Anecdotes – 2020/21 new season

2020/21 – a season to remember….already

Just take a moment to reflect on what we have been through this year:

  • Grounds closed for ‘catastrophic fire conditions & poor air quality’ (21 December)
  • Tamworth (U14s) and Stan Austin Cup – Taree (16s) cancelled due to drought
  • Round washed out (18 January)
  • Extreme heat cancellations (1 February)
  • Washed out (8 February)
  • Semi-Finals rain affected (14 March)
  • Covid:
    • Grand Finals cancelled due to COVID Virus (21 & 22 March)
    • Juniors Presentation cancelled (21 March)
    • Junior Rep trials postponed (29 March)
    • Seniors Presentation cancelled (1 May)

Our new season has now been delayed by 7 weeks to October 24.

The last time we experienced anything like 2020 was way back in 1942 to 1946 when the War prevented any cricket being played. It can only get getter….right.


How this season will be different

The cricket season is almost here and what a relief! There is much to look forward to and much to be excited about. We will though be playing in a CovidSafe environment so what does this mean. Try this for starters:

  • No hand shaking or high-5’s before, during or after games
  • Team sheets are to be avoided with MyCricket Team listing preferred
  • Umpires will not be holding caps, helmets or any clothing of players
  • During play all players must be at least 1.5 metres apart. The only exception is between w/k and slips field
  • No use of sweat or spit to polish the ball
  • The ball will need to be sanitised after every 6 overs
  • All batsman will need to wear helmets and there is to be now sharing of any equipment
  • Use of dressing rooms may well be prohibited – this is the case in Grade cricket and a decision is yet to be made for us
  • Scorers are to bring their own scoring tools
  • Club kits are a thing of the past – in effect, all protective equipment. This is particularly includes helmets, batting and wicket keeping gloves, and batting wicketkeeping leg guards


Did you know

For those of us new to West Penno how about these insights:

  • There have been 61,540 innings played in Seniors with 949,732 runs scored @ 18.2 runs / wicket
  • 249,394 overs have been bowled with 52,151 wickets @ 18.3 runs per wicket
  • Highest score is 225 (Ken Smith in 1951/52) and most wickets 10/42 (Ben McNamara in 2005/06)
  • We have entered:
    • 1,021 Junior Teams – most of any Club NSW and likely Australia
    • 445 Senior Teams
    • We have registered an amazing 899 Girls since 1996/97 nit including the 125+ in Junior Blasters.

Women’s cricket

A couple of weeks again we got a note from Cricket Australia acknowledging our contribution to Women’s cricket.

A note from Belinda Clark (Executive General Manager, Community Cricket for CA):

“West Pennant Hills Cherrybrook Cricket Club has played a vital role in the amazing success story of Australian women’s cricket over the last four years…Your Club has been identified as one of the leading clubs in Australia for girls’ participation”

Did you know that we are one of the top 20 Clubs in Australia with over 100 girls and women playing cricket for us which is 12.5% of all registrations. This

“If it is good enough for the Gladiators it is good enough for me”

Like all Club’s we have a number of long term players who tough it out and choose not to wear helmets when batting. In the new world, everyone must wear a helmet or they will be given ‘timed out’. Three of our best long-termers; Andrew Morris (A2), Buzz Burrows (C3 Skipper) & Peter Lees (C3) are now using helmets. Check out the photo of Buzz playing the Gladiator. To quote Buzz:

“If it was good enough for the Gladiators it is good enough for me”

Greenway Park

By October 24 we will a brand new Community Centre that will give us the best ground for facilities in the District. These things don’t just happen. With the support of Julian Leeser (Local Member) we had $3.6m approved along with many meetings with Govt Ministers and other sporting groups to achieve this result. So when the season kicks off and we get access to a great new facility just spare about the big effort of many people to get this across the line.

In this photo is: Andy Meikle, Steve Quanborough, Perry Waldren. Barry McDonald, Mathias Corman (Finance Minster), Julian Leeser (Local Member), Julian Raffel and Sreeni Pillmarri – at the early meetings with Senior Govt officials to get funding approved.

“It’s older than most of my Team mates”

James Makin (A1), our 22nd A1 Grade Captain has captained more Teams to Premierships (7) than any other players, including a Club record 3 consecutive in A1 Grade. James uses a bat that was hand made for him when he played in England way back in 1998. He has also scored 5,694 runs. James made a great comment at the nets last weekend: “It’s older than most of my Team Mates”.“