s Premiers)
  • A2 defeated Castle Hill
  • B1 Blue won outright after losing on the 1st innings to our Reds
  • B2 defeated Kissing Point
  • C1 defeated Berowra
  • C2:
    • Red defeated Castle Hill
    • Blue defeated Mt Colah
  • C3 defeated St Ives
  • C4 lost to St Ives (9 wickets down & 2 overs left in the day)
  • D1:
    • Blue defeated St Ives
    • Red lost to Mt Colah
  • D2 defeated Kenthurst

The most exciting Sheep Station result – ever!

The Sheep Station Cups are traditionally tough Sheep Station Cups are always tough but good run. The one played between the B1 Reds (Rick) & Blues (Knapper) was played on steroids. In nthe photo is Knapper (left) and Simon (right) at the coin toss.  Excerpts from Snumpty Smyth’s Match Report are priceless. Read and enjoy:

“…A cracking game with a few twists and turns. It’s very hard to get too excited when you play against your own club. Credit to Snumpty and Rick as they weren’t real keen on pushing for an outright against their own club, but at the start of today’s play I asked them to take it like it was any other club. They could use 10 points and we needed to battle it out and toughen up if we were to step up to B1.

 Both teams then got together and decided to play a 2nd innings. This was mainly due to the fact that no one wanted to go home to their wives and kids, knowing that an arvo with the boys was a far better option. For those concerned, I do love my wife and kids, but just not on a Saturday. It was written into my wedding vowels #clever.

 A wicket 2nd ball to Deano, had the Reds up and about. A good partnership then formed, before a bowling change brought Manas ‘Labuschagne Warne’ Dhargalker on to bowl. Gunny ‘Chin Strap’ Jnr smashed one to the keeper, and in a blatant attempt at cheating, he didn’t walk. I heard the noise Diggers. There was then some cricket played, until Birdcage gets another website mention, for skying a catch to me. That’s twice I caught you champ.

 More cricket got played, and there was more runs and more wickets. It got down to 16 needed off 2 overs. Everyone was as nervous as a virgin on his honeymoon, as it was going down to the wire. Both teams could still win outright. With 10 needed off the last over, then 2 off 2, Dan struck again, to leave 2 needed off 1 ball. A lucky French cut from Rahul through mid on for 4 got the Blues home outright, and they celebrated in an un-COVID like manner.”


He’s done it

Peter Lees (C2 Red) made his debut in 1994/95, played 305 innings and scored a massive 5,458 runs but….he has never worn a helmet. This year is different – for everyone, with the Association requirement that everyone wears a helmet against medium/ fast bowling. Peter doubted if he could ever bat in a helmet and made passing comments about retiring late last season if this policy came into effect. On the weekend, Peter was 10 not out overnight and finished with 14 runs and did it wearing a helmet so the monkey is now off his back with a personal top score while wearing a helmet.

The Empire strikes back

Ray Khamis (A2) has that happy knack of getting under some teams skin with his active encouragement on the field. Anyway, the following extract from the A2 Match Report is a beauty:

“Now as the team started to get on top so did Ray (I couldn’t make my crease if I had a week) Kharmis. Ray was his normal chirpy self and after a series of misfields and body stops, the pavilion was on his back.

 Ray not wanting to divert any attention away from him decided to plant himself on the fine leg boundary nearer to his mates. Anyone who knows Ray, will realize that he’s not your typical boundary rider. With a pull shot running away to the midwicket boundary Ray closed in on the ball. At this stage the Opener thought it might be a good call to yell out “three on his arm.

 With ball in hand, the batsmen then decided not to chance it, Just that he decided a little too late for his partner. The miracle throw arrives right by the stumps and non-striker is BBQ’d with Sweet Baby Ray Sauce. Will this be Ray’s shining moment of the summer?”


The Night Watchman

Take a bow Amit Sen (C3). Sent in last week as a Night Watchman last weekend dropped anchor to get his Team across the line. The following update from Cameron Croucher says it all:

“Last week’s night watchman Amit Sen, did what very few night watch men do in any grade of cricket – he batted an amazing 45 overs, wearing down the opposition bowlers with his stoic defence, and anchored one end until the end of play. Finishing with 22 not out, it was an amazing innings of mental strength and determination that allowed our key batsmen to score the runs required.”

950,000 runs and counting

We started the year having scored 949,732 runs in our Seniors playing history. In Round 1 we passed the magical 950,000 runs mark and are closing in on 1,000,000 runs scored. This season we will score between 25,000 and 27,000 runs across all Teams so next season someone is going to hit our 1,000,000th run and we will track this record closely.

Let’s not forget the bowlers. We have also conceded 952,418 runs as at the end of last season so we will also be tracking our bowlers to see who is bowling when the big one is broken.