Anecdotes – 8th November 2020

The longest wait

One of those obscure stats that puts the last 12 months into perspective. While the Competition started on 24th October spare a thought for A1 that only got underway on Saturday due to both Saturday’s being washed out.

This means that the last time A1 played was on 29th February 2020. With their first match this season on 6th November this works out at 8 months and 9 days – 36 weeks, or 252 days, or 68.85% of the year between games. Apart from the War years (1942/45) when there was no play this is the longest break between games for any Team in the Association’s history and covers Covid-19 shutdowns and wet weather.


Rick Turner – B1 Red

The Space Cadet Award is a prestigious achievement for those privileged enough to be considered for this memorable award that acknowledges random acts of basically being dumb. We don’t have one for sheer brilliance as it happens far less frequently but the mould was broken last weekend. Enter Rick Turner.

Sitting on top of the B1 table is Rick’s team – the only Team to get a result in B1 and it didn’t happen by chance. The boys were playing the Sydney Lions and after Week 1 was washed out they played a 1-day game @ Annangrove last weekend. At just on 12.30 pm, after sunny skies, a downpour happened and flooded the pitch. Our boys got to work (more on this below) and got the pitch ready with a reduced overs game – 30 a side.

To cut a long story short, we scored 5/181 in 30 overs – a handy score. During the break, Rick noticed the clouds coming in again and a bad looking radar. So the boys got on and the bowlers just came in off short runs and powered through their overs to bowl 15 overs in 40 minutes. With rain threatening they got in another 2.4 overs and the skies opened with the Lions 2/100 in 17.4 overs. With the pitch flooded again the game was called off and we won on a rain adjusted over rate – just.

Anything to get a game

As a follow-up to the story above we know that Annangrove Park was flooded but not for the B1 Red’s. With the pitch sitting about 1 cm below the surface of the in-field sweeping off the surplus water wasn’t an option. Genius – part 2.

The boys used a Wheelie bin that was full of coffee cups. So they used a combination of a bucket and lots of coffee cups to scoop up the water and put it in the bin. The result – they got on and won the game.

The Sheep Station Cup

Part 2 of the Sheep Station Cup was played this weekend – B1 Red (Rick) Vs B1 Blue (Knaps). Part 1 was the big C2 game in Round 1. A bit of history – the Sheep Station trophy was started on 16th December 2017 by Simon Smyth when for the first time in Club & Association history, 2 x West Penno A2 teams clashed in the same Grade. The Captains that day were the 2 worst tossers (coin that is) in our history: Simon ‘couldn’t toss a salad’ Smyth & Rick ‘couldn’t catch a cab’ Turner.

In this match, Simon was backup Captain for Rick who was away. It was great to see Simon go head to head to head with Knapper. The Reds struggled to 129 on a ground that yielded just a single boundary and the Blues limped to 5/22.

The highlight though, as is often the case in these Events, happened after the game. ‘Birdcage’ Loveridge (Blues) joined the boys back at the Sports Club after taking 4/19 and realised that the 4 blokes he was having a beer with were his 4 wickets from the Reds.

Reelin in the years

Last week we ran a story about an old photo of 2 modern day stars (Gunny and Billy Gaunt). For the next few months we will run a story of different players each week.

First up though our introduction theme music for this section – here

The latest photo goes back to around 2008/09 of the Hando and Heidegger families while they were in Cape Town, South Africa. The Hando’s currently play B2 Grade and Daniel Heidegger played Juniors and A1.

A bit more on these great families. Peter Heidegger played between 2008/09 and 2015/16 and Captained our C Grade sides. Daniel has the record for the most number of Junior tons in our history – 5 and is our 315th A1 Grade player.

The Hando’s are an amazing family. Apart from all being highly talented cricketers last season they set a record as the first time we had 5 x members of the same family playing in the same Team (C1 Grade 5th October 2019) and in the same game. They can all play too. Only in the current game, Tom took 5/7 from 9 overs.

In this photo is Sam Hando, Daniel Heidegger, Tom and Jack Hando playing cricket on a beach in Capetown.

A record nears

One of the ‘Holy Grails’ in our Club history is the record number of centuries – currently 7 set by the great Laurie Tuckerman (A1) in just 2 seasons way back in 1950 to 52. Michael Gunn, A2 Skipper scored a personal best of 129 to notch-up his 5th ton.

At just 23 years old, Gunny is already the youngest Seniors Captain in our History and is now just a touch away from breaking the record that has stood for just on 69 years. Keep in mind that Gunny also has 3 scores on the 90s (92, 96* and 96*).

He is not without challenges though. Also chasing this record are a couple of other big time current players:

    • Michael Banner – B1 Red (6 tons)
    • Rick Turner – B1 Red (6)
    • Bill Peterkin – A1 fill-in (5)
    • Andrew Morris – A2 (4)


Spirit of Cricket

A good news story about B2 that typifies the way we play the game. In the B2 game last week, our stand-in Captain, Tim Worthington (pictured), made the call of the season, although it was pretty much a Team decision.

Playing against Hornsby, one of the top order bats went to play a shot and damaged his knee badly enough to be out of his crease and not be able to get back. The boys fielded the ball and rather than run him out they instantly decided not to take the wicket but rather look after the batsman. So while Wortho was the Captain and made the call, every player in this Team had the same view and put duty of care above a wicket. As it turned out the player couldn’t bat again anyway but no one knew this at the time.

Well done boys!

What an introduction

Over the years we get a lot of new players who want to play with our Club and make fabulous contributions. There is none better than our D1 Blue side who are a combination of folks from other Clubs plus some of our established players. This is an amazing Team who have enthusiastically embraced playing with us. Another example came up during the week.

The Association requires every Team to have at least 1 person accredited with a Captain’s Certificate – effectively an Umpiring qualification. Our D1 Blue side has an amazing 10 players who have put up their hand to get the accreditation. Most teams have between 2 and 3 volunteers – these boys have just on a full Team. Well done boys – very impressive effort.


Last update about TeamApp for a while but it continues to get fantastic use. How about these useage stats:

  • 185 Active Members
  • 13,214 views in October (just 2 weeks)

This Saturday was another big day. In just one weekend we clocked up 8,183 screen views from the 13 Teams giving updates.

So…if you don’t have TeamApp to get live scores and get real time updates on things like weather it takes 30 seconds to download and is free.

We are also finding the most enthusiastic users are those who can’t make it to games – family and friends who want to stay in touch or want to pop in once they know what is happening.