Anecdotes – 1 March 2020

Congratulations to our Semi Finalists

Semi Finals are now underway and congratulations to those Teams that made it through to the big games at the end of the season. Details of our Girls and Junior Boys teams are included in the News section of the website:

In the Seniors, for the Teams that have made it through, our last Premiership wins were:

  • A2 – 2014/15 (Julian Raffel, Captain)
  • C1 – 2016/17 (Andrew Fiedler)
  • C2 – 2018/19 (Andrew Fiedler)
  • C3 – 2018/19 (Buzz Burrows)
  • D1 – 2012/13 (Perry Waldron)
  • D2 – 2017/18 (Mike Kinchington)

Across the Club we made the Semis in the following Ages:


  • U13s & Sixers (Senior)


  • U15/16 – Orange (3rd)
  • U14 – Reds (1st) & WPHC (3rd)
  • U13 – no teams
  • U12 – Blues 4th
  • U11 – Blues (2nd) & Orange (3rd)
  • Master Blasters (U8) to U10s play non-competitive cricket.

Space Cadet

We have had a couple of Opposition players win this prestigious nomination this season and this is another one that adds to an impressive list. To quote Stu Fiedler (C1 Red, Skipper):

“Our bowling innings started with a bang with Waris ‘no. 11’ Trehan taking a wicket in the first ball of the game. The batsman wasn’t too happy with his shot, with him smashing his bat into the ground and met with the reply of the mighty wrath of Campbell Park, his bat broke in half.”

One tough cricketer

There is an old saying that fast bowlers don’t worry about thinking too much, just banging the ball in short of a length and bowling fast. Opening batsman on the other hand are also ‘different’ – who else would want to go out and face a new ball against someone who wants to hurt you.

Enter Cameron Croucher, C2 opening bat and one tough player. Last weekend, Cameron was fielding at slip and in an attempt to take a running catch, dived and managed to dislocate his elbow making a spectacular effort to take the wicket. Despite being in pain Cameron waited patiently for the ambulance to come and then backed up to work on Monday and was scoring for the boys on Saturday. If he wasn’t banned from playing cricket for 3 months no doubt he would be out there batting on the weekend.


Urban myth

At times we hear folk commenting that it is a shame that our Club doesn’t offer Girls Cricket and it is something we should start. Not only do we offer Girls cricket but have more Women and Girls playing cricket than many Clubs have players.

This year we had an amazing 835 registrations – a record number of players from Junior Blasters to Women’s Social cricket & Blowfly cricket. Included in these registrations, we have 96 registered female players in all forms of cricket including 52 Girls in dedicated Girls competitions.

Add to this, we have run a Girls Competition since 1996 and registered our 899th female player. So…yes, we do offer Girls & Women’s cricket.

Quote of the week

Probably not the best outcome going into the Semi Finals but our Blues (Gunny) played a 1-Dayer against 1st placed Normo at The Glade (says it all). Batting first we were rolled for just 35 with Brent Larkham top scoring with 19. Andrew Morris summed it up perfectly in his TeamApp update:

“Runs on the board are always hard to beat. Pity we didn’t score any”

The boys also set a new record on the way – our lowest score in A2. The previous lowest was 54 scored by our Reds on 23/11/2019.

Semi Finals bound – last over thrillers

It got down to the last over for the Seniors Semi Finals to be decided for 3 Teams in 2 games on the weekend. How about these amazing results:

A1 Red

Not knowing the result of the 1st Vs 4th game Andy Miekle’s side needed to win outright to give themselves a shot at the Semi’s. As it turned out the 4th placed Team won a close one and the boys had to win outright to make it. After rolling Kenthurst for just 54 in the 1st innings we had them 8 down in the 2nd innings only to just miss out on a spectacular win so we missed out by just 1 point on the Semi’s.

D1 Blue & D1 Red

Picture this one (refer to accompanyinh picture of both Teams). The Blues (Rob Hanich’s side) had to win outright after losing on the first innings to make it after the Red (Ian Digby’s Team) won a close one. The D1 Red Match Report has all the details but in a snapshot, after a middle order batting collapse, the Red’s needed 5 runs to win in the last over and 8 wickets down. They got there with a 4 with just a couple of balls to spare. So a mighty win to the Red’s got them a Semi spot at the expense of the Blues who had a big victory in their game.