Anecdotes – 22 September

12 Senior Teams

Last week we mentioned that West Penno had entered its 1,000th Junior Team – an achievement unlikely to be matched anywhere in Australia.

This year we are entering 12 Senior Teams and is the equal highest number of Teams we have entered in Seniors and matches the achievements in 2009/10 & 2011/12.

All up, this brings us to 445 Senior Team entrances since we started way back in 1930. It is another amazing achievement and means that about 6,700 Seniors players have worn the red, white and blue.


Something to look forward to

Last season our D1 side received just 1 LBW all season:

  • We bowled 664.4 overs and the boys got 1 LBW decision – approximately 1 LBW in 4000 deliveries
  • We gave 11 LBW’s.

So for those Teams without official Umpires (most of Grades) enjoy this video and when the time comes when we get the rough end of the pineapple, and it will happen, especially with certain Teams, have a bit of a smile as you are not on your own – here

Finals bound already

Two weeks into the season and our first Teams are through to the T20 Finals. Scores from all Teams are not yet available but it looks like the following Teams will make it through –subject to Association confirmation:

  • 1st Grade Red (Andy)
  • 3rd Grade Blue (Quan)

Finals are played in October at a date to be advised.