Anecdotes – 15 September

1,000 Junior Teams

An amazing achievement for our Junior Boys. This season we entered our 1,000th Junior Team since entering our first Junior team in 1947/48 – we have now entered 1,021 Junior Teams. Other Clubs are unlikely to have this information but it is very likely that no other Club in Australia would have clocked up anything like this number.

Behind the scenes

With the season now underway it is easy to take for granted all the work that has been done behind the scenes by so many people to get us to this seamless start to the season. We started way back in May / June preparing for Rego Day and everything came together this weekend for over 700 players. The accompanying photo is a shot of the Bish household being taken over by clothing orders that represents only part of the order – gives you a little insight into what goes on to make your season trouble free.


Youngest A2 player in history

Congratulations to Cameron Tunks who will be the youngest player in our history to be selected to play in A2 Grade. When Cameron (pictured with John Coulthard and Rob Hanich after wiining our Junior Player of the Year last season) takes the field to play A2 on Saturday 28th September he will be just 14 years, 5 months & 15 days of age. We have had many younger players fill-in but not selected due to their outstanding performances and potential.

What an achievement. We have had an A2 side continuously since 1972/73 – 47 years so this debut is something special.

For the record, the youngest players to be selected in A1 Grade are:

  • Gavin Taylor – A1 was 15 years, 3 months and 30 days when he took the field (Round 1 for A1) Vs Hornsby @ Parklands on the 22nd September 2007.
  • Daniel Anderson – selected when he was 15 years and 4 months and 18 days Vs ARL @ Parklands Oval on 26th September 2010
  • Daniel Ward – in 1996/97, Daniel was 15 years old and 6 months when he was selected for Round 1as a wicket-keeper Vs Beecroft, Parklands Oval.


A1 Debuts

Playing cricket for West Penno is something to be proud of. Being selected in A1 and making your A1 debut is special. The photo above is of James Makin, our  most successful A1 Grade captain and Club icon. This season we welcome 4 players who are making their debuts and who join an elite group who have achieved this landmark:

Congratulations to:

  • Josh Banner (Player number 341)
  • Luke Herzog (342)
  • James Partridge (343)
  • Tis Mistry (344)

Each of these players will be presented with a Club cap with their unique number embroided on the side.

A bit more on numbers

The last item on numbers for a while. In Seniors we have:

  • Entered our 444th Senior Team since starting in 1930
  • Also in Seniors we have:
    • Played 59,931 innings
    • Scored 925,539 runs
    • Bowled 242,591 overs
    • Bowled 41,381 Maidens
    • Taken 50,951 wickets
    • Conceded 927,920 runs

At Individual level

  • Highest run scorer – Ross Anderson – 8,002 runs
  • Highest wicket taker – David Carey – 623 wickets
  • Most wickets in a match – Ben McNamara – 10/42 (D1 in 2005/06)
  • Highest score – Ken Smith – 225 (B1 in 1956/57)
  • Most runs in a season – Laurie Tuckerman – 1,361 runs (A1 in 1951/52)
  • Most wickets in a season – Peter Sanders – 80 wickets (D2 in 1983/84)

Welcome to the Club

Michael Gunn (2nd Grade T20 & B1 Grade Captain and 2nd right in photo) has the record as being the youngest Seniors Captain in our History plus one of our future A1 stars. But not on the weekend. While attempting to make a statement at the crease he came and went within 1 ball – his first ever Golden. Gunny can now finally say that he is a real cricketer – he has joined the Primary Club.