Anecdotes – 18th October 2020

What a start

This has been a season like none since 1942 to 1946 when there was no cricket due to competition being cancelled due to the War years. Think about Bushfires, Pandemic, Recession, our inability to run Schools Clinics and no Rego / Info day. Despite this the following achievements are amazing:

  • We just clocked over our 725th Rego
  • Master Blasters Rego’s are 97 (11 Teams) and are now closed
  • Junior Team numbers, so far are sitting at 40 Teams (+1 on last season) and an equal to the record set in 2015/16
  • Junior Blasters has 81 Rego’s and are on their way to 85/90
  • Senior Team entrances are 13 – beating the previous Club / Association record of 12 (held by us)
  • Girls Rego’s are doing nicely:
    • 23 (U13s, U15s & U17s)
    • 7 Junior Blasters
    • 18 Master Blasters
  • We also just ticked over our 405th Active Kids voucher = $40,500 in savings for West Penno families!

Our Seniors Captains
Congratulations to our Seniors Captains for 2020/21:

• A1 Grade – Phil Wurth & our 24th A1 Captain (last Premiership win 2014/15) + pictured, giving some obviously well received leadership guidance to someone who plays a bit of cricket.
• A2 Grade – Michael Gunn (last Premiership win 2014/15)
• B1 Grade:
o Blue – Rob Knapman (2016/17)
o B1 Red – Rick Turner
• B2 – Phill Hando (2014/15)
• C1 – Joseph Cooray (2019/20)
• C2:
o Blue – Buzz Burrows (2018/19)
o Red – Stu Fiedler
• C3 – Indranil Mukherjee (2019/20)
• C4 – Rob Hanich (2015/16)
• D1 Grade:
o Blue – Ross Smith (2012/13)
o Red – Ian Digby
• D2 Grade – Nirav Desai (2017/18)

Good luck to our Captains and the 178 registered players in Seniors this season.

Words of Wisdom from Captain Phil

Phil Wurth (A1 Captain # 24) had these great insights to his fellow Captains into the start of the season:

“A Grade this year will consist of 12-13 committed players. We do have a few stars like Scoular, Riley Meidler and Andy Meikle who we may call on throughout the season.

 In saying that, we would love to unearth the next young star from one of the lower grades. I would love for all Captains to let me know if they feel that the next gem is in our own backyard. Don’t be shy to message me, we may be able to give a Young player or two some Experience. Please also feel free to send this email to your players. 

 Let’s not forget that EVERY current player In A grade (except me of course) came from B,C,D OR Z in the past.

 Let’s all work together to find the next Ruby lying beneath the rocks.”

Sheep Station Cup

Club Vs Club, Mate Vs Mate, Father Vs Son/ Brother Vs Brother – the Sheep Station Cup. A bit of history first.

The Sheep Station trophy started on 16th December 2017 by Simon Smyth (pictured right) when for the first time in Club & Association history, 2 x West Penno A2 teams clashed in the same Grade. The Captains that day were the 2 worst tossers (coin that is) in our history: Simon ‘couldn’t toss a salad’ Smyth & Rick ‘couldn’t catch a cab’ Turner (pictured left). What the above picture doesn’t show is that the game was played in +40 degree heat and the boys still set dress standards befitting a game of this International standing – given the importance of this Event.

Last season we had the now legendary spectacle of Andy Meikle (A2 Red Captain) Vs his father Ben (A2 Blue) superstar bowler. The result is now Club folklore. Andy (son) bowled Ben (dad) for a golden duck and Ben responded with a match winning 5/35 including Andy’s wicket.

This year is special with 3 x Teams competing for the Sheep Station Trophy – B1 Grade; C2 Grade & D1 Grade.

The one to watch is C2 Grade where the Bish boys Dylan (C2 Blue) & Cameron (C2 Red) go head to head not just as players but as Vice Captains of their sides.

Spare a thought for the parents (Julian ) and mum Jane (CEO and Chief Operating Officer of the Bish household) in supporting a winner. In the words of Jane her view is simple. When a sked to pick a winner her view is – referring to herself:

“But we all know who is the Better Bish

One to watch

We had an interesting Registration in Junior Blasters a little while ago – William Thornely. What makes this interesting is that William’s dad is Dominic. Dom played for Australia A, Captained NSW, IPL Mumbai Indians and was an outstanding 1st Grade player for Northern District plus was our Club Patron between 2004 and 2010. His highest 1st class score is 261 Vs West Australia when he set an Australian record of 11 x 6’s in an innings – pictured the day after his amazing score at Edward Bennett Oval.

Anyway, Dom has put his hand up to help Coach the side along with mum Katie. He should go OK as a Coach given that he is the current WBBL Head Coach for the Sydney Sixers.

While on Coaching

A feel good story in these tough times.

Our Junior Blasters (5 to 7 years) has a reputation over many years of being an outstanding nursery for young cricketers to the extent that we have families travel from all over Sydney to play with us. This year is special again. Apart from our amazing Coaches (Dom being just one) we also have: Dani Chivers (pictured), our 16 year old Head Coach won the Cricket Australia “Young Community Leader of the Year’ in July this year. Plus we have 2 x Blowfly Cricketers, Maddie and Ronnie who are both accredited Level 1 Coaches and will be coaching to help them on their coaching pathway.

Making an impact

We are privileged to have everyone who chooses to play for West Penno in our great Club. This season we have 2 new folk who standout as having achieved remarkable results even before a ball is bowled.

Mithun Purushotham was chosen in B1 Grade for his first game. What makes this amazing is that Mithun is on the wrong side of 40 (just) and has never played cricket before – just mucked around with a tennis ball. He is a medium fast bowler who made people, including his Captain (Rick Turner) take notice in the nets. Your friendly editor can’t remember anyone who has ever debuted in such a high grade without ever having played before.

Ross Smith came to us from Hornsby with this son, Jake. We are very selective on who Captains our sides but Ross has made such an impression that he has been named as captain of our D1 Blue side. This is another Club first – selection of Captains is so important and to take on a senior Leadership role without having played for us before is another amazing achievement.

Good luck boys.


TeamApp is a key part of our communication strategy. We have 315 active Members and usage peaked at 33,064 hits to the site for November 2019. This is used by players, family & friends all over the world. Put simply, everyone in the Club should have this App as you can stay connected to what is happening in games real time.

TeamApp allows you to get instant score updates for those who can’t be at the ground. It also has Team Chat, Team Selections and links to our website.

What is also great about the App is that if a game is washed out or if the temperature passes the 43 degree threshold you know instantly.

You can get the App via: here



Behind the scenes – a big thank you to our volunteers

Quiet fairly, we lock in next Saturday as the start of the season and assume that there will be 11 players on the field, all wearing Club gear with everyone knowing game day details. Multiply this by just on 60 Teams (730+ players) from Junior Blasters, Girls, Juniors, Blowfly & Seniors and you get a feel for the effort of our many Volunteers to get the season underway. The more seamless the process, the greater the effort behind the scenes.

As one example how about our Clothing, managed by Jane Bish – check out the photo:

  • 114 short sleeve shirts
  • 68 x baseball caps
  • 60 x long sleeve shirts
  • 50 x broad brimmed sun hats
  • 31 x training shirts
  • 7 x Baggy Blue caps

All with different sizes and combinations and then there is the distribution and phone calls to arrange collection outside designated pickup times. Don’t forget having at least one room of the house given away to storing and managing clothing.

Multiple this by Team selections, appointing Team Coaches, Managers, having CovidSafe training, instructing all Coaches & Managers on Association requirements, organising and making happen Schools visits, Coaching courses, attending Association meetings and completing all the paperwork to have players & Teams registered plus, plus plus…….you get a sense of what goes on.

With just on 150 active volunteers during season start the combined time commitment is thousands of hours over an 8 week period and then the season starts.

So, to all of our volunteers – a massive thank you.