Anecdotes – 6 October

Brotherly love

There is nothing like seeing 2 brothers batting together and being involved in a comical batting partnership. Picture this. Rowan Dickinson (C3 and pictured 2 left) batting with older brother Callum and with the Team 9/134.

Rowan has just taken 10 runs off the last over and was on fire. Enter older brother Callum, who wasn’t going to be outdone by Rowan. On the 2nd ball of the next over, Callum pushed the ball gently to a very short mid-off and decided here was the opportunity to get Rowan runout.

The tactic worked. On his way to being run-out easily, Rowan screamed out “You F…… idiot” that was heard in the next suburb. Rowan was runout by a considerable distance

The positive is that it fired Rowan up who said he was going to get 5 wickets. He got 4/16 in 8 overs and cleaned bowled 3 of them.

Record family numbers

Last week we had 4 Hando family member set a Club record to be the first family of 4 to play together in the same Team (C1 Red). This week the boys went 1 better with all 5 family members – Harry, Sam, Phill, Jack and Tom (left to right) – playing and setting a Club record, 89 years in the making and one that may never be broken.

It doesn’t stop there. All 5 players bowled and they took a combined 6/45! The best on the day was the youngest, Harry, who took 2 for 6 off 3 overs to get the boys across the line for an exciting win.

It doesn’t stop here though with the Schwartzel’s not playing this game. When they are available we will have the real opportunity of having the 5 x Hando’s plus 3 x Schwartzel’s – Warren (Dad) and twins (Matt & Daniel).


Life as a Mascot

Just before the season started the Sydney Sixers, in conjunction with our Club ran a cricket fun day at WPH Public School as part of their Community Fete. Ben Burrows (U13 Blue) got into the spirit of the day and volunteered to be the Sixers Mascot for part of the day. Apart from being a great experience it also showed what really happens to Mascot. Apart from being the centre of attention, it is boiling hot, there are lots of handshakes, streams of kids and adults tagging along and those kids who feel they have to punch the mascot for reasons known only to themselves. Despite all this Ben backed up again and again for the opportunity – well done Ben.

Great debut’s

What a way to start Senior cricket. Last week in D1 (Red), 2 players made their Seniors debut and both players got wickets in their first over:

  • Jack Hutchison who finished with 1/35 from 7 overs
  • Mukund Narayanan – 2/15 from his 6 overs

Mukund went one better than Jack’s outstanding effort – he took 2 wickets in his opening over.

Space Cadet
If you are going to bag someone out it might as well be yourself for our first entry of the season. Anyway, your friendly Club Secretary and author of these gems rocked up to Hassell Park and made the profound comment that we had to try and bat through the day. Problem is that the game was a 1-dayer and not a 2-day game.


TeamApp is the free app that is used by all Senior Teams to get live score updates, advise of ground changes, wet weather updates plus Team info. Better still, it allows family and friends, anywhere in the World, to keep in touch and know when to pop down to watch the game.

With the season just started how about these stats:

  • 226 active members (covers Seniors & Junior Blasters)
  • 12,504 page hits in September
  • 5,536 hits after Day 1 of October
  • 27,516 page hits is the record back in March during the Semi Finals & Finals

So, if you don’t have TeamApp then it is as easy as going into Apple Store – it is that easy.

What would be your Decision?

The NSWCUSA (Umpires & Scorers) occasionally send out questions to get your thinking. This one came from the latest update – what would your Decision be?


You are standing at the bowler’s end. The bowler delivers a front foot no ball which you call and signal. Once the ball is dead, you discover that the delivery was the 7th ball of the over. What is your next action?


Stay tuned for the answer next week.

Words of Wisdom

“In most case, a score of 30-40 is a failure. The hardest part of each innings is to reach 10-15 runs. Once you make 20 you are well on the way and you should go on and score 70+ runs. In most cases a score of 23 is possibly a bigger failure than scoring a duck.”

Source: Jack Moran – former NSW Selector & record run scorer for ND’s 1st Grade.


The covers you have when you don’t have covers

Get a load of this photo. The A2 boys turned up to The Glade Oval yesterday looking forward to a game. After a bit of rain the hessian covering is probably the worst covering anyone has seen and it was no surprise the game was washed out.