Anecdotes – 3 November

The Sting

One of the Club records that has been untouched since 1951/32 (68 years) is the most number of centuries for our Club. The record is held by the great Laurie Tuckerman who played A1 in 1951/52 and scored 6 centuries in the season (1,321 runs). Laurie also took 59 wickets in the same season! Anyway, back to the story.

There are 2 current day players within reach of the record – Michael ‘Volc’ Banner (pictured left, above) and Bill Peterkin – both with 5 tons. Volc plays A2 and Bill is a fill in who is eligible to play any Grade and is known to burgle lower Grades. Let’s say there is more than a bit of competitive rivalry about to who will be first to break this record.

Enter Steve Quanborough last Saturday at the Club. While Volc was relaxing over a cold ‘quiet’ one, Quan broke the news that Bill was playing C3 and was 70 not out overnight. Volc almost choked on his beer and ‘went off’ that Bill was allowed to play C3.

Fast forward to this week and Volc was still not happy. Continuing the Sting, your friendly editor confirmed to Volc that Bill went on to score his 6th ton. The big fella still wasn’t happy that Bill was allowed to play C3 and be one step closer to breaking the record.

Anyway, Volc, you heard it here first – Bill didn’t score the ton and didn’t play this Round, but next week…who knows.

Take heart –it can happen to anyone

The C1 Blue (Stu) commented in his Match report:

“At tea we were looking at a big total being 3/127 off 33. What came next was the biggest collapse since the twin towers. We lost 7/18 in the next 16 overs, leaving us all out for 145”

Take heart fella’s from this story. We have all been on the giving and receiving end of major batting collapses. Our lowest scores for West Penno show how cataclysmic collapses can be. In Seniors our lowest scores are:

  • 4 in the B1 Grand Final at Campbell Park in 1951/52
  • 14 by D2 in 2012/13 @ Headen Park

In Juniors our lowest score is 2 by the U14s in 2012/13 @ Redfield.

Fast forward to last weekend when the Northern District Premier 1st Grade Team was at one stage 7/6 with the first 7 batsmen getting for 0. Included in this were golden ducks to both Openers. They recovered to 160 but it showed that it can happen to anyone.


The Sheep Station Trophy

This Round is a special one. We have not 1 but 2 ultimate clashes between our own in the Sheep Station Trophy (pictured above).

We have a history of our Teams playing against each other since the 1990s. It wasn’t though until 16 December 2017 that the Sheep Station Trophy was formally introduced. The game was an A2 fixture between Rick ‘Couldn’t call a cab’ Turner (A2 Blue) and Simon ‘Couldn’t toss a salad’ Smyth (A2 Red) – two of the worst ‘Tossers’ in our Club history. For the record, Rick won the toss but lost the match played at Dural Park.

What is different this week is that we have 2 Teams playing against each other in the same Round, simultaneously and at the same time:

  • A2 Red (Andy) Vs Blue (Gunny) – at The Glade
  • D1 Red (Diggers) Vs Blue (Rob) – Greenway Park.

We have a magnificent trophy that was made by Rick Turner that will somehow have to be shared between Teams.

While on the Sheep Station Cup

Another bit of Club history in the A2 Sheep Station Cup. For the first time in our history we had a father (Ben Meikle – pictured right) and son (Andy – left) play in the same Grade, against each other. On every other occasion the father / son combinations have played together. Anyway, there is more to the story.

Playing at the Glade Oval, says it all, Andy’s Team (Red’s) are bowling and out comes Ben to face his son. The Match Report from Gunny says it all:

“One of the moments of the innings though would have to be Ben ‘fine wine’ Meikle, who only gets better with age, getting completely bamboozled and bowled by a wrong-un, bowled by his son of all people, for a golden duck. Couldn’t have written a better script.

‘Not happy’ Ben later came on to bowl – back to Gunny:

“Defending 143, the Blues were actually quietly confident of making a match of it….Better Meikle then entered the scene, looking for redemption. Boy was the old fella fired up.

Benny put on a bowling Masterclass, picking up 5/35 (12 overs) putting us in a position to win this match. After Ben picked up one of his wickets, Andy walked to the crease. This was the moment for Benny. Yeah he didn’t get him out. He hit him for a 4 actually.”


Blowfly Cricket

On a serious note, we are lucky to play for one of the best Clubs in Australia – as evidenced by all the major awards we have won over the last 10 years. One of the reasons for this is the contribution we make to the Community. Apart from offering cricket to our Junior Blasters (5 to 7 years), Junior Boys and Seniors we also have a strong Girls Comp.

Blowfly cricket though is special and is one that everyone in our Club should be proud. We are the only Club in NSW and one of a handful in Australia to offer this opportunity to young people with autism, special needs &/or disabilities the chance to play organised sport. It also gives families the chance to be involved and enjoy seeing their children having fun and just enjoying life. The following link provides a great insight into Blowfly Cricket – here

We started last season with 6 participants and finished the season with 12 Blowfly cricketers. We now have 20 participants and this is growing as word of mouth spreads.

A special mention to those who are driving this initiative – Bill Peterkin, Mike Kinchington (D2), Mark Rushton, plus folks who are always there to help – Graham Chivers (Girls), Bailey Miedler (A1), Alex Robertson (A2).

In summary, our Club offers something that no other Club does and shows that we have a ‘soul’ that makes us unique and is something we should all be proud of. Check out the Photo gallery – here


“Did I tell you about the day I almost killed your father?”

During the week, members of our Club Executive had a farewell dinner for the great John Coulthard – Life Member, long term Kanga Director, and the man who has our Junior Player of the Year named after him – legendary status.

As background, Barry McDonald (our Club Chair) and John played against each other over 60 years ago in the Churches A1 competition.

At the dinner, Barry McDonald told John about the day he almost killed John’s father. They were playing a game in the Churches Comp and Barry, who was filling in from 1st Grade, recounted how he smashed a pull shot straight at the square leg umpire – John’s father. He hit it so well that it found its mark – the umpires chest. Down he went and eventually got up but only after much concern.


Partnership Record

Partnership records in Juniors are nowhere near as accurate as in Seniors as before MyCricket manual scorecards were often not lodged. On the weekend though we had an unbeaten 168* 3rd wicket partnership for the U12 Gold Vs Berowra @ Thomas Thompson in a 30 over a side game.

Ishaan Kanji got 21* and Rohan Menon 33*. The remaining 102 runs came from sundries – all 102 of them in 30 overs! This comprised 52 no balls, 25 wides, 25 byes!