Anecdotes – 11th October 2020

‘One Day you might play for Australia”

Lisa Sthalekar, is one of Australia’s greatest Women cricket players and was recently inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame in recognition of her amazing achievements – here .

This brings to mind a story about Lisa. Way back in January 1991, I was sitting next to Lisa at North Sydney Oval. She was 12 years of age, with her dad and playing Juniors for West Penno. They were at North Sydney Oval watching Australia play India and another West Penno Women’s ‘great’, Denise Annetts who was on her way to another century was batting.

Lisa still remembers the conversation that went along the lines of “One day you might even have the chance of playing for Australia.”

Her reply to this question: “I will one day”.

187 games for Australia, 3,913 runs, and 229 wickets later – if only we knew then what we know now.

While on Women’s cricket

A couple of weeks ago we got a great email from Belinda Clarke, current Executive General Manager of Community Cricket for Cricket Australia acknowledging that we are one of the top 30 Club’s Australia wide for Women and Girls Cricket.

Did you know that last season we had just on 100 women and girls playing for West Penno. We have also had Girls playing in their own dedicated comp since 1996/97 and since then we have had 906 Girls play for us. This year we are hopeful of having the 1,000th female play for us. How good is  that.

Greenway Park

Everyone now knows that our Local Federal Member, Julian Leeser was instrumental in getting $3.6m funding to improve Greenway Park including the building of a Community Centre that will make the ground the best in the Shire.

Installation is progressing but a bit slower just now. The reason? A matter of 300 mls variation in depth between the buried water tanks and the building. This will be worked out but has slowed things down a little bit. Once opened we will have access to the facilities during games – a viewing balcony, toilets, kitchen facilities, air conditioning and TV to watch the cricket.

How ball tampering will be legitimised

During the week, CNSW released the latest Playing Conditions in a CovidSafe world. One of the Policy changes is that at the fall of a wicket or during a break the Umpires are required to sanitise the ball with a moist micromesh wipe. So at all levels of the game we will now have Umpires changing the condition of a ball.

The Association policy will follow but to update you on what to expect these are some of the main ones that will change the way we all play:

  • No hand shaking before, during or after games
  • Umpires will not be holding caps, helmets or any clothing of players
  • At the fall ,of a wicket:
    • Umpires will sanitise cricket balls
    • The ball will need to be placed at the base of the stumps at the end of each over
  • No use of sweat or spit to polish the ball in fact tough enforcement policies will apply
  • All batsman will need to wear helmets and there is to be now sharing of any equipment
  • Use of dressing rooms may well be prohibited – this is the case in Grade cricket and a decision is yet to be made for us
  • Club kits are a thing of the past – all protective equipment. This is particularly includes helmets, batting and wicket keeping gloves, and batting wicketkeeping pads


Did you know

For those of us new to West Penno how about these insights:

  • There have been 61,540 innings played in Seniors with 949,732 runs scored @ 18.2 runs / wicket
  • 249,394 overs have been bowled with 52,151 wickets @ 18.3 runs per wicket
  • Highest score is 225 (Ken Smith in 1951/52) and most wickets 10/42 (Ben McNamara in 2005/06)
  • We have entered:
    • 1,021 Junior Teams – most of any Club NSW and likely Australia
    • 445 Senior Teams
    • We have registered an amazing 899 Girls since 1996/97 nit including the 125+ in Junior Blasters.