Anecdotes – 16 February 2020

Father & son rivalry

We are very fortunate to have so many father & son combinations over many years. The record breaking 5 x Hando’s and 3 x Schwartzel’s (including twins Daniel and Matt) all in C1 is the standout. Plus Andrew & Zac Morris who open the batting together in A2. But, we also have some long-term father and sons playing.


Enter Dinesh (B1) and Ashane De Silva (A1). Dinesh is the top run scorer in B2 (220 runs @ 44.0) and Ashane is the top run scorer in A1 (170 runs @ 24.29) – so both are outstanding players.


Anyway, Dinesh brought up his 3,000 runs last season. Last match, Ashane brought up his 1,000 runs – both great achievements and a rare Club achievement. When Dinesh found out about Ashane’s wonderful achievement the following exchange shows an insight into the friendly competition:

“Got it!

So Assman = Ashane = 1000 Runs

 Great milestone!

Nearly as good as the dad 😊”

Stop the Press – C3 played a game

Since the 21st December, C3 have played just 1 game and this was a 1-dayer on 11 January. This means we have played just 1 Saturday in 63 days or….2 months and 1 day!

The boys have missed more games than any other Team in our Club. The reasons – ground closures due to “Catastrophic fire conditions” and poor air quality; washouts, forfeits and extreme heat.

At one stage, we were runaway Competition leaders but with our boys not playing and others getting on we are comfortably in 2nd spot and 1 point behind 1st place.

What would your Decision be?

We run occasional questions on Umpiring – an action on the field and the Decision. See how you go:


The striker hits a fairly delivered ball directly into the helmet of a fielder at short-leg. The ball loops up into the air and is subsequently taken on the full by the wicket-keeper. There is an appeal. What is your decision?


The umpire shall give the batsman out, caught. The ball is allowed to make contact with a fielder’s external protective equipment being worn (part of the fielder’s person) and, at no time has the ball come in contact with the ground after making contact with the striker’s bat and, is subsequently taken on the full by any fielder. Laws 28.2, 33.2 and Appendix A.12



A match is being played over two consecutive Saturdays. Team lists are exchanged on Day 1 with Team A batting. Smith is ‘not out’ overnight but sustains an ankle injury at work during the week. At the start of play on Day 2, the Captain of Team A sends out Jones (who has already batted) as a runner for Smith who is injured. The Captain of Team B objects and, at the same time, seeks to use a substitute for Brown who has been injured during the pre-match warm-up. What is your decision?


As both injuries occurred after the toss and during the match (whether play is in progress or not) both requests from either captain shall be upheld, allowing a runner for Smith and a substitute fielder for Brown. The runner, Jones, must be eligible as per the laws i.e. already have batted in that innings and must be wearing the equivalent external protective equipment of that which Smith is wearing and carry a bat. Laws 24.1 and 25.5 


The Mother of all batting collapses

First-up, well done to our C2 boys who won a thriller in the last over of the game with 9 wickets down to keep the boys in the running for a Semi’s spot. The journey to this result is a good one. After being 0/62 in 12.2 overs chasing just 87 runs we had one of those collapses. At one stage, the boys lost 9 wickets for 10 runs to turn an easy win into a thriller. The batting scores were: 29 28 0 0 0 0 4 4 10* 3 0*. To put this in context, our lowest ever Team total on C2 is 23 (2000/01 season) so without the great opening partnership we would have been looking at another record. But….we will take the win and live to fight another day.