Season Best Anecdotes – April 2019

Its official – the Perfect batting Competition

Our D1 side received just 1 LBW all season. Steve Quanborough has done a little more work on this and confirmed:

  • We bowled 664.4 overs and the boys got 1 LBW
  • Translates to approximately 1 in 4000 deliveries
  • We gave 11 LBW’s

To put this in context, about 10% of decisions are LBW based on averages. One can only imagine that the D1 boys faced Decisions like this one every week – here

Making a difference

Earlier this season we ran a story on Sreeni Pillmarri (C2) who has organised a walk from Parramatta to Canberra (380 kilometres) to funds for our drought affected farmers between 21 September and 2 October. Read about the walk in the attached link – here


Space Cadets

Stu Fiedler (C2 Blue)

Stuey Fiedler (C2 Blue) is in the form of his life on the field. He is also setting standards off the field are up there with his best.

While discussing Alex Chidgey’s personal Tinder experiences, Chidge made the well researched assessment, “I am told, that there are a lot of Danish women on Tinder.”

Stu thought about this one pretty hard and commented “I thought Danish was bread”. Thinking about this further, Stu was sure about his understanding of Primary school geography and confirmed, confidently: “I didn’t know they were people”.

There is no doubting that the lad is in form – on and off the field.

Mitch Keetels (D1)

To get a mention as Space Cadet is special – to get 2 mentions is stella. This week we have Connor Mayoh (D1) making his second appearance – in the same circumstances as his first mention – forgetting to bring his kit to the game.

This week, Connor checked with Mitch Keetels if he left his kit in his car from last week. Mitch told Connor that he thought so but no one checked. Anyway, Mitch arrives at the ground and no kit. It turns out that Connor brought the kitbag home last week and it was where he left it.

Michael Gunn (B1 Red Captain)

Michael Gunn was showing how much he had learnt in his Captain Certificate, in which he excelled, when discussing the lightning rule with his Team. The Rule requires players to leave the field if the time between the lightning strike and associated thunder clap is less than 40 seconds. Play is then suspended for 30 minutes.

The Rule interpretation that Gunny thought applies is the 30/30 rule – players leave the field if the gap between lightning and thunder is 30 minutes.

Steve Quanborough (D1)

Congratulations to Club legend – Steve Quanborough.

Picture this, earlier in the innings Steve Q spent quite a bit if time looking for his broad brimmed hat and ended up finding it in his kit.

Anyway later in our innings Steve had batted for a while when they came up for Tea. After a little while just before we were about to head back out Steve came over and said”:

“I’ve just spent 5 mins looking for my helmet and gloves!”

Then came the Space Cadet moment when Quan had completely forgotten where he put his gear and was in a state trying to work out who had taken it. Reality soon struck that it was actually where he had left it – on the pitch at the end he was batting from at the break – check out the photo.

Rob Hanich (D1)

Sorry to do this to you Rob, one of the good guys in the Club but this is a standout for the weekend. For those who follow TeamApp to get regular News and score updates this exchange between Teammates Rob Hanich and Steve Quanborough (both D1) is a beauty:


Steve, what’s the ground like?”


Please note all, Rob was at the ground when he sent the comment



Just on 26 years ago to the Day (Round 3, 1992), Buzz Burrows (C3 Captain) was playing C1 Grade for Hornsby against West Penno at Campbell Park – the spiritual home of cricket for WPHC. Buzz scored 110 and pounded our boys around the Park.

Fast forward 26 years and Buzz is Captain of West Penno against Hornsby! This game (Round 4, 2018)also played at Campbell Park, Buzz hammered a chanceless 53* with shots all around the ground.

For those with long memories, the scorecard of the game follows:

Hornsby Heights 5/372 (Steve Burrows 110, T Hill 92, M deLooze 45) defeated WPH 82 (G Smith 5/40) and 6/185 (John Archer 61*, Mark Stevens 74*)

The bookshelf was finished on week 2 when WPHC beat Hornsby – mission accomplished and a happy ending.

Quotes of the Year

Dominance with a Capital ‘D’

In the A1 T20 Grand Final, Phil Wurth (93) and Ashane De Silva (53) came together at 2 down and belted a 74 partnership in rapid time and led us to 5/199 in 20 overs. It is how they did it that is amazing:

  • Phil – 93 runs with 9 x 4s and 6 x 6s = 72 runs in boundaries
  • Ashane De Silva – 53 runs with 6 x 4 and 3 x 6s = 42 runs in boundaries

The night before the GF, Phil sent a message to the Team group saying:

“I was going to do this to the Berowra openers

Boys if we do get on tomorrow just calling it now I’m gonna be like this guy from Ball 1 – here

Phil Wurth on Marriage and Life

Last weekend Phil Wurth (A1) scored his 3,000th career run. With Phil in the prime of his cricketing life he has lots of time on his side to score a lot more. In an email exchange with “Filthy”:

“… You are right Rossco, By knocking off this milestone at such a young age who knows where I can end up and what records will be broken… the only thing that is going to stand in my way or hold me back from WPHCCC glory would have to be my wife.”

Life priorities

This one from Simon Smyth regarding selection problems in C3 last match with 3 players having to leave the game at 4.30 pm to watch their daughters in a School dance spectacular.

Buzz Burrows (C3 Captain) was explaining to Simon that as their daughters were involved they were under threat of divorce from their better halves if they put playing cricket first.

The exchange from Buzz and Simon:

Buzz: “… any threats from me don’t have much weight!”

Simon’s reply:  “So they get to play cricket and get a divorce. I don’t see any downside?”

Dry weather bowler

After going for 12 runs in his first over, Napier Gryst hit back with two wickets in his second. Napier explained to all:

“I just can’t bowl in the rain, I’m a dry weather bowler!”

The showers had ceased between his two overs – future Captains check your weather report before bringing Napier into the attack!

Aden Hanich (D1)

Aden is one of our emerging young stars and one of the best bats in the Team. On the weekend he got a good one and was rolled for 0.

Batting down the order this week, his father, Rob, spanked the Glenorie bowler for a 4 and then a 6 in the same over. Aden, realising that his position as ‘the best Hanich’ was under threat, commented:

“He hasn’t scored runs all season…this is bulls…”

The Sting
For those who love great films there was beauty way back in 1973 called ‘The Sting’. We had our own version on the weekend.

With 20 overs to go in the A1 Grade game Vs ARl (@ The Glade) legendary Umpire Geoff Hasler called skipper Justin Paterson aside with one of his serious, unblinking conversations “We need to have a chat”.

At the end of the game, as the boys were walking off the field, Geoff called Justin and Phil Wurth (pictured right, with Rick Turner) aside to discuss something ‘very important’. Geoff advised the Skipper and Phil that we were at risk of losing 3 points for the match. The reason – Phil had his bright blue boots on and that they were not predominantly white – an Association requirement.

After thinking Geoff was joking he was met by Geoff’s unwavering stare and poker face.

Phil took great ownership of the situation and after a bit of thought blamed his Captain “JP didn’t tell me”.

Eventually Geoff offered Phil a compromise. He won’t pursue this as long as he brings along a lobster and a dozen oysters as a suitable bribe. Stung!

What would you choose?
You are playing at Campbell Park are 61* and will bat on next week after already winning on the 1st innings. But….you have a commitment to get to at 5.45 pm with just 15 mins to bat. This was the choice facing Pratah Sinnetamby (C2 Blue and pictured left, front row).

The commitment Pratah had to get to was Cinderella at the Opera House – “This magical romance, with its swirling planets and Dior-inspired ball gowns, returns to Sydney Opera House for an exclusive encore performance”.

Pratah chose Cinderella Vs a ton.

Storm damage
The West Pennant Hills-Cherrybrook area copped the weekend storm harder than most with around 20,000 homes blacked out.

The big winner from this was the Sports Club. With people not being able to get out they were powered by generators and were doing a great trade. I got this great story from Steve Quanborough:

I should have mentioned this to you last Saturday. I was playing for the mighty A2 team and when we were called off a few of us managed to make it back to the bowling club during the storm. While we were there a large tree collapsed across the bridge, blocking the only pathway in and out of the Bowling Club.

Fueled by the strength of about six beers, James “Pear” Partridge jumped into action and with the help of a tiny handheld chainsaw and a few onlookers, Pear ‘hulksmashed’ the tree into little pieces so the good people at the Bowlo were able to leave after they finished watching Australia demolish India in the Second Test.”

Record runs off an over
We had another record on the weekend and this was a big one with 36 runs being scored off the last over at Campbell Park but first the background from Skipper Andrew Fiedler (C2 Blue):

“Capt Fieds joined the returning Joel Herzog (pictured 3rd right) and they added 46 – this mostly involved the skipper watching Joel smash the bowling to all corners as they saw us heading to a defendable total. Jack Barry (16no) then joined Joel (89 no) and we found ourselves only on 112 with 2 overs remaining…certainly not a great score at Campbell.

Carnage then ensued as they smacked 49 off the final 2 overs, including 36 off the final 12 ball over.”

The scoring sequence was NB; NB (4); 1; 1; NB; dot; NB (6); NB (6); 6; dot; NB; dot; NB; dot

This beat the previous record of 32 scored by Matt Scoular (Colts @ Storey Park 27 January 2008) with a sequence of: 4,4,nb (4),4,4,4,4,nb (4),4 Vs Kenthurst @ Storey 27/1/2008

She’s apples
Picture this. Our D1 boys are playing at Arcadia Oval and it is getting down to the end of our reduced over innings. With 3 balls to go in the match, one of their players smoked a boundary that went under the fence, down the hill and into a paddock. The problems started when there was a horse in the paddock that obviously liked apples. Anyway, the cricket ball, to a horse, looked like an apple and it then decided to try and eat it. After watching for a couple of minutes the horse was still chomping on the ball and it became obvious that we weren’t going to get the ball back.

After eventually getting a replacement, courtesy of the Opposition, the game eventually got underway and we won.

Zac Morris (U16 Blue & B2) has had a massive season and just keeps getting better – scoring 433 runs @ 39.4. In the weekend game the boys were chasing a big score (281) for a draw and to guarantee a spot in the Semi’s. Anyway, Zac and Eric Junkkari opened the batting and were cruising with an opening partnership of 101 in rapid time. At one stage Zac had scored about 40 runs and Eric was still waiting to get off the mark. Zac’s comment to Eric mid pitch during this partnership is a beauty:

“If you had scored the same runs as me we would have been half-way there by now”

What’s in a name?
Have a read of the A2 Match Report and this will put this story into context. Thanks to Andrew Fiedler for this information on which player has the most number of ‘nick names’. The winners are Luke Herzog (15) and Andy Meikle (13), our star A2 players. Here goes:

Luke Herzog (pictured far right):
1. Luke “Gandis” Herzog
2. Kaity Herzog
3. Gandis ‘Marry Me Kaity’ Herzog
4. Gandis ‘No Ring’ Herzog
5. Gandis ‘I’ll Propose Soon Guys’ Herzog
6. Gandis ‘Waterproof Skins’ Herzog
7. Gandis ‘Blowy’ Herzog
8. Gandis ‘M-Cooper’ Herzog
9. Gandis ‘Santa Paws’ Herzog
10. Luke ‘I took 5 wickets yesterday’ Herzog
11. Gandis ‘Bank’ Herzog
12. Gandis ‘Lettuce’ Herzog
13. Gandis ‘Schooner Salad’ Herzog
14. Gandis ‘Come On Katie’ Herzog
15. Gandis ‘Bao’ Herzog

Andy Meikle
1. Andy ‘Emma’ Meikle
2. Fernie ‘I’ll Bring The Misses One Day’ Meikle
3. Fernie ‘2nd Best Meikle’
4. Fernie ‘Not As Good As My Dad’ Meikle
5. Fernie ‘Dad Took More Poles Than Me Today’ Meikle
6. Fernie ‘Thunder From Down Under’ Meikle
7. Fernie ‘Zinc’ Meikle
8. Fernie ‘Captain’s Ticket’ Meikle
9. Fernie ‘Where’s My Blazer’ Meikle
10. Fernie ‘Bring It In Boys’ Meikle
11. Fernie ‘Mine Snump’ Meikle
12. Fernie ‘Mine Boys’ Meikle
13. Fernie ‘Dog Bloke’ Meikle

Experience of a lifetime

The Junior Boys Presentation was held on 30 March. A highlight was the unannounced attendance by Chris Green of the Sydney Thunder for a special purpose.

During the BBL Season one of our U8’s (Hayden) won a popular vote as having the best imitation of Greeny’s action. Fast forward to our Presentation Day and Hayden was asked to show everyone the action. What he didn’t know was that Chris came in unannounced and watched the bowling action. Unaware, Hayden had a 2nd attempt and then realised that his hero was casting an approving look at his action – the rest was just fantastic and will form part of a Thunder video release – here

Unaware, Hayden had a 2nd attempt and then realised that his hero was casting an approving look at his action – the rest was just fantastic and will form part of a Thunder video release shortly.

A special mention to Chris who stayed until the last person left and signed countless autographs and had countless photos taken – especially with the teenage girls and their mums! He was a class act and left a huge impression on everyone – Hayden especially.

Check out the Photo Gallery ‘Junior Presentation’ to see all the shots of the day.

Once in a generation

At our Junior Presentation Day on 30 March, history was made when Trinity Newbury won the Charles Booth Memorial Award.

The Trophy was first awarded in 1969 and has been awarded every year since – 50 years. The criteria for selection is that the player needs to be an U13 and it is awarded to “…the player who shows the highest standards of sportsmanship, fair play and commitment to the team. The player does not have to be the best player but this is not a condition. Indeed, many of the winners are among our most outstanding junior and later senior players.”

Trinity became the first 1st female player in our history to win this Award. What makes this even more special is that there are 5 x U13 Boys Teams plus 1 x U13 Girls side – 6 Teams. Selection was made by the Age Convenors of each Age Division who form part of the Junior Executive. On this basis, the number of Teams is large and the number of eligible players was approx. 70 in total which makes this a special achievement.

Trinity was presented with the trophy by the Australian Women’s cricketing great – Denise Annetts who is statistically, one of the finest players to have played the game. Trinity’s grandparents made the long trip up from Kiama to West Pennant Hills especially to see the presentation.

Well done Trinity.